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tv   News  RT  July 3, 2020 9:00am-9:31am EDT

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this hour's headlines stories medics and scientists fear lives are at risk around the world after the u.s. the entire global supply of an antiviral drug for treating. several new clusters of corona virus the world health organization also warns that some places may need to reimpose. but it doesn't have to be regimented must be. healthy if you're sick you're cut and you conflict sometimes people are thinking of the health of the economy couldn't do the 2 together. turkish money for centuries a place of worship world heritage museum but the turkish president is in the firing
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line for wanting to turn it into a mosque. broadcasting from the russian capital this is r t international pleasure to have your company my names you know neal let's get going. the e.u. is in talks with an american pharmaceutical giant about securing anough doses of an empty viral drug that's licensed to treat cold at 19 it comes after the us government earlier swooped in both the entire global supply does appear stockpiling 3 months worth leaving nothing there for anyone else it's worldwide anger on the law for leaving countries and vulnerable and endangering lives in charlotte devinsky reports. e.u. and other countries across the world have been left scrambling in the wake of this
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announcement that the u.s. essentially brought up the entire world supply of this key antiviral drug in the fight against the 19 it means that they won't be able to get their hands on it because the u.s. government has even bought up stocks that haven't yet to be manufactured that's how far ahead the u.s. has to buy this particular drug the questions are being raised as to what will other countries do in the meantime particularly if the u.s. keeps using its might and it's money to be able to buy stocks of p. drugs like this president trump has struck an amazing deal to ensure americans have access to the 1st health arise therapeutic for college 19 to the extent possible one to ensure that any american patient who needs from this severe can get it well the e.u. is do you realize we know that some governments like the u.k. government the german government say they've got to nothing reserves of this drug for the next few months but the problem is does the u.s. keep using its money to buy these drugs and if so what other countries do some are
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saying that this action by the u.s. puts clinical supplies across the world at risk they say that it is an unfair move by the u.s. and will have a massive impact on those countries that really need to get hold of this drug we want to cooperate because the best come from the whole world is that we work together by attempting to compete i think we all to many undermine all of our strategies. i have never seen anything like that that a company chooses to sell their stock to only one country it's very strange and quite inappropriate right now we have enough to make it through the summer if the intake of patients is as it is now if the 2nd wave comes we may be challenged of course it's not the 1st time that the us is pulled a stunt like this put america 1st which of course is one of trump's slogans at the beginning of the curve in 1900 amec there was a huge fear at the description of the us hijacking facemasks basically having
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facemask that we needed to be delivered to one country being rerouted to the us supplies that and then moved recently there was the for after it emerged that the us thought that it was going to have 1st dibs on any big 19 vaccine that was created in the feature that was going to be from a french pharmaceutical company the french government was furious about mad and stepped in and since then sanofi that company has backed down and said that there will be equal access to all the world health organization is also being expressing its concerns about this move by the us which is apparently around 500000 doses that's half a 1000000 doses it will clarify these with us so that we have a distorted global market. speaks really to the need for some principles of equity and of for global solidarity if we're to to solve this collective problem
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because as long as a virus is circulating on one continent or in one country that has also just this decision she would buy up this antiviral drug is likely to play well into the hands of trump supporters and possibly even appease some of his critics who also said that donald trump hasn't dealt with this situation well that he has not managed to 19 planned. what we do know though is given that we are just months away from a presidential election in november. everybody right now. and that is exactly donald trump may be hoping for. charlotte to been skiing it is clear the world's not taught of the woods yet many countries are seeing clusters of new virus infections the world health organization is now warning that some nations may have to reinstate locked on
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a spokesperson talked to us about the ballance of getting all of her lies but also staying healthy. intends outbreaks going on and in most cognizance of the world in the united states and latin america we've got a number of countries i sing in almost breaks so it was a very large banks in india in style and also in africa and south africa so all around the world we see every continent each face with a large amount of virus and a very much there at syria i think there's sometimes people are thinking. that the health of the economy to go ahead and get ahead you know if you're not healthy if you're sick you're con you con work so you've lost your will find domains on the on that if you don't have a job you may become ill through lack of activity lack of money so we've got to do the 2 together but the key would is be safe we know what stops it is the
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social distancing the hand-washing the age suring nothing gets your mouth nose our eyes these things work these things have worked at other countries. well in the united states the worst affected country there's been an acceleration of infections in 40 out of the 50 states dealy cases in texas alone have trouble over the past fortnight another state's rolling back its reopening program ordering all bars to close and reducing restaurant capacity not bar owners are furious at seemingly being single guys so much so therefore i owed a lawsuit against the government. but
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i have had the wire. far too many people are. many people are ready to just put a bullet in their head because they're done their livelihoods are dying their business is they've worked hard for over their period their medical or they don't have anybody else car payments matter our lives matter. you know thank you we need to be. it is we're close to protect the public good and we need the public to come help us we need government aid we were the 1st business is to close it we are going to be the last businesses to reopen. at the end of the day i don't think the closures are really good and if the coalition all especially given the fact that golf courses are still open restaurants are still of the prime time.
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debate is right for this next story the future of an ancient monument in turkey is at the center of a political rather over the president's desire to turn it into a mosque. in istanbul has been a museum for almost a century but before that was an orthodox christian cathedral a mosque for several centuries to its imposing unesco world heritage site and a draw for thousands of tourists. a decisions on hold for now but turkey's main administrative body is expected to
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decide on the building status in 15 days you know scorsese it's illegal to change a cultural heritage monument status without their permission i'm given that it's been a christian and muslim place of worship over the centuries one eastern orthodox church leader is warning that the move could turn millions of christians against islam they're not the only ones concerned either. the united states' future changing the status of the artist a fear is diminishing the legacy of this remarkable building and its unsurpassed ability to serve humanity as a much needed bridge between those who have differing faith traditions and cultures the highest afia must not be allowed to be devastated with universal character and turn it into a muslim place of worship what they took as government and president tempting to do today revives and reignites fanatical nationalist and religious sentiment a symbol of tolerance and diversity this place must remain open to all. however the
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turkish leadership is not happy at being told what to do insisting it's got the right to make decisions about its own things a presidential spokesman sais that turning the museum into a mosque would not damage its cultural meaning misters would still be welcome here some of the reaction we heard from people in turkey. as far as i'm concerned it's best for it to stay in museum because there is a blue mosque 100 meters across the way it's best for me to see the museum i hope that it will be open soon and almighty allah will allow us to pray here as soon as possible just frankly i see it is a necessary tourism revenues are already all over the place because of the 10s of thousands of people come here every month to worship and by doing something like this creating an artificial agenda there's nothing logical there's no right to me. trying to revive the ottoman empire. we can see that it was all good movements that
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he's making and within this framework of good he would like to see also a gradual one year so if you are. to go before he at the door. and this way he thinks that she will have. a question over yourself. is not an issue. between disagree government and search because it's something that belongs to humanity many of jerks also into a key believe it that it should remain a world heritage and also as such as a museum it gives a lot so who are financial support to their mayor over of them will jam out in saying that we don't need another mosque he said that we should that we should leave it as it is and we still do to be or close to. god he said government he wants to agree with my list past for his own benefit. but
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let's turn our attention to south america where people across colombia are pressuring for 7 soldiers to face maximum jail time after they had minute kidnapping and raping a young indigenous girl their strong reaction online to with colombians concerned the man won't face tough justice it's the 2nd such attack to come to light in recent weeks and has led to protests in the capital over what's seen as a rape culture in colombia's military. tells me. that.
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the 12 year old girl was attacked by soldiers who'd been sent to enforce measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus she had gone missing from her home in the rural north before being found at school a day later and taken to hospital the soldiers faced up to 30 years in jail. well there is a high level called a mission to with the vice presidency in colombia must be merciless with sexual abuse from the army say as it's called as 0 tolerance approach to such crimes in the military a colombian human rights advisor that we spoke to say the horrifying assaults which sometimes result in murder are part of an entrenched problem. mean you see the oh i would see the problem of famine side in the indigenous communities is not new it is this is jameco long term problem of the national indigenous organisation of
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colombia shows that over 300 women were raped by representatives of various armed factions in the conflict area from what we know in apparently we are not aware of all the violent key says i believe it is a structural problem primarily because of the this thing systemic racism this is a problem which directly affects women indigenous boys and girls prosecutors brought charges of sexual coercion however those who know the law this was not the charge that should have been brought forward because it is this if the girl consented to the rape furthermore the conduct would just send to a military camp instead of being sent to prison. still ahead on the program may want u.s. troops. but he's got a ball with congress on the armed forces to keep soldiers their party over another missed things that russia is paying to militants to kill american troops
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will get to that story after the break. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see if. i don't know crow. no shots. actually felt. no one. point should your thirst for action.
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unilateral any species of occupied territory is evil under international law this is exactly what israel intends to do when it comes to the west bank on this edition of the program we discussed why israel is doing this international reaction and the state of the policy. hello again the french president to move swiftly to appoint a new prime minister just a couple of hours after the government resigned and anticipation of unexpected reshuffle the new premier is custom a civil servant who coordinated the reopening of fronts following the krona virus law to cast tex is now a tell us with shipping a new cabinet present meanwhile says that a new team will help lead france's reconstruction he's trying to win back voters to
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his centrist party after a sizeable losses in last week's municipal elections on also to bolster his reelection bid but is vowing to chart a new course in the final 2 years of his presidency. trump's run into a hurdle in bringing american troops back from. the congress armed services committee has put a block although a troll approving a new amendment to the national defense bill it targets the trumpet ministrations plan to a draw more than 4000 troops from afghanistan by this or some the move would reduce the number of troops to the lowest numbers since the start of the war in afghanistan back in 2001 but any american exit depends on the us taliban peace process this is about american leadership we prevent terrorism we prevent a civil war in afghanistan and we also send
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a clear message of keeping our commitments this is an amendment is just basically an attempt to tie our hands and limit our united states' ability to respond to threats around the world we clearly need more oversight over what the president is doing in afghanistan we're talking about $20000.00 plus u.s. soldiers who have been injured in combat there we're talking about 2300 u.s. soldiers men and women who have died on the combat field of afghanistan and for what for the ability for the taliban to be as strong today as they were 18 years ago to have as much control of the country as they did 18 years ago having said all of that you just alluded to it i have to say it's amazing to listen to lawmakers right now you have the chance to bring those soldiers home from afghanistan you decide to keep them in harm's way keep them on a battlefield where more of them will die. well there's another element to play the puzzle also wants an assessment as to whether any state actors prove by their
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incentives to the taliban to attack u.s. troops or its allies over the last 2 years the new york times has been reporting that russia paid bunty s 2 militants to kill american soldiers in afghanistan artie's killer has been looking into this story. what makes a bombshell news story outrageous accusations unnamed sources throw rush's name into the headline and you've got all the ingredients necessary to drive us media and political elites why out the bombshell report tonight outbreak one official told n.b.c. that quote american service members died as a result of russian payments to the taliban it doesn't matter that u.s. president donald trump says that based on the other since he's seen this story is just a hoax the intelligence people didn't even many of them didn't believe it happened at all i think it's a hoax and i think it's a hoax by the newspapers and the democrats that russia has made clear that these
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claims are simply not true what is russia's word compared to anonymous sources lack of evidence aside democrats have pounced at the opportunity to roll out their long discredited narrative of trump russia collusion and helsinki time to put in his word over our own intelligence agencies because of putin strong denial now the kremlin is once again denying reports russia offered a bounty to kill americans in afghanistan if these reports are true would trump side with putin yet again now there's many people who won't believe trump or russia but will insist that the new york times is a credible source well what about u.s. intelligence officials not only will they not confirm the reports but they've issued harsh criticism of how the report was presented makes compromise and disrupt a critical interagency work to collect assess and describe cup ability i never heard this and it's disgusting how you continue to politicize intelligence you
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clearly don't understand how a role intel gets verified leaks of partial information to reporters from anonymous sources is dying just because people like you're manipulated for political guy trump says it's fake news russia says it's fake news the u.s. intelligence community will not back it up it's just an unsourced claim. am from an anti trump anti russian newspaper with a record of getting things wrong on both topics but that has not stopped the democrats from treating it like it's undisputed fact clairvoyant what the intelligence's real so are they providing any evidence to back up their claims no they're rolling out images of soldiers killed in afghanistan and grieving families this is serious so something should be done. that is shawn gregg why are her son was 24 years old when he was killed in afghanistan last summer families grieving in our country tonight the times also reporting that officials are looking
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at an april 2019 taliban attack that killed 3 marines now c.n.n. cannot confirm that any deaths in combat in afghanistan can definitively be traced back to this alleged russian plot cranking up the emotional volume and blame doesn't make the story true at this point the new york times is now saying that they have evidence that criminal elements in afghanistan not the taliban received some kind of financial payment not a bounty so this somehow proves they're probably correct well nope that's a technique called moving the goalposts it's often used by people back pedaling away from unproven allegations this speaks to an ugly reality of mainstream american media propaganda declare that trump is bad and russia is also bad and then you can accuse them of almost anything and many people will believe that no evidence necessary listen to this language it referred to analysts kuku did
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from other intelligence that the transfers were most likely part of the bounty program if there was a law that was provided if there was a law against bad journalism these people would be arrested if you read this or any story regarding this and you ask yourself what do i know what do i know now what twice is back out not what what hunch is or isn't but what do i know you know nothing. that's the part of this which is just phenomenal to me. israel has postponed its planned of parts of the west bank the planned target date of july the 1st past without any announcement of what's planned one n.p.c.s. that's because the border lines are yet to be decided upon with the us the allocation of the jordan valley which words are on palestinian controlled
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territories was proposed by benjamin netanyahu last year he got a boost in january from the trump team's peace plan which recognize the jewish settlements as israeli territory infuriating the palestinians are drawing warnings from a broad but the final layout of the border plans hers never been published israel denies its allocation claims historical and religious rights to the west but it also sees its presence there especially in the jordan valley is strategically vital for its self-defense here so middle east correspondent paula sleep. this is donald trump square in israel are named after one of the biggest fans of benjamin netanyahu swiss bank and excess lands it's also a landmark for demonstrations just a few days ago a group of vandals spalt with paint in its water creating the image of blood and painted the words an extension will cost lives on the ground however the chorus of those against an extension is widening with you are declaring it as the begone. an
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exception would put in jeopardy the progress that israel has made in improving relationships with the arab and muslim world i profoundly hope that annexation does not go ahead. there's not just about the legal assessment of an acceleration that we believe is contrary to international law we still sticks a negotiating the 2 state solution we reject unilateral border ships and we will not recognize them either. or let's not pretend we do not know their plans we are doing everything possible so that this does not happen diplomatically they are joined by thousands of protesters around the world to crying the annexation.
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thank. you monetary and organizations are also warning of dire consequences if you implement this eric sation course the 2 most 'd serious violation of international law. grievously harmed the prospect of a 2 state solution and that got the possibilities of any new negotiations. on the israeli government. it's an exception class going against the worldwide condemnation tel aviv decided to simply ride out the storm by delaying the annexation rush anything unrelated to the battle against the coronavirus will wait for the days after the virus. but behind the scene israel continues to map out the land grab it with its closest ally you have been the greatest friend that israel does over in the white house. so time is ticking for
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both israel and its premise to friends in the white house watching faces mounting pressure and protests of his own ahead of the november elections parts of palestine and europe will watch on as rival candidate joe biden who is pro israel has spoken out against and its sation for now the west bank holds its breath if you had. the occupation was itself the crime and a violation of international law and now they want to annex palestinian territories occupied in $167.00 we will resist it will be the resistance of the people economic and political with the help of international sanctions we will stand against the by any means possible we have to restore palestinian national unity as soon as possible in order to strengthen our positions in the standoff with israel we are waiting for some actions for arab countries to put pressure on the us and israel we are ready to return to talks as long as the united states is not the mediator there is no state in the world except the us which would say to agrees with the israeli annexation of even one percent of our territory it's necessary to expose this us
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israeli conspiracy i expect the full 5 years the us will lose its control over the world become just one of the powers like russia china or europe. but we are back watching the hawks again in moments heading to washington for that then r t u k will take over the friday evening rains from london for the next few hours signing off from moscow for no other time you know neal thanks for watching. you can be both with the yeah you like.
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54 jets and more than 1300 military personnel are headed to heal some air force base in alaska where is that to say come on i'll show you what's the reason for any type of enhanced u.s. military presence in this area russia. what is it suddenly about the south china sea that makes it so that it 11000000000 barrels of oil. take a look at this map who really owns what kind of says no it belongs to us india says no we claim that that belongs to us both of these countries have nuclear weapons capabilities there is reason for concern so that's why we're going to drill down on the story for you today right here on the news with rick sanchez where.


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