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tv   Cross Talk  RT  July 3, 2020 11:30am-12:30pm EDT

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this. would be a solid bipartisan centrist approach to politics both domestic and war. but that's the real. secret prisons are not usually what comes to mind when thinking about europe however he even the most prosperous can be deceived within the 0 zone there were 2 view houses were allowed to leave prison was located and the only people had access to the story investigators held the uncovered the darkest dealings of the secret services but i mean. you great ignore. yes or no for. crying for justice on r.t. .
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hello and welcome to crossfire we're all things are considered on peter lavelle unilateral an expression of occupied territory is egal under international law but this is exactly what israel intends to do when it comes to the west on this edition of the program we discuss why israel is doing this international reaction and the fate of the palestinians. to discuss this and more i'm joined by my guest ramsey route in seattle he's a journalist and author and intel obese. we have gideon levy he is
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a columnist for products are actually crossed out rules in effect and he can jump to become you want and i was ok let me go to getting in 1st in tel aviv i've been reading that this process of preparing the israeli population and the international community but the yannick station of the west bank they're calling it applying sovereignty why in the world that term it sounds very orwellian to me and the way i've been my research of this prior to our our gathering here is that it's kind of ambiguous exactly what applying sovereignty is what percentage of the west bank it's very unclear is this all done intentional is to be confusing or is there is there at the showing some kind of trepidation before they make the decision go ahead david. so far that corner thing or kind of names i'm not the real name but we should be the cleric cannot state that there is no other day of the letter because as you know no intention to have any rights yes we being
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in those territories knowing penchant for os the what is not yes there are divisions there we use that talk to legs and do so by the end of the day there we do it it's. very simple we are dealing with it. i'm not sure it's going to help. you know i don't know how it's supposed to be in the me old go there because it's not often i feel is that don't go oh. this is let this thought bait to washington go on and i'm not sure much really come out of me it's very sort of with no i mean the coming days meet the. whole know because there are a short simple rules but by the end of the day we know. the
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history of years ago and we don't need anything to ration then exchange should have been there already they greenlight and either read the they're there they don't know what there is is the temper or it's or done or it should get around see me what is the point in doing this is this ideologically driven is insecurity driven is it personal ambition driven i mean what is the point i mean because it already has you know quite light quality in the west bank reading a slow is a dead letter has been for a very long time and we have a president trump come into office and from what i understand maybe i'm wrong but netanyahu really never talked about any station until the trunk was prez. go ahead rems. that's correct there's been a lot of talk in israel itself about annexation but that's kind of like progressively been taking this with the kind of the fringes of the right so right
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wing and the ultra right movements and not until trump came to power as you said that israel's you know understanding of annexation and the opportunity that they found in trump and or in particular being in these positions they felt it's really quite unprecedented and it was like almost like. like some sort of a political bonanza happening that where everything that israel has requested annex in the golan heights and and expanding the settlements and doing whatever they wanted beseeched does are. in really like basically it was it is really wish this is missing the when of that is what even though i have been met with complete and utter american war and. and this is what's been going on now the annexation i think is really more related more to this what even. is really the
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politics than anything else we know that netanyahu has been quite. struggling for quite some time now i 3 elections trying to get a mandate to stay out of present to stay out of who are so he needed to do everything he needed every trick in his bag in order for him to appeal to the tory astride wing constituency in israel and sadly when i say the right wing constituency in israel i'm not talking about the fringes i am talking about mainstream society as well and yes all of the administration is look it's all right wing now i mean if you're just to what degree it's right wing and that's how i understand all absolutely absolutely. it's i mean we're we're reaching a point in which very few israelis even i think define it with so-called left even though i have my own interpretation of what is left in israel and what doesn't and
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these are this is going to be the the move that is going to end all doubts regarding his leadership and this is why he committed to this and has given has said it might go through it might not but i personally don't think it really matters so much because look what happened in in jerusalem in 1980 israel acts yours and then it changed nothing we palestinians already shipped over city hasn't changed the international community is deficient of israeli israeli occupation indoors and hasn't changed and nothing is going to change whether that station were through or not you know guinea and if an exception in one form or another because what i understand there is up to 3 different plans that could be pushed what is the fate of the palestinians i mean are they going to be stateless what kind of what about the palestinian authority i mean you know all of israel's goals are being focused on even if they're in big deal was a bit callous to me and her never spoken about in any of this that i can tell go
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ahead. that's that's the core of the problem that nobody counts over the asks that know what the it really cares about and there were namely the united states and europe and more do war is just silence continue was your patient but don't bother us was an exceptions that's the message of the world to israel 'd and who are to fix them the victims are obviously the palestinians you know we have believed now we 2nd generation of people who are living under this brutal occupation without any perspectives without any basic rights and there is only a question we should raise why would any israeli and young american and european one who has stimulants and their right to be equal citizens of any country in their words we need be it be nation state or stinnett's that do they
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all deserve the right that any other citizen in their were deserves or their dorms to leave as 2nd grade citizens for ever i want an audience i want to know from these sort of gum about these are the obvious what do you expect them to do and what are you offering them because by the end of the day we know that we know the answer is no space no rent ramsey didn't use the movement that israel is demanding of the palestinians and the accept a form of zionism ok because it because it ringback without that they need it can no longer make any claim of being a democratic state because they are occupying people that have no rights and no boni rights to meet you you can't be how he resigned is the reason to be democratic at the same time that is a quandary that they can't get around. absolutely one of the mean issues and i
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think that's one of the misperceptions that the israelis how who are the israeli government rather house. is that 25 years plus of this or also process has occurred in the peace process has that created in your culture in palestine and your clients and. people who are willing to sign off on anything to keep their privilege and to keep their status and they were under the impression that those people that's class or so foreign to the palestinian authority but the culture that so morphed along with the president or 3rd they have that kind of power over the palestinian people take us wherever they want us to go and that's where israel is sadly mistaken that cigar to become undergone is of the nature of the compromises that are certain as a new palestinian not even mahmoud abbas possibly crops and this is something that israel is going to learn i think in more and more in coming months and years and
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it's to me and if all our new look for compromising needs are on the status of tourists and ignore nor on their not just the issue of sovereignty but the issue of rights they don't see themselves as lister and i know exactly what a good un has you know meant when he was if you know the question that you wanted to ask there's a way to government and that is what you want me to do you know as a city and it was just that question oh relationship with our land hasn't changed our relationship our understanding of our rights hasn't changed our resistance therefore we're continuing all forms in all forms of all means necessary in order for us to achieve our rights and to finally be able to assert ourselves as a relevant art as opposed to this party that is being more than all the time you know getting one of the interesting things it you know i guess everyone's forgotten it because it is so easily to forget is the deal of the century ok mr kushner is
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a fantasy but you know if there were. at least imbedded in it i mean obviously my i looked at some of the documents released it was very strange it was about economics and investment and who would pay for me again i was more or less but i mean even within christmas plan there is a sense of some kind of our city and state i mean this is the white house the state department could get on a give some cold feet here because basically beach the obvious engineering with the deal the sentries all thrown out the window the annexation proceeds go ahead. it would only way to ship is the question to leave in this kind of state as it's operating. it's obviously not another form of. passing. i mean even when we were speaking about this they would be
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in the $67.00 borders and those 20 percent which here are the what is the incident dreaming to get of their original lead ins and then it was never meant to be an equal state like every other state in the world you know basic beliefs are the currency the 3 x. airports all you know all those things which i saw no more of those who. were shot of their mission is never off with the palestinians even the more was more generous offer us that they get out they go out and their voices seeing that we should really realize that israel never had any intention who made a creation of the palestinian state. creation but he says that unfortunately is off the table and we should talk about equal rights because that's the
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only solution ok rick. a little we're going to go to a short break and. continue our programs on israel's possible an exaggeration member the west bank state. you can be both with the yeah you would. welcome to max hazard light ethyl survival guide. putting color to your attention
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to. the yanks this is what happens to pensions in britain delegates average you watch has a report. welcome back across town where all things are considered i'm peter lavelle reminder we're talking about israel's annexation of the west bank. we're going to go back to ramsey in seattle gideon mentioned at the very end of the 1st part of the program here i mean i was brought up understanding. how us i mean israel conflict through western and western media eyes through the israeli lobby in washington and they always told us about the 2 state solution and i can't recount the number of presidents that made their big to do it that is gideon said there was
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never really a possibility it was never believed in whatsoever flo was a shell game ok and i don't think the palestinian authority acquitted. at this be very honest. he was a payoff in many ways but you know how do i mean in the united states right now you have trump will do more or less anything for israel at least up until this point because i strongly believe that he sees no downside ok move the embassy to jerusalem day so well it only helps me with my donors in with my base ok. will give back the golan heights as if he had the right to give anything back ok i mean this is not what plays in domestic politics in the united states because. very very rarely in mainstream media did you ever get. the other side there is no sir other side is only israel's side and people the fate of the palestinians it's just it is
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a asterisk it's a footnote and but they have thrown in they have been dancing around a 2 state solution for decades right now with this antics ation that's a dead letter how do they going to explain that. well this is i think that's really israel's challenge israel ready to go all of this the rules of the 2 state solutions and say we have reached the end game we are ready to move beyond it and of course it's a ruse it's a carrot that has been that getting a piece of history has for such a long time the game has been played so well not just by the americans and their opinions on this raid is mind you but also by other fellow arts and by the palestinian itself its praises its peers its corruptions all it was by this idea that mr abbas will go to the united nations will get this i received will come back with a statement everything is going to be ok but sadly over time the transition to that state became the status quo so we are just sitting there waiting for that state
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that never arrived and now israel built that this is the time to move beyond this and consolidate its power and say it's over no state we will now shape the future of this region in the way that with our interest or not and that's where the main question comes in strategically for the long run is israel really to reach that in game or not personally i don't think that israel is strategically ready for that because it could not get any want to also aside from mr trump and questioner and streetman and couple of others to agree not even within the u.s. congress itself that is agreement in fact the majority the vast majority of the democratic party are against this so the might be up to a shock and made me feel that they have moved their. ok that's a it's a very good point and it's interesting as and i'm sure both of you follow american
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politics of trying this for something been that b.b. the resistance is against it ok and in this way it kind of works a any interesting way ok i mean because trump has been pushing you so much gideon what are the possibilities i want to ask ramzi this what is the possibility of a 3rd intifada if we see this move over i think the palestinians right now in one of their weakest moments in history ever since 48 they're looking to leadership that divide the in about horror they're looking spirit of struggle. as you know turning at least once a week to the tories i don't need politicians i just need the grassroots the direct nick tims of the occupation and you see that this generation is lost i'm very sorry to say so but this generation has lost israel succeeded in the 2nd. really to crash. and the part of the leadership was killed part of the leadership
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is in jail and the old leadership is old then old fashioned and i think we'll have to wait for another generation to wake up and created your reality right now there might be some violence there might be some sporadic actions individual actions you will not see a real uprising. same question be around what is the possibility what will be possible reaction of israel starts visually declaring who will be left my karajan and say publicly i disagree with your on this despite the fact that they agree with him pretty much on everything else he said. i have written the history of the 1st palestinian intifada and the 2nd intifada in my books and there is one thing that they always notice what's interesting intifadas don't happen as a result of mobile as a organization they don't have it as it is as an outcome of an existing street in
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the country respond to the weakness exist within the palestinian society so if others are uprisings do not liberate land percent but rather the usefulness in palestinian history has always been to respond to the existing weakness of the palestinian leadership the feeling of betrayal by arab neighbors and brother in. feeding for the people need to some responsibility it is extremely difficult peter to conduct. in point of date and time and the situation in which uprising are awesome will the palestinian people are very resourceful and they have incredible amount of energy and it could at any time surprise us by something and here's the other thing it if i this also leader leadership if you look at the 1st lesson in if i though it is so good then you need
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a ship that was created in alice i was it is all of that. and so forth so i although we cannot sleep till we're with the palestinians we've all been in what's for this will revolt i think that would surprise us because the timing is always in their hands getting on to what degree did this earlier is hold israeli politics hostage because i mean recently netanyahu met was settlers and i mean they're the maximalist they want everything all in now and netanyahu understands me see i mean you have to give them this he has billions being survival or getting made that's probably the nicest thing i can say about the prime minister but he has to look over his shoulder also with the united states because if the united states doesn't give him some kind of. approval he's going to be on very shaky ground and he knows it but he's is he has held hostage in gowns and other political of figures being held hostage by him that the son learns from one to 1010. the misery
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society and they may or governments and i don't blame them i blame the governments who surrendered and it started because the zionist left it's that the who's labor i mean labor is to be accused about the booklet labor in labor for so many years the settlers are very devoted very very powerful know how to blackmail there or is and satisfied if you're all for them jordan and iraq they would demonstrate against because what about libya. and when they get libby out they will again we'd be very very angry at the government also there. for them the sky's the limit unfortunately they're facing indifference of the majority of this very society who has no interest in the settlement this project with the beam they couldn't care less about this but this apathy or one head and their devotion and
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they are really without any board this they use or the most cynical power for gay power games in order to achieve their goals and we have put me they doing very successfully you know ramsey again it's a wild card and that's you know who's government's going to be a president and a trumpet ministration as well but i think it's quite clear that the european union the member countries we're here in union will absolutely reject and and the vast majority of the members of the united nations general assembly won't condemn this year israel's often condemned on international bodies and it has washington's back but as is getting is pointed out it's a little bit more dicey because as you well know living in america the polarization of a colleague's area is probably the most extreme in our life and so this is going to
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be very delicate tiny and just so it's getting a pointed out i mean we just need it cold feet and just postpone it. so so even if the european union take a strong position on this sadly they are they are not going to back up that was ition we practical on the ground i know that there are initiatives here in the u.s. congress by various democratic party congressman who are trying to ask create a degree of accountability that if israel moves forward with this israel the american support it. $1000000000.00 that are given to israel just willy nilly every year it would have to go back there would be conditions are so forth and so on i doubt that anything practical would come out of it although i appreciate that effort i actually do think that the europeans have the backbone to come and actually do real conditions and pressure israel so in other words the issue is now largely in the hands of the trumpet ministration and then. they will move forward
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that this is strategically inefficient but let me just remind everyone something yet is that the jordan valley which will be included largely in this annexation has been practically not just like kind of practically next as well the last major deal the jordan valley is inaccessible so aniston has it could actually go there right so so it was a fantasy and farmer the palestinian workers with an ordinary person and it's a ship will not change much on the ground the soldier is a soldier a settler is a settler i mean all of these settlers have been living in there is that's in itself a by lation of international law and deeply that's also an annexation and we've ministers have been dealing with this for so many years yelling at the international community these look what is happening israel is late it isn't really or how i look at okupe i think our should be behaving and they did so damageable
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get out of it i don't think anything practical will come out of this and station with the moves who are not my only hope is that this is going to be the last nail in the coffin of the so-called peace process so we can move forward with a new plan and you thinking a new strategy perhaps a one state solution in which we can all could exist as equals and that well we've run out of time gentlemen all i'd like to say is that if western audiences particularly american audiences and voters knew the truth they would certainly feel very very differently about it. but that's the media and the political class they drive but i want to thank my guests will be the end in seattle and what i think my viewers are watching us here are you see you next remember.
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whoever is there to prey upon whether that's a man or one. time after time corporations repeat the same mantra sustainability it's very important. transition to sustainable prized board sustainability. more equitable and sustainable world. they claim their production is completely harmless. companies want us to feel good. about buying products while the damage is being done far away this is again this must be going down even as i. knew this movie didn't even and i'm stunned. to going in.
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welcoming obvious from around the world a line from central london this is r.t. u.k. we're currently awaiting the start of the government's latest carette of ours press conference led by prime minister boris johnson meanwhile here are the headlines. pub sponsored restaurants are set to reopen in england this saturday with the prime minister warning the public to behave sensibly to avoid a 2nd spike in the coronavirus we talked to microbiologists. government announces quarantine exemptions for dozens of countries for those arriving in england from july the 10th but the u.k.'s at home nations expressed frustration over a lack of communication i get the reaction of a travel consultant. because this is wrapped up in brighton take to bruce for all the meet ongoing cope with 19 closures and call for the government to rescue the industry with a financial package. so
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with england carrying up to reopen pubs and restaurants on saturday are to u.k. shock it was time she went to soho in central london to find out how one business is preparing for the big day. well after a grueling 3 month wait brits are ready now waiting for this moment in time where the reopening of pubs bars and restaurants is just around the corner as of tomorrow 1 i mean the heart of central london as you mentioned here at a restaurant that is preparing to reopen its stores typically it would be heaving with customers and tomorrow they're hoping to emulate that patient but of course we can just duck duck out of that because we're going to the dentist a press conference with prime minister boris johnson good evening since i last spoke to you from this podium we've continued to make progress nationally against
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the virus we are now reporting regularly fewer than 1000 new cases each day the office for national statistics estimates that between the 14th of june in the 27th of june the most recent period they have analyzed 25000 people in the community in england had the virus one person in every 2200. sage assess that the hour rate the average number of people each infected person passes the virus on to remains between no point 7 and not point 9 across the u.k. sage also assess that in england the number of new infections is shrinking by between 2 and 5 percent every day and while the number of people dying with corona virus remains too high the numbers do continue to fall. now of course this picture is not universal there are areas such as leicester where the virus is still more
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prevalent than we would like we always said there would be local outbreaks requiring local action this is to be expected and will i'm afraid be a feature of our lives for some time to come. but that should not take away from the great progress we have made together as a country against this vicious disease this progress is the reason why we've been able slowly carefully cautiously to ease the national lockdown. without doubt lockdown has saved many hundreds of thousands of lives but it has also had a devastating impact on our way of life and our economy and of course lockdown has not yet been lifted entirely indoor gyms no bars swimming pools are still closed math mass gatherings are still prevented
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a social distancing is still essential. i want these restrictions to be lifted as soon as possible of course i do and we've established task forces to work rapidly and closely with the sectors that remain closed to explore how they can be secure and i'm pleased to report that good progress is being made next week we will set out a timetable for their reopening though of course i can only lift those remaining national restrictions as and when it is safe to do so. our goal remains to enable as many people as possible to live their lives as close to normally as possible in a way which is as fair and as safe as possible and to achieve this we need to move away from blanket national measures to targeted local measures so instead of
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locking down the whole country we will lock down specific premises or local areas where the virus is spreading instead of closing down non-essential retail and hospitality nationwide we will only shut establishment locally as required instead of shutting all schools for most peoples from september we will only shut those schools where it is absolutely necessary to control and not break. and instead of calling teeming arrivals from the whole world we will only quarantine arrivals from those countries where the viruses sadly and not yet under control. we're already implementing this targeted approach in england in weston super mare we identified an outbreak in a hospital closed it to visitors and new admissions tested all staff and patients
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and gave the hospital a deep clean the outbreak was contained and the hospital is open again in kirklees we identified not break at a meat packing plant shut down the plant moved in a mobile testing unit tested all employees and traced the contacts of those who were positive the outbreak was contained and the plant has reopened with additional safety measures in place. and of course more recently in leicester we identified a community wide break which was not restricted to a single location unlike the weston super mare and kirklees public health england engaged with the local authority mobile testing units were deployed food data was shared cancer why data was shared on the 11th of june postcode level data was shed last week this enhanced monitoring through additional testing showed that the infection rate in leicester was 3 times the next highest infection rate in any other city in the country so on monday the health secretary announced
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a local lockdown measures in leicester furnish an initial period of 2 weeks. in each of these cases the problems identified were specific to weston super mare kirklees and so u.k. prime minister barak's johnson that outlining the need to move away from national lockdowns to local ones well we can now that return to our u.k. showed it was that he went to soho in central london to find out how one business is preparing for the big day. well after a grueling 3 month wait brits are ready now waiting for this moment in time where the reopening of pubs bars and restaurants is just around the corner as of tomorrow 1 i'm in the heart of central london as you mentioned here at a restaurant that is preparing to reopen its stores typically it would be heaving with customers and tomorrow they're hoping to emulate that vision but of course it comes with some strict measures the likes of hand sanitizer provided upon and free
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try and space out the restaurant as well and table service is an absolute must now a restaurant like this usually has a capacity of $300.00 but because of the current virus still being out there the capacity has now been reduced to 110 but it still means is financially viable to reopen the doors well i'm now joined by the head chef right here at our us cutie richard dela cruz joins me now the head chef thank you so much for speaking to us today of course not only you think you are right here it's like i'm pretty excited to be on issues of the spend they meet you was my your stuff every one year old remember stuff and everything that we buy such as a restaurant but the time now. moving and use everything in place to try to keep everyone safe exciting study time so of course you know that that measures have been put in place can you just expand what these measures are well we follow when the government guidelines. mean one social distance east pretty much our priority
12:09 pm
here our hands on the tyson everywhere cleaving clean clean you so much for us to keep everyone safe of course everyone safe also includes you will start here at the restaurant how are you keeping them safe and making sure that they're keeping the public safe as well well we create a massive assessment program we run in checks weekly off the wire stairs we run into this daily as temperatures would make them feel. how they feel today they've been in contact with any in any sort of contagious. maybe. you many people would be a little bit worried about a 2nd spike in the fire in a fire and is that something of a concern to you just just really a culture and i mean that will destroy most most of the businesses and we don't want to be one of them that's why we hope and we do whenever we were best to keep everyone safe at the moment of course it's been a very challenging and difficult time going out of business almost for 3 months now
12:10 pm
how has it been for your restaurant. we didn't get calls for the 1st few months when we tried to run a delivery business which is still going to be part of our beach right now also trying to survive mainly trying to keep the doors open to be able to be at a review when everyone everyone is ready to start but of course looking forward to tomorrow we're looking forward to more waiting everyone here welcome and they think thank you so much and best of luck going forward tomorrow and in the near future so there you have it of course this restaurant is preparing to reopen its schools but not every single restaurant across england is able to do so of course many were not able to get their restaurants ready in time because the government only gave restaurants and hospitality sector the green light just around 10 days ago some that it was a close but this restaurant will open that tools as of tomorrow a much needed boost for the economy but of course a much needed boost for everybody craving a night out. well even though measures are easing this saturday the majority of the population still feel apprehensive about some areas of normal life returning
12:11 pm
according to its last morry 3 in 5 people would feel uncomfortable about going to pubs and restaurants that figure is the same as it was back in may where 65 percent of respondents claimed they would feel concerned about attending large gatherings while just over 60 percent would feel apprehensive about using public toilets also close to 60 percent of people said they would feel uncomfortable going abroad and was just under 60 percent would feel nervous about going to watch a film at an indoor cinema or going on a trip to the say or so we went to the center of london's nightlife district to find out what people less think a person out of good restaurants as much as the next at average person was nice but i do think it's very good it will help the business is exactly as especially business as you have had a rough time during this look down piece in a way it's been a long time i think from what i've seen so far and how it looks like it's going to be done and it does seem like a good. place is the managers and me. that kind of take it quite seriously and
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think about you know how it can be done sensibly the nation needs to proceed with some degree of commonsense and some degree of caution it would be appalling to throw away in a mad rush the efforts that have been put in by our health service over many months think people will keep their distance and if they don't they don't i guess but you life has got to come back at some point you want to complete a look down and nothing happens and all the pubs and bars go bust or you could have some kind of halfway house i think. well police in the english city of durham have posted a video online warning revelers to drink responsibly in bars rather than spending a night behind the there are fears that drinkers may overindulge during the weekend just pubs and bars are being closed for more than 3 months darren police force have encouraged drinkers to enjoy themselves but it is today warning to behave responsibly businesses will have to adhere to social distancing guidelines and
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staff will also be expected to wear face masks the industry has taken a big hits during the pandemic with hopes this weekend can help boost the economy. or to discuss the implications of reopening on the job by microbiologist up to simon clark started out thank you for waiting on me why is there a greater risk of the virus spreading inside. inside buildings because there are more things for the virus to settle only in the spirit droplets things like that out for the virus to said oh mum and for you to come along and touch also because there isn't a large amount of circulating that the viruses hang around suspended in yeah that is thought not to be diluted quite survive really quite so quickly so you're just exposed to more virus in the at and bone surfaces inside compared to the situation outside well given that all you can say that the government is easing the lock down too quickly. won't leave not that it's going to be used in some point in
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a judgment call as the may as to where is safe in terms of how many people secular eating in the population have got the virus we have a national number but really the people circulating in the general population i noted have account settings not in carrying so those people have a relatively low usedn't of the virus so the i mean he's a judgment call it is a matter of scientific or medical judgment in the line as to be drawn somewhere there is no way of knowing exactly what is safe from what is not because nobody's ever done anything that was before indeed and we've seen that as being a rise again in western life lockdown babbit can we expect a 2nd spike national. i think more likely you'll see spikes in certain areas like we have a less that currently less there is way ahead of the next biggest city in terms of town terms of numbers of infections and really stays that way but i think it's much
12:15 pm
more likely they will see localized outbreaks and of course that will be a marker of success in texas trace and ice meant since them of course you might see quite a few to localise heights if the winter is its critics that there. may end up the looking like most of the country is under some form of restriction but time will tell on that one and in the meantime has the government done enough to ensure that the guidelines are as robust as they can bowl. well of course the most robust guideline is to keep everybody at those doors but people who get fed up with that the economy will suffer i think the government is probably trying to do its best the job of camelot it stands to reason that they would do but. they have to do that guess frankly because there is no way of knowing the shore what will work and what were we were only find that out and you course you think that on the balance of
12:16 pm
probabilities that the government has handled the pandemic well well that depends how you carve it up there are lots of different aspects to handling the pandemic if we're talking about lifting restrictions like i say they have. the numbers haven't got out of control nationally like some people predicted a worse time talet if that stays that way it's arguable as to how well so should distance the rules were observed in less typing we've got a lot more to learn about that in due course so in terms of lifting the lockdown mode much is gone wrong yet and finally do you have any advice for members of the public looking to go out drinking this weekend. take it easy keep your social distance keep your hands clean or are there imagine many people are going to be wearing masks or face coverings you pumps or restaurants that kind of defeats the reason for going to them and of course a lot of people have said well people will be tricky excessively i think i'm right
12:17 pm
and say still the case in this country that these. banks serve alcohol somebody who is already toxic 80 so that's the licensees of the cups and balls has everybody to act responsibly and not just on the clock thank you very much in day. well the pubs what do we i mean as i said in the english city of leicester where lockdown measures have been way imposed and one neighboring city has gone to extreme lengths to keep us the locals out of their locals. please. please. please please.
12:18 pm
please. please please. please. please. please please. please please. please. coming up after the break. the government gears up to lift a 2 week orange. from dozens of destinations.
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join me every thursday on the alec simon show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. is your media a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe from. the isolation for community. are you going the right way or are you being
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led somewhere. what is true what is faith. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. for a mate in the shallowness. welcome back from july the 10th see u.k. government will lift its mandatory 14 day quarantine on those returning to england for more than 50 countries effectively giving the green light for foreign holidays however the 1st minister of scotland nicholas sturgeon has criticised westminster's handling of the policy. we've often had limited or no notice of the u.k.'s proposals and that matters because some of the judgements involved here are
12:21 pm
difficult and complex and just to illustrate the point about the shifting sands of the u.k. government's position the list of countries that they were yesterday demanding that the scottish government signed up to in suggesting that we would have a barrier to getting agreement on is not the same as the list that we have shared with us today so we need as the scottish government to analyze these proposals properly and rationally and we need to do that obviously from a public health perspective but we also need to do that from a legal perspective all of these decisions and of course potentially open to legal challenge and when so much is at stake as it is right no we can to lower sales to be dragged along in the we call of another government to be quite frank about it shambolic decision making process on me while wales 1st minister among great food has also described his dealings with the u.k. government about averages as an impossible and utterly shambolic experience the
12:22 pm
transport secretary grant shapps so there was still time for devolved nations to join the scheme before it came into force. this isn't coming into the temperature lie the under quarantine on those 50 or so across countries and so there's still time for the other parts of of this one nations to decide to join. well among the exemptions are france spain and italy popular destinations for britons on their summer holidays those coming from greece are also exempt from quarantine despite u.k. holiday makers currently prevented from arriving there but those coming to the u.k. from singapore one of the country's best responding to the pandemic still need to spend 14 days in isolation prompting confusion about the logic behind the decision . that sitters across the u.k. are adorning their premises with bright hopeful messages as the industry calls on the government to deliver a rescue package. london's national theatre is among 5 british venues this friday
12:23 pm
to install pink tape bearing the words missing life they are said and many others including the royal lyceum say is here in edinburgh and the new rican belfast on joining the initiative the project was set up by a group of stage designers called scene change in a bid to bring joy and color to theaters and highlighting the devastating impact of covert 19 on the industry it comes amid warnings that 70 percent of performing arts companies could collapse by christmas as a result of financial losses. but culture secretary oliver dowden has already unveiled a road map to open up the performing arts sector but the 5 step plan which will initially allow socially distance rehearsal's and training predicts performances are still a long way off and so many venues further delay could mean disaster as r t u k s martin andrius reports the coronavirus pandemic brought the cut down on theater land cancelling every show in london's west end as well as all performances up and down the country while other non-essential businesses get back to a new normal as
12:24 pm
a unique cultural conundrum for theaters and concert venues in england they are allowed to open from the 4th of july but live performances are still a bit legendary producer kevin mcintosh has announced that his shows how multan time some lame is and mary poppins will not be restarting until 2021 i mean we've already lost one major regional theater and some other regions this is going to administration places like loves in the film. house and places like about i'm not sure how long they're going to be able to hold on without any vet really going through and being trashy could only shows on so. far larger than just funding the merger call for action for council already fought it's a follow up question and. but in theatre the show must go on musical theatre impresario
12:25 pm
lord andrew lloyd webber who own several western theatres is pushing to make that happen he wants buses and government to use his 2295 seater london palladium theatre in central london as a guinea pig later this month testing measures in trial runs a looking at innovative ways for the public to return that at least something productive whether it works it's also relevant at least people are doing something and trying the idea that lady might testing things beyond that because they've got this incredible facility to do so i think can only be a good thing whether or not it works we don't know but let them for goodness sake try it seems monumental well i suppose from our point of view is it better to do that and have an acoustic night than do not suggestions include infrared temperature senses to identify those with high temperatures silver eye on self cleaning 2 handles face masks for staff and patrons and medical passports alongside
12:26 pm
ticket sales if one member of a group is unwell tickets would then be changed for a future performance. social distancing even by one metre plus in a theater is near impossible if in force it would reduce the capacity inside the auditorium and that's not even talking about the cost members on stage who emotion need to interact with each other although not quite as bad as the previous limits of t.v. it is which would have cut audience numbers by 70 percent it still makes the whole experience much more for straight saying. unfortunate people will have to arrive earlier at the theater because the time it takes even to pick up your tickets will take longer they'll be longer queues will will encourage people to purchase online print tickets at home to minimize that but in terms of queuing for the bars or the toilets or whatever it will have to be a very unforced. form of social distancing most backstage facilities
12:27 pm
a tiny bit cramped into little small spaces all the money he spends on the runs out and this and the base of the audience can say you know how does a week mr spitzer wait how do you do a poll today all the elements of big state that is it that is something else you need to look at so yes feel you need to be safe but so do all the actors and all crew but spend use also have to turn a profit and if you were theater goers are allowed in shows simply won't make any money at least in the conventional way. particular these economic times i think the public is price sensitive so we can't just simply double the price. we have to look at the whole financial structure of the shows themselves and what we're spending to put the monitor on them and also compare that to what we can realistically expect to get from the audiences in terms of ticket sales what's the it is can rely on is surely the opposite sides of the public for
12:28 pm
a little light relief after many months of doom and gloom but one thing is certain when the cutting does rise again it will be a different experience. more news in half an hour. american psalmist are growing at propitious rates because america empire right because it's easy for the top to see everything and link nothing for everyone else america would be better off if it was not an empire so the collapse of the us dollar will be painful for a period of time but what comes on the other side will be i think a lot more amenable to nothing.
12:29 pm
before. all of club became a household not states and other world over. washington ceased to be a city that. gender tore at their compromised by what is a sure national interest people talk about gridlock in congress hear people talk about. their rights. radicals in both parties. this. is solid bipartisan centrist approach to politics both domestic and war. takes time that's for sure. secret prisons are not usually what comes to mind when thinking about europe however even the most prosperous can be deceived we've been busy roads on the way
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to view houses were allegedly prison was located only cia people had access to the story investigators sure held the uncovered the darkest dealings of the secret services but i mean. the great ignore in. p.c. maybe a sore knee for. trying for justice on. from . from. from from.


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