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tv   Redacted Tonight  RT  July 3, 2020 8:00pm-8:30pm EDT

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welcome to redacted denies this is a show where americans in america covering american news are called foreign agents let's talk about geoffrey epstein now you might be thinking les do you think everything about abstain has already been said over the past year we've had a wall to wall coverage of abstain in fact he was so tired of seeing his face on television that he killed himself then chopped his body into pieces and dumped them in the middle of the atlantic everyone knows it everyone knows but before that we had wall to wall coverage on mainstream media i mean there's a netflix series about him for god's sake he's bigger than fuller houser or well
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the answer is no there's still a crucial side of the epstein story that has been covered up but before that let's do a quick refresher that could take roughly 2 or 3 days jeffrey have was a rich man who looked like a pedophile and turned out to be a pedophile what are the odds trump former labor secretary alex the casa happened to be the one who had prosecuted abdeen in 2008 and gave him a really brutal prison sentence of basically never having to show up for prison apparently the state of florida was sympathetic to the legal argument that abstain needed to be in his office in order to continue his pedophilia work understandable but you have to realize that abstain was also good friends of very very close friends with people like bill clinton donald trump alan dershowitz prince andrew former israeli prime minister abu brock and other. years and steam would rope
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teenage girls into sex trafficking and use his high level connections to avoid actual prosecution where prisoners have to actually be in the prison then it all came crashing down last year abstain was arrested for real this time and charged for real this time but while awaiting trial in new york city before he could reveal what he knew about so many powerful men the cameras around his prison cell shut off the guards both fell asleep simultaneously and abstain was heard screaming just before he apparently strangled himself breaking bones in his neck that usually only break during homicide but as horrific as that is that is not the part that's still being covered up investigation discovery recently came out with a special who killed jeffrey abstain according to journalist elizabeth boss the series addresses abstains alleged coconspirator joe lane maxwell has links with
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billionaire leslie wexner founder of victoria's secret clothing line and others as well as the non-prosecution deal he was given by acosta who would have thought the guy behind victoria's secret had connections to sex traffickers i would have thought he'd spent his down time singing with the church choir maybe a building those ships in the bottles. but as so late just as all of that is that is still not the part that is being covered up now the part of the story completely avoided by the mainstream media and both recent docu series is abstains ties to israeli intelligence and an interview with consortium news former israeli intelligence officer ari benn manasse said abstain did not work with the sob but rather israeli military intelligence in his recent book benatia is quoted as saying
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abstain worked with robert maxwell who introduced his daughter and epstein to israeli intelligence after which they engaged in a blackmail operation for israel abstain was taking photos of politicians 14 year old girls if you want to get it straight abstain and maxwell would just blackmail people robert maxwell elaine's father was basically israeli royalty he was buried in a state funeral in israel on the mount of the olives after dying in a mysterious accident on his yacht you know i've always said it may look like fun to own a yacht but they are a hitman paradise for some reason and men love to whack people on yachts i don't know i don't know if it's one of it shows that they want to have a nice memory of their time spent killing new or they like the sunsets or what but they love it and yet not only did netflix and investigation discovery of oil the intelligence the israeli intelligence angle all together they avoided the larger
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picture entirely in perhaps the only mention that i've seen as part of a much larger operation elizabeth of ossie says the final section of the 4th episode in netflix's series includes a survivor stating that this was not simply an abstainer operation but an international sex trafficking ring that reached all over the world epstein is described as a very small piece in a huge network. but the documentary goes no further than that ah so the mainstream media is using the bad apple defense just like they do with the police epstein was just a bad apple if it hadn't been for abstain the sex trafficking of children would have been working just fine you say you want to defund the sex trafficking but if that happened then forward traffic all those tags and yet. those questions investigation discovery and netflix's programs discuss the role of former labor
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secretary acosta in securing abstain sweetheart plea deal but do not reference a cost as widely reported explanation as to why acosta agreed to the deal as reported by the daily beast accosted claimed that he cut the non-prosecution deal because he had been told that epstein belonged to intelligence and to leave it alone so we have all these connections to israeli intelligence we have connections to presidents and british royalty and prime ministers with all the people who have helped make sure abstains an empire could run smoothly the people who supplied the girls who helped cover things up they're the corporations who benefited from the massive amounts of money that was just thrown around trying to bring all those people in for questioning and bronson. here ya go. buckle your seat belts head on to your pants leave fowler get out of the way i watch
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yet. oh we prosecute. oh god dad. house sources 9 months since epstein's death no alleged abstain coconspirator has been arrested or charged with a crime despite reports of an active criminal investigation of joe lane maxwell who has completely disappeared these recent exposé zz which seemed to reveal the dark secrets of the upstream story actually served to cover up one of the most important parts they allow viewers to believe they've heard the full details that they know the truth finally but at the end of the day the filmmakers in the mainstream media have used one criminal to protect the rest coming from washington d.c. the belly the basis redacted tonight.
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welcome america and the world i'm late can't no mistake the news from behind the deadliest corporate crime in u.s. history ended this month with electric company p.g. and e. pleading guilty to 84 counts of manslaughter after setting paradise california a blaze the mainstream media has made clear that this is the highest amount of manslaughter a company has ever cop to. but it said it all the deadliest corporate crime not even go out chevron killed thousands and destroyed the rainforest in what is known lovingly as the amazonian chair noble and then sue their own victims wells fargo bank of america etc pushed predatory loans on people then stole millions of
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homes when it came crashing down you may think that didn't kill anyone but it's estimated that over 10000 suicide when chided economic crisis purdue pharma knowingly caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of americans by pushing opioids on them then of course there's weapons makers like raytheon general dynamics balling lockheed martin but they don't care because killing people is their business than that's all well and good so when you add it all up murdering 84 people p.g. and they. yanked their the good guys and $84.00 people is nothing that's on coffee break for purdue pharma that's one puff of an afternoon cigarette for a month fans or a fee on could it be a good day i'm just i'm just put on here. could it be that the that the most powerful and to tease on the planet the largest corporations
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controlling trillions of dollars could it betting that there are psychopaths. that they're psychopaths and we let them advertise on all of our t.v. channels putting brain parasites enough that then later are our vomited out of our ideal all hey god should i try oxy because i'm reading. raphael i've helped our guide to the scene of a shipment. notice layovers to go water to those troops did was wrong we left him put it on t.v. then there's the radio in the computer screen it's like having 62nd spots every half hour telling the nation what a great gardener john wayne gacy was now that i i heard it was a genius with orchids. i guess the human corpse is made for top notch fertilizer.
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every time these companies kill people or sicken people or destroy a 100 miles of large farmers are liberal thought leaders the media the politicians the people who starred in the avengers and think that makes them nelson mandela all those people go that is bad that bad company killed so many we should be angry that dag corp left the especially to send a man a man but they never go why and the name of all the holy do we let these corporations and this and not just exist but only to our government chevron should not get a fine for causing a genocide in aqua door they should get the corporate death penalty. but no no no no no instead we let chevron exist and we let them make ads
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that say black live matter racism has no place in america although i do like that chevron made their slogan the human energy company because. they really do take humans churn them up and organic slides and then use that to power the world so they truly are the human energy company basically we're in the gas tanks. hold on i'm a big deal we have breaking news came out a few days ago but it's breaking news because it has to do with how our government is breaking under the dual pronged strategy of trying to fuse together a patriotic desire to destroy other nations on one hand with an equivalent patriotic desire to destroy every american who doesn't have a 2 car garage or
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a bump or a bus. and if you're living in your with your extended family inside a 2 car garage that does not count all right that does not if you if you share your savings bank or the trifocal you cannot be accepted into the upper class anyway. the breaking news is not long ago the f.b.i. testified to congress that they are no longer designating black activists as domestic terrorists or black identity extremists in order to surveil them you can see how easy that made it for the f.b.i. to violate people's privacy all they had to do was decide one are you black and to have you ever mention that perhaps maybe things could be a little better for black people in this country. if the answer is yes to both those then blue you are a black identity extremist you have terrorized this country log off with your
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strange it militarist. signage and your holier than thou skin color. we don't know when you might snap wreaking havoc on your neighborhood starbucks and by staff and by snapping i mean glaring momentarily at the barista wrote a racial epithet on the side of your grand day on a not wanting. but the f.b.i. testified they are no longer doing that no longer surveilling people like that however media justice and the a.c.l.u. revealed that the f.b.i. is still surveilling black activists using a dated designation they test by the congress was no longer in use of 1000000 pages of documents responsive to a 4 year request up to one 3rd of the pages or in open are are open investigations of black people as domestic terrorist threats for potential black
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identity activities the f.b.i. continues to stereotype every black activists in some kind of terror threat when in fact millions of black people are involved in perfectly peaceful nonviolent activism and in fact black identity terrorism is incredibly rare if it exists at all with the exception of general rule but in the f.b.i.'s defense they stereotype white identity activists too for example a few months ago a group of white armed gunman walked around kentucky's capitol building and they were stereotyped as not a problem furthermore some white identity police officers terrorized black communities in america and they are stereotyped as good guys. so as you can see a white dude with guns are often judged without even knowing them my people my people have been labeled as not
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a threat for far too long how dare you how dare you how dare you good sir continue to act as if we are all the same as if all white folks are not a threat to you they run p.g.a. we can be dangerous i myself am dangerous but but but but no you can't see that because all you see my skin color. and dangerous. of course i should also mention that there is a long history in this country of government agencies working hard to declare black people anime's of the state and it seems the f.b.i. continues at that task but but in the f.b.i. defense in their double defense. they have always been racist baggs way to stand by your principles f.b.i. you've been racist therefore why not see a 3rd of the and ask why why why what's the what's the and i don't know 5 guys can
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tell it's close let's hurry on because the ended day is not the end of weeks let's move it along i've got things to do let's finish her up ask me i. i would not be a good lawyer i don't think i'm helping their cause right now. if you go to a short break but if you're watching this on you tube there's something you need to know we will show not be putting the full episodes of redacted night up on you tube instead full episodes will be available on the free streaming app portable t.v. we will still be putting all of the redactor night segments on you tube so don't worry about that but the full episodes will be on portable t.v. back a lot more. american slang to start growing it to fish is great because american empire right because
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it's easy for the top to see everything and make nothing for everyone else america would be better off if it was not an empire so the collapse of the us dollar will be painful for a period of time but what comes on the other side will be i think a lot more amenable to know. all the. states and the world over. luxury goods ceased to be a city. or compromised by what is a sure national interest people talk about gridlock in congress with you it's people got the bell. of the right. radicals in both bodies. this. bipartisan centrist approach to politics both domestic and war.
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explain. welcome back i'm still a camp remember when the meat industry scared america. ans into thinking we'd never again see bacon on a grocery store shelf unless trump forcibly reopened plants that were a hotbed for coronavirus. good times well it turns out the industry faked a us meat shortage to force workers to keep exploiting meat overseas for more now we go to are a full time meat correspondent now the mcgill a lowly it. seems pretty heinous that the meat industry acted as if pork chops would disappear into thin air especially when you consider the 10s of thousands of workers these c.e.o.'s put at risk after reported covert ones that aren't really shopped for a 2nd are these companies only live because they know americans don't like it when
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the us help other countries unless there's a hit song about it and there isn't enough internet bandwidth for a zoom version of we are the world with the same number of people plus most of them were either taken out by fat no or too old to figure out how to amuse themselves though with stevie wonder figures out how to before lionel richie then we'll know stevie was faking it this whole i know what if i told you about your stevie wonder is a blind conspiracy theories. what about the real conspiracy to keep slaughterhouses open just to satisfy for a deals with other countries plant workers died from covert 19 just so someone in china could get hot dogs and jobs are really what. are you act like we said that the good stuff i mean smithfield is one of the largest us pork companies owned by a chinese pork producer and even smithfield said much of what is exploited are items that attract a little or no interest from domestic consumers such as pigs feet snouts and tails
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and that exports at the quietest production float amid the pandemic so only with kids would be upset we export snouts and tails the way our country is going i bet the cast of charmed will still find a coronavirus vaccine before big pharma. so even if the meat industry did export over 129000 tons of pork to china and april alone we still gave them the worst parts a $120000.00 times that would you said it was lower production that's not a shortage of it's just our corporate own government forcing the workers to risk their lives for their jobs and the lives of their own i believe only leave these jobs where risky pre covert 19 and exports keep these businesses alive so if anything plant workers are more worried about job security just like any other bartender or white house cabinet member i mean can you even imagine if these plants
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shut down permanently and america went without regular access to meet with the biggest sources of carbon emissions on the planet these processing plants have a literal pig live goons of releasing insane amounts of methane causing ocean dead zones using the well. pig loons are a thing ok ok that's just what i've been geotagging the houses of cops in my neighborhood who have above ground swimming pools. now i gotta change it dammit i even changed my google maps g.p.s. voice the car a winslow from family matters just so there'd be a cop telling me to make a left or right of pickle goon. just change the voice to celebrity or singer like arnold schwarzenegger or stevie wonder. if stevie wonder is blind then how can he tell me where i'm going. to am. that's a good point thanks for joining me now and thankfully now it's time to talk about
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some of the other developing stories here with me is redacted correspondent. and there is what have you got for us tonight well 2 democratic consulting firms have signed on to a pledge money pledge that some community activists have started and that is asking paul. petitions and consulting firms not only to reject money from police unions but super pacs as well because a lot of times you have local politicians who say like yeah i don't think any police union money but they're getting it under the table from these super pacs and this pledge would weed that out because this event a big problem for decades do we trust them when they pledge anything i mean if we have the records that that's one thing we can get them in the room and interrogate them like like cops do a little good cop bad cop but i think we were you do want to do bad cop on the cops yes yes and we have to probably do more bad yeah we do good come cop bad cop on the bad cop bad cop is exactly us. of course the power of police unions is very strong
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has been for for decades now right now in los angeles county several sheriff's deputies were involved in the murder of. an 18 year old guard for a body shop who was killed the footage got removed but right now they kind of have a pretty big handle on the district attorney's office in los angeles yeah as they do just about every city in america and i believe since 2005 roughly 15000 americans are murdered by police and i believe the number is still 3 officers have been convicted of actual murder which is a conviction rate of basically 0 it's b.s. very low the way that these unions are sort of financing the political system in a place like long island they have a very powerful police union that's a super pac and why the one fact i live in new york for voters long island is 75 percent cop in a serious thing that i know might be
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a good stab in cop land if it was. but they they if you look at the the rise of that super pac it's coincided with a rise in the income of the police officers who are now some of the most highest paid in the nation because of their political influence. nice well all right you depress the i'm a how what when we got out what we got us as the british would say which brings me to my next story from across the pond the land of the u.k. also sort of a sad story at least you know for some people. a labor m.p. who was the shadow secretary of education has been sacked which is their term for fired at israel but she shared an article on social media that was an interview with an actress maxine peake who was discussing the george floyd murder and she said that you know. the training that a lot of police officers of the united states get that comes from israel israel
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comes over they train. the fact that this is the case and it was called if i said medic the article for americans it may not be following all this this basically in britain they used this this fake anti-semitism scandal against labor the same way russia was used against bernie sanders and you know his followers here in america right now it's very similar it's just like oh well did the russians will do the anti-semitism thing right and they don't actually the thing is they don't actually care about it because it's not as if it's i so it isn't isn't an issue in places like the u.k. but there's a nother m.p. rachel reeves who's towards the right wing of the labor party and she lobbied for a statue of nancy astor who's an m.p. from you know half a century ago who praised hitler it was a virulent it's i semite and there's been no attention paid to that from pure starman is the new labor leader well there isn't much and yet if you.
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and here are your headlines from the future on monday you'll read it. to prove bravery trumps supporters asked to replace handshakes with fellow coughs i love a good hello coffee and a week from now you'll learn. in quiet moment donald trump reveals he fears wearing a mask would rob america of his bloated make up caked multichannel burnt sienna frontage you can't deny that and on tuesday. depress a police officer feels brutalizing citizens just not as fun now with everyone talking about it that's our show but if you're watching this on you tube please take note we will soon no longer be putting the full episodes on you tube due to their heavy censorship of us instead full episodes will be available on the free app and you can get it at portable dot tv slash download its free streaming app we
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will still be putting up segments on you tube just not full episodes also grab your copy of my political comedy book at least camp book dot com until next time goodnight and keep fighting. join me everything on the all excitement and i'll be speaking to us of the world of politics sports business i'm sure. i'll see you. thousands of american men and women choose to serve in the country's military and the decision. every song came to a complete. the day that i was raped. you know told a shot they'd kill me and i see how it destroyed my life any screamed at me and he made me come in and he grabbed my arm and he write me with his birthing area if you
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take into account that women don't report because of the extreme retaliation and it's probably somewhere near about half a 1000000 women have now been sexually assaulted in the us military is a very very traumatizing tat happen but i've never seen trauma like i've seen women who are veterans who have suffered military sexual trauma reporting rape is more likely to get the victim punished and be offended and almost 10 year career or chose very invested in and i gave a sex offender who was not even put to justice or put on the registry this is simply an hour and violent male sexual predators for the large part of target whoever is there to prey upon whether that's a man or woman. should have occupied territory use evil under international law and this is exactly what israel intends to do when it comes to the west bank on this edition of the program we just goes flying israel is doing this international reaction in the state of the
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coastal. this is boom bust the one business show you can't afford to miss they're montecito in washington coming up the new nafta or you have something took effect this week but trade tensions between the 3 countries remain plus run virus turn us into a capitalist society will a.t.m. usage is already down 32 percent we talk to boom bust cohosts not have a packed show today so let's go and dive right in. we start today with global markets following some strong economic news we're seeing a lot of green arrows.


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