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tv   News  RT  July 4, 2020 2:00pm-2:30pm EDT

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our nation is witnessing a merciless campaign to wipe out our history to shame our heroes. in a speech to mark independence day takes aim at people who want to destroy us part of the intensified racism campaign. moralized. struggles with a reputation an overwhelming majority say they'd never want 30 children to become officers. socializing and distancing bars restaurants. open their doors after months of lockdown but police are already cracking.
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this is our to international coming live from moscow my name's you know 30 minutes of news start not. in the shadow of his presidential predecessors rushmore donald trump took aim at people wanting to terror done monuments in an address on the eve of independence day he also decried the rise of quote far left fascism this year's 4th of july celebrations come with the backdrop of weeks of racism protests and riots which have seen demonstrators seek to remove or destroy statues linked to slavery. our nation is witnessing
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a merciless campaign to wipe out our history defame our heroes a race of values and indoctrinate our children angry mobs are trying to tear down statues of our founders to face our most sacred memorials and unleash a wave of violent crime in our cities. a few hours before the other address there was a standoff between the national guard and protesters led by native american activists more than 100 block the road leading to the trail but riot police showed up smoke shells up their feet and used pepper spray around 15 protesters were arrested as the deadline set for them to leave us. so this year there are likely to be a few mixed emotions as americans mark their history perhaps means new questions over traditional symbols more than the double quarter. the 4th of july is
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a time for barbecues fireworks and of course the american flag a time when americans are exceptionally proud to be well american and for decades leaders have used the occasion to proclaim that their part of the greatest country around america is the greatest country in human history great country on earth that america is the greatest country on the face of the earth but this year people apparently are not buying it recent polls suggest only 17 percent of americans can confidently say that they're proud of the current state of their homeland and who can blame them this year's 4th of july falls on a day when economic recession a global pandemic and nationwide protests against institutionalized racism all plague the country the us desperately need solutions and the people desperately need a holiday but for some criticizing july 4th symbols of patriotism seems to be on the top of the agenda. many are calling to
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switch the national anthem from the star-spangled banner to america the beautiful supporters of the change say that the current anthem is racist since its composer own slaves and some of its original lyrics were no doubt outrageously bigoted but most americans rarely ever made that association in the 1st place. flying the flag on independence day has been as american as apple pie for as long as memory serves but this summer the stars and stripes are feeling the heat thank you. thank you. thank you thank god. over a 1000000 mean i've even signed a petition to replace the flag with this version of america's most patriotic symbol of course it was likely not intended to be taken seriously but the sentiment
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remains. the founding fathers another icon americans can easily identify with they declared that all men are created equal and endowed with inalienable rights but in 2020 many have been more concerned with their slave owning past and the statues built in their name have come under assault because of it washington parks the monument to its namesake is just the latest in the city to get painted over there in baltimore at the george washington memorial and park you can see how it's been vandalized with red paint in the words the story raises another statue in portland has been taken down by protesters this time george washington video and social media also shows them lighting it on fire america's latest on rest against police brutality is not the 1st time we've seen how a country's past can influence the president in a negative way but will attacking national symbols that serve to unite americans on
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independence day fix those problems or will they serve to further divide a nation that seems to be ripping apart at the seams it very well could end up being dangerous and you could see us going back to things that we don't want to go back to you could see is forgetting about things that we don't want to forget about you know maybe statues and and different types of symbols that might need to be removed but if we leave it up to. it will go basically it will go crazy i mean we've got people on the left who are trying to tear down abraham lincoln and other members of the union so it's not just the confederacy some of them are just to cause damage and destruction our nation has been very divided over the past 3 or 4 or 5 years or so and it's been a lot of those that are next it's been a lot of the fringes fighting in the loudest on each side you know excoriated so it has caused a divide the rift that's been or. less keep the focus on america because for the
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2nd night in 3 days police in portland in the state of oregon declared protests there are to be a riot. the latest night saw violence bricolage when our group of protesters set fire to some wood side the justice center police say several people started fires threw rocks and launched projectiles with slingshots officers. well the reputation of american police has taken a major blow over the past month with calls to defend or respond forces it's hitting morale to a recent survey of officers find that a staggering 80 per cent would not encourage their children to enter a career in law enforcement only 7 and a half percent said they would some of the main reasons listed for that include a lack of support from bosses also an overall lack of respect for the profession
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and concerns for officer safety in fact that was an overwhelming one that kept coming back in polls we've been doing real lewis though is a retired philadelphia police captain who would recommend joining the police now he told us why. a source that are not encouraging young people to go into law enforcement are those officers who are afraid of accountability. they fear being held to the high standards of the job and so far they've had free reign and been able to do what they want when they want and now that's and it right there is no respect and there should not be until it's earned ice or of 19 of my years in the belly of the beast in the ghetto socio economically depressed black areas and the historically these people have seen and heard
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of police brutality either in them their family their names we've heard their relatives that it was only their spend police brutality since day one but never and now what i consider one of the greatest inventions ever is the video cellphone white america is waking up because now all that they heard all their life is being contradicted by what they see i would absolutely encourage anybody to join the police force because it's a changing police force now the new police force forces are going to be held much more accountable to be responsible to their communities and there is no more rewarding job then a police officer. well similar scenes and again into where police revelers are illegal block party class just as the government began lifting some of
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the crown of virus locked on restrictions at least 7 officers were injured as authorities attempted to break up the unlicensed music events in west london on friday night police really had to run for it after crowds involving suspected gang members began pelting them with bricks and bottles gatherings in the interest the limited to 6 people despite the latest easing of the lockdown not seen pubs and restaurants. salloum restaurants cinemas and other public places were also allowed to open at midnight but bars had to wait until 6 am and a few customers took advantage to get a boozing breakfast all the newly reopened businesses must adhere to the rules on masks and physical distancing which is reduced from 2 metres to one metre last prime minister barak johnson encouraged people to start getting out to support the hospitality industry but also because. dr only succeeded in controlling the virus because everyone worked together and we will only succeed in really
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if everyone works together again because we're not out of the woods yet but i will certainly buy and drink a pint but not a yard and i really do just repeat the message to everybody and this is a big turning point for us we've got to get it right let's let's work together and enjoy some safety is it the right time to all perhaps a little early but you know there are certain areas you've got told us the community spend as little. my concern is. on the fact that. the decision to. have been done on a saturday or. any thought given to the it was. so it was just you look. at it. what could we not have tried to have a pilot one of the few hours to see how things were reacting with the already or
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opening of the social distancing measures but looking a 2nd vote has always been on the cards and the recent below it is even but at best estimates we suspect that anything between 80 to 90 percent thought pollution of the united kingdom has not been exposed to cook that we can't just what we're going to know. but no. doubt this is normal but you know there's a risk. you want to turn attention now to another story nigeria say it is saddened that 2 sculptures had seized belonged to the country's igbo community have been auctioned off in part us the country maintains that were stolen during the 1960 civil war but the auction host christie's insists the sale was legitimate these objects had been lawfully sold having been publicly debated and previously sold over the last decades prior to christie's involvement the curator of nigeria's
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national museum sees the work should be repatriated and compensation paid he also appealed to other auction houses to stop seals of artifacts suspected of being looted during the war evoking the black lives matter movement a petition to try and stop the christie's auction said that racial injustice apply is not only to the black body but also to black culture and identity the sale went ahead anyway with the 2 wooden figures selling for nearly a quarter of a $1000000.00 a member of nigeria's national commission for museums told us there's no doubt that art dealers pocketed trophies of war. these cultures that i was i think clearly interested in west taking in 16869 while there was a civil war going on in nigeria and the is why stolen from the original on his. ship across the border. when the european
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did as well waiting for that and pretty much what christie's was saying is that it was not european dealers that drove the objects from the original or that they have they are free to sell them in other words if opaque to sell that westerners by someone else. this is business. i don't. care let's go around the world or for some news in brief starting in seattle which has seen a hit and run incident involving 2 block lives matter protesters after a driver sped through a freeway which had been closed for demonstrations the vehicle struck down 2 women in the road who flew into the air before landing on the ground at one has life threatening injuries the other is also in a serious condition we believe the car was stopped on the driver taken into custody
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. absolutely tragic day in myanmar at least $162.00 people killed after a landslide hit a mine there it is all known at this stage how many more could be missing in the asian nation a tsunami of mud swept over workers the science and rescue services were seen transporting victims out of the flooded pits officials saying dozens of people have also been hospitalized. as a battle on again severe flooding and mudslides at least 2 people are known to be dead as a result in the size of the country and more than a dozen remain missing many citizens were left stranded on rooftops waiting to be rescued while around 75000 people were asked to evacuate homes as they heavy storm set in. and russian 19th century orthodox church here in siberia has been burned to the ground after being struck by lightning officials say around 30 firemen and 10 vehicles were involved in trying to save the wooden
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building and to prevent the place from spreading into nearby residential areas no casualties will be more or. less had faced man sledding 3rd party developers improperly access personal data you may remember it's not the 1st time we break down what it means for users after the shortest.
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so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy. let it be an arms race is very dramatic probably the only really exists i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical. to sit down and talk. just approaching 18 minutes into the program welcome back facebook letting 3rd
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party developers in properly access users' personal data again the company has repeatedly promised to clean up its act but thousands of ops of continued gathering users' data long after they stopped using them looks into why the social media partly isn't learning from past mistakes. facebook might want to go ahead and make their motto sorry about that just to save us all some time it'll come as a surprise to no one that there is once again that been a privacy breach the book this time it's nothing earth shattering but the company does estimate around $5000.00 developers were able to gather information on users long after they were meant to in 2018 we announced it would automatically expire and apps ability to receive any updates to this information if our systems didn't recognize a person as having used the app within the last 90 days the recently we discovered
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that in some instances apps continue to receive the data we fix the issue to day after we found it that was also mentioned multiple times in the blog post that users did initially give permission for their info to be collected so it's not only the company's fault that they didn't cut it off like they promised right i mean you do have to get facebook credit for trying to be more proactive about these issues but how many more apologies are people meant to accept this was a major breach of trust we didn't take a broad enough view of our responsibility and that was a big mistake it was my mistake and i'm sorry and i'm sorry for it but i'm sorry and i'm really sorry that this happened apparently sorry doesn't seem to be the hardest work plus there were these ads bought in major u.s. and u.k. newspapers that said things like we have a responsibility to protect your information if we can't we don't deserve it the irony that that was all among the cambridge analytical scandal when there was an
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estimated $50000000.00 users that had their information that we weren't up for profit now after that about a year later a sucker bird tried to turn things around by announcing his vision for a privacy focused social media experience i believe we should be working towards a world where people can speak privately and live freely knowing that their information will only be seen by who they want to see it and will be told stick around for ever. if we can help move the world in this direction i will be proud of the difference we have me and yet the issues keep on coming which means trust will keep on falling i want to stop the question of 3rd party advertisers or developers then it's an issue of features that the company itself made and has to apologize for i really messed this one up somehow we missed this point with news feed in many feet and we didn't build in the proper privacy controls right away this was a big mistake when our part and i'm sort of for it. we have made a lot of mistakes building this feature but we have made even more with how we have
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handled them we simply did a bad job with this release and i apologize for it broken record much and yet the list goes on and on and on this article actually breaks it all down from the very beginning before the company was even called facebook and yet here we are again but really what else can you expect from a company that works on an advertising based business model meaning those companies need your private information in order to properly target you and they're willing to pay for that and obviously do we really get to be mad anymore for me once shame on you fool me every other week well at least some things in life are predictable. spain's castle near has been put back on the lockdown after a surge in corona virus cases authorities in siberia say the decision to keep over 200000 people at home just weeks after the nation began easing restrictions was a difficult. i guess doesn't do as well as he in the last hours in the day we've
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seen an exponential growth in the number of infections and that's prompted us to take action it's a difficult decision the government must prioritize lives in the health of people and will take all the necessary measures. catalonia has been one of the worst affected regions by covert 19 with more than 12000 people to it. being placed back on the. done so a new case is more than doubled in the past some 200 police officers are being deployed to help enforce checkpoints. spain has europe's 4th highest death toll from coronavirus 28000 a quarter of a 1000000 confirmed cases the move to reimpose restrictions in castile me it comes as spain has been reopening its borders and welcoming tourist for the summer holidays a spanish doctor we spoke to believes a selective strategy is needed but worries that tourism may lead to a bigger problem. i believe that given the current circumstances this
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is the only option going back to its. supplies to the whole country is not going to go the other issues is that the e.u. countries are about to go in there since the start of. the 27 countries. except the americans because. the brits used to visit spend huge movements with little or no screaming it's very important to even the need for a biological passport. a virus to 3 days before any trip with the. stay in europe move to germany were locked on measures have seen some sex workers are then protest in berlin demanding that their activities be lifted the rally was organized by the sex workers union and brothel operators association demonstrators were holding signs like open the brothel to us were. imposed back in march as part
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of the measures to fight the coronavirus. the rally comes as restrictions on sex work in neighboring countries are being gradually lifted in the netherlands for instance brothels reopened on july the 1st with some restrictions that was 2 months earlier than originally planned now when the ban was introduced there in mid march however many in the 6 trade struggled as an activist that they. prostitution information center and explain to. a lot of the secular who are can through a thing and. just come see you doing sex but it's also. illegal at the time i i know. who. from their homes little sex workers who decided. to gather in our friends like 6 or 8 sex workers to get our money because they couldn't take our red anymore
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particular for. us to march couldn't pay her rent. could have profiled for her children they had more. yeah and she didn't see a way out basically and deaths why she killer so i think it's so. you know it's such a pity because. she could've been helped by the government but the government still decides to help the mind multinationals doing stuff and that's a sex worker should be for what they are. many within the erotic industry hell of a mystery in the covert 19 pandemic although the dutch government did provide financial support many 6 workers were not eligible for it oxy angel again tells us how the system worked. if there are many contracts are in
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a coma that's a fair hearing let's. get some funding from the fund only governments. but when you're working from the waist up thing instead of stone you go to work places like the brothels the sex. are most i'm going to give you some of should you know they were not. acknowledged by their government as being part of. a sting in so yeah those people don't have to right to get money. well ladies are up for the news roundup this hour but don't go too far as more great programs get going in moments . rever you are today stay in the know with our team.
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before. the club became a household name in the united states and other world over. washington ceased to be a city that. tended toward the compromised by what is a sure national interest people talk about gridlock in congress to hear people talk about. their rights. radicals in both bodies. this. is solid bipartisan centrist approach to politics both domestic and foreign. dates that's the. secret prisons are not usually what comes to mind when thinking about europe however even the most prosperous can be deceived we've seen this 0 song there were
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too few houses were allowed to leave prison was located and the only people had access to the story from investigators l.z. uncovered the darkest dealings of the secret services but i mean. the great ignore in. d.c. maybe a sore knee for. thing for justice. i . this is boom bust the one business show you can't afford to miss they're montecito in washington coming up the new nafta or u.s.m.c. 8 took effect this week but trade tensions between the 3 countries remain. strong
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buyers turn us into a capitalist society will a.t.m. usage is already down 32 percent we talk to boom bust co-hosts not have a packed show today so let's go and dive right in. today with global markets following some strong economic news we're seeing a lot of green arrows across the board but let's start in russia where the mo x. is up for the week the ruble had struggled in recent weeks as oil prices fluctuated but following the constitutional reform this week the country's currency strengthened against the dollar it's looking ahead now russia's alfa bank warned that the u.s. could play sanctions on russia if the report regarding bounties on u.s. soldiers is confirmed and let's move over to asian markets where the shanghai composite is up on the week it's hitting new $52.00 week highs the composite gained 2 percent on friday alone after positive data showed increased prospects of economic recovery after the pandemic in hong kong the hong saying also up this week
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with 3 percent gains on thursday this is after promising news regarding a possible vaccine friday saw gains due to positive economic data and even better than expected jobs report out of the us now some of the biggest winners this week for hong kong were the hong kong exchanges and clearing ltd and tech giant 10 cent which both hit the 52 week highs japan's nikkei also hitting that same trend and is up the end lost 2 percent early in the week due to a global search and coated 19 cases but it clawed back those losses as positive data raised sentiment over to india where the sense that it is also up for the week that finished with 3 straight days of gains this was pushed up by the country's largest company reliance industries but concerns are growing as india is seeing a record increase in chrono virus cases in australia the a.s.x. .


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