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tv   News  RT  July 6, 2020 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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aurum even the shallows. of. the top stories in our to usually finally grants permission for a migrant rescue she has been stuck at sea consistently following warnings of further tension among the 180 wrecking ball. and investigation is underway after police in london wrongfully detain a black man for drug possession and smashed his car window just minutes after he can't given an interview to the media about racism within the police we hear from the victim.
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and the u.s. rapper a prominent supporter can you west announces he is running for the white house with the likes of the long months throwing support behind to. follow those day here in moscow you watching r.t. international now 180 migrants on board a rescue ship will finally get to disembark today in sicily that after a motor both previously denied the ocean viking the right to dock sparking outrage among those on board.
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now there were $180.00 michael soul food $25.00 of those we understand were on the company were mine is many of those unaccompanied minors one the women of the majority of the people both of. the stuff on every train and i do we have they were attempting to make that forcing at the end of june several different vessels before they were rescued by a ship fighting and the crew and so with the ocean flight came this is the members
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of s.o.s. mediterranean say they have never seen it they spat that. we've been doing this a full 4 not half years now bringing people always to a safe place but this is the 1st time the 1st time in 4 and a half years there's been anything like this well the doctor has own code for s.o.s. mediterranean to talk about the severe psychological distress that the migrants have being going through for being at home both that you so often refuse are being able to go there was apparently off the phone the italians of the telephone number for a psychologist but that maybe denies ation just seeing red saying you know that just didn't cut the mustard and after that rejection after rejection s.o.s. mediterranean the states out what it sees is being negligent. the unnecessary delay of this disembarkation has put lives at risk throughout the days the e.u. has kept silent. we have not seen any michoud have to restart the malta agreement
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for relocating rescued people there has been no sign of solidarity with coastal states well italy has finally that call in a loud ocean viking dock at one of its ports we understand that $900.00 tests are being carried out on those on board and that they will be transferred to a quarantine vessel but we understand that they will remain. days no place of course is not the 1st time we've seen the stand off with my good vessels and italy it's easy country that since around 2015 has been a major destination for my kids one of the easiest countries to get to you know forcing africa that has caused many tensions it in his place to ride out to help with the many occasions saying we just overstretched on the. other countries in the south that touch the mediterranean saying that they just needed more help and
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that the e.u. some rules of the dublin agenda which race against the 1st country that a migrant goes into the country they must apply for asylum and has really pulled them down and been problematic many people feel though that this standoff could be the 1st of many that we may see over the coming weeks and months as the summer season which means the weather is better and crossings easier meaning they could move people tend to make that forcing just to let you know in 29 to move the hundreds and thousands will be tempted me also will be 1. 100. lives so many people expected that this will be the 1st of another difficult some. reporting that we talked to independent journalists. the senior advocacy adviser at the norwegian refugee council both believe the situation does raise crucial
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questions over refugees coming to italy. question by the same burgeon seal the ship going to you is it possible to trust the n.g.o.s that goes to call a obese people off the coast of libya or of the nisha and brings them to tell me what they say are we have big problems said see what these people will need to disembark that may be so kate as true and the problem of italy is that after the episode over salvini and a leg or ousted out of the government and replaced by the center left party of money or n.c. they want to allow these people to commend but there are still ill at ease where the fact that of course it helps matteo sell the need for a comeback at the next elections something he says we have had so many that stayed in italy that it's impossible we can have the whole world coming to italy to that of via italy and that these people should be sent back and that's an argument which
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is quite valid and the italian population follows it international maritime lul is the syfy clique that you have to open up your pool for people to come ashore with the elite without immediately so this is what should have happened but at the italian concerns should be seen and recognized by more european countries to come to their assistance both in the search and rescue but in. taking some of the migrants and refugees to their own country 2nd we are opals in particular medical times specially so for italy with the call with 9000 virus so minds are being concerned about that still that this not just to find that you don't mind people a lot of people to come ashore. but the case please watch dog is
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a. vesta gasing the case of a stop and search where police smashed the car window of a black man after they wrongfully accused him of drug possession ironically though the man in question was driving home from a t.v. interview just given about his experience with institutionalized racism specifically about being stopped for searches his footage or the incident filmed by the man himself. make sure not uncle who will. get. married. after coming from a challenge for him to be specifically talking about get stopped by the police live . above wait on an interview without stops just to check my phone or. just leave. just start me. and implied i was putting things in my
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waist just as i saw that clearly there wasn't anything there it was there was no drugs this never ever been drugs in my life never. did any illegal just. the video footage just cleared it all under windows smashed my hands what i did not was any point and yes something. does go through my head a lot. evilness the police feared was an hour. traumatic for me but it was. well in response a police spokesperson did claim that the man had been detained after failing to comply with directions from officers commander of the police force in question asked to for the public to report any similar cases while the incident does come a year since police in england and wales were given powers to randomly search people in order to fight knife crime critics though have always said the policy
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created more opportunities for racial profiling according to. activists black people are 9 times more likely to be stopped compared to white people they also claim to the changes made it more difficult to hold officers accountable again believes the criticism is justified. every minority there are more likely to be targeted by police forces in the case. then anyone aids or native heritage suffering of experience personally i've experienced it with the way that they see to me sometimes and i know a lot of people give me similar stories that resonate with it is a reason why everyone's complain about this because you got to see that not everyone carries in and not everyone carries a sword well trained and reasonably about this is more so than the manner that they treat it well but in the. yeah i think that says a lot. to the black and the minorities very much that's.
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the american rapper kanye west has announced that he swapping pop for politics by entering the race for the white house if so would pit him against his long standing buddy donald trump however the music star has already missed king deadlines in many states although that hasn't stopped some high profile figures throwing their support behind. we appreciate it very much jim apple for kids are just as bright and just as tallis white kids in jim's defense i traveled with him and watched the music village and reporter his boss a lot of the random years either. joe who knows her leaned forward and whispered some encourage men telling her that she was doing great.
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keep doing. so. you know people expect that if you're black you have democrat. college dropout kind. of thing this kind. of thing see even he even he thinks that i don't think he has any chance the man is a narcissist and has no idea how are going to work so he's an idiot even by running well just contributes to the whole surface temperatures right now he's not in the
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right position to be president. will be another job like donald trump i have to root for kanye right now because of. how does the want to go against the grain right now don't think he knows what he's doing is a little nuts and i think this is all a p.r. stunt crazier things have happened so i think it is a better chance seriously it's a mistake start to use now. what is kind of a west point offer nothing he's not going to offer anything additional the only thing he will do is we'll split the vote for democrats the people who are on the conservative side the republicans they're not going to vote for kind he was he might attract the youthful but the youth vote has never and i would say probably will never turn out to be such a large influence on the election somebody in my age group of 14 over they're not going to vote for can you miss and not out of any animosity towards him but looking at what would he actually be a car able to come. washing off
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a steel company to sad russian design studio has been drawing attention for its unusual work even more cites a sense that there is now you've seen an involvement of the story just up the. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see that.
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hello again now it's been announced that the world famous italian film composer ennio morricone has died aged 91 he died in hospital in rome after suffering a recent fall italy's prime minister hailed the composer's artistic genius saying
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he's left an indelible mark on the history of music and also cinema but he started his career ghost writing for films in theatres in the 1940 scored the music for some $500.00 movies and received countless international awards including 2 oscars one of which was for his recent collaboration with quentin tarantino on the movie the hateful 8 however he's best known for his work on spaghetti westerns which made clint eastwood a household name among some of his biggest hits were the themes from the professional and once upon a time in america the composer's family said the pursuit of dignity and total mental clarity to the yet. while green energy is being hailed as the only way forward to save the planet it turns out producing it does have some major flaws because a new report by an international ngo claims that the process of green energy
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production hugely violates human rights and hawkins explains. we all know the score with any of you companies fossil fuels a so last century green energy is the way forward it's good for the planet and what's good for earth must be good for people right well it sounds out green as you companies can face the same challenges and be guilty of the same controller sees as their dirty cousins you could use that misconduct around the world of slack to the business of human rights and source sense identified nearly $200.00 other gay sions of abuses relating to renewable energy projects just over the last 10 years the results of the benchmark suggest that none of the companies analyzed the currently fully meeting their responsibility to respect human rights as defined by the un guiding principles list does sound so who's behind some of those cases e.d.s. electricity they france a lot of french states are company one of the biggest the europe they claim their
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main result is no less than saving the planet and improving people's well being you know mr on that how many of them are. backgammon and he christened a half a hostie piece less possibility so sad if you are not that book out there somewhere then and everyone is happy about that change one of the genius group of mexico is taking e.t.f. to court accusing them of misleading the locals in an attempt to get approval for their windfall project. but yes this is a great source of concern and unfortunately these companies continue coming here they keep lying and harassing the indigenous communities the very same communities that make an effort to conserve natural resource says with this we see how easy it is for all that to be destroyed in norway a state owned company planned a wind farm in an area called stuck on the west coast of the country. her. again locals the vision.
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communities who rely heavily on do you grazing for their livelihood were up in arms with us law on our remaining grazing land is being taken away from us bit by bit a huge wind farm has to be built it will destroy the pasture we need for a reindeer in winter even the un got involves back in $28.00 c. they asked always to suspend the project examine the effects it would have on local communities more weight so as to disregard the requests and go ahead anyway after all that is used more important than via. after careful consideration the ministry has concluded that there's no basis for stopping the building of the store here wind turbines many countries have committed to carbon you try to buy 2050 or even earlier to hit those ambitious targets both countries and companies have to act fast and big they'll have to ensure they don't turn from heroes civilians as they
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go about their mission of saving the planet. finally a design studio in moscow here is creating quite a stir for its creative work and something to have a cult following has built up for its ability to produce i catch in lego's for business but it does turn out it's not actually an employee with a flair for innovation that is responsible one quarter expects. here in moscow the name nikolai has been catching the attention of many his original and creative business logos have brought many satisfied customers to the artemy live bit of studio here but mr run of has a secret one that no patron has been able to pick up on that's the fact that he's actually an advanced artificial intelligence living right here. many it might seem like science fiction but in russia it's just science today we're
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going to find out how it all works this is the art director at the studio nice to meet you thanks for giving us the interview mr video so take us on the floor is good. stands for. and these emphasizes the artificial nature of personality he is the lead designer in the studio and you can actually find he's sports rate among. human designers for us to do. our website lets him mention that you need the logo for your business and all you have to do is just describe your company in text and send this text to him you go like and just within seconds he will come up with an unlimited amount
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of different design concepts well rumor has it our team needs a new logo so could we take him for a test drive and see what he could produce for us let's go with their start of the new project let's start r t to place its description. and here you are while i like that one. mr rove is no doubt a talented designer perhaps a little too talented for us humans interested in entering the design field of the future there could be some stiff competition to contend with especially with plans to expand nikolai's responsibilities of the company already in the works when you see that just several 100 lines of cold over perform your design career
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a lot of serious question start popping up like what is my real value for abuse this what do i have to do today to stay relevant to morrow we use nikolai in the studio as an unlimited source of new ideas like fresh ideas he's not afraid of anyone he just he just creates like an unlimited amount of flow goes we teach him you styles we show him you things from a human culture in order to teach him how to create you and your images but but i have to say that with nikolai you don't need it is sign or but you do need an art director some person who will. choose the right option from the millions of vailable russia's nicholai run of seems to be the cutting edge of modern artificial intelligence for now he's one of a kind but who knows how many others will follow in his footsteps. 1000 stuff you
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watching international just coming up at 1230 in the afternoon here in moscow we're back again at the top the. we go to work. straight home. 54 jets and more than 1300 military personnel are headed to air
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force base in alaska where is that you say come on i'll show you what's the reason for any type of enhanced u.s. military presence in this area at rush up. what is it suddenly about the south china sea that makes it so that it 11000000000 barrels of oil. take a look at this map who really owns what kind of says no it belongs to us india says no we claim that that belongs to us both of these countries have nuclear weapons capabilities there is reason for concern so that's why we're going to drill down on this story for you today right here on the news or direction as where you know as we always like to say we do believe by golly it's time to do news again. time after time called her ration to repeat the same mantra sustainability. to
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accelerate the transition to sustainable transport sustainability stay with man a more equitable and sustainable well. they claim that production is completely hama's. because. it does not. come. he's want us to feel good about buying their products while the damage is being done far away and this is a banal best point any minute i'm. in the us and we don't want any man. understood with the woman in. oz no team. no shots no. action just helps me.
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know what. your thirst for action. these researches will cover almost 3000 kilometers in trans polar aircraft and they'll stay here until the antarctic summer returns. snow in the very heart of antarctica has one amazing property. when the temperature
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drops below minus $55.00 it becomes a drive frozen sand if a plane lands on it friction instantly sheets it skis which then refreeze solidly onto the runway. that's why planes can only fly out of a stuck between mid december and early february just 2 months in every year. for the rest of the time that people are completely cut off from the outside while. stocks water supply is drawn from the snow. the station sits more than 3500 meters above sea level that met altitude even the
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fittest of people time very quickly due to the low oxygen levels. were there sort of put us. through. nearly as you were working. to put up with the mood one of the birds hopes they open. but the. conditions here are truly unique human the average temperature in december and january falls below minus 30 and in winter minus 80 is par for the course. atmospheric pressure is 40 percent lower than on the mainland and there's less oxygen in the. joint pain and news bleeds all symptoms of a climate as ation it can take a whole months for a body to adapt. it to. food you drove the. car by losing it
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was approved recluse or if the person you remembered to be. better suited to move. richelle so the soviet union at that time went to one station because it was no further fall the place from the coast from anywhere in the guide was the most challenging place i mean the way the soviet union wanted to show how good. where hunting very extreme conditions so the stock was more importantly gore won the scientific one now is different this situation is very much driven by science. all of antarctica is covered by an ice sheet that can be up to 4 kilometers think that's enough to cover the entire planet in a 50 meter think lair of ice. and of the worth of your own you push to go against that occur because i want to.


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