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later we welcome rick sanchez host of the news with rick sanchez to break down the potential moved and what it could mean for americans plus. in july will be the month of mars as 3 nations are taking to the red planet we take a look at the missions and what lies the way the facts show today so let's dive right in. the way is fighting for its corporate life in the u.k. as executives testified thursday before members of parliament among the questions that were asked of wall way is how can the u.k. trust that while ways build out of technology won't compromise security here's some of that exchange true story it is sort of it's true or. true. we. truly.
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are. obviously there is no evidence to support your claim that we. have been to the 5. countries that attraction. absolutely. has the. and beating that into an entire 2 problem in a 5 pm so we. technology. and science are intact and intellectual. back to really see how things need to get out after we have the country's best and the nation's the knowledge in all hons. but without question there are massive concerns over how the u.k. government perceives not only walk away as a telecom company but whether while way is working with the chinese government joining us now to discuss the report which board member with the british american business is o.c.a. . co-host and investigative journalist swann thank you both for being here heather
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i want to start with you. seem to be angry during much of the questioning and most of it is centered around the belief that the chinese firm is independent of beijing is in full influence and they say that simply is not a credible statement do you believe that is true that they are independent of beijing well i think you know you have to do brant actually has to look at the testimony when you saw the german thompson that he was actually basically a sort of interrogated by 20 minutes for the british by the british m.p.'s and he's the vice chair in the u.k. for a while way it was very interesting when they are him you know do you believe that you have independent views and you can have your own independent views and he said yes absolutely or was to that effect then when greg clarke the chairman of the science and technology committee pressed him at all asked him actually a question that wasn't to do with why wait directly nor their policies when great
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tim well what do you think of the security measures in hong kong you could residually see that jeremy thompson squandered visually as the camera panned quickly back to him he also somewhat reddened in the face and his reaction was actually really all that we need to look at and that was his reaction was that basically he's been in telecom his entire life and he doesn't think that he should have a pine on issues all of the national security but really he actually was pressed the 2nd time by greg clarke and then he was asked will you give an opinion and he said that he could not so we know right there that he's being pressured by the chinese government so that's not about national 6. already that's about just an opinion what if the chinese government doesn't want the way executives to do something with their 5 g. network that is now far yes that does threaten national security that is a cyber threat and they all you have it in jeremy thompson's response and they all
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say absolutely. not but i actually want to play a piece of that interaction between the ways. just to what hillary was actually speaking about on the national security law that's going to play that right now. what's your view of the new security when home. i mean kilograms executive telecoms all my life. my role is to enable. our customers with the carriers to provide communications faster and cheaper. to have of you commune with as opposed to you're free to as you go said to express your views and he says in the u.k. but you do have a need for you. something that's going to mean to your commercial into the prospects of the movie. but you can buy to meet you. as
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a representative war way. representing what we what we do is not to get involved in . the rules of different countries. and not like ben obviously hillary is making this point about this that that is is indicative of why waste position being adhered to beijing but what do you think about was that a fair line of question what's your response to hillary yes so i actually have a different point of view on it i don't think it's a fair line of questioning that tell you why because i understand the context of what's being asked here but simultaneously it's a political question being asked of an employee of a company and so you could flip it here in the united states and say for instance any come to. he right now in the united states where an executive was in front of congress and they were asked questions about the black lives matter movement and they said we want to ask you your beliefs about this that executive would be very cautious about saying anything that they personally believe that might represent
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the company and so the idea that it was simply because he wouldn't answer no it did not look good for him to not be able to answer the question but i think you have to look at it in fairness and say most executives don't want to answer questions about their personal beliefs especially when it's a politically charged question the question wasn't just a simple question about you know what his general belief is about freedom the question was about a very specific chinese law where while weight does have to operate within china and around the world but as i said if you flip that on the said and asked question about protests around the world you might find executives say in a very similar thing in squirming in a similar way because they wouldn't be sure how to answer that question it's a tough spot to be. actually got to want to transition to or do you have something to say to the idea of a response so i apologise you know i think that ben's right i mean most executives won't don't want to take a political stunt that's true but the difference is most american corporations and american executives that companies on by the chinese government and walk away can say all they want when it's not owned by the chinese government but in a communist society where they have one of the largest. companies in china they are
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influenced by and they have members of the communist party that run want way so that's a completely different situation that they're in bed i'm going to give you the final word i got about 30 more seconds on this what any more response on that yes no i absolutely love it look i think there's a there's a there's definitely a difference between a system like what we have in the united states versus what you would have in china and certainly it's very difficult for a while way to make the case that it's not being influenced by beijing but one of the bigger questions of surrounds us entire story is what will the fallout be as a result of this because yes well executives who are dealing with huawei are trying to say there is no evidence that we would actually damage u.k. national. curity by being here the u.k. is at the same time saying well we're just going to trust that what the united states is telling us is the right thing and to tough position i think for everyone who's involved in it especially when it comes to ultimately the fall out because i think we can all agree on this there will be fall out from this for the u.k.
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for a while way for china and for the u.s. for everyone involved and we certainly want to get to all of that follow but alas we are out of time but it's want to have a record which thank you both for all of your time there. and one day after reports of the united states officially submitting documents to withdraw from the world health organization the un backed body and now it's an independent panel which will review the handling of the covert $1000.00 pandemic the director general of the show spoke about forming of the panel during a virtual meeting of the organization's 194 member states. the magnitude of these fundamental which has touched truly everyone in the world clearly be visitors commensurate even wish. i'm honestly going to issue this is not as reported on the books and put on the shelf to go to dust.
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this is something we take seriously. the parent will be led by former new zealand prime minister helen clark and former liberian president ellen johnson sirleaf so with that all in mind let's go ahead and take a global look at the spread of the virus with our correspondent so i had to have injured so where are we worldwide right now branagan cases a surging global cases there's now more than 12200000 cases global deaths more than 554000 look at over the over the u.s. there's more than 3100000 cases and growing u.s. that's 135000 now nationally cases grew by more than 20 percent compared to one week ago and brand cases were decreasing in only 2 states of ramana new hampshire in 14 states and territories the number of cases of those mostly the same
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in the rest of the country well new cases are on the rise now california and florida are among the 9 states that have hit a record breaking 7 day average for daily new cases california has now more than 26 percent higher new cases compared to a week ago florida there is a nearly 30 percent jump since last week now in arizona meanwhile the cases are skyrocketing with a 30 percent increase from the last week and arizona also has the country's highest daily percentage of positive cases with more than 25 percent of test showing a positive result now looking globally their cases are soaring in brazil that now has it with over $1700000.00 cases you see the trend is just going up now india has close to $800.00. 1000 cases which 100000 are being reported just in the last 5
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days now africa is also reaching full speed with south africa having the most confirmed cases or over 224000 cases meanwhile also in south africa there but they are preparing some 1500000 grave sites for potential mass burials now iran on the other hand they saw their cases have reached over 250000 they saw a record 221 people die of the disease over the last 24 hours now approval russia and of course the us mexico these are all the top then and as you see the trend here is just growing. you know experts keep warning that we will not be able to get out of this pandemic until there is a vaccine where are we when it comes to developing a vaccine while here is the status of all the vaccines that have reached human trials now canada based emetic or they started phase one trials the chinese company
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synagog biotech they have moved to phase 3 trials indian vaccine makers. they've also moved to phase 2 trials now angus which is a japanese company they have moved on to phase 2 trials and lastly vaccine by canada can sin by logics it was just approved for military use now additionally tromp administration has also created a pod to a project to develop a vaccine and they have invested nearly $4000000000.00 in company racing to come up with an objective vaccine that company so far has gone through 3 companies with varying track records and in many cases brand promising but test their technology and here's the list right here there is a british drug maker. that's received $1200000000.00 now. the vaccine is right now in phase 2 and 3 trials in england and in phase 3 in brazil
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and south africa and now that that project may deliver a vaccine by october now american companies. they have they have received more than $500000000.00 also they've also never brought a product to the market now maryland based company nover x. so far has gone the majority of the money with 1.6 $1000000000.00 to develop a vaccine by 2021 now that's a big bed because that's a company that's also never brought a product to the company to the market and they're currently also in phase 2 at johnson and johnson they've gone $456000000.00 american company mark they've got $38000000.00 they're also in pre-clinical trials and lastly the french company as sanofi they have received $31000000.00 and they're in phase one trials brand. correspondent saya tavenner thank you so much for keeping us up to date. and time now for
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a quick break but here because when we return to cope with 1000 pandemic is ravaging the united states at a time when millions of americans do not even have a primary care physician but that could be changing soon as we go to break here the numbers at the close. god. why.
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you cannot be bold with the f. you like iowa. so were the sinners and the search is going to be known chris mccomb good you may. remember the just going down for up with a vicar did you hear that oh. i'm talking about is a very international community a. community used to the community of going to. do this to the kids who get this this stuff study says it needs to eat. because of pollution of the one who used to look at the results for better nuchal through cooperation in thought to go is everything produced polluted with it if one comes to do with the above the.
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5 behave i was affected all day but i decided not to take people's life with my get can tell you that. time after time called parishioners repeat the same mantra sustainability it's very important to accelerate transitions to sustainable transport sustainability stay number man up to more equitable and sustainable well. they claim their production is completely hama's hollow does need to clearly have. to be getting. it done does not the companies want us to feel good about buying their products while the damage is being done far away and this is something all this must be done to anyone and i mean much. as the sun moves and news media and the nieminen
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einstein seem to be based on disconnect with who is going in. 54 jets and more than 1300 military personnel are headed to air force base in alaska where is that to say come on i'll show you what's the reason for any type of enhanced u.s. military presence in this area russia. what is it suddenly about the south china sea that makes it so that it 11000000000 barrels of oil. take a look at this map who really owns what kind of says no it belongs to us india says no we claim that that belongs to us both of these countries have nuclear weapons capabilities there is reason for concern so that's why we're going to drill down on this story for you today right here on the news with rick sanchez where you know as
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we always like to say we do believe by golly it's time to do news again. and welcome back pharmacy chain walgreens announced a deal wednesday that will put doctors offices inside their locations in more than 30 u.s. cities now walgreens is partnering with the village m.d. which will steffen operate the clinics to support up to $700.00 locations last year the 2 companies teamed up to open 5 primary care clinics next to walgreens stores in the houston texas metro area of the pharmacy chain will invest $1000000000.00 in equity in convertible debt in village mt over the next 3 years as part of the agreement walgreens will gain roughly 30 percent ownership in villages now we want
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to have a discussion about this and to do so we're joined by host of the news with rick sanchez his name is rick sanchez and full disclosure here rick is also the founder of a managed health care company in south florida. is the fastest growing in the united states according to a magazine yeah it's always good to congratulate you on that one i know you let me up just a little bit about that my kids will eat. rick i think the most important question is how important is this what do you make of this move to have over 700 almost 700 locations of walgreens have actual p.c.p.'s inside of them i think it's a trend i think it's the future of how we will be seen by doctors i think it's the future of health care in the united states and let me tell you why it's probably a good thing because health care in the united states has forever been very fragmented. let me give you a more rudimentary example of what i'm talking about most people don't know their doctors are they really don't with the exception of people who are 65 and older and
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are on medicare and actually joining an association if you will a place where they have their medical needs taken care of most people don't know who their doctor is they don't know how much their bills are they don't know who pays their bills they don't know how they're insured it's really a very very bizarre situation and so what's happened in the last couple of years is a lot of the payers and by payers for those of you who don't understand it means the big insurance companies you know the humana in the united for the world they're the ones who are kind of gobbling up the providers provider is a fancy word that means your doctor so what what what's going on here is we need more doctors that are established that have established relationships with their patients in the united states right that's what for example the company that i'm associated does and south florida they are p.c.p.'s right there the providers for people what's interesting here is that what they're doing is they're creating
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a relationship in these buildings all walgreens doing is saying you can use half of our actually one quarter of our building but it's going to be when you walk into walgreens you'll see the doctors on. inside it's village empty on the inside and the walgreens on the other and they'll be a lot of them all over the united states all things considered probably positive because the dea fragments what's going on in health care today it on the fragmenting point of the health care industry how important is it here especially in the united states things are very regional so we're looking at this going to into 30 major u.s. cities and it's going to the same provider in village in d.c. so that way if i'm in washington d.c. where we are today i saw my p.c.p. i get all my test done hey maybe i'm in new york and i get sick i have to go i can go i have to find a strange doctor that i'm not familiar with i can go to village m.d. and they can get all my records how important that exists that is such a good question and such a good point because one of the problems today again going back to a rudimentary since your average 25 or 30 really old he had
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a broken ankle he got it fixed where there's x. rays he doesn't know he doesn't remember the name of the doctor or the place where he had it done he had lab work once he wants to check his lab work where is it don't know so we have to do more lab work we have to do more x. rays this is what's been happening in america for the longest time the other trend that this is going to quell is what you're talking about by the way is centralizing in writing. and it's the internet and right and we still have doctors some guy in mississippi and the other guy in new york and the other guy even just miles away that don't talk to each other don't get mad and you for those of us who know when you go into a doctor's office how do you do it they don't get your information they give you a form that you fill out to the best of your of ability and that makes it hard and here's the other thing that why this is great the you know healthcare is an unbelievable cost in the united states and our health care system compared to other countries sucks so here's what i think is really cool that what we've seen in the past is not just the big payers those big companies controlling who takes care of
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your health because they get paid more and they control what kind of coverage you're going to get no you want to be able to shop it out you. to be independent you want to be able to get this insurance or that insurance so it fits your needs the other thing that this finally may do away with his hospital's control who doctor care you don't want that you don't want people going to an emergency room every damn have a problem because that's big bucket right you want people to have relationships with their doctors and if we can create a system around the country where there are networks of doctors i trust the doctors more than i do the insurance companies so it's why i think this could be good and if we look at it on a on a business decision from the walgreens in village m d i mean you're in the managed care business you know about this i mean is this going to be a big winner for them not just on the social relationship with your doctor and just being good for humanity but for their bottom lines well sure i mean it's about scaling i mean business the business proposition here is i'm going to have
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clientele that's coming into my building my factory every single day aside from the people we already have so you already have the people are going to go buy a coke are gallon of milk and their medicines etc but now you're going to have a steady flow of people coming into the same building are going to be seen by doctors and then the doctor is going to say i'm going to give you a prescription or a script for this medication where do you think they're going to fill the script right next door so it's going to be a boom for the business of walgreens if they play it right and if they don't give away too much and for that matter they might be able to pick up whatever they need as you said whether it's a coke a loaf of bread some snacks and some cosmetics because that's just kind of the way it works or in our case what chocolate milk and some. of the news with rick sanchez rick sanchez himself thank you so much for breaking that down it was awesome. and 3 missions are poised to launch to mars this month the united states the united
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arab emirates and china are all sending robotic missions to the red planet hoping to start new chapters of exploration right there the 1st mission is set to lift off next week in our key correspondent. true jobless as more on the story. well it seems like july is the month of mars this after multiple space agencies from 3 different contractors and now the they'll be embarking on space missions to the great planet and it's happening over the next few weeks. today the raise to mars continues the u.s. china and the united arab emirates all plan to launch spacecraft to the red planet this month here in the u.s. nasa is perseverance is currently scheduled to launch no sooner than july 30th but is expected to land in the crater on mars on february 18th 2021 perseverance will look for signs of life both past and present collect rock data and soil samples for later pick up and delivery to earth and will even carry a helicopter drone that is in vision to be the 1st aircraft to fly the skies of
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another world this as china hopes its expedition to mars will help enhanced its status as a major space power the country's t.-o. when one is much smaller than nasa is rover but it consists of an orbiter a lander and another rover that will spend 90 martian days studying mars at close range meantime while the u.a.e. is in the midst of an economic transition from fossil fuels to science the emirates is preparing for its very 1st mars mission as well it's called the emirates mars mission which will send a small orbiter called hope to the red planet on july 14th and will study the atmosphere for at least 2 years the malaysian agency has different political scientific and economic a motivation behind their missions experts believe that all 3 missions are likely to collect valuable data that will help uncover years of groundbreaking discoveries reporting for boom bust trinity shahbaz r.t. . a fascinating future indeed that's it for this time you can catch boom bust on
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respond. as i also remember. her. husband will take interest in finding answers. who goes a long way to traverse team you're. a know a not desires you know hospital. transported the suspect james core inflation and then america on the sex act and it means that they're coping she loved this prison for 44 years. strong in minutes sure you guys she you and was looking at message. we made it was easy. she gave drugs to be. the 1000000 man wing of the land is. that a company that i know i did it almost back thing it might look others are getting
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me out i'm. not meaning they say and i mean i love when you're nice i am. in the envies all month i know the song makes me now not after when you know i'm going to. be my next model. when else shows seem wrong all right old roles just don't call. me you call belief yet to shape out disdain to become educated and in gains from it equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart when she's to look for common ground. join me every thursday on the alex i'm i'm sure and i'll be speaking to get a feel of the world of politics or business i'm sure i'll see you there.
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with the u.s. hitting 3000000 coronavirus cases accounting for a quarter of all the world's kobe deaths its neighbors don't seem convinced by president claims his country is leading the fight against the virus. a report by your own investigative concludes the killing of wrongs top generals by the u.s. at the start of the year was unlawful. fundamentals c.d.u. party puts forward plans to fill a half of all posts within the party with women in the next 5 years it's. a very.


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