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it's a. fight every day see you meet your needs and the needs of your family. he stumbles world famous i guess if a museum which was originally founded as a cathedral is converted back into a mosque however turkey's move does trigger anger especially from abroad also to come on r.t. after st it's a slowly being lifted in the u.k. talk of a potential 2nd wave of coronaviruses some fearing yet another shortage of fica. and oxfam warns that claim that 19 could cause mass hunger across. developing in an otherwise middle income and if i look at the street the money is flowing to the big companies and it's really not getting down to the people that need it it's.
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like good afternoon just don't want to talk in moscow view watching international turkeys landmark case if a museum which 3 weeks long history has also been a cathedral and a mosque has been converted back into a place for muslim prayer change i mean like all of other mosques the doors of the hagia sophia will be open to all locals all foreigners muslims and muslims syfy of humanity's common legacy will continue to embrace everyone with its new status in a more sincere and more unique way by finalizing preparations quickly we plan to open hagia sophia for worship on friday july the 24th 2020 with friday prayers. since bush has have to wait another 2 weeks for the theatre and for pres this friday can see them gathering at side can the president come shortly after to
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these high court and the 934 decision to turn it into. this a story. turkey's council they reach the decision to a no 1934 ministers council decision that turn i stop you must in the museum so this decision being an old soviet museum has now been reverted back to a mosque now what will change with the idea so yeah looking forward well the main thing that's going to change is. sophia will be open for islamic worship now there are many very important christian icons and mosaics and rest goes inside islamic laws that worship did not take place in the presence of icons but turkish government is planning on using light mapping technology to provide an artificial barrier blocking these icons from the view of worshippers during prayer hours so the mosque will still be open for tourism but also during prayer hours for
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worshippers that want to come here as well many turkish officials see the decision to turn. back into a mosque the mystic issue but there has been a lot of international criticism the united states views a change in the stages of the hagia sophia as diminishing the legacy of this remarkable building and it's supposed to been a decent rare in the modern world to serve humanity as a much needed bridge between those of differing faith traditions and culture you know school deeply regrets the decision of the turkish will similar tastes made without prior discussion and calls for the universal thing more world heritage to be preserved the ruling by the turkish council of states to. to turn one of modern take decisions and present a wise decision to place the monument under the management of the religious affairs presidency is regrettable the decision which came as a result of the political will of preston and who won in open publication to civil
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law. has the unique value and ecumenical nature of the monument search presidential spokesman owns giving assurances that there is going to try to are to make sure that the religious identity and the historical significance of this beautiful minute it is preserved all of our major mosques such as the blue mosque for t.v. and silly money in mosques they are open to both visitors and washers. opening up to worship doesn't keep local or foreign tourists from visiting the site so a loss from the world's heritage is not in question. is actually a very old structure dating back to the 6th century when the emperor justinian. help construct this very important service the church for the record. is in the empire and it's actually a very important symbol to the greek orthodox religion. consider what the vatican
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is the roman catholics the i.s.o. degree orthodox. wedding we're looking at the reactions coming domestic we regarding the decision to revert by sophia back into a mosque we see members of the ruling party very very happy receiving tweets from the turkish president we've seen tweets from the finance minister the president's communications director as well expressing pleasure we've seen the opposition take a very wide stance many positive reactions coming out of the muslim world they are celebrating this decision that. is once again open prison or ship the
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former greek ambassador to tell us he believes that turkey will reaganite tensions between. and spain belonged to the initiative. it was an initiative that was started about 10 or 15 years ago as objective to stop the conflicts between christianity and. i don't think it has been successful but it is a shame that. found it an issue if it be taking such a measure we are going to have tensions between. worlds and this is something that. i think we're going to. but the romeros mention in his 1st reaction. yes becoming
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a mosque. in berlin in the change. of the metro station he says that when the suggestion transport authorities proved to be controversial. a bit later on in the program. now while restrictions are being lifted in the u.k. concern remains a back to potential 2nd wife of 19 and many fear that a shortage of personal protective equipment might once again be in a she shouting and we stashed the reports. as a u.k.r. knocks the lock down it seems many are bracing for a 2nd wave of the corona virus but also a 2nd wave of a shortage of people it's not new news the us throughout the entire pandemic and has stopped on the frontline really struggle to get hold of protective gear to adequately safeguard against the virus for months on and it seems like the look down lessons haven't been learned over the department says it is committed to
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building the stocks to meet longer term demand we are not convinced that it is treating the market with sufficient urgency or that. the government is adamant that the stock of p.p. has never run out on a national level but with demand increased by 20000 percent those on the front line would beg to differ in fact 50 percent of and it starts so there was not enough p.p. and although data on its usage is hard to get hold of a survey of nurses and carers found that nearly 90 percent worried about catching the virus at work while the government stresses that the main challenge it faced was getting the right p.p. to the right place at the right time initially out of date masks were issued and then the statement was made that actually we have tested them. and these masks are ok having said that they now say we need to improve this mask so there's a lot of loss of freight and you need to answer this rather than to say the market
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has now been resolved with demand spiralling the u.k. had to look further afield and source p.p.p. on international markets but that came with its own set of problems a plane from turkey landed at the peak of the pandemic in april carrying a batch of 400000 much needed p.p. counts upon arrival it emerged at the equipment didn't meet british safety standards in a very embarrassing blunder for the government though the u.k. is able to produce a fair share of its own people there's no imminent guarantee that it won't need to source from abroad again with experts in the field saying that the quality is the key component of effectiveness in prayer. actually against the virus perhaps the government should try before you buy they've been dealing with the shortages by revising the accounting tactics why not double the numbers instead of counting each pair of gloves as one why not count each club individually and hey presto you've doubled your stock without even lifting a finger this catalogue of errors certainly were surely to get it right the 2nd
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time around if there's a 2nd time around that is but in line with most of the government's coronavirus responses they say it's too soon i didn't consider the moment. if. it's a good use of official talk earlier this week the charts are announced a 15000000000 pounds boost to p p but will it be a case of too little too late especially as some of those in government say we're only halfway through this pandemic charge added stache we are to see. now aside from the impact on health and leaving millions jobless the coronavirus is also threatening to leave people hungry to a new report by oxfam does warn that code 19 is triggering a food crisis that could potentially double the number who die from hunger each year if you trust scott is the head of the humanitarian policy for oxfam international and even affecting well developed countries. what's really worrying in this report is we're seeing new sentence under developing in an otherwise middle
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income in developed countries some of the countries we do look at the reports include india south africa brazil these countries where there are recently developed economies and yeah impact that we're seeing from coronavirus is going to have dire consequences on the most vulnerable people in those societies and say it's going to happen i mean there's this poor people in every country and the same impacts are going to slow down so what we're seeing from coronavirus is that both it makes its more sort of vulnerable for poor people but it also makes them more vulnerable to the economic side as well and that's going to be across the world 8 of the biggest food and drink manufacturers have paid after the $18000000000.00 to their shareholders now looking back to what we were speaking about humanitarian aid the global humanitarian appeal is just over $7000000000.00 so clearly there's something wrong and the money is flowing to the big companies and it's really not getting down to the people that need it. while the world food program does the estimate that the number suffering from crisis level hunger will double by the end
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of the year reaching 217000000 people in oxfam says that 12000 a day could actually die from starvation if nothing is done the worst hit are countries already deemed unstable before the pandemic nations such as yemen iraq and stand where many citizens have already been suffering from hunger for years will see the numbers at risk rise and some middle income in developed countries as we heard such as brazil and india a rule so on the danger list might you trust god again insists though there are measures to minimize coverts effect on hunger by good but governments do need to act fast. for the time being there are 3 things we need to do so firstly we urgently need to increase humanitarian aid and i'm at the moment the united nations has put out an appeal for about 7000000000 dollars and that's only been 24 percent funded so we're not getting nearly enough money for the humanitarian aid that we need at the 2nd thing that we can do is looking into issues like canceling debt if we cancel 'd the debt of some developing countries we estimated that could free up
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up to a trillion dollars for those countries to be using to help those people and that can pay for things like food they can pay for social security social protection it can pay for things like health so sharing up the debt could make a huge difference and that's just a matter of wealthy nations really giving up some of the debt owed to them by other countries and the 3rd thing that we need to do and in and this is a long term change is we need to change our food system works we need to build a more fair more robust and more equal food system food system that's a bit of that stable to deal with climate change that's able to respond to shocks that's able to be sustainable and to support that the small scale farmers and small producers rather than just putting money into big companies if a 2nd wave does come we know the people who are going to be the most trouble for that and if there are restrictions put in place by governments to take that to address that 2nd wave those restrictions have to be have to be able to cater to the needs of the poorest people so we need to make sure that the food systems are there to get food where it's needed to make sure that people have the resources to buy
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that actually. u.k. government is allowing british citizens to travel to 59 countries without having to quarantine upon return it does come as life has been slowly returning to normal in the u.k. in the past few weeks or so with many bars restaurants and public spaces gradually reopening. as of this weekend artists musicians and dancers can stop performing live outside to outdoor audiences will also have the resumption of recreational sport followed later by the reopening about gyms swimming pools and leisure centers however despite this positive attitude towards easing coronavirus measures and reopening borders the u.k. does have one of the highest death rate in the world followed by spain italy the us and also from some of the government's announcement will allow british tourists to visit many european countries it does seem that they might not get the warmest of
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welcomes because a recent poll does reveal that many europeans are not thrilled at the prospect of taking in british travellers without the self isolating in fact in many european countries the majority thing to be opposed to the idea. or your brains will be broken or it is in our nature to welcome people and they will also give us a big heavy economically in my opinion alter is has come to italy will be well received i think they will be regarded somewhat with suspicion. first of all we need to make sure that they do not have the virus that they have had to test until ok and then then they have the right to enjoy themselves here i think it's better if that body stays at home not just the british right now everybody should stay at home i think that's the most reasonable course. they need to be checked but i don't see any reason to stop them from coming they're still part of europe and now. as long as they respect social distancing and the whirring of mosques it
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favors the development of tourism. so how come this hour don't come commutes the prison sentence for his home advisor roger stone he was convicted of lying to congress cheering the russian collusion probe we'll have this story as others take you start. we go to work you straight home.
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say young people for a while you know it's up them to make it in their own image and on the money els and jan see i'm a boomer you know i already had the. 40 or 50 year experience in the united states post world war 2 coast landing. stock markets never out of work they my life because of that and you know so it's up to them to decide what's great make a crane and good luck with. me. again you with ati now will much 2 months after the rise of the black lives matter movement sponsored by the killing of george floyd in the united states the impact
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is still being felt around the world in the german capital for example moves are underway to rename a metro station which is now said to be racist norton it if suggested by transport authorities is proving to be less controversial as peter all of the reports. the killing of george floyd by u.s. police and the rise of the black lights lots of lutherans around the world led to a reckoning for monuments to racism colonialism and slavery. lin is also wrangling with the names of its plots an alley here in the very heart
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of the german capital is more in strasser more or more in english is seen as a derogatory term for people from north africa while berlin city authorities say it may take a while to change the street name the capitals probably transport provider want to change the underground stations name quick sharp new transport maps are going to be issued by the end of this year out of understanding and respect for the occasional controversial debate about the street name the d.v.d. has now decided not to use it any longer as the name of the underground station the problem is that the name that they going to replace it with is going to strasser which runs nearby the station now this is where things start to get complicated the russian born 19th century composer. is regarded as one of the greats of classical music he spent his final days in berlin and as with a street named after him in the german capital the issues arise when you look at
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the motifs that appear in his work through modern ninety's the opera prince comiskey employees deeply anti semitic things the brute is anti semitic even if anti semitism was prevalent and widely accepted at the time i don't necessarily think we should get rid of the names of streets all stations named after people like but renaming a station after him nowadays in berlin is quite a different matter there are those who oppose the view of lincoln as an anti semite . say his work on beliefs being misrepresented blaming going to for anti-semitism is a bit of stretch really you have to understand the context you have to understand history whereas glencoe was not interested in it he had jewish friends and kept in touch with many famous artists of jewish origins for him it's nice that it was not important this isn't the only part of the lynwood names are an issue in the vetting district there is enough for a kid quarter where peter. and plots are named
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after germans who for the colonialism the city did say that some streets would be renamed in 2018 but they are still here in stiglitz lindorff there is hidden didn't. named after the victor in the battle of town and good world war one who later went on to be a figurehead for early nazis and appointed hitler as chancellor. of friedrich schenkel who also has a square named up to him the city was a colossus of neo classical and neo gothic architecture he designed the brandenburg gate but also the i and cross the award now so closely associated with germany's period of nazi rule politicians from the green party has welcomed them to rename the station but have said that k n e to be taken over what it will be called in the future it is welcome that the b.g.
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has taken during the naming of the morningstar sounder ground station into consideration has to actions are not appropriate in such matters there's been an underground station here for 112 years and whatever the name changes to it will be the 4th incarnation of this particular stop antti racism campaign is want to see the street on the station named after. the 1st black man to be enrolled in a pressured. diversity teacher all over r t. now donald trump is facing a backlash after granting clemency to his former aide roger stone it does come just hours after the appeals court refused to delay the start of stone's 14 month sentence which he was given for lying to congress cheering the russia collusion probe has more details. the decision from the white house comes just 4 days
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before roger stone was expected to present himself at a federal prison and start serving his sentence of 40 months in prison after being convicted of obstruction of justice now the white house presented a lengthy report describing roger stone as essentially a political operative who briefly worked with the trump campaign in 2016 and became a victim of the russian collusion hoax the white house and question the partiality of the decision and sentence which roger stone faced mr stone was judged by the same prosecutors from the miller investigation toast with finding evidence of collusion with russia because no such evidence exists however they could not charge him for any conclusion related crime instead they charged him for his conduct during their investigation this improvement is that if the special counsel had not been pursuing an absolutely baseless investigation mr stone would not be facing time in prison now according to the white house report bob mahler's prosecutors
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charged roger stone simply with process crimes that were quote soley from their own improper investigation and the white house went on to say that the prosecutors quote took pains to make a public and shameful spectacle of his arrest they tipped off c.n.n. allowing his arrest to be filmed on live television now at this point we've got democrats speaking up and saying that donald trump is essentially abusing the rule of law and legal processes in the united states essentially from the president saying if you lie for me you cover up for me i will reward you on the other hand if you are a rat and you cooperate then like a mafia boss i will come after you richard nixon at the height of watergate never pardoned or commuted the sentences of any of the people involved in watergate i have no doubt does. donald trump is going to pardon himself he is going to pardon
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the volga trump he is going to pardon jared cush there are the charges on which roger stone was convicted flowed from the special counsel robert muller investigation into allegations that trump colluded with russia during the 2016 elections now no evidence of trump russia collusion was ever discovered but a number of individuals associated with the trump campaign which charged with process crimes as well as unrelated charges now roger stone admitted that during the 2016 elections he did indeed promote the wiki leaks emails of the e-mails that were provided to wiki leaks from clinton campaign manager john podesta however he says he had no prior knowledge of any e-mails that would you know it was going to publish and he certainly was not involved in any hacking or data dumping or anything to that effect. ok let's get the thoughts now toward somebody he's a senior research fellow at global policy institute in london you're very welcome thanks for coming on george what are your thoughts on this is president trump done
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the right thing or is he just protecting his mates as his critics claim. oh i think he's absolutely done the right thing in the 1st place at the moment in the united states we have violent criminals felons who are daily being released from prison on the grounds of they're in danger months due to the corona virus so it seems a little strange to be sending a man an elderly man to prison for having committed. very. white collar nonviolent crimes so you know it's a lesson of so that there was also a real issues that arose from the trial because in the trial it came out that the 4th person was a political activist and extreme anti trumpets and would been tweeting like mad with a hatred of trump she had concealed all of this during what did during the jury selection
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process and this in any other circumstances would be sufficient to order a mistrial the judge didn't order mistrial which again your perspective poorly on her. judicial temperament and above all there is the real question all the fraudulence of them all approach i mean we know now that the the mother of probe was based on phony premises they was launched originally on the basis of the christopher steele dossier which now is a british trial judge has said is basically a concoction of nonsense and the f.b.i. sells knew that none of this information was very high and the other premise of the investigation was this. notion of the logan act which the national security advisor michael flynn who supposedly had violated there was a fraudulent investigation which didn't believe what it was supposed to deliver
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namely evidence of collusion between the russian. literal translation i understand those arguments that you know look this is a grand this investigation in the 1st place but what you say to people who say well look despite all of that he was convicted of lying to congress and therefore he should go down. well in the 1st place you would say what it is strange how selective this judicial process is in which. notorious liars like such as james clapper have not been prosecutor but then you have to say. there was clearly something wrong with that trial. you know you had the extremely biased jury and an extremely biased foreperson so at the very least there are grounds for. clemency in this case which is what it was i mean what he wasn't pardoned he was granted clemency while he continues his appeal against his conviction and
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that surely is the right of everyone and if you think that you've been convicted wrongfully you have the right to appeal and he would clearly have been unfair that during this appeal process he should have been sitting in prison sure ok joe's a really nice to talk to today we're going to leave it there we've been out of time let's talk to millie senior research fellow at the global policy institute in london thank you. just coming up to half past 1 in the afternoon here in moscow back again at the top of. is your media a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe. isolation for community. are you going the right way or are you being
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led. by. what is true what is faith. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. or a maid in the shallows. so we have inherited a brain constantly comparing itself to others. for a monkey we just been a food it compares itself to others and it seems that it's weaker when it doesn't reach for the banana because it's afraid of getting it sees that it's stronger sir tone and is released and it goes for it and it feels good.


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