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tv   Going Underground  RT  July 11, 2020 7:30am-8:00am EDT

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conviction and that surely is the right of everyone i mean if you think that you've been convicted wrongfully you have the right to appeal. your watch not international international it does bring up today but events today don't forget they plenty of stories too on our website you can find that. we are segregated only by social class lower middle class people also in poverty by 1st. if you're born into a poor family if you're born into a minority family if you're born into a family that only has a single parent that really constrains your life chances people die on average 15 years old if you're born into generational poverty. so by every day you meet your needs and the needs of your family.
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join me every. time i'm sure and i'll be speaking to the world of sport i'm sure i'll see you then. no mention returns here we're going underground as u.s. voters in louisiana cast their presidential primary ballots in the race for the white house but will arguably do nothing to help the coronavirus recovery in the country with the most confirmed cases and deaths in the world coming up on the show while the mainstream media focused on the lives lost to grown a virus groundbreaking you're a scientist professor adrian owen tells us how covert 970 was may be left with
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profound long term damage and the china faces criticism from nato nations for its national security law and on kong we speak to the youngest of a person to become a legislator in the former british colony about fleeing alleged persecution to build an international consensus all the small coming out today is going underground 1st throughout the current pandemic we've heard that the us has the highest reported number of deaths worldwide while the u.k. has the highest death count but capita worldwide belgium but we haven't heard much about covert patients who have apparently recovered groundbreaking neuroscientist at western university in canada professor adrian owen is studying the ofter effect of the survivors and believes the findings will show some will develop profound neurological problems he's here to tell me about it via skype from london in on terrio thank you adrian for coming on so normally maybe you'd be in an i.c.u. for the past few months you've been looking into this where are you at now with the research. well we've just just launched a little over a week ago and what we're trying to do is to recruit 50000 survivors to this study
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because it is becoming more and more obvious as people are starting to emerge from the. immediate impact of the virus that that they are developing neurological problems and many of these are our cognitive challenges things like problems in concentrating on as in memory problems in so solving making simple decisions and i think we really need to get on top of this very quickly you really think and you're an expert in this field that this anecdotal evidence of a lot of tasteless of well these may all be connected with brain function. well you know we know that i mean if you think about what goes on in cody's it's essentially a spiritual problem and that of course into c. is with the oxygen supply to the brain and we know a lot about how anything that interferes with the oxygen get into your brain can affect brain function now it may be that there are direct viral affects maybe the
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virus itself sex the brain not that i don't think we will be clear on that yet but we do know that there are these indirect effects caused by also the oxygen being on a ventilator being in the i.c.u. being on sedatives all of these things and known to affect brain function so what is your hunch because it's arguably not as exciting for a scientist if it is indeed just a function of respiratory. impacts from coronavirus or blood clotting that is affecting the brain as opposed to the virus itself somehow attacking the brain itself we don't i think it is as interesting as you said being in this conversation i spend a lot of my time in the i.c.u. looking at patients who had brain injuries but you know most of those brain injuries aren't due to say an impact to the brain a lot of these patients are people who had a cardiac arrest and the problem you know most people think well let's hop problem that's not a brain problem but but actually when you have a cardiac arrest it affects the oxygen supply to the brain and the result is brain
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damage and we have exactly the same problem here you know maybe the interruption of oxygen to the brain is at a different level but the ultimate result is still brain damage and that's what i'm really interested in in trying to track and prevent if at all possible and so while there is anecdotal evidence there's also firm evidence the growing of viruses is in the family of sars virus is in and send back a 23 the survivors did have long term neurological complications. yes that's right i mean that's another factor that no meat made us think that it was essential to get on with this study now we experienced this before obviously on a much smaller scale that we know about how survivors of similar viruses in the past have gone on to have long term problems with concentrating and memory in the and these are the not small problems these are things that can affect people's ability to work and people's ability to go about their everyday activities we have
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more than 10000000 people in the world right now who are recovering from coronavirus and you know imagine if a year from now we have 10000000 people who are able to carry out their their jobs effectively that's a huge economic and societal problem and of course dementia or alzheimer's the biggest killers in this country of 2018 in the office of national citizens ticks i'm just wondering are you saying the dementia alzheimer's style dynamics may apply in that i don't know our prime minister who recovered in a virus his brain function the fact that it's presumably all fine well it could worsen we're talking about worsening over time it's not just people recover and as long as their brain function recovers it will stay at that function level. i mean that is actually one of the critical questions we were addressing in this study you know it could be and i think we all hope that these problems are temporary people
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experience temporary problems with memory and concentration it could be that they're permanent and you're just stuck with this situation which is course. much worse but the worst possible scenario is that this virus can trigger some sort of degenerative situation where people actually get worse over time now we don't know when that's the case not really is it really is too early to say but it could be and we could end up with a generation of people who are suffering with a dementia like illness down the line the prime minister here is under attack for a perceived. care homes where so many thousands of people here died what is there. to link degenerative diseases like dementia with over the tool. where there are many factors involved people who are old are more horrible by definition they tend to have more other medical issues
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going on they may have spiritual issues and they have heart issues they may have issues with their brain directly you know like dementia so this you know this population of people are inherently more vulnerable when anything any virus light like this hits and i think that's probably the main factor of course there's a there's a community issue as well of these people are already living together in a you know in a small space so when one of them contracts the virus it's very easy passed on to others and those have been widely discussed in the media but do you think that somehow dementia treatments may help in any if it's proven long term brain effects of growth of ours i think we don't know the answer to that we don't really have effective treatments for dementia and i think the same would be true if it turns out that. virus causes some kind of degenerative situation i think it's unlikely that we're going to have a treatment that we can pull off the shelf to to. to deal with that but so it's i
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think the priority right now is to try and understand what these problems are to understand how widespread it's going to be and put steps into place to deal with it if and if and when it occurs as i say we don't have any evidence yet that degenerative for those people watching you are recovering from coronavirus but what made you start thinking about brain function was it and you might have to define this word neuro tropic dynamics was it was it this reported lot of taste and lots of swill. yes i mean once it started become apparent that people were losing taste musing smell it it was it was clear there were some neurological issues going on because those are both neurological. neurological symptoms if you like i guess people tend to think it's something to do with the nose because it's all in the brain now that started to make us think well is there anything else going on and i i started to ask around and. talk to people who were recovering from
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code and many of them were reporting bigger issues problems with things like memory and concentration and early on in the pandemic i was really thinking well you know this is not a problem for a neuroscientist like me this is a problem for me ologist people who want to understand viruses but you know as this is a new dawn and more and more people are attracted to viruses and more and more people in as a result are now starting to recover it's very clear that this is a problem this is not one or 2 people many many people are reporting these kinds of neurological deficits and we've had people on this program from the independent scientific advisory group on emergencies what did you make watching if you did from gallagher of boris johnson here flanked by his drop government scientists form of. officials of perjury violence and johnson said we are following the science does
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that make any sense to you. well i you know i'm going to comment on that the political background to that situation obviously i did watch i was i was aware of it and you know i can only hope that the politicians are really taking the scientists very very seriously and i guess i was getting at the fact that science obviously changes and probably changes because of or over the innovations that you come up with but then if you immediately started to suspect. relations to brain cognition obviously there's a higher case of frequency of dementia in care homes that there is in the accident emergency or group of virus warden or spittle do you think there are implications here for future pandemics i think there are because you know i think everything we can learn from this pandemic will be useful in the future and you know whether that's how best to contain it or best to develop vaccines or how best to anticipate
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the if you like knock on effects like cognitive deficits and that's why here it's so important for us to get access to a large number of people we want a lot of people to sign up to cody brain study dot com because then we can start to pull a pull apart some of these pieces you know it may seem obvious that the worse your viral symptoms the worse your cognitive or brain deficits are going to be down the line but you know maybe that's not true maybe even people who are asymptomatic young people people out in the street of got through this without even getting into a hospital maybe those people are also going to be affected with these neurological problems and you know until we assess a lot of people we're really not going to know who's if you like immune you know who's going to run into trouble down the line i know you're at the beginning of the journey if there's a big if there are parallels between how coronavirus itself acts on the brain and dementia what are the what sort of dementia degenerative curve
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a we. looking at i mean will people know if they haven't got a brain worsening brain function in a year's time after recovering them basically they're safe well that's an extremely good question again is one that we can't really answer until we get get hold of the data and as most people know alzheimer's disease is a is a fairly slow generally a slow moving neurodegenerative disease it can often be some years before somebody eventually succumbs to to the disease itself but you know there are other forms of neurodegeneration that go much more quickly and so on and right now we know we don't know whether whether the effects of corona virus are in one of those 2 categories you know i think typically looking at somebody's performance of decline in this case over the course of the year is enough to determine whether they are to generating and how quickly the process is going so that that's actually why we plan
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to follow people for an entire year because we can learn a lot from how somebody performs a yes and now relative to how they performed day that's really the key it's going to tell us whether this is a moving target or stationary permanent problem which is finally and briefly i know over in china they're coming out with dementia or drugs or go. in in china there are drugs coming out. what if the research money goes into all of this and we get nothing out because if sars did affect brain function back in 2002 and 23 why is it we still don't know more about the the sars family of viruses and how they affect the brain condition. well one of the reasons is because you know we didn't have as many people back then we now have as many people surviving for us to be able to do this kind of research i think you know in many ways it sounds a bit bizarre but this is
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a great scientific opportunity we have one of the largest scientific natural scientific experiments in the world more than 10000000 people contract in the same virus so i think this is the 1st time in history we've really had this sort of opportunity where we can look at a large proportion of those people look at the experiences they've had look at the apps the other diseases they were coping with at the time whether they were sedated whether they were hospitalized with ice and to magic and try and unpack what is behind this and recent this is the 1st time we've been able to do this president you know and thank you again after the break what are you supposed violent rioters in kong have to do with the cia we speak to one of them kong's youngest ever legislators about upholding democracy under the flag of the people's republic of china all of them are going up about to i'm going underground.
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so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race in this on off and spearing dramatic development only personally i'm going to resist i'll see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk. for its new national security law the media has largely been in the majority of voicing concerns that china is trampling over a british democracy that found its roots in colonialism but its shadows have argued we live. don't nathan law was the youngest ever legislator to be elected to the home go council quoting anti british imperialism up a gun the that eventually led to his arrest spending 7 months in jail he is the founder and former chairman of the pro-democracy party demo system before going on
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the run to what he alleges is persecution from china and he joins me now via skype from an undisclosed location nathan thanks so much for coming on 1st when i'm going to ask you why an undisclosed location what we all know that how exciting it can a career for now and. too many uncertain before they once again before that you know where my whereabouts and my presence in my purse and they have for now could it be a response to article 38 of this new law i don't know where you heard in the world but apparently article 38 seems to suggest that any offenses committed against hong kong's measure ministry to reach of around side the region by a person who is not a permanent resident of the region is liable for action let alone a permanent resident which i presume you are well. where ever i am if i have committed something liable to. be prosecuted it is not
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about where i be but. is about well whether there are any uncertainty created by the chinese authority or even that the greatest. reached outside china so yeah just wait and see whether it's safe to review my location do you see parallels with julian a son who's here in britain according to the united nations or edward snowden who had to flee to moscow well i think. there are. actually. many. many similarities that we could come. from now you know call a prominent activist and author of election now with in charge the county and that while basically none of the laws hong kong has implemented will be like it's
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just written in such a broad and take anyone who went to protest could possibly be gracious and face life on long time something so my reaction is to such a little and yes definitely destroying of course freedom and it felt all of me were things best because i'm going to say we have to prove apparently that deng xiaoping's translates or own who said he wanted julian songe to be free in this country were things better in hong kong do you think under the british dictatorship when the patten and there was a sachin. well 1st of all it is quite meaningless to come the same size in different era because the time has changed and secondly we could see the last 2 decades actually hong kong and at last in that case of its colonial time all call actually. was implemented with a serious offer liberalisation and democratisation measures it all being returned
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to the 5 base chain so we could see a paycheck and actually intense on a whole the process of democratization in hong kong and to concentrate power more and more throughout the incoming taishan of one country 2 systems you see the chinese authorities claim that this is imperialist meddling they accuse hong kong human rights groups of being some sometimes in the payment to hoffman linked to cia backed organizations that when u.s. government funded n.g.o.s or the fallout from beijing has always been used to stigmatize to home they have never felt provided any relevant after the for the accusation because these are not true. come people come out to protest for their own sake and for the sake of democracy and because china has not been doing what they have promised all come people which are democracy and autonomy so this kind of
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narrative for china is being used to school its own critics and and tries to true the well but the well refuse to listen to these lies so it is in court of law to recognise that the system is not mobilized by hong kong people themselves in south sokol 'd like forry and also how for this and this is not about being paralysed it's about china author terry and expansion they want to control on call every year at the cage or the freedoms that we have enjoyed it is a means to an end for the so-called human rights activists to work with cia agent organizations because the national endowment for democracy is clear that it has a role in the pro-democracy movement professors you john ruin has been imprisoned a constitutional law professor who we asked about on this program he wrote for the national endowment for democracy it's on his door on their website and the any deviously funded by the spy from. well i have no idea what that kind of
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accusation was the ground was merely someone writing something on their website or the organization you know if you go check on the protest side of income people people carrying their own resources to the ground and supporting them is going by their own even though there are international organizations night boys a couple to hong kong but that doesn't mean that wrestling financially organized or organized patiently it is a false accusation and i don't think what you have to point out about the length of any the phone call in this matter is a correct description i'm not sure of the hundreds of millions of people whose governments are being destabilized by the naslund of a democracy how given the over the decades would agree tell me about the hong kong democracy council that your on the board of hong kong people elect.
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organization focus on. africa if you walk on the u.s. so it does not directly involved in the local ground protest in hong kong right but it's called the hong kong democracy council and it seems to have direct links to lobbying in washington for laws. that suggest unless hong kong enact legislation that helps washington there should be u.s. sanctions on china well i say. call rationale behind the law is when china is found to. commit itself to the promise office on the british on declaration well it's a code it accountable because the declaration is timed by british and chinese government and it is tabled in the united nation so my now talking about the professional treatment of hong kong that is
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a major premise of that which is hong kong remains autonomous so if home calling on the direct autocratic control from china it is just an ordinary chinese city so why the well should all the perpetual comment on home i think this is the logic behind the i don't i don't think the way to country use the use of words and the rationale behind. hong kong human rights and democracy that help the discussion except is not the will do that it's a tiny minority of countries nato countries that when talking about most of the world isn't making a big fuss about this hong kong act and perhaps they see that it is absurd that china should abide by u.s. legislation over what is part of its country i think that is also and all the false protection to last the act because the act is about whether the u.s.
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should continue to give preferential treatment to hong kong which from the perspective of china that could possibly be the internal policy of the u.s. in that by meddling on an issue and we have to understand that that international status of hong kong is being recognized by the intent of coming in to be a spy they have to show that they remain strong rule through all and all told me so that the trust is on the system if you imagine if just one can i don't object to about i don't have. just talk about the u.s. ongoing human rights and democracy act which marco rubio lobbied for with george for a long your colleague and samuel too but it clearly says sanctions should be put on china if china does not serve u.s. interests who would sort of act is that i presume you'll be for the exact well i think. that underlay for hong kong people's point of view we need to whole time
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i've come to one that that's what the welfare to do sort of normal people on the street and on kong is they should be a defacto colony of the united states well i don't think that is a direct link of only nk on the left say and that kind of comment quote only your my set the what the current international efforts if absolutely wrong you on call is not under us then that kind of relevant sanctioning mccann is among the money yet it's being implemented all over the world not only about china is about all the human rights behave owed all the human rights. in the world but i don't think that kind of like the almighty the. current state of mind and i think you're using the wrong comparison to understand what's happening in hong kong because the big act russia are alleging that that is related to nato nation intelligence services tell me why you think we haven't heard more about the we go muslim concentration camps
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that we did hear of a while back apparently millions of muslims imprisoned and the news seems to have disappeared from from. newspapers and mainstream media yeah because hong kong we've got a lot of international media station there and i urge the world that we should continue to pressure to beijing to china and to end the contradiction coming change which actually to calm protests tough enough are well concerning that. issue i think that it's not about him parallelism is all about on the net is about the well they have like accumulating what legitimacy throughout the past decade because well liberal community it allowed them to do so and that's not right you see evidence of these so-called concentration camps apparently comes from the network of chinese
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human rights defenders backed financed by the us government and homophobic far right i call adrian sense there are only 2 pieces of evidence in fact the basis for the accusation that millions of we get is. in concentration camps based on 8 people interviewed by the network of chinese human rights defenders is that propaganda to have you seen the serious of b.b.c. proper in that news. yes absolutely. but it also can make people doubt you counted any. well again as i say the evidence for the initial accusations are 8 people you're saying there is no involvement you've had no involvement with anyone involved in u.s. intelligence as regards your role or your colleagues role in the hong kong protest movement. by my colleagues and i have no connection to the u.s. intelligence on any thought of intelligence from around the world we fight for hong
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kong people's freedom for our own and all young calm people are there's a lot of hope you're safe thank you. thank you and that's of the show will be back on monday 4 years after you get prime minister david cameron resigned after failing to keep britain in the e.u. and overseeing a policy of you have led to deaths of the citizens he vowed to protect children join the underground when you've got facebook and instagram. survival guide look stay single malt to start simply travel the service. he should it's still there you don't get it back. oh no it says a repatriation scheme will get the us to 7 years. billeted several years kaiser report
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. he stumbles world famous guy safe in easy which was originally founded as a cathedral it was converted back into a more. anger especially from the people. as restrictions is slowly being lifted in the u.k. talk of a potential 2nd play right into our system fearing yet another feature of the game and warns that 19 could cause mass hunger across the globe and kill 12000 people a day. developing in otherwise middle income in developed countries are going to money is flowing to the big companies and it's really not getting down to the people that.

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