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to the people need in that little. join me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. 54 jets and more than 1300 military personnel are headed to feel certain air force base in alaska where is that to say come on i'll show you what's the reason for any type of enhanced u.s. military presence in this area rush up. what is it suddenly about the south china sea that makes it so that it 11000000000 barrels of oil. take a look at this map who really owns what kind of says no it belongs to us india says
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no we claim that that belongs to us both of these countries have nuclear weapons capabilities there is reason for concern so that's why we're going to drill down on this story for you today right here on the news with rick sanchez where you know as we always like to say we do believe by golly it's time to do news again. i'm i am now i thought. can command is that. you know more about the. clues all along all the smoke and also can is out have i not he. is an outcome of a reason. into the column is alabama.
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in the next. day you'll you'll only. bond if i mean in the sun. or not again. that i'm not
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ready. why didn't god. is such. a massive move. women made it all it took but. not because the. obama. so was so. demanding as it was i knew that. that was the one number of. the ones with the. idea why dead saying. it was enough when they be smothered was in mumbai from the. 90 day you. know the room was awful dead yet.
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moon the sun dance us run to my men. but i'm a put out on my maybe a couple in this sucker. and it is a plea yes but these dicks also saying that uganda is one of the countries with the highest and rate of child marriage in the wild because of the good solution is a potential for the future of the destitute last a lot one need only uganda and. experienced sexual violence yeah so it is it isn't child in marriage it is denying bringing mousy dependence and gutted that can to happen under don't see any problem with the.
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you will get him out there today that people bring produce but they also bring colleagues so in northern uganda in a district called the leader out in i looked up their markets big out friday bring crowds of almost one. big cowards runs it through markets to their parents who are. easy giving knowing i have no time so only not only will miss these people these days in their market as the people are really buying and selling but he has also become obvious way out. transactions. to. maintain was it a bad name was it wasn't it down in the center is a bomb was a more plane the smudge on the buckle in the leg end up lost something. it is it's
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a money. and it's. going up with c. so. every fall wimmin that you see. every fall. will doubt i chatted for they may even. really. defined themselves. it is. they can't even say i've had my 2 children so that is enough for me. now from them saddam would do. it to say my you is an in-group. you know that i'm all for. the wall no. one side is on the
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2nd in from the one i'm. with rulers. a woman. but it's a look. ok and it isn't so like you were nobody would definitely be moving soon by the. teacher named when you walk. by the time when you. need a buffer a little but will be soon over novel. that little green. book i did that we on the mcgill theater want.
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when nothing more than this i've never. seen. before. you. know. oh. well maybe. but.
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i want. to. be able to adequately have you know that. you will never get well you see it that. you will need. to be. the. biggest fool. to that last. bit. more than. now i want you all. the people we. meet that. was the old. man.
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yes. because when i want to. you know when i want to swim it he'd. love to speak up. about the city. named soon as i am. and i am passing. into being. who i am he and i mean that in your. name to know you stammering nickname next. to mine every night. to learn to read it was a huge. kindness and i don't quite say i force.
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enough to know the routine make it out. to naenae herrick so much in the left. stand that like a teenager. he. thought you know very well that when they are giving bach and many of them don't even give back in hospitals so you find out with it up chad's one or. 2 on the stool is one of those very painful ways to live because you keep believing in your blood that all they you are in so as a young. you know very well that no money would even want to muddy you when you have peace to them. in the mood to do.
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need to get. the message it. was you know you got it just like in the make country is that 3 out quote really i don't they i really. made supreme assy to mine is that both of them i mean they betrayed. their monies they were on board vitally. needed to get. free where i'm valued in this same way that we value a man. saw some awful i'm. starting to feel a depth it's called loneliest and there's a. listen up on dallas. and i think i and all
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right it will mean. a rock on the level. we go to work. straight home. is you'll be a reflection of reality. in
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a world transformed. what will make you feel safe from. isolation or community. are you going the right way or are you being led so. what is true what is faith. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. or unmaidenly shallowness. aha no team no crowd. no shots. actually felt. well and strong
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no 1st. point your thirst for action. will. doom. a joke so much to come to we need to send a new. name they all get on our bus missed something. louie that you end up with so and a saint in this one day town this one day be. dominated welcomed us and this is amazing but then of us among others holding time when i'm up to my one and you know so miss out on that one get. me now that. i was to get them out is. so nice. after shabby for maid. to do their number to. the ladies so we now see that today oh.
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so. but i have to. give them one. again. not one of you. know one novel i've always tsonga. when i was. writing with the sort of about some i was going to admit that it did that only. that's how some of the loons. our problem when i'm to be. it democracy. when i'm big. brother love but. maybe i'm really make a remark in. the last one i want to call my mom when i'm with you.
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but demi moore game a game as a. game and not one of them time i mean when you're. one of them that. they made a mustang and saw so much. happened in the movie. so addicting time is. in the news a little. gun you're not detained. or you're willing to come i was in the lower 9th. ward bending the sit down a little while i didn't call you in the mood for nda came from the white house in fact i'm having a. study in isn't much. mainly for. pollution and i think i'm disappointed because i left. has it done. god didn't i mean to me. that was the one
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i. wasn't buying down but it was quite honestly. the only kind that comes out of your i don't want to go out with i want to get out of it what if i don't go over the. dream they are going with the gun. will. 1000000 benefit maybe. if i were you know you would see they would. be in the moment on. last minute. now would be down with.
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randy i.d.'s even. on the c n n i c nightly news i'm way was a. wargame. if one did. nothing they could always ignore your mom. when they make one man. not. in a bad time but i'm winning is a good. way to get. into cable c.m.'s i mean i know. how to mind their way into being told. what. to do with a 20 naked woman or child of course. how long.
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like a man. or mommy of these. minutes out of oil into a normal minute. a good deal of fundies who wouldn't. tell the police but in the dark to begin the one he knows that i am a god. the poor people upset now clune embodied by you mean demi of whom did warn him said they were nothing but i mean to know that it will damage. the missing guy and then bust what i need to get a bit of. what i would i'm not going to. sit down the more nor less what i. see in the indian open is so you know me one of.
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the few that i am i will not offer you a lowdown on this yet way that is good if you see it has been almost all the load it is even the pope who it is. oh no i will wait for it all. good ok let me know what that will be no no it will well ringback it was. it can all feel it when you say ah ah well they. wouldn't even though we walked by that all. the. old school when they did those guns give them back to you to save social package them ironed out. and i'm from disease and i'm dead when it is god julie and occasional
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training it was me and this comes to becoming an od and i'm mad it's booming you're going to get involved and that's when they would resist and i don't mind that when they are we when they're still be on hold full force situ devices that need that kind of time and it should be intended to mean. we're creating it out my understanding that they did something which was going to put up by just nordo crime . it was. the son. who needs. this over in the us there are. rooms to be saved in the family. anything you want to. tell you. now put it out
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for me when you're not quite him come over. or try to. get to know a little slower a new. mummy. to move them to move. them around in their rooms it's good. to see when the. case is larry and. if. they don't have to sit there and when the family and it's. close to. move got a vision thing i'm. on the our. mobiles
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how low can honestly and. what do we do not. pull a little with a. 1000000 made fun of us and now a couple. of them. into the apartment i'm. committing no no.
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no. they're intended to be longer should you know the one. before you see. we getting more people on the way how you will sympathize with a young guy getting very late to. playing when it was business as usual now you have to muddy young with a course yesterday because you know they know is also following them in 2017 big government of uganda also rolling in nationals try to do on ending child to migrate down to maybe pregnancy so this isn't a was a was. 34 years before it was very bad much now. it's it is moving on the young those themselves impala what they are beginning to be had are for. they are beginning to do what they are right.
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this is it was in the region. for me implement your get up a war go for one more now could you quite an. have one of our new model or deciding to make so much. nobody will govern we have got it before. but if only what is this you know when i wake up and again the world . would move me and i will hold pointing. it at wonder con in time. for you not clear. so as i just assume you don't just want to give. a justice with empty bits it's the seeing kind. of washing.
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of women is when you know born. to pursue me and tell me is a sign of my being good i want to know was in b. that we knew him wasting on women being given. members of the man do you know what it is up what was it. 20 c. dissing 90 take up one. stuff in the school fees. would i do well i'm. glad you are by no one. to sit under seal i know what i mean when is up will be the one when the moon. was a pandemic no. you know blood is just blood into nationalities. has
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emerged with the we don't look like world peace to. people. judging. commentary classes. we can do better we should be. everyone is contributing way but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever the challenge is critical to respond. so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we're in it together. all. poverty. if you're born
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into a 4 family you're born into your own minority family if you're born into a family that only has a single parent that really constrains your life chances people die 15 years old is your born into generational poverty. itself so it's a fight every day she is to meet your needs and the needs of your family. you cannot go with yeah you would like.
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to say the 16th of july in the headlines this morning saved from the streets only to be placed with paedophiles study in germany says vulnerable children were being fostered by sex abuse is another thirty's probably knew some of the victims of told out so you they don't think they'll ever recover. every day it was mental and physical mistreatment we were forced to do things we wouldn't normally do because we were threatened our lives have been destroyed we are unable to work and we have become aware that we are just a pile of misery. protest police a new yorker.


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