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is the u.s. making amends for the tragedy. built to the people in that little. the british foreign secretary accuses russia of meddling in the u.k. general election but westminster apparently still can't pin the blame on moscow only denies the allegations. the government study in germany says that vulnerable children were fostered by sex abusers for decades and that the authorities probably knew about it. in protest and anti-government demonstrators police in new york several officers suffered injuries including an n.y.p.d. chief who had earlier in solidarity with black lives. those are headlines stay
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with us for more great programming right here on our international. feel. me so. for me. back on stage having to do with a myriad of challenges in the past. about this i'm joined by. the. principal. and. master general there is a man music director at national symphony orchestra principal guest conductor at london symphony orchestra is road to nowhere and orchestra great to have you with us. today that's just so much going on in the past condemning
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a world regarding performing arts arts and i'm just really glad that i get to speak to you with what's going on in classical music and still mourning for distressed self less than eating when any sahara lockdown orchestra has in theatres turned to online streaming and as temporary solution it's fine and yes right now easily the shared experience of laffer forest it can be replicated at the same time we see how this thing down because john starry everything digital money people now have only an education online trading work on why do you think people will continue to consume our own line wants to pandemic is over for some old hi everybody i think. is there going oh geez gives us today are important because in the moment so i just see you and your sit evenly in the normal no no in my little world
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but you can eventually use data or can you mission without acknowledging we would not be able to piece this conversation between us but one thing is just emergency and just continual through streaming through old devices to play and to just communicate we did music through technology it one thing he is the life of sports and their level and emotion you can feel in their life the fort myers you are absolutely right cannot be appreciated as a so i think those things are 2 different kinds oh wait. why lisa closer to recording say and the other wives borkum that we did know about they played it like. ok so now then this in this reality where we're sort of faced with
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a choice and we have both of it in the nearest future as thinking for instance on the other hand i understand the authenticity of performing live without is that on the other hand look at the reach of the well placed stream and it's far beyond the capacity of any concert hall so what is more important do you think spreading the gospel to as many as possible or assent to experience i think we have to take advantage of both because like in the old 'd days that to have a recording legacy dealing as being that you can hold 'd the regular process we doubt reaching those people are not that coming directly to the concept show i think the most important thing is next to rules the creole still the life the form because something. can happen there. we.
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used some rights or weekend of may chip a wide. why you're all here but. i think. the basic reality of that people are not going to do. the order to just go to to be that realistically to grow up and just look and their form and show i think we should. keep both drinks clip for the needy at present as we speak oh the divine is still very much sergey thing financially on lang strings can compensate for the losses in ticket sales far to stresses in his possible oh no no no not at all not at all also because most of history maybe it's. giving guys the cushy beauty to do something where all old little street everything. and will be sustain
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a. or. you can or should i even. read that the restrictions we have now are today cyclical doctored my 1st. dollar initially and of course on stage we had. to respect that east as the social distancing but yeah it was open air and the audience was a local. know it's all that they're now going to $500.00. but even so i think was important for dan to. open air he's actually good friends but if you consider it be given a big big house based big concert 025-8900 plus at the floor much for trying to. people of course you can look increased price tickets lead. ringback to shield it
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dept so i think for the moment that we have to show that financially but. i hope in a future we go back a bit more of a show we did more responsibility especially respecting ourselves now though. i've really i really hope i am sure that we go back to. today life to pharmacies gathering little people because music is not only in t.v. dramatic. music bring speakers people together gather some people together doesn't make any start on stage it will just. sit and everybody. contributes if he did it must be a live performance even the audience would be energetic. and i think music makes the world go round and actually i want to at and t. live it and not the performance inside. because everyone even just talks about the
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audiences and can they founder and will they gather in on line or off line but you know for someone who is then most of your life playing piano evangelist then maybe as a performer that people who who can live in this orchestra right there in a very sad situation i mean yes princeton's that they did then use a real thing with new regulations where you can only feel 50 percent of a say trad is basically like empty room i mean i can't even imagine what it's like playing to an empty room and i know that some orchestras come up with really cool ways to make up for em to cease plate for instance and in barcelona a crack house they put plates so they they they made it seem like her sister was play 2 planes do you see your realtor enjoy playing to plants. rest area and so clean that you have always felt myself. especially when it was
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a clever play as a conductor i don't take this. opportunity because i need this trip to the operation of the musicians but i think this is just a circle limbo situation so we have to go true be starting and at 40 is better to forbes $400.00 people than to go smoke for know what scorsese needs a bit more depressing when you go on stage eggs out of people if you know the scene is delayed because of the destruction of york sept that's what i want of course he's not a good idea. and there i still get it there was a little sliding myself saying that the plot of the plot the mainstay i think. east it's nice to just to see nothing no one ok glances there will be gay blair original ringback. mission to lights that it will probably just be
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some a vibration the music but i repeat the music is the language of demolitions and . dr day. and intellectual people are unique exchange so. i strongly believe that when respond and make their would be more controlled or absolutely we can put it behind our shoulders we will go back to a year normality not to do all the good might wait so it will be it. will not be to reproduce what we had and then also thinking about the orchestra and half it's all about the unity and play a piece in one breath and now you have this new guidelines were made to space musicians apart right. condoning of breast sections with the white
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screens you know like i don't like how what is it like you don't see your 1st violin it's too far away down and i contact trumpets play behind the screen i mean that must a fact that a performance to the whole thing in must be very difficult in my opinion of course the current set but from the odd that the other say so because i. disagree ation pushes every musician to be even more intensively active in nice and teach other because of the distance we don't play with we create any telly so we just make the stars like we don't look at their. order process behind so. about the sounds come so i reckon of course usually you have. 6 or 7 metres from your 2 nation why is it appropriate 15 it shows a double distance so you can adjust that of course in terms of. the u.k.
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a little bit something that's. not how good and what you patient use during the show real time which is a linguist nicole together. i think we have to be creative i spent a lot of time. reading books illegally 3 to piano us tonight yeah i did a play that kind of special i did not professionally but created got to because you have take a lot of time but back to draw all the kind of thinks that. your critique gigo like sweet music of that very very. and you're checking you know wait ok because 1st instance signed to be so late details that hadn't been obvious but for instance a harrison that brass one when sanders are considered high risk in
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a time of quote 19 years of spreading the virus he had breast droplets right so when you think we have to reinvent our somewhat like how even a reinvent choir in various requiem. one centimeters apart each or are always stuck performing this kind of pieces for a period of time. we have to start to play a musical. that's you sort these my perceptions so not to be good for me if you want to go for ramallah and it probably you we go for much of a song that are standouts and the scene that of course when they produce. of course the dates later not because they want to but because it's natural event where you don't you're doing that so you might want section what i can see in the future but these my question all right point of view all clear houses with. a late in opening because of course because they are auction on stage and they are
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constrained to pete. it beats you cannot just respect old uses so i think that for a while why i said we have to be creative because maybe instead of giving. the story one line. i have to do old programs i mean imagine that a program. back in the future we get knocked up for the 45 people. so that means the local should you because you can do. 20 century music for a while and you have. to tweak not to shock that i'm not a to push for my music we don't use sound at all. unfortunately gender education for a great hour when we're that will continue talking about what's happening to fill
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armani harvesters after calling 900 and stay with us. 100. 60. join me every thursday on the alec simon show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see you then. no crowd. no shots.
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actually well to be. sure i know it's me. which your thirst for action. and we're back with general dan his then music director at national symphony orchestra principal guest conductor for the london symphony orchestra and israel for their mommy carcass try john jr musical directors there are employed in design different orchestras i mean when i was saying your title star like 3 i'm almost obvious once and then there are other things as well you're in america you're in a live your music director in my native georgia and that is festival in georgia and
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you guys traveled so much you know all of your life is about being there here they are here how are you going to keep that up when fights are sites and if you think right now definitely change day to in change we change and not the fact that we have reached different countries by that we've changed now we're all stripes so if i go to america i would not go to america i just weeks and i stood next to probably back to europe maybe. we does maybe i've heard so many i would say a complete month when i go to. london symphony said i'm doing well on the trip programs maybe george watch the program and all decode excite me we will be more when you get to a place to stay longer still to do sham guest contacting would be a good bit more complicated so the music director spend more time he director shreyas we hope that through death i know. idea of this she says if these wedded
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music director stay upright the very own season need to be safe think of all my deeds. to make an orchestra. you to decide that right submission. and also to come to a place as the 1st edition last year of the it's somebody face. i could just come for one week next the series or not be. i would stay longer i would be short i said it could be longer so what week i try to live like you just do these big big big big big big nice basis so i would do probably this same warka but instead of 3 beats in america i would do one of the longer it where they will explain all the plays i would say longer it probably get really show how water helps mentality to demolish that it's just a lesser play can you not to be jews i want to be number. rocking
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them so movements and trouble generally change i at least based what i eat made it my life. measure this is really interesting pool published by senior person daytimes and serve making rounds all over the web right now and people were just asked to rate top essential and non-essential jobs and artists tops non-essential list this is the way people feel in many places affected by the kinetic you're saying we could have survived without the music this pandemic i agree what does it make you feel why is it that in the times of risk musicians and artists are viewed as useless in society because. i think that is that is a hurry into 6 don't be good subject to your just raising. he i think that. when he says something dangerous or good shade incredibly dangerous and.
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disaggregation up your economic ceased any themselves country motto on going to a station jail would you accept immediately you think you don't need. you don't need you need a music you don't need even lots just in time of you have just to get. to sure live for one day is a myth when you are a wall or with a shit all day. and truly i think the seas of bigamists judgment because in the instruments of christ there is were the spirit needs to be checked if you have to be fooled you should put that mislaid unity stime i discovered my shouting reading more than ever i read this 5 important books and
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starting the 6th i started to do that because i have to do it can you mate i might . wrangled in the stranger 2022 i play the piano i started to to learn german and. started to go ok my wife. i think that in that in difficult moments we should be thinking that our student well i will show needs also to be to to to receive food and not only. just to get from the morning to good night and tomorrow 'd he said that it. is difficult to to. day to say yes when everybody is really bought giving and fighting just that to stay. in even more tragic moments of stay yeah right to show. i can i can understand for most possibly population not
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thinking that. or. into priority but we are not used and so even need to smile meant we have to. ride a lot of beauty as a as a human being's. as human beings also can we talk about class to performers in particular because you said that already that is composed during tradition a transitional period of history right a connection that is not just as always there and i think you name it meaning that during this time composers usually try to convey some really powerful message to the public through their he's a given a grid live a some sort of transition out should we extract her know who may see a creation scepter we come out of this i think i hope so or some because even a composer say had more free type. day adults. they fall
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again. and also. we have to achieve the mego they milieu of their day they teach many of them they go to a tale of a pharmacy just to stay home and just to fear to me how what did they say that week i'm sure also because. i just used in general. not because we are equally good but we asked at the c.d.c. to see. much more ahead and out because that week beauty gold outs every day and so it's not because we are better than others but because it just facing having single day. to great cost if seeing how they be staying to traditional chinese ship we can you major in what is going to happen he's always been like that so i think this is very important to trim
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a. voice. thanks to the greats yes and we have to do way to end better to be possible in the big scale but even in the small scale even this interview with you amount east and us just just fighting week we try to single teenage what. ration out how to get out our debts and the work trying to. make any major or afterward debt is. it is an important moment so that's a. now he says some he trusts. and talking about the level of interest in talking about the impact that. we're analyzing right now do you feel like a classical performer for instance classical artists can have. as much of an impact as
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a pop artist would have in population because you don't particularly hear people going around streets you know. like people just don't listen to the masses anymore do you think when we talk about the fact that a classical music classical music artists can never have the same level of power and impact are people so old in our days in our age as there they did in his east. try to remind. it. and they are seeing the departure of the old file excel might come up the day don't know it's from a days spare. a scene just to push their plates to school because if you just look what are you seeing or i don't know it's just that good about. so or are you facing the. new generation. if
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they go to your. age yes recall it but how there is the still up. close you can rock. you're going to major in that. number of 2 or so. we cannot compete with that but classical music may be weak say for wrong what is important to underline easily 5. important works of i want like. article just going to say that oldest being say. blore you develop. your a your make your job you contribute shouldn't be to coax. you get. a you just. you have and all your experience for the next generation is somehow as the latest possible we just go into scottish marriage so all of these kind of
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emotions does that the. century system of century today we. draw are all only human beings we say or to be true to be faithful to respect. to be shed to be $46.00 to be 8. and out it's. a fantastic companion in our lives because everybody has to debt and they try to trade it for the music we don't have even even to work on a sneaker you go up there are we going to try to kill x. so whatever but they did language of the emotions it's like music classical music but all to me is the crock music. because we've never stopped to not be charged more to try to get in contact each other on her trip or sometimes
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to be solicitous and just that's the kind of the most important thing to strive to be a big beard or to open and. 2 so i did seize it it was fantastic and rich and until the moment that it won't be. thank you. really did. you say shave.
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well the pandemic no certainly no borders and is blind to nationalities. but as americans we caught up with the we don't look like seeing the whole world beats to be. judged as commentary crisis was listening to my time so we can do better we should.
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everyone is contributing each or own way but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever the challenges created with the response has been masked so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we're in it together. you cannot be both with the yeah you know what.


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