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god. you can be bold with the app you like. iowa. russian influence in the u.k. is the new and normal that's the conclusion of a long awaited parliamentary report and westminster into moscow's allergic modulating in british. donald trump son's troops onto the streets of the city of portland to quash on grass all claims his moves in legal as it wasn't just we need good local authorities. to cross the line russian claims it's because the vaccine is good to
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go all the questions are raised in the west over how it made such progress. police in the u.k. want to draw is the best of all jihad this would refer you to acts of terrorism amid fears it breeds hate towards muslims need to face here. when we give these labels to them we get to their auctions and there to receive these people on to the specific reason because they believe in this extreme islamic view. bringing your news around the clock this is our team international a very welcome from the whole team here in moscow well let's head straight to the u.k. where a much anticipated report into a large and russian interference in british politics has finally been released and
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it concludes moscow's influence because the new normal however bashes the u.k. government for failing to investigate or assess the risk of kremlin interference the russian foreign ministry has slammed the report as another example of on t.v. russian sentiment it claims the findings and comments about them all the clearest example yet of a phobia easily has all the details from london. this report published by the british parliament's intelligence and security committee looking into what it alleges is russian in saffir it's in british politics it says that it's based on secret material compiled by british spies it's taken a year and a half to publish after having been completed a number of rumors or so why it might have taken so long why some parts of been censored and redacted not according to the reports russia under the influence campaigns in relation to the 2014 scottish independence referendum and might have
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done the same with regards to the break the referendum of 2016 of course how successful any of these alleged campaigns are hasn't been established by this report we have seen previously accusations of russian social media campaigns some of them amounting to 70 pence are around $1.00 having been spent on those campaigns with critics saying that's hardly a smoking gun the british regime would like to present it as we've heard from the russian government they've said that these accusations of their involvement i just groundless but even so we saw earlier today a press conference held by a number of its ship to szell's outlining what they said was that damning evidence what we do know about russian influence in the u.k. he's that is the new normal russia promotes dissin from asian and attempts to
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influence overseas where the us through social media can leak or using the state own traditional media has been widely reported u.k. is clearly a target a much too quickly a self to counter such effort that reference let's say state's own traditional media for reporting on the vents which they've deemed to be. interference somehow in the internal political affairs of the united kingdom there have been talks of money being donated to the ruling conservative party by russian individuals although those individuals state that they have no limits to the governments and make those donations out of their own personal capacity there are some in the u.k. who question how politicized this has all become they point to for example the lead up to the last election at the end of last year and what they say was open it's a ference by israel in india against germany according to then they believe that
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some inside his chances of winning the election wondering why no inquiries are being launched in that he had heard previously from going to grow of this former secretary in to what he said it was reasonable confidence amongst british initials of russian involvement in syria in british politics we believe we know with reasonable confidence that russian actors were involved in trying to interfere with the 29000 election principally through trying to spread amplify online and legally obtained the documents relating to the u.k. u.s. free trade negotiations now christmas broadly pro regime media environment in u.k. have cottoned on to this report they focus on what they say was the u.k. parliament and the u.k. government's failure to act and that will be probably one of the main themes going forward in particular as people try to understand what parts of the report have
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been redacted. while to delve deeper into this let's bring in now craig mari his former british ambassador to pakistan also a human rights advocate welcome to the program thanks for joining us breaking bad moments why for example the report says it's difficult if not impossible to prove that such and instances of russian meddling happened and yet apparently it's also the new normal how convinced are you that that's the case. well i think the report is extremely unconvincing in itself in that it doesn't even purport to give any evidence of what it claims to be happening. it's them in essence the muleteer ports in that sense and that it was very much failed when it comes out into the chilly evidence to the documents there's no doubt that there are wealthy individuals national and so involved in the particular
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person from the u.k. and but like you know billionaires everywhere they tend to be right wing and are inclined to donate to a conservative party and but defensible in my view but no more that the hensel the view than the actions of other billionaires and their links to the kremlin. you know not to open in this report and it has to be said of course that most of those dozen billionaires gained their money through the western sponsored a. very chaotic time the time zation person or something else and. well we know that london's been sitting on this report for a very long time barroso read all the way back in october came under fire for not releasing it before the election why do you think that was such a reluctance to publish it. when you get to it it's very hard to say there's certainly no smoking gun particularly condemns the conservative party it it and
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those there's nothing in it that gives any kind of evidence at all russia was involved in the. which is the accusation that people were most expecting to see so frankly it's a mystery why was why it was delayed for so long they're all the report also warns about the various means that russia uses in order to mislead or. now you know fake news descend from a shed in order to sow discord in the west theoretically why would that be of interest to russian how would that help russia. it's absolutely fascinating it can't come up with any justification for russian motivation of them to say that russia is nicholas stick and it actually says that the russians state is a nicholas stick into to the. analysis that russia just
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does this because it wishes to cause destruction and chaos for its own sake. which plain plainly is not true. but there's one thing i want to say is that if you look at the list of experts that they interviewed. just the donnelly from integrity initiative edward lucas who claimed that russia was going to poison the england football team during the world cup or. any suggestion he made on the b.b.c. even as an app or right wing american commentator married to the. former polish defense minister of the decks of course ski it is and of course bill dodo who invented the most nick ski scam they didn't interview any body except for extreme russell pope's earth it's the most unbalanced report imaginable and what moving forward now how do you think things are going to unfold is this going
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to watson u.k. russian relations or do you think for moscow they just think you know what we were expecting or so or i it makes no impact on on our future approach to u.k. . i think it's you know it's silly laughable there's nothing concrete in it the u.k. is determined to ruin u.k. russian relations you must remember there are people in the armaments industry and the security industry who make a lot of money out of having dosh or as an enemy of the the security industry in the armament industry needs an enemy in order to get the rest of us muslims to pay them billions and billions in our taxes. that they suck out of the system and that's what this is a bank this is by portraying an enemy and 1st there's no these in the tools and maty between the u.k. and russia and certainly no and literally between the u.k.
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people in the russian people law 18 months on people obviously waiting for this a lot maybe they would be disappointed no bombshell no smoking gun but barrett as many thanks for your insight your comment that was former but shah passages by us as fact on a human rights advocate craig laurie thanks. to ukraine now where a man has taken 20 people hostage on a bus in the center of the city of our correspondent don recorder has a little tell. well the police have the city center locked down and we just heard from ukraine step to the minister of internal affairs who says that a number of the residents living near the location of the hijacked bus were just give back you wait he also says that the police have entered into negotiations with the perpetrator for the hostages released now earlier we heard reports of explosions in that same area that was after the perpetrator claimed that the bus was filled with mines and he also threatened to set off an explosive device in
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another area other eyewitness reports claims that gunshots were heard in the area and that the perpetrator had thrown a grenade outside of one of the bus windows that actually failed to detonate the man has been identified as a mock steam crew of all show ukrainian citizen of national russian national origin before the hijacking crew boss posted a video on you tube of him sitting down and holding a weapon with the money also earlier claim to the police that he had posted on twitter a list of his demands however the authorities later said that that post was not so much a list of demands as it was general discontent with the system however both social media platforms have shut down his accounts after those posts we also heard from ukrainian president lot of years olinsky who called the situation alarming but still under control so as these as this developing story continues to unravel will bring our viewers the latest details. let's head to the u.s. because donald trump has announced he will send federal forces to only violence
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rather to teens across the nation not pockets up on rest continue how as a democrat governors believe that state that being targeted purely for political reasons. well i'm going to do something that i can tell you because we're not going to get new york and chicago and philadelphia detroit and baltimore and all of these oh lenders a mess we're not going to let this happen or our country all run by liberal democrats while trump has already said kipps to portland to quash almost 2 months of racism protest that the order was not the approved locally on lead to fresh classes in the city. was cut. her.
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after weeks of protests against police brutality and systematic racism in the us unrest reached a new level on the streets of portland oregon a crackdown by u.s. federal officers deployed by the department of homeland security increased tensions the feds who arrived in unmarked cars dressed in military style gear with identification brought things to new heights when protesters knocked down sections of a large steel fence around the courthouse this weekend federal agents reacted with flash bangs followed by tear gas according to portland police and they did not engage the protesters some say the local police force has now been sandwiched between the demonstrators on one side and federal law enforcement on the other at the government level the bridge between local and state and the feds has become just as pronounced portland smear has demanded that the federal agents leave he told c.n.n. that their presence here is actually leading to more violence and more vandalism.
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mayor ted wheeler is being flanked by the state organs gov kate brown asked the federal government to remove its troops nearly a week ago and the state's attorney general has filed a lawsuit against the federal government accusing it of unlawfully detaining protesters meanwhile president donald trump has defended the deployment saying democrat run cities have lost control of the races and demonstrations in addition trump bolstered the power of federal law enforcement officers with new executive orders aimed at protecting monuments adding to the chaos seen from top to bottom protesters are also experiencing a divide while continuing to support the movement some are criticizing the methods right we're going to stop on all the responsible adults are going to come down here take back our streets make you wanted to measure the state clear right to get this movement back on track. while the protesters and al to stay on the streets the feds
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say they are not pulling back for anyone making some fear that the growing divides could lead to more trouble not only amongst protesters but also between different levels of law enforcement. correspondent alex behind of us bringing us that report we also hear about he decided to put the whole issue up for debate problem is when you hear the feds come in and you expect them to come in with a strategy the way you could try to bridge the gap between the protest there isn't a very system that they're fighting against imagine if you know you were you got to have a dinner which a family and i just walked into the restaurant with a p. going it's and that's you and i'm making progress but i'm bad enough by myself and i'm not telling you why you know you're going to be freaked out and you're going to get up there and you'll probably say you know good now therefore you're going to pay what doing it at me as you should because i'm probably like a crazy person well when you're mixed up with people who are burning and looting
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and you know they're doing it and you stick around there and you know there are a. troops there you're looking for trouble i mean i wouldn't be in a place like that and nobody's been arrested nobody's coming into restaurants these people have been burning and looting and rioting for now 52 straight nights the president finally said about a week ago a nuff is enough because the local authorities refused to do anything and customs and border patrol agents made up this force to go protect federal buildings and federal landmarks in that city and that's what they're doing and they have every right to do it if they are going to come in and they're going to snatch people wait and should identify them you can't just grab people want that people because everybody you know bernard you know that everybody's not a popular protest in 4 and a half of people there's a group of wild and crazy stuff well no but the kwok of them have been people who you care to snatch the truth because your friend think this or this or because you don't really know because this is not right people are being snatched off the
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streets who are peaceful i've heard the police make the announcements we're going to start arresting people if you decide to stay please leave the ones who stay are leaving themselves wide open for arrest and they know it when the night gets. and the violence starts and the burning starts and the looting starts in the police say go home if you choose to stay you know darn 5 well you're risking arrest and if you don't you need to head examined. with countries power lies by the crate of pirates the race has been on to develop an effective vaccine that could unlock the wild well russia says it's fast across the finish line having successfully completed trials although as more and cost have not spain's not everyone's buying into those claims loosed reasonable people would see a vaccine for what it is a panacea
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a solution to this awful pandemics. that has decimated so many lives and livelihoods around the world in just a few months such progress should serve achievement joy and hope but we live in an unreasonable world so they sued jealousy and resentment top executives at companies as well as believed in tycoons and government officials began getting shots developed by the state run gammill a institute in moscow as early as april all based on anonymous sources of course and recipients of the vaccine some of whom bloomberg claims to have identified well unfortunately there are anonymous to. confirm dozens who have had the shots but none would allow their names to be published so bloomberg well known for bashing russia amid the names of russian oligarchs and kremlin officials who got a vaccine shot before anyone else out of concern for their privacy and well being
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it sounds incredibly plausible and speaking of plausible what are you learning about these serious questions being raised about how russia has come so far so quickly with its potential vaccine there are a lot of serious legal and ethical questions about that so what missed a chance does is he doesn't mention a single ethical or legal question that says so many he doesn't know where to start 1st off prominent russians have been hit by the virus countless celebrities politicians they've all gone down with it including the prime minister the president's spokesperson so if we rush are already has a vaccine it clearly doesn't work and if russian government officials and billionaires had already taken the shot in april why would they need to force soldiers and that is what c.n.n. appears to be hinting at to be guinea pigs it makes less and less sense as you go
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along especially these next. but russia desperately needs to develop and wants to develop a vaccine isn't that one reason why the kremlin would try and get ahead by stealing other nation's secrets you may remember recently the brits the us canada they all claim that russian hackers yes yes they get around has been trying to steal vaccine secrets from the west russia has been trying to do this they claim the same russia that apparently already has a secret vaccine since april the same russia that was already across the finishing line because apparently it cut corners the same russia is trying to steal secrets from countries that are behind it that's that's like trying to copy someone else's arms as an exam you've already passed and anyway russia has already agreed to abide from the u.k. the very vaccine that it is apparently now trying to steal if russia has been
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behaving so badly why are we helping them out. because this is a global pandemic and this is not a case where we protect the u.k. everything else goes away why are we helping russia out in dealing with a global health crisis a virus that knows neither the nation nor race nor sex no believes that is a question being asked by journalists why are we helping someone else and have softer kate being a who seems to be one of the few reasonable people left in this world unlike the b.b.c. journalist as a matter of fact kate i think you've deserved a secret invitation to get secrets job of a secret vaccine that russia has kept secret the world needs more people like you. vajrayana just outlined dr mohamed one apneas that would be no point in
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hacking vaccine information is everything's being conducted in the open anyway i think general procedures for vaccine development are pretty standard most of the vaccine dollars are being developed now they are not on a hidden technology in the scientific community we do know every technology how it has been developed and how it can be used for different trials so therefore i don't think there is any hidden formation and the technology and the vaccine development it sounds the only thing probably that is not available is what is the outcome of the research or the trials which would ultimately become available therefore i don't really see any particular reason for attacking any information and to be honest in the scientific community we do collaborate if anyone need any information they can contact the researcher and they will be happy to provide the information they need it how the vaccine has been constructed for example if someone needed an information from any researcher to simply do email and we get the and give the information this is not a an issue of a single country this is
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a global pandemic and on less everybody is not safe no one is safe. now science has shown some people are more prone to 1000 than all this i need to take extra precautions but one vulnerable couple in rio has sees the need for extra security to indulge that lifelong passion for space travel. to get. it and to do. it and make it illegal. to make. it to. the filming 66 part of the code could risk proof and the important enough time i got really anxious feeling that i had to go and do things that could not seen the infection rate was really high i. get what you report on t.v. i saw an interview the doctor doing for the even 40 days without seeing his family
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because he was in the crazy town schools getting created dinosaur caused you to visit your family these very touching so we thought about doing something similar to go in. and out some russian news protests have continued in the far east city of how bad off scott to president putin assigned a new temporary governor to the region after fucking the previous one hundreds of people took to the streets outside of the administrative building demanding the newly appointed governor is sent straight back home it's the 10th day in a row the region seen large demonstrations off to govern us a gay football was arrested on charges of organizing multiple lot of 15 years ago protested claim his detention as a political hit job and a calling for the former governor to be tried in the regional courts instead of hair and moscow on monday football was officially dismissed by president putin for
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quote loss of confidence. thom's like jihad just an islamist might be dropped by police in the u.k. when it comes to describing terror act amid fears it's actually staring hatred towards muslims i propose a change in culture by moving away from using terms which have a direct link to islamic jihad these do not help community relations and public confidence the muslim police organization claims the tums led to islamophobia it's obvious hating a number of alternatives including faith claim to terrorism and terrorist abusing religious motivations among others the u.k. has suffered a string of terror attacks in recent years which have claimed schools of lives.
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well i guess debate to that age old question what's in a name. well it makes a big difference to people in the community it's them is them. have been hijacked they've hijacked their faith of islam and when we give these labels to them when they get their actions and their terrorism and so i think it's absolutely right that we have an honest and open and transparent debate with the authorities to look
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at terminology so that it doesn't tarnish the whole community the military percent of islamic people wouldn't want to be having any involvement or walk and the league to this time for terrorism however you know we're just telling ourselves a bunch of lies here it is political correctness gone mad and unfortunately these people are doing it specifically for that reason because they believe in this extreme islamic view point while i look i've been very clear that we've got a problem when there are people within the muslim community who engage in terrorism it's not about political correctness it's about making sure that we don't buy the message or da agenda of terrorist and this and this is not about divide and rule this is actually much more about reality this and these people are extreme everyone knows that there are extreme part of society but they are shouting allahu akbar are
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invariably before they commit one of these crimes of the jukebox terrorists who killed the former liberal m.p. joe cox you shouted out britain 1st are we going to ban britain are the of going to stop using the term britain no we're not so you know terminology is important and gauge what is important and reporting these responsibly i think is the best way in having an open dialogue and fortunately there are a significant number of people in this country and across the world that are extreme and yes we know there are extreme christians and and over the centuries if you look back over the centuries that each religion has engaged in terrorism at some time so so this is not something new but to change the name to try and pretend that this is not. based is just 10 minutes i was a big zones. that's helping the shaping up if you don't want to watch it all miss the pace appears to take a peek as for me of these.
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