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well. he had a month. to an ordinary south that i. never start sums them other than the shame but i leave them with decades get a shot then you. get. the u.k. insists russia is a top security priority after its intelligence committee you q.c.'s london about to be ignoring russia's meddling in british politics we get reaction from people in london. i just think we can't get it right so why should be. based on nothing to do with it but you know
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a shot of washers there just by me and you doors in the netherlands which if passed would give elderly people the right euthanasia even if they are not suffering from any medical conditions we put the thorny issue for the back. it is for elderly people. themselves so nobody else no family think their life needs at this moment no worth living anymore as a compassionate society we should be making people feel loved rather than feeling like a burden so much that they would want to be put to death on the u.s. accuses china of sponsoring hackers to spy on american companies working on a fantasy but. they're just gone 4 pm here in moscow you're watching international now the u.k. government does claim it has recognize. the threat posed by russia for
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a long time considers moscow a security priority it also says to you it has a 30 year strategy for dealing with the kremlin well this was london's response to report on alleged russian meddling in british politics was released on tuesday at a key to the u.k. a failing to take the threat seriously who is protecting the british public from interference in our democratic process blue note show we found no one is the u.k. government tributes are you off the ball because of its focus on the country terrorism we found the defense of the u.k. democratic process is a hot potato the government had badly underestimated the response required to the russian threat and is still playing catch up the outrage isn't that there was interference the outrage used no more want to know if there was. well the publication of the rush report was delayed by the government for a year and
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a half before it was finally released the party's down hawkins looks at what it said. the get a very brief summary of the long awaited russia report we can go straight to page 13 of the document the written evidence provided to us appeared to suggest that her majesty's government had not seen or sought evidence of successful interference in u.k. democratic processes seems to be enough so if you're short on time or don't want to read heavily redacted intelligence and political spiel stop what signal otherwise let's go on. open source studies have pointed to the preponderance of pro breaks it or anti e.u. stories on our t.v. and sputnik and the use of bots in trolls as evidence of russian attempts to influence the process we have sought to establish whether there is secret intelligence which supported or built on these studies in response in my 5 initially provided just 6 lines of text the report's authors were seemingly
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surprised by the limited response of the intelligence services but not because those agencies may have more important priorities such as protecting lives by tackling international domestic terrorism or serious crime apparently more resources are needed to keep track of social media and artie's editorial policies and coverage breaks it polarized millions with several broadcasters coming under fire but it's still russia that poses the risk and the security services that are doing their job this is about the protection of the u.k.'s democratic process and mechanism from hostile state interference which should fall to our intelligence and security agencies after all moscow has been waging influence campaigns targeting u.k. politics through digital media wealthy individuals organizations and almost any other means the report warns the threats of russian influence is a hot potato with intelligence and other agencies shirking the responsibility of
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taking the lead in tackling it and reassuring the public amid widespread allegations that again the impact of such influence remains elusive. the impact of any such attempts would be difficult if not impossible to assess and we have not sought to do so state agencies haven't looked closely enough for open source information according to the report they lacked a retrospective assessment and intelligence agencies in particular need a more important role in future the committee was struck by the relatively small proportion of work that is carried out by the agencies in relation to russia in any case should they consider other threats to be a higher priority they can always fall back on trusted russian experts to lead the way christopher steele author of the infamous anonymous golden shower dossier and contributors that the institute for state craft and integrity initiative a project founded to tackle the russian threat receiving state funding to advise
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the states that russia is a threat and moscow's response was swift and predictable as was the final conclusion of the long awaited russia report showing yet again that any reproach went with the u.k. however small is still be on the horizon that hawkins there will be got reaction on the streets of london to the claims made in the report you know shot on the move. because it's just more of a more destruction that was really going on. and the fact there were a shot of russia was there just by the enemy and i just think we can't get it right away should be to you and it's one thing to do it then wait we didn't know if they were telling us that way to make a list beginning where. you know other countries ruined the politics of other people will try to influence governments interest. or create money marries
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a former british ambassador to his becky stan a human rights advocate he believes the u.k. is determined to ruin any relations with russia. reporter's extremely unconvincing in itself and that it doesn't even purport to give any evidence of what it claims to be happening i think it's a you know it's fairly laughable there's nothing concrete in that the u.k. is determined but to ruin. russian relations you must remember that our people in the armaments industry and the security industry who make a lot of money out of having blusher as an enemy of the security industry in the armament industry need an enemy in order to get the best of us mugs took to pay them billions and billions in our taxes every year that they suck out of the system and that's what this is a bank this is about portraying an enemy in fact there's no division at all for
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enmity between the u.k. and russia and certainly no immaturely between the u.k. people and the russian people. now a new law has been proposed in the netherlands who putting up his history opening up assisted suicide to people even if they are not suffering from any medical conditions the netherlands is one of the few countries that has legalized euthanasia but the m.p. behind the builders claim the current laws don't go far enough. right now people jump into a can now put a plastic bag on their head they sometimes have to choose the most terrible ways to die that's why we want to give the possibility to die with dignity with members of their family or friends near them i think this law is important even if it's about a few people because we give them the possibility to have a say on their end of life even when they're not terminally ill or suffering medically but still suffering present laure says a person is only eligible for euthanasia if their suffering is unbearable with no
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prospects of improvement at least 2 doctors must check the patient's condition before ministering a lethal injection there are also strict requirements to as to how the procedure itself is carried out and who performs it well the proposed law has drawn criticism with people arguing thora he should do more to help people in need rather than just hand them a suicide pill we put the issue of the debate. it is part of a policy to guarantee the people a good quality of life of course it is a bit strange to talk about a law which is terminating a life as being one tall make better quality of life but that's exactly what the law is for it is for elderly people or themselves or nobody else no family think their life is at this moment no worth living anymore not because they are ill but just because they are too old for themselves and in reality 90 percent
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of them has a study you show. if given the program bedside manner if shown that they are worth something we want to live so as a compassionate society we should be making people feel loved rather than feeling like a burden so much that they would want to be good to go i am confident state in all countries around the world doc clones are helping patients die if they really do want to die but it is too. in secret 10 in the netherlands said east we do it in the open and so we know when the netherlands how many times a doctor he's forced in his own id to assist someone to determine it's his life any time there is a debate about assisted suicide or euthanasia the opponent of this is would always point to the netherlands because there it is it has gone from bad to worse i think dutch doctors have gone from euthanizing the terminally ill to the chronically ill people a serious disability to the mostly and mentally ill now that could just be elderly
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you can age it was a platform of nazi germany as well so we can derive it. the reality is you don't think all of us we should use our name and we should want people to look at all these efforts made with covert to keep the elderly communities safe. why would we now throw it out of the window and say at 75 your life is no longer worth living if you don't want to live it let's work with the other community to make them feel wanted to make their lives better and our older people if they must be 75 years or old or well like the terminal kill situation patients do not want to live. in that situation and they want to have to try to say all you want but i'll have to be death to live if only this way and i want to die a dignified this and that has nothing to do with spending in more me trying to make your life better that is what every doctor every person ever. will fight for family will fight for it but if in the eyes of the person who wants to die there is no
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possibility or no real possibility then they should have to die to die in a dignified way instead of suicide himself now the european court of human rights has been clear that this is not a human right 15 or 20 newborn babies are euthanized in the netherlands every year and one percent of the population the size by assisted suicide without concern. supported by. this is a 1st of all babies are not euthanized because they have a separate and it is not due to mazie are because they cannot also principle it is not euthanasia and the person that's a 3rd definition of these things are either. without doctor's orders no no at this d. do you have to children we do not consider them to have euthanasia they will have help in shortening their life. at it looks like euthanasia but it is not euthanasia that is fergie pertinent to all make the diff print twisty adult euthanasia in the
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netherlands and the babies who are seriously ill. are helped to terminate her life's. a company shot to notoriety after brandishing firearms at black lives matter protesters marching past their house have been charged with unlawful use of a weapon supporters of the petit to argue that they had acted within their rights to defend their home because i've been reports now on how this story does highlight deep divisions in us society. political polarization in the united states is becoming more intense basically you've got to there it's on the one hand you can support defunding the police and taking down confederate statues or on the other hand you can support federal officers on the streets of portland ducting activists and engaging in acts of repression there doesn't seem to be much middle ground these days.
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now this white couple who stood in front of their mansion and pointed guns at protesters has become a social media sensation and they're now facing felony charges my office file charges against mark and patricia mccloskey following an incident involving peaceful protests in june 28 it is illegal to wave weapons in a threatening manner at those it is painting in. no but in protest now this couple has become symbolic of the ideological crack right down the middle of the united states your attitude toward the couple depends on whether you live in the old america or in the new one. now this couple you threaten the crowd of protesters are pretty widely hated and they've got quite a reputation in the local neighborhood filing lawsuits and smashing beehives how do you feel about becoming the face of political resistance to the black lives matter
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movement that's a completely ridiculous statement the president reveal his name for a reason he tried retreated so he go get him bruce rather chin and sure for your turn at this point they're probably the most hated couple in america they've been dubbed can and karen the new dynamic duo of racism this mr and mrs smith sequel looks terrible ken and karen have had enough fox news has done to our parents what they thought gangsta rev would do to us. now the attorney representing the couple says that the crowd of protesters damaged the iron gates of their mansion and threatened the couple before they drew their weapons and at this point we've got donald trump speaking up in their defense that apparently people are allowed to just burn down other people's homes or shoot people or kill people it's out of control are able to be courageous to protect yourselves and defend your life so god bless you both and the attorney general of the state of missouri says
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he wants the charges dropped as they are politically motivated this includes the newsroom. which provides robberies the misery of your personal see your property against those who wish to do more harm while the governor of missouri has already promised a full pardon that couple had every right to protect their property what they should not go through as a prosecutor attempting to take their constitutional rights away or you pradhan that. with or without a doubt sharon i'll do everything with her most constitution of the state of missouri to protect law abiding citizens there are 2 realities to some this couple are racists why did guns in the face of peaceful protesters but to others they were good american couple protecting their home from a mob of criminals and practicing their 2nd amendment constitutional right to bear arms there is no middle ground anymore the whole country is reduced to picking
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sides here with martin artsy new york. meanwhile anger is still raging in the us city of portland after president trump sent in troops to quash unrest unarmed protesters had been beaten and to gaston a russian t.v. crew at the same is also assaulted by officers and had their equipment smashed demonstrators meanwhile have been starting fires near the federal courthouse. thank. you. for says were sent to portland by the president to stamp out nearly 2 months of
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anti racism protests but now the rallies to change focus with people chanting fades go home the white house claims that the city's mayor has lost control of the city. now the race to be the 1st develop a crowd of our spec seen is on with america now accusing yet another country of stealing its research we'll have the details on that just after this break. financial survival. first visit the 3 different. oh good this is a good start well we have our 3 banks all set up for something and you're going to america something over the cayman islands and it will pull these banks are complicit in the. cold it's a need to do some serious money laundering ok let's see how we did well we've got
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a nice luxury watch for max and for stacey all beautiful jewelry and how about. luxury again from that you know what money laundering i was. here for a watch cause of course. according to even fox news trying to is like going to the polls this is because joe biden is such a brilliant vanity or because the part he can sense is the tend to make has been badly handled by the president still another the trump brand is a populist in 2016 is he governed as one. of the rush to find a vaccine could lead to the extinction of a species of crab that is the warning from environmentalists the unique properties
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of the horseshoe crabs blood does mean it has been used to test vaccine safety judy bain's from animal rights groups pet lined the concerns. crops are fascinating animal once they originated around 400000000 years ago they regard it as a living and they are now threats of extinction they are listed as a species now so much needs to be done to prevent them from being used in the bar treats the important but consider is actually a good course you crabs do not need to be used in of archies because there are synthetic alternative methods that can be used instead of using the blood from horseshoe crabs the horseshoe crabs are often referred to his living fossil was due to their ancient linage and every year pharmaceutical companies do collect half
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a 1000000 of them to extract about a 3rd of their blood the crabs are then released back into the ocean but it is estimated about 15 percent of them did die unable to survive on the reduced blood levels on top of that crabs are also used for bait resulting in a sharp decline in population in the past few years scientists might be reluctant to stop relying on crab blood as it is extremely effective on demonstrating the safety of vaccines and also other medicines it uses approved in the u.s. to where testing on humans is not allowed we talked with the c.e.o. of the washington pain center john dombrowski he reiterated the urgency of finding a coronavirus vaccine. blueblood of. horseshoe crab a somewhat similar to ours and they they being the laboratory the pharmaceutical company would inject the vaccine into the crab and see what happens to the blood in
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terms of a reaction if there's a reaction and we know it's unsafe to use that the human being if it is safe well perhaps then we go to the next level in terms of safety and efficacy in terms of a fighting such a serious virus such a scope in 1000 we look at vaccines we want to make sure their basic safety we've been using apparently for years the blood of the horseshoe crab and i guess our animal rights activists were somewhat upset about this from a physician standpoint certainly we look at testing on other human beings which would certainly be an ethical also way that we look at other species that are close to us like mammals rabbits monkeys and things like that but now we are looking even below that such as cross stations like a crab to get that same level of evidence i think we're doing quite humanely right now we need to focus on human beings in terms of getting a vaccine the best we can but up but certainly if we can come up with something equally as cheap and effective and why not use it but i don't think we're there just yet and we certainly do not want to injure human beings based on the
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theoretical value of the horseshoe crab meanwhile the hunt for a kind of a vaccine is hurting international relations to a new head of the u.s. justice department the king's china and using hostages to spy on american companies working on a kill does come a week off to canada and the u.s. might similar claims about russia. china has now taken its place alongside russia iran and north korea and the shameful club of nations that provide a safe haven for cyber criminals in exchange for those criminals being on call to feed the chinese communist party's insatiable hunger for american and other non chinese companies hard earned intellectual property including covert 19 research china is currently working on its on its own vaccine a 2nd phase of testing has started to move and over 500 adults took part and a new job was the safe and reporter clean she says that desired him in response on
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tuesday u.s. secretary of state might bump was in the u.k. discussing joint actions to counter the chinese threat and praised london for its tough stance on beijing and accusing the chinese communist party of exploiting the pandemic for its own interests and stealing intellectual property. we just we would no longer want them to steal intellectual property denying the citizens of the united states who worked hard to create something to invent something to get a packer trademark in the chinese communist party directed at state owned enterprises to sell their property from americans we hope we can build out a coalition that understands this growth will work collectively to convert the chinese communist party is that in their best interest to get in this kind of behavior chinese international relations expert that together believes washington would be better off cooperating with other countries over a vaccine rather than making accusations of theft. we should actually participate
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in the global initiative launched by the w.h.o. rather then backing out of the w.h.o. of this particular moment you should cooperate closely with other countries including let's say china and russia or many european countries and japan for example in jointly developing the vaccine they are not doing it with the w.h.o. the are accusing others of stealing such allegations are groundless and pure that would be that is states government actually should do a better job in containing the spread of the virus preventing more and more american people from dying from getting contaminated it china is ahead of the united states and most likely many other countries in terms of developing the vaccine which is very very important the chinese president xi jinping already declared that was the vaccine produced by china is complete is china will declare that as an international public good so that people in all countries can have the
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better of the vaccine. the us house of representatives is back to move for further sanctions against companies involved in the construction of the north pipeline project will deliver gas from russia to germany by the baltic sea bypassing traditional transit countries like ukraine washington though it does claim it threatens european energy security and has been trying to stop its completion that has angered some european state speaking ahead of the announcement the foreign minister made it clear any sanctions would be viewed as illegitimate and he stressed that european policy should be decided in europe not act side of it some in germany though have resorted to less diplomatic language. if you didn't offer we expect the european commission to protect government and european companies from this interference we fundamentally oppose extraterritorial sanctions and see them as unlawful the aim of these actions by the united states is not from
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our perspective to reduce the dependence on russia but rather the goal is to be able to sell their own gas to europe and that is easier to do when less gas is delivered from russia to work on or trying to began in may of 2018 previous u.s. sanctions on european construction firms had resulted in a temporary halt although moscow does claim in a worst case scenario it will simply complete the pipeline on its own german economist and publish a doctor i can name or believes washington though could be in for a surprise if they don't expect europe to make a stand this is all this is really not true at all that they are harmed that they're taking care on european or german interest not their only only and only their own interests their own interests are if they could prohibit infrastructure that gets gas to germany then they don't have to compete
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to limit their infrastructure giving gas and oriel to europe and germany means that they can limit the. the competition and that's what they want i think they they went forward as usual europeans always fell on the knees because many people in europe are working for them for ages so they just thought they can they can bully them around our europeans as usual fall on their knees and do whatever they want but i don't think they have calculated conversations into into that they're just going to pass for an afternoon here in moscow watching r.t. you could have a company more news in the headlines at the top of the. according to even fox news trunk is like going to the polls this is because joe biden is such a brilliant vanity or because of the harmony consensus that tend to make has been
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badly handled by the president still another the trump brand is a populist in 2006 feet as he governs as long. i note no crowd. no shots no. action just felt. when it was dr no the 1st one. which your thirst for action.
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this is boom bust the one business show you care it's afford to miss some parts of boring washington coming up. and i need an agreement has been reached that will make it easier for many people to get through the crisis and an upswing will happen faster now than otherwise would have been the case the european union has struck a deal on a 2 trillion dollar budget which includes coronavirus relief after some heated talks over the weekend straight ahead we analyzed the specifics and the state of affairs in the block and the u.s. had its smallest single day increase in copan i think cases in more than a week well take a look at the spread of the virus throughout the globe plus it's another big week for earnings on wall street as well. lawmakers also are negotiating the next round of coronavirus stimulus we'll break down what this is doing to markets with a packed show today so let's dive right in. and after almost 5 days of fighting insults and battles between european union leaders and the has to and storage and
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