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tv   News  RT  July 25, 2020 8:00pm-8:30pm EDT

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under. the political career by their. u.s. officials raid the chinese consulate in houston right after it's a vacated on washington's orders that says the u.s. secretary of state calls on the other nations to join forces against china also. witness is another night of chaos as u.s. federal troops use tear gas and rubber bullets to break up a crowd of activists. and a facemask long takes effect in england the failure to wear them in public places could mean a fine but so far the reaction has been the beginning. broadcasting
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live from our studios in moscow this is our international i'm sean thomas and certainly glad to have you with us the chinese foreign ministry has accused the u.s. of violating international law by breaking into its consulate in houston beijing has vowed to retaliate american agents were seen forcing their way through the back door right after chinese officials were required to vacate the building the raid happened on friday president trump ordered the closure earlier in the week accused beijing of stealing intellectual property while the justice department claimed consular staff were obstructing an investigation officials said that they had been implicated in a fraud probe at a texas research institution meanwhile in the chinese city of chengdu the american consulate has been shut down in a tit for tat measure there have been allegations that both nations were seeking to get rid of sensitive information some footage captured
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a man taking rubbish banging out of the building in chengdu one of the bags split and appeared to contain shredded paper. in a related development a chinese researcher has been arrested in san francisco tang is accused of not disclosing her military affiliations in her visa application she is one of 4 visiting researchers who have recently been accused of visa fraud beijing has condemned the crackdown and urged the united states to stop harassing chinese students and researchers and she's done a quarter looks at the ongoing escalation. since the 1970 s. u.s. foreign policy has used more honey than vinegar and its dealings with beijing china has definitely changed as a result but not exactly the way washington wanted it to you know the world was much different than we imagine think you shouldn't which and it would produce a future with bright promise of comedy and cooperation. but today today we're all
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still wearing masks and watching the pandemics body count rise because the c.c.p. failed in its promises to the world if we want to have a free 21st century and not the chinese century of which dreams. the old paradigm of blinding gauge with china simply won't get it done speech seems to have a lot in common with that of winston churchill's when he declared an iron curtain had descended across europe dividing it into soviet and western spheres it was the beginning of the cold war and with pump ails us against them rhetoric another cold war between the u.s. and china may be brewing this isn't about containment don't buy that. it's about a complex new challenge that we've never faced before. the u.s.s.r. was closed off from the free world communist china is already within our borders washington's hostile stance is no doubt part of a recent pitfall in sino u.s. relations while waistband in the u.s. accusations of tech that disputes in the south china sea it's all reminding experts
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of a warning former president richard nixon made decades ago we must cultivate jointed during the next few decades want it is learning to develop its national strength and potential otherwise we will one day be confronted with the most for middle enemy that has ever existed in the history of the world unfortunately for washington nixon was right when he was president china was still an economically backwards country with its eyes on rapid development fast forward to the present and the communist parties accomplished much of what it set out to do it's lifted millions out of abject poverty it led the country to. what looks like a quick recovery from the covert 1000 pandemic it doesn't seem willing to stop in the face of washington statements. remarks which ignore facts enough of ideological bias and cold war mentality are a hodgepodge of political lies intensively made recently by senior u.s. officials accusations of human rights abuses authoritarian name calling pompei was
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even labeled china's system a new tyranny it does all sound a bit crusading but then again it's nothing new in america's foreign policy playbook the troika of tyranny in this hemisphere cuba venezuela and nicaragua has finally met its match pressers regimes and ideologies forces of oppression to tell a tear in ism and domination well despite the trumpet ministrations best efforts the so-called troika of tyranny is still around even where u.s. backed regime change was successful it's still no walk in the park in iraq the government is basically powerless to combat militias that see it as a us puppet and in countries where the u.s. failed like venezuela it's a huge waste of taxpayer money china though is a lot more powerful and with u.s. allies unwilling to get behind this new strategy pelle might need to rethink his approach because. the work has already. started and actually in
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my opinion to show corners code to work between china and merica has now much talk during a positive because the united states has never spoke to you know we are thinking of cold war talk to wouldn't do thinking about china who were very clear which country. is more in the world into war definitely specially extra decision to question for many people to understand i think that if you do united states would be really new and ruling in interference into other countries. domestic affairs. yet another standoff is unfolding in the u.s. city of portland on friday night federal troops fired tear gas and rubber bullets at a crowd of activists who were marching on the courthouse and police say that there were brutal clashes between protesters with an african-american trump supporter reportedly stabbed by and to fire member.
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federal forces were sent in earlier this week by president trump to quell increasingly violent anti-racism protests some residents and businesses owners have complained that their city has been turned into a war zone by the riots but more than a dozen u.s. mayors most of them democrats have voiced alarm over the federal crackdown and the u.n. is now adding its concern over the security response. peaceful demonstrations that
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have been taking place and citizen the u.s. such as portland really might be able to continue with that these positions beaten them and i'll say that people have reported and the journalists risk an arbitrary address to detention being subject to unnecessary disproportionate discriminants or use of force or suffering other violations of the your rights since the riots started in portland 18 people have been arrested on charges including arson and vandalism we heard from some of those involved in the protest movement. but we're very encouraged by the drum circle we weren't even close to just a really nasty. dirty truth from the 1st one that says her i mean he's having with this hit and run with the rubber bullet. night how do you just look at how the. last house. we.
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revert to speech. in england face coverings are now mandatory in all public spaces but it has raised the question over who should monitor compliance some major retailers and smaller shops too are saying it's not up to them to enforce the new rules are u.k. correspondent ali reports from friday it's now mandatory for people in england to wear a face mask when they go to shop supermarket so they go to pick up a delivery now we're going to go on to the streets of london to try to see what the public think they should done this before the current virus what instance like the fact that it's on the one people 100 pounds. and ready money other people's health just that that makes perfect picture all government. i think we should have been implementing from the beginning. i think it's important to abide by these 3 was busy think there's a lot of science that goes behind coming up with these rules most of the shops that
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i went into really forcing the rules and those that just said that they would recommending people to mosques to cover their faces now many of those shops because don't want to be enforcing those rules because they fear aggression and backlash from sites and members of the public if they were to try to make people wear mosques with hundreds of incidents of violence and abuse directed at retail stuff every day we welcome denouncement that in force much will be left to the. authorities rather than potentially putting hard working retail colleagues in harms way if. someone refuses to wear a face mask probably we can kindly asked him to relief but as to enforcing it it's not viable there will be certain people who would be upset about it. and indeed the most controlling parts of us also as well is
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a weekend in force of we don't always encourage people to have it but. god knows how rude and sort of the government of said that those who refuse to wear face masks when going into shops could be fined up to $100.00 pounds should an individual without an exemption refuse to wear a face covering a shop can refuse them entry and can call the police if people refuse to comply the police have formal him for some powers and can issue a fine and the police don't seem to be too keen either saying that making them in force that is both unrealistic and unfair policing the wearing of face coverings in shops can't be a priority because we simply don't have the resources to expect my colleagues to be policing the supermarket aisles looking for those shoppers not wearing a face covering is unrealistic and unfair the u.k. has had one of the worst coronavirus death tolls of any country around the world there are some who say that these measures are better late than never but many
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others who feel that it's far too little thought through they easily artsy london. thousands in jerusalem have been protesting against the under fire israeli prime minister demonstrators gathered in front of that benyamin netanyahu has residence in the city as well as add some 250 intersections across the country 10 people were arrested for disturbing public order according to the police it has been reported that the authorities have now cleared the area outside netanyahu home. now rallies against to be economic fall out of the covert pandemic and government policies sol left and right wing groups clash protestors are calling for netanyahu to resign blaming him for mishandling the crisis and the corruption allegations against supporters of the pm were out as well giving their backing to israeli leader.
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people in the far eastern russian city of how bought off sky are protesting for a 3rd consecutive weekend in support of their former governor he was arrested earlier this month on allegations of ordering murders 15 years ago our correspondent what i got there picks up a story for us. 7 tons those away in the region of the bottom of the pacific ocean there are very different opinions on the entire affair the entire case of sergei 4 to go he was arrested on very serious charges and this was a high profile arrest this is patient of organizing the kidnapping in the mud multiple entrepreneurialism and these cases divided russians all over the country the official statistics that we've heard is 6500 people attending this demonstration unofficial reports going up 220000 people are still angry they demand the dismissal of these cases a little at the most i went out into the streets because i could not take it
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anymore i'm boiling over and such was support for girl who want justice to prevail did you mean i don't like the political situation in the country i am dissatisfied with our government and officials it is a simple as that society has matured to the point of expressing its indignation about what is happening in the far east sygate for god himself has maintained his innocence throughout and says he looks forward to the investigation against the being brought through and then he is also enjoyed a lot of popularity about us. region is. a reputation as a governor who cares a governor who has an ear open to the concerns of constituents and voters he's made a habit of dressing down very publicly officials that have either been incompetent . 'd shoddy work is temporary replacement we heil dictator of hasn't been welcomed with open arms protests to say that he doesn't belong he has no ties
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to the region and that you know that much prefer the old governor nevertheless the new governor says he's there to stay and he's going to do a good job you know it let's respect each other let's work together as i've been doing for food days in the governor's office i came here all of your complaints are taken into account so that all government bodies work smoothly i will spend the weekend on a trip around the bar of school region. still the new governor and protesters are at loggerheads because the protesters who gather in these huge crowds they say he has refused to come out and to speak with them to engage with them which is signs of weakness fear e.m.c. says he has no time to waste that there's a lot to be done to the big show everything runs smoothly that there is a smooth transition in the years advised the protesters to stop attending me these needless and meaningless protests that instead devote their energy and enthusiasm
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to volunteer work for example. rallies have taken place here in moscow as well in solidarity with the protests in russia's far east according to local media police have arrested between 15 and 40 people out on authorized gatherings of the center of the capital the activists were on their way to the russian prosecutor general's office to submit a petition in support of mr food go. in addition ban that brought in for the pandemic expires in the us with many fearing that they will lose their homes that story and much more after the shortest breaks this is our teacher that.
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we go to work. straight home. is janet jackson the last of the baby boomers or speculating in the 99 he was on the birth of companies that went public for the 1st time and they would have these pops and then there was this enormous crash where the millennialism jhansi are speculating on the death of companies and companies that are dying and declare their dead companies and their supply ploughing their way in to speculate on on the death of a company. welcome
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back this is our t. international live from moscow now rallies have been held across greece against the conversion of istanbul's i also fear into a mosque on friday be a historic landmark held its 1st muslim prayers in 90 years in 1st a lot of greek orthodox protesters burned a turkish flags sparking condemnation from banners were on display with the message for the homeland the nation and orthodoxy demonstrators also marched on the turkish consulate in the city. we are not this is a totally barbaric and on civilized turning heise afia into a mosque this actually goes against all of the dogs people this is not right from
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the turkish because they have the your church is to create to. friday's muslim prayers and drew crowds of worshippers who filled the nearby square turkey's president. was also in attendance surrounded by senior officials the turkish leader participated in the service and recited verses from the koran he then expressed his delight at the reconversion. this is been a yearning since our youth we used to say let the chains break in highest fear open as a mosque we've ended an 86 year period highness of fear has now returned to its essence it was a mosque and it's a mosque a game let's get a little deeper into the story about the history of sophia originally it was built by the eastern roman empire as a cathedral then it became a mosque after the ottoman conquest in 1935 it was then converted into a museum but earlier this month turkey transformed it back into
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a mosque. chrysanthemum paulus a former greek ambassador to canada believes that the change in sofia status is down to the president attempting to take attention away from a troubled economy. well i think that he was doing it out maybe also for internal reasons because his popularity is is dropping now in that turkey because of the economic crisis and also my impression is that he is trying to put down at the. founder of modern turkey so this is an attack also against the demolished regime in turkey so basically it's an it's an internal problem that has international ramifications i don't think that he cares anything about statements being done the only thing that he might care would be if concrete measures were taken like the e.u. taking sanctions against against turkey for violating international
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law and violating that character tauriel integrity of 2 of its member states which is greece and cyprus we must not forget that the e.u. has taken sanctions against russia for reasons much less. and which which i personally don't don't agree with them and yet it refuses or the moment to take sanctions against turkey. the chief of a u.k. arts charity has accused british museums of being hypocritical in their support of the black lives matter movement errol francis says the institution should 1st relinquish items in their collections taken by force from africa he spoke to r.t. . you've got to clean up your own house before you start to other people that's the simple response to it it's contradictory really to note. the home issue the colonial proclivities and also the not content of. what.
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i. also support but not as much it seems incompatible to me the comments come after several high profile galleries and museums responded to the black lives matter movement with words of support the british museum's director for example wrote a blog post last month saying the institution stands in solidarity with black people throughout the world but the british museum itself has been under pressure for years to return works of art looted from former colonies those include the ben and bronze is taken by british soldiers from nigeria the greek parthenon marbles and easter island statue u.k. legislation currently prevents national institutions from returning looted items in their collections except in the case of art stolen during the nazi era but a british museum spokesperson said the institution is working on changes when it comes to displaying the objects and is being open about the history of the collections errol francis though isn't convinced by that. the role of new c.m.c.
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is being called into question and also the means by which they shouldn't be assembled is being questioned this quote documentation about how these came into the possession of the museum. we need to know is whether or not it was taken with consent when asking for a new kind of music that is more humanitarian and pays greater attention to human rights. armenian and by john are locked in a deadly border dispute and the shock waves are now being felt here in moscow which is home to large communities from both countries more than 30 people have been arrested in a string of incidents so far in the latest clash a group of azerbaijani men were caught on camera smashing the windows of an armenian cafe a member of staff was reportedly assaulted just a few hours earlier
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a group of armenians vandalized in azerbaijan a restaurant beating up staff and allegedly raiding the cash register and on thursday a car with an armenian number plate was smashed up and the driver attacked moscow police have issued a warning to both communities saying offenders could be deported and blacklisted for 5 years earlier this month the 2 countries saw their deadliest cross border shelling since 2016 with a dozen other by johnny and 5 armenian soldiers killed. in the united states a ban on even to soften the blow of the coronavirus crisis has expired putting millions of americans at risk of losing their homes it comes as the daily infection rate shows little sign of slowing down. with the united states hit harder than any other nation by the coronavirus things to be getting worse with many americans becoming a lot more vulnerable very soon after the eviction ban is lifted millions of
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americans who are renters who live in buildings with mortgages backed by the government could soon be out on the streets here in new york we saw a record trends of folks that were applying for temporary housing in the. shelter system more than what we had seen and many many missed a year and there has not been a response in terms of how we will address of course opening back up with people facing eviction so we're looking at just about thousands tens of thousands of families in households facing homelessness many for the 1st time in their lives now aside from the huge social shock this is also a public health emergency all of those who've been turned out of their homes will huddle together with relatives or seek shelter when hope 19 was added. it was a fight to try to get our elected officials to understand that folks need to be
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isolated and wanted to keep them safe from cope 19 so we found that a lot of our homeless by this is. what actually a void going into shelter knowing that they were overcrowded and where and you base for the spread of overnight scene and they would have rather it stay on the street whether that been an incoming weather whether that would have been without the proper resources on the street the pandemic has brought the u.s. economy to a standstill it appeared that the surge in job losses was subsiding but this past week job loss numbers have been rising once again many fear that the u.s. economy is too weak to swiftly recover surgery $3000000.00 americans are officially unemployed now the $600.00 per week unemployment inhance meant is currently set to expire it could be extended if congress chooses to do that but it appears that's unlikely at the moment. unfortunately by all accounts the senate republicans are
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drafting legislation that comes up short in a number of vital areas such as extending unemployment benefits or funding for rental assistance hazard premium pay for front line workers or investments in communities of color being ravaged by the virus and many other necessary provisions the u.s. senate is currently deadlocked over the economic stimulus bill with many hoping that it will pass in august meanwhile the infection rates in a number of u.s. states are rising and as it appears that a number of americans are on the brink of losing their incomes and their homes the situation in the united states regarding the pandemic is starting to look pretty bleak cable mop and artsy new york by the others a for me this i'll be back with more news that for quite moscow time of this is art international stay with us.
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capitalism in the united states abandon the united states the leading capitalists in this country are now global capitalists that blink and that leaves them their middle class without jobs without a future it's
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a disaster covered over with. each other but the reality is a disaster and it was good from work you would see other people in merging trying to make a political career by feel good there. i am max kaiser this is the kaiser report the best show rated recently by show ratings amount of us as the best show in the world welcome stacey is that one of
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here twitter accounts that you created. i get it well you know what the theme of this episode of kaiser report is you know those black friday shopping stampedes and shopping riots that everybody looks forward to the 1st friday after thanksgiving where people go and beat each other up in order to get a discount on a flat screen television or actually some sort of useless item that they don't need this started this trend started they say in 2005 according to the wikipedia black friday has routinely been the busiest shopping day of the year in the united states since 2005 all the news reports which at that time were inaccurate have described as the busiest shopping day of the year for a much longer period of time similar stories resurface year upon year.


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