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tv   News  RT  July 30, 2020 8:00am-8:30am EDT

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and so you see things like voter suppression building more prisons you seem gerrymandering all sorts of in democratic practices. in the world the wealth of the world. of the. headlines in r.t. the u.s. is pulling nearly 12000 troops from germany to pay back the white house says for not paying enough into nato defense that means choice of words also court attention . to make any alliance sharing the burden so we can all get to russia and avoid peace in the north. a big tax for most powerful c.e.o.'s get a grilling by the u.s. congress over political censorship and competition concerns and hundreds of british health workers march on down the street demand a pay rise for anyone in the sector saying that they are still battling the
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pandemic on the front line and getting only price in return. hello there you're watching r.t. internationally it's 3 pm here in moscow the united states is slashing its military presence in germany it is with touring or deploying elite $12000.00 personnel and it is part of a long running dispute donald trump has with claiming it's not paying enough into the nato military alliance a slip of the tongue by the u.s. defense secretary did raise a few eyebrows. i've said very privately to my counterparts as well about the importance of nato any alliance sharing the burden so we can all deter russia and avoid peace in the course of he's paid all of us that morning pay us a clip is probably going to come back to haunt him will still a bit of
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a worry though for germany isn't it but we've all had them kevin haven't we where we've said something just slightly wrong and that the words get away from us but mean you have never been the defense secretary of a nuclear state 12000 american troops will be leaving germany 6400 of those will be returning to the united states 5400 will be redeployed elsewhere around europe donald trump the us president has called germany delinquent in the past over it defense spending they seems to have been the trigger that prompted this troop withdrawal. but there are one. let's be clear i think germany is the wealthiest country in europe germany can and should pay more to its defense it should certainly meet the 2 percent standard and i would argue go above and beyond that the number of troops
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to be withdrawn is high yet the $9000.00 that was quoted by the us president earlier this month the minister president of bavaria market zada a man who's also taped as a potential replacement for angle of merkel when she steps down from office next year has said that this move will won't damage german u.s. relations the u.s. government's decision was very regrettable use of this dream in the u.s. human relations it's not clear what the game is from a military standpoint. in the us itself in the long run but it's also prompted a lot of domestic politicking in the united states democratic senator from new jersey bob menendez has said that. champagne would be popping in the kremlin this news that's despite the reality that moscow's less than happy at this it will almost certainly mean that u.s. troops will be stationed in poland right on russia's borders what we've heard from the foreign minister and the chancellor here in berlin is that donald trump being
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voted out of office in november won't automatically fix things that the relationship between germany and the united states that those problems go much deeper we grew up in the certain knowledge that the united states wanted to be at world power should the u.s. now wish to draw from that role of the center will would have to reflect on that very deeply everyone who thinks everything in transatlantic partnership will be as it once was with a democratic president underestimates the structural changes there you go the united states to withdraw almost $12000.00 troops from germany and what would be so any one of the biggest shakeups in nato since the cold war is donald trump continues his policy certainly seems like a policy anyway of how to lose friends and alienate people diplomatically paid to roll over there while a member of chancellor merkel cd party to tell us the troop withdrawal could
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actually be a good opportunity for germany to re-evaluate his defense strategy and its role in nature. never been an alliance of equals but now of course been turned and twisted into different directions and people trying to cling on to all structures for lack of imagination or maybe farfel fear of the unknown of course the year political elites and also corporate lives mostly think that we should keep the way it is but there's a significant stream in the general public that will see a list that's reduce it of course it's also a contentious issue and also an issue between east and west because i would say in the east of german we're strongly to this ourselves. because this smallest i'm going to russia in the west again it looks it looks differently so the country is divided on this issue i for one learned welcome it and there's a there's a group in germany as well council official policy or policy makers don't want most of them to it's
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a chess somebody if you thinking has to be done and i think. what trump is doing now is will bring about those the earlier thoughts and the thinking and that can only be for the good. that from casino hotels the office blocks the name trump is a pass that on many prime addresses but an israeli settlement named after being best president as a thank you for his backing in a territory or displaying it is looking much less resplendent as mine. what is president trump love more than seeing his name in golden letters on a big sign praise and recognition one would say and here in northern israel he's got both trump heights in the middle of nowhere a thank you from benjamin netanyahu to his american body for doing what most of the international community would not recognize this is the golan heights as part of israel you have been an incredible friend for israel and you've done extraordinary
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things for the jewish state which we are eternally grateful to much fanfare and celebrations you might imagine an idyllic place but the 1st thing you see is the settlement gate which doesn't close completely and there's a gap here through which i can just go into the but jari gets into it and then you find that no boulevard or fancy entrance leading into the village instead of hot overgrown with weeds and piles of stone a far cry from what you'd expect the entrance into trump heights would look like when you think a place like you had a 2nd chance you see this this building used to be the common law say to the regional village for him and now 80 although he's been a fantasy name change a new settlement has filter tracked many residents today less than a dozen lives here and right now no one seems to be. so alone is there any one poem hello. israel captured this territory from syria during the
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19676 day war and later and mexted 981 now most of the international community considers that annexation illegal and does not consider the golan heights as part of israel locals don't take it seriously either in the flesh i think it's not a good location it's very hard it's a neglected area and i simply don't know why people go to live there for us into the bigger issue this is going to want to see because we think it's all roads are going to get. sued. there's a boat work which is this is an american issue with. the israeli government says plans are underway to eventually house $300.00 families but in the years since truck prices beeman overrated nothing's being done maybe it doesn't even matter if the un has been bestowed the facts on marginal after all we live in an era of fake news says the president trying to get likes to say. r.t.
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heights northern israel. the most powerful bosses in big tech have had a dressing down from u.s. lawmakers over their market power and also claims of political censorship the heads of facebook google and apple face congress and so too to the world's richest man amazon boss jeff bezos who made his 1st appearance tax out to get conservatives that's not a suspicion that's not a hunch that's a fact think all my new families how with. the prices were driven up by the fact that you eliminate it your main competitor why don't we respect those. amazon's dual role as a platform operator and competing so on their platform is fundamentally anti-competitive and congress must take action please but messenger whatsapp instagram are the most now downloaded apps of the last decade your company sir owns
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them all in we have a word for that that word is monopoly i believe it is in fact your company that is engaging in the election interference well it is little wonder there are monopoly concerns the combined market value with the tech world's big 4 is greater than any entire german economy plus with political advertising regulations increasingly in place it is suspected that the social media giants do play a crucial role in elections and perhaps biased towards the democrats party america discuss the issues. what about the timing of all of this why is it happening right now is there any significance to that well they definitely isn't the chairman of the subcommittee spoke out today when the hearing started and he said that this is even more important now because as we're still dealing with a lockdown as a result of the coronavirus pandemic it is really hit small businesses the hardest and in turn it has actually made these 4 big tech companies there they're talking about even more powerful than before take a listen to the code 900 demick these corporations already stude out as titans in
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our economy in the wake of 9 where they're likely to emerge stronger and more powerful than ever before as american family shift more of their work shopping and communication online these giant stand to profit locally owned businesses meanwhile mom and pop stores on main street face an economic crisis unlike any in recent history now as we know these tech companies are no strangers to privacy concerns and so there have also been a lot of questions about how they use all of the information that they gather from their users that are on their platforms and where that's going to go in the future yeah i think that's a really good point i think you have to look at the fact that essentially all these different companies could be i believe they are but could be violated antitrust laws in the fashion in some way or another they do seem to be engaging in very similar conduct which is essentially keeping competition from rising up using data to hold back competition all competition goes away no one is big enough or rich
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enough to be able to compete and also as we all know these companies are kind of the say in that they're all data companies that's actually what they are their companies that mine our data and then sell that data that's how they're so powerful is anything actually going to be done by congress to address this or is this kind of an opportunity for those on the hill to do some grandstanding and ruffle their feathers. i think it's a lot of grandstanding i don't think much is going to come out of this and there's a couple of reasons for that you and i have been talking about this for years that essentially these companies are abusing section 2. 30 and acting not as platforms but as publishers there's really no discussion right now of removing that even though some members of congress want to do that the president has talked about doing that it's not happening and so the question becomes if you really want to get these guys in line there's a couple of things you can do and one of them is to say you are in violation we're going to revoke it from you. know every week at the height of the pandemic people across britain did turn out to applaud health workers it was appreciated but
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medical staff marched on downing street on wednesday did say that what they really need is a decent pay rise across the sector. i. national health service starts a priest but most until next spring however unions do say that money is needed now i was specially is exhausted health workers are bracing for what could be an imminent 2nd whites campaign money is tight but say system funds should be spread more fat. i completely agree that we're in a very tricky situation at the moment and things are move precarious and they work you know because the last 10 years we've seen a stare at the cuts we've seen a lot a lot of damage done to certain sections of the workforce in our society now but we've also seen in recent times billions of pounds being harmful to companies and private companies and businesses you know there are priorities that we can see
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d.n.a. testing clearly not a priority in fact if even though ironically or you know in quite scary the n.h.s. is being you know if continue if people can feel completely free on the value of by big important oh the n.h.s. i'm past that is. still ahead for us federal offices begin pulling out of the protest plate city of portland we'll have the details and reaction just off the.
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more of my financial survival this. is a. professional scallywags. protector so. for.
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heading towards a run in with russia security chief said they've arrested more. they suspected terrorists in the country. so burroughs is taking things very seriously in fact they have opened a terrorism investigation into what these men could be doing on the boat of russian soil but very little details so far no not just to us to the media but to the russian government as well the spokesman for the russian president dmitry peskov one asked as to what the kremlin thinks about the situation what they are doing he said that they don't have the full picture as well we still have incomplete information about what happened there is no information to the new legal action by these russians which could have been the reason for the detention we don't know anything about it richard also completely ruled out the possibility that it was some organization that sent those men to belarus on some secret mission he said
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that was completely impossible and out of the question but in belarus they are taking the situation as seriously as they possibly can alexander lukashenko for instance the president of belarus he met with the security council over the situation and here's what he had to say nothing of the need to address the russian mass media and also the not to say nonsense if you are guilty you need to get out of the situation with dignity not guilty good we have no goals to discredit the country close to us for the circumstances of how these men were detained and well i have to say they sound pretty odd for someone on a spine mission because according to the information coming from better rules all these men they got rooms at a single hotel and they were wearing military style clothes in public and that was how they got on the radar of the security services so talk about hiding in plain
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sight alexander lukashenko he is in the middle of his reelection campaign and this road to the next term is proving quite difficult quite rocky for him because people have been taking to the streets protesting against him staying in power. and some even went as far as accusing him of jailing his political opponents so this situation that we're talking about only adds chaos to this campaign. 3rd the race and police protests in the u.s. city of portland saw a crowd stay gassed overnight much of their anger was aimed at the federal officers sent there to crackdown. on. protesters set off fireworks the fan and selves on the receiving end of tear gas after ignoring police
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loudspeaker warnings is also concerned so that detained campaigners have been told that will only be released if they are going to stay away from further protests as for the federal officers sent in by trump the oregon governor says that they will start withdrawing later on thursday they were deployed early this month to cities which donald trump has the right it is being ruled by liberal democrats or the handling of the racial unrest maybe pitting the white house against local leaders however the political rivals to suspect his toughened response does belie a bigger goal in his sights as it explains. the crisis playing out across the united states seems to be drawing a fine line between law and order order being what donald trump claims he is trying to achieve with his crackdown and law being what mayors say donald trump is disregarding by not listening to the message of the protestors demonstrators for
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racial justice represent the best of a democratic ideals the president's unilateral deployment to federal forces betrays them and does nothing to keep a safe and i stands with our friends in portland that is more like a block party atmosphere it's not an art takeover it's not a military junta how long do you think seattle in those few blocks looks like this . i don't know we could have the summer of love the white house continues to highlight what it's portraying as a prolonged episode of rioting and lawlessness meanwhile the protesters are refusing to throw in the towel when it comes to highlighting their issue of racial injustice. the black lives matter movement has gained traction worldwide with millions coming
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to understand its message and call for racial justice however many u.s. analysts are saying that in the short term it could be down will trump who actually games from the episode of prolonged on rast vandalizing our downtown gives don't trump the images he wants and the justification he seeks to send federal troops into merican city what can be folded and plain to his twisted campaign strategy violent protesters lighting fires and using violence in portland should wear donald trump buttons this is who they are helping progressives in portland need to call them out including the mayor retreat police don't allow violent people to help donald trump summer making the analogy of the 1968 presidential election in which richard nixon won in a landslide following the assassination of dr martin luther king jr the protests in the streets are created an atmosphere of fear now george floyd can hardly be compared to dr martin luther king but the widespread protests sweeping urban
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centers are certainly reminiscent of that era bring about law and order we want a law and order they don't want to lower the law in order will prevail it is president seeks to restore law and order law and order line order stands for law and order its president stands of law and order was the rule of law and we want a lot of orders. against the wishes of local mayors donald trump is sending in a heavy handed federal agents now some say he could be inciting more violence however others think he has no choice but unfolds lightly around the courthouse cannot reasonably be called protests it is by any objective measure an assault on the government of the united states the current wave of unrest is being dubbed the costliest in u.s. history meanwhile there's been a spike in violent crime with some voices blaming that on the calls to define the police democrats are calling out donald trump saying that use running
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a campaign based on fear come on that is all about trying to come up with a bizarre law and order 2020 campaign thing to try to scare the demo nerd can people so is donald trump perhaps going to win over a silent majority is it possible that something that looked like the end of donald trump and 21 with black lives matter in our streets could actually result in the democrats and ing him another term in the white house it will come up and r.t. new york. now a statue in a botanic garden in south korea has reignited numb resolve bitter war time to speak with japan and it shows a man eating in front of a girl who symbolizes military sex slaves euphemistically called comfort women from japan's imperial colonial era nearly a century ago but what's really annoying japan back to it is that the man looks a little bit like prime minister shinzo abyei unself no stranger to inflaming the
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dispute pan says it is based on abyei it will seriously impact relations with south korea. duce got doggedly with him i think such a thing is unforgivable in terms of international courtesy if the reports are accurate it will have a decisive impact on japan and south korea relations. of the bigger issue behind this is over reparations for the so-called comfort stations they were in use from 132 until the end of the 2nd world war and women will by the author of work only to be forced into providing sexual services to japanese imperial army soldiers it is thought around 200000 mostly korean women were enslaved by the terms to resolve the dispute over the years have been pretty slow a treaty to try normalize relations came about in 1965 but it did take japan until 993 to finally apologize and admit that the women were forced into sex
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slavery by 2015 a formal apology and deal was agreed with a fund to compensate victims but it didn't go far enough for many in south korea and that d. or 2 almost fell apart campaigners say there is still unfinished business we will never have peace and asia and to japan brings this chapter chokeholds finally unconditionally make an apology through its legislative will just. the sculptor also says that she named the sculpture eternal at home and it could be. could be any man it could even be the survivors are. really need to do there instead of trying to change our name or knows his shit so not. no no
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you want to pend it and how the chinese and bring justice and. closure to this a by birth and. it's horrendous history washing out international that's how are things looking so far today here not a good have you company but back again in about 30 minutes or so but don't forget we've got plenty stories to you want our website. was a pandemic no certainly no borders i'm just delighted to nationalities. has emerged little tidbits really we took
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a back seat. pizza to. judge a. commentary crisis with this system to modern times we can do better we should. everyone is contributing it's her own way but we also know that this crisis not go on forever the challenge is grateful for the response has been much so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we are in it together. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to us from the world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see of ad. hoc no 2 no crowd. no
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shots no. action just helps because. in the last draft no 1st. points your thirst for action. a dark industry comes to life in los angeles every night. dozens of women sells their bodies on the streets many of them under-age. los angeles police reveal a taste of their daily challenge no if you're going to exploit for a child here in los angeles they were going to come out you see officers going undercover as 6 workers and customers to fight the 6 trades. thinking of getting a coupon the ones we got in here shall come out why does he know it still he's
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trapped in this tiny little wired we don't need a crate with him he wall just. reaching out into the wall and it's pretty much anywhere near and thousands a little reading dogs a caged in inhumane conditions on puppy farms i mean 67 years you know they've been locked up in cages outside you see no protection from the weather the heat you know the cold air the rain the snow the thunder nothing they have no protection. to get you. know it's ok. across the u.s. cruel puppy mills are supported by dog shows and pet stores. most of the poppies that are coming from these large scale factory farming operations are being sold at stores even giant a good businesses are involved but can't get them sent up there has been a shocking amount of the organized opposition to efforts to increase the standards of care for dogs bred in commercial breeding facilities most of that opposition is
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coming from huge agricultural groups and industries that have nothing to do with jobs don't buy dog. greetings and sell you taishan my friends since the very 1st protesters took to the streets of minneapolis over the murder of george ward to the recent protests in portland were groups of mothers fathers and military veterans are joining hands and readying their leaf blowers to push back against the tear gas and nightsticks the us establishment class and their mindless pundit followers have tried with all of their might and public relation to paint these protesters as.


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