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an enormous explosion hits and the lebanese capital beirut leaving at least 78 people dead and 4000 injured the blast has caused a massive down the across the city destroying buildings in the port district and leaving many residents without electricity the exact cause of the disaster is not clear although it is believed to be linked to the proper storage of explosive materials in a warehouse. countries including turkey and israel russia to offer emergency. and a medical aid to lebanon where hospitals are already under immense stream. find updates on the deadly explosion in beirut over at our 2 dot com i'll be back. with the headlines coming up next it is the.
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hi i'm max kaiser this is kaiser report somers solution. why oh it's going to be exciting very exciting i'm excited i know you're excited i know stacey is excited let's check in with stacy right now max this is our favorite time of the year always for the past 10 years here in kaiser when we do the summer solutions we look at solutions to all the problems that kaiser report reports on throughout the year but this year i think is the most epic of all because i believe we are on the verge of a renaissance just like in the italian renaissance we have now a basically online renaissance it's it's not any one nation it's all the people organizing online and i believe that is going to be the case we're going to cover
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that war a little bit and in a few moments but 1st i want to say you know the the big themes that we've been covering there really coming to a head in 2020 diggle is ation dollar is ation japan afic ation of our balance sheets of central bank's money printer go back and de china for cation now is a new thing so we're going to cover those over then upcoming episodes of summer solutions did china for cation that's the 1st time i've heard that what does it mean it's a process of separating the global economy from china exiting trade deals japan as we recently reported they they're paying their own corporate companies from japan 536000000 to take their factories out of china and move them to vietnam move them to cambodia move them to other places in southeast asia so we're going to see a lot of the power all of china has come from the fact that we have outsourced much of our manufacturing capacity from america from you. europe from japan to china so
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now there's going to be a process of the de globalization this is a subset of that the globalization is called the china fixation remember him wasn't too long ago when people were describing the u.s. china relationship to symbiotic relationship where we sent them their jobs they sent us cheap goods even though it was mutually counterproductive people described it as. symbiotic and therefore have no endgame attached to it and those who are warning what would happen if these 2 separated they mayhem it would create and that was just not accepted that here we are do you trying to fit cation i guess what that theory i guess that was employed this is one thing we're going to cover in upcoming episodes of summer solutions we're going to talk to chris fenton who was a china you know bull he was really bullish on that spent a lot of time being essentially an ambassador there now he's kind of pulling back
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and even the likes of steve benen see him almost as an hour and steve bannon if you know is very very against china and that was part of his role in the election of trumpet 2016 was an anti tying up position so here domestically in the united states where also seeing the inequality the wealth and income gap and that's coming to a head as well but one thing i think we're going to see post this pandemic and of course we are in a global pandemic so our summer vacation by the way will not be anywhere but to the backyard because we still can't go anywhere but i have made up a term and that's called hugh monk a fixation we're going to see the human defecation of the already enormous entities in america like the 3 or 4 banks that control most of the deposits the 3 or 4 internet companies that control most of the internet we're going to see them get even bigger as the smaller companies fade away and just so you may be you know when
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i was in my 3rd or 4th grade i got a mark down on a paper because i used the word humongous and the teacher told me that humongous was not a word but i looked it up humongous is actually an english word made up in the 1970 s. of a combination of huge and monstrous so it is a word thank god that spend resolved after these years let's get the teacher on. phone right now give them a piece of our yeah so few months occasion of course the way otherwise described that would be consolidation or a conglomeration right there's always been a trend toward a conglomeration and then to keighley that's go conglomeration but yeah you monger for cation everything's getting bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger at the same time however we're having this you know societal wide uprising breakdown unrest whatever we're seeing and this is to me what i believe is the new renaissance is
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starting to happen because remember the original renaissance happened out of the dark ages we entered this period from out of the dark ages after the 100 years war after the black plague and member of the black death is what is basically directly responsible for their honest ons because it undermined the authority of the church and because the church was incapable of dealing with it they had nothing to say about it so we're in a period right now where we have this global pandemic health authorities globally national presidents states like the heads of state have all failed no but everybody was caught flat footed because of the paradigm in which the the new papacy which is the central banks run this world they couldn't obviously shut down anything they couldn't do anything they just had to cross their fingers and hope that it all went well and now we have just total collapse you had collapse that led directly to the
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renaissance in florence and i think this is the sort of moment where where the authority is disintegrating and that's why you see all these uprisings people no longer believe if all value derives from human consciousness we don't. have faith we have lost faith we've lost we don't place value on what the authorities have told us about what the situation is whether it's the pandemic of money printing or the pandemic of a virus during the renaissance itself people were saying wow this is cool it's the renaissance they were like oh my gosh the church is collapsing the authority of the church is collapsing therefore this is just one other chapter of this ongoing catastrophe called the dark ages and middle ages but now we look back and we say oh actually that was the beginning of the run of science so you believe that during these bleak times of cove it and central bank authority collapse we've got the seeds of place for a new renaissance i do believe we are heading into
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a moment that could be a new renaissance that means we're exiting a dark ages and i think you could only like to find an epic and a park you know hundreds of years in the future just like it was called the italian renaissance only not during that they didn't say hey this is the renaissance you know it was 1020300 years later that people recognize that wow that happened and the black death as i had pointed out undermined the authority of the church which had led which is basically the head of the dark ages and then you had the failure of 2 big banks in florence that led to the rise of middy t. so we haven't had our bank failures yet they haven't been allowed to fail but once those failed then the mideast she's in the and and artisanship could rise but also importantly what happened in in florence of course was half the population disappeared through the black death so before the plague there were like 45000
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people that live there and then after it was like 25000 people that live there so in into that mix you had this workers started earning more money they had more value in society and the economy then you had devinsky michael. angelo raphael tissue and all these amazing artists and the age of discovery and so we're also on the verge of an age of discovery if you think about where it's going it's not in our geographical earth obviously because we've discovered all of that but outer space we have space x. for example in our musk is one of these age of discover is right he's got space x. neural link our consciousness is the next you know age of explorer exploration we're going to go into our consciousness and try to find what's in their own right so you've got outer space you've got cyber space you've got inner space yes all of these frontiers are going to be explored in this new age of discovery to pick up on your renaissance analogy and we've had banks failing but we haven't had
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a central bank fail so i guess that's what we should look for as the keystone a moment of this run a science kicking off is a major central banks around the world failing and i would suspect that will be in the news and the renaissance as you had pointed out was not like super easy it wasn't like everybody welcomed the art of divinity and michelangelo but now you know at that time had the people army and these people war is the people states like people all these wars going on during that time but the the ideas like they were already painted and it was too late but the same here we have means that were already created money printer was already created minutes too late to race that from human consciousness we already have this idea undermining the authority of the money printers so where do you go with that and where will that lead to a yeah i think this is a good topic to explore in summer solutions you know because they've got casts and
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discussions coming up kind of digging into this new renaissance idea and the parallels with the you know the year 1500 or so when the florentine renaissance kicked off i think it's a good one and we've got some incredible inventors. and thinkers and philosophers and their are out on twitter they're there they're putting memes that are globally recognized and instantaneously changing people's thoughts and paradigms and so into that comes into this interconnected global cyber genetic environment in an ecosystem you don't know at any moment what idea could suddenly transform all of human consciousness in an instant and there were again like forces fighting that and it was around the notion of free will whether you have free will or not or whether. you know it was preordained that feat you had no control over your fate and we see that sort of same thing the fight back on that is coming from the
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central authorities that have every bit the population have lost respect for the central authorities because of this epic pandemic of money printing because of the pandemic that's happened over the past 20 years but you see it's a process and now that people don't trust it and they're starting to say well you're controlled by these online means you're controlled by these evil nation states online like controlling your mind through a medium and so they're fighting back whether or not you have free will instead of fate it's like if you encounter a mean you could it's the mean that cause you to lose faith in us it's like. them philosophically what people understand during a renaissance. like a lotus flower the essence of creation comes from an unknown place and blooms and there's a lot of people that are constantly looking to cut flowers and to just destroy the
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garden but that would cut off our collective unconscious and our global consciousness connected telephonically and cyber kinetically and opens up the possibility of a trend in some dental. softball breakthrough that could be part of the summer solutions. we're going to take a little break and you get that just all that and then we're going to come back and get it hit it again don't go away.
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we go to work so you straight home. is you'll be via reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe from. tyson nation full community. are you going the right way or are you being led somewhere. direct. what is truth what is faith. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. or a maybe in the shallows. the
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world is driven by shaped by. thinks. we here to ask. welcome back to the kaiser report i'm max kaiser summer solution season premier summer of 20200 this is so exciting you know when you talk about deep thinking in the 20th century talk about. guys like. malcolm
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mclaren. punk rock punk rock. you got to think about punk rock i think it's what i think about but i think also the medium is the message is a thought how come there was never a punk rock song about that stacy marshall mcluhan he was the comedian philosopher and basically the guy who discovered or invented media studies and this follows on what we were talking about in the 1st half of the age of discovery that we're entering upon not only are we heading to mars and outer space but we're heading to inner space in our mind. combined with cyber space so we're going to get into that we're going to cover that over these upcoming episodes about warfare are artificial intelligence how this relates to what's going on with the d. trying to fit cation but marshall mcluhan you know he famously gave timothy leary
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his phrase of 1967 which you may remember max turn on tune in drop out and i think this is the sort of uprisings you're seeing but what marshall mcluhan also gave us ties into the renaissance and back into the middle ages and that is gutenberg galaxy ok we're in the gutenberg galaxy what he predicted back in the sixty's was that that there would be a digital language that there would be electronic communication and that once that happened that it would be like the gutenberg press that it would suddenly that knowledge would not be in the hands of the elite the people states you know holding onto this power of the printing press today you know that knowledge would spread communication was spread and there would be a sort of renaissance and i'm like man i do remember the sixty's and i do remember
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the feeling at that time with timothy leary and marshall mcluhan and the culture and that was the anti vietnam protests. the youth culture as it was called that time decided and figured out that they could secede they could simply walk away from the debate the debate seemed pointless the vietnam war debate between republicans and democrats between all these different factions of society seemed utterly stuck and pointless and so this idea of simply dropping out seceding from it and pursuing an inner light which shows what timothy leary was talking about marshall mcluhan was philosophically describing the the media as an alternative source of light and alternative beacon of light he could make your own media this is the beginning rilya do it yourself media people
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up until that moment television was very much n.b.c. c.b.s. a.b.c. and it was charting merrily expensive to do so but during the sixty's and then certainly in the seventy's cheap portable home video equipment became available and people could make their own t.v. and make their own media reality and so i think there is a parallel because now you've got the ability for anybody to reach a 1000000000 people on planet earth through the internet and with their own media tools and with image crafting tools you know that is remarkably powerful gutenberg galaxy that's what we have back then when timothy leary and marshall mcluhan and all these sort of thinkers looking at a youth economy around them what they practice and what they preached was that they urge people to embrace cultural changes through the use of psychedelics by detaching from the existing conventions and hierarchies and society so the existing
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conventions on hierarchies are what are under threat now as. because of this gutenberg galaxy they can simply detach. is the what became the prevailing modus operandi for the boomers of that era to deal with the stalemate of the political quagmire they detached and here we have in the 21st century the ability to detach a new and exciting ways obviously a lot of moscow's actually detaching from the gravity of planet earth and going into the solar system through the ability to garner millions of fans and followers using social media an individual has the ability to create a whole wave of thought me more fair weaponization of names all these things are very similar and it seems as though the prophecy that marshall mcluhan had in the sixty's is now coming completely true as
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a prophet he is underrated now i want to tie that period to a headline from today and it remember this mind expansion the expansion of human consciousness this this gutenberg galaxy is tied to the internet and our communication through the internet and our communication through means. you know telling like we always point out that money for him to go to tells everybody around the world whatever country they're in whatever nationality they are whatever color whatever race whatever gender whatever anything they all understand immediately that human to kate's powerfully across the world so here we have this race in the decomposition of the time china fixation around artificial intelligence and a long mosque recently warned about this on the joe rogan show where he said that once a i weaponize its means that could be the danger that's where he sees the danger so i cut this headline the pentagon promises to use artificial intelligence for good
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not evil of course that sounds like google's logline which they never abided by but you know back in the sixty's of course we had m.k. ultra which was run by the cia the cia now are like upstanding. analysts who are on m.s.n. b.c. most nights but you know the fact that in their d.n.a. is the sort of programmes that they ran and you know if you hear m.k. ultra you think conspiracy theory right but it was a genuine program that ran from 105321973 they stopped in 1973 and it only got discovered the program only got discovered in 1977 and that's based on a few fragments of the documents because they weren't all been ordered to be burned but i think it's important that it ended in 1903 because what the program was about was mind control and this is what artificial intelligence is what the pentagon is seeking with their own programs darpa pays $1000000.00 for an ai app that can predict and in the same motions so they're always looking to control the population
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this is been back since the middle ages since the dark ages since before that through means of the time through transubstantiation through the idea of controlling words controlling text controlling the gutenberg galaxy right while the pentagon then the would be a major american institution that is now having a problem of loss of face whether it's a central bank the pentagon government in general this is part of the renaissance is that the population loses faith in the prevailing institutions whether it was the 1500s in florence and loss of faith in the church or whether it's a 1960 s. an american loss of faith in the american political system or the 21st century where we have loss of faith in the federal reserve bank the pentagon and other political institutions and other various institutions that define the culture it's a repeat of a renaissance if you will to use your analogy and with this idea of
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the pentagon using a for good this of course is highly suspect and no one should take that at face value and. believe that that is their intention and on the all technology in the 21st century relies on encryption and encryption is something that right now is beyond the reach of the pentagon it's beyond the reach of any government that is part of this technology is that the good bloomberg press of the 21st century would mean the people's control of encryption now m.k. ultra as i mentioned ended in 1973 so it was all about mind control and the techniques they used were pretty extreme they used to manipulate its subjects mental state some brain functions techniques included the code for administration of high doses of psychoactive drugs especially l.s.d. and other chemicals electroshocks hypnosis sensory deprivation isolation verbal and
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sexual abuse as well as other forms of torture and most of that is of course if you turn into cable news and you see all these modern m.k. ultra all these intelligence officials who are now bizarrely like journalists on television as if it's like some normal thing but 97 face that mind control they want to control the masses and in fact in today's story that i told you darpa pays a $1000000.00 it mentions that they the previously under reported work is being carried out under a darpa project dubbed pride of course like you know modern identity politics short for prediction and recognition of intent decision and emotion the aim is to create an ai that can understand and predict reactions of a group rather than an individual and then offer guidance on what to do next we're going to be able to come out of a dark ages they're afraid of our free will this is the same sort of thing the papacy did back and when the italian renaissance was flourishing they were they you
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know excommunicated entire populations something that hadn't been done before and they did that to florence in 1981 by the way you know we we have the same sort of moment. of mind control which was we went on to the all forgot system we went on to the dollar and that was a form of mind control and it worked so they could end the program because then m.k. ultra. right well all of the out history all attempts to control the population in any way either through propaganda through weaponized means through symbolic representations of it all was through out history comes down to a battle between fear and love yes and as was the case of the 60s in the summer of love in the embrace of love this ultimately triumphed over the fear of america in losing their empire and the need for them to go out and start
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a war that was a war of convenience that had no political merit but it was based on fear the same thing about most wars are all based on fear and the only solution is love so renaissance could also mean love it's a synonym for love you could say in all the artists of the renaissance were chastised because they kept depicting love venus was a huge subject and renaissance art as an expression of love and i also want to point out that they the renaissance was the crucial part of it with understanding their history because during the middle ages nobody knew about greek history they weren't taught that they weren't allowed to learn it was only in the business. so they found knowledge from history so those who are trying to erase history now it's important to watch and study what they're doing and whether or not you want to forget history and whether or not you want to erase aristotle for example that's a question being asked now so you know this gutenberg galaxy it's what it's like
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nonstop fight as we find out it's been happening for thousands of years is the same battles but i think we could be on the verge of a renaissance leave comments if you think. or not it's true whether you think the summer solutions series are just kicking off right now with this 1st episode and we're going to be diving deep place hot it's hot see i'm like a venus coming out of my shell that's exactly the image i had in my mind. and that's we're going to explore my inner psyche some at times maybe not too dark oh it's low i am love. oh my goodness i can't wait for the rest of this summer solution season it's going to be a love task tick state and it's going to be a heck of a ride this has been kaiser reports are a solution for max and stacy if you had to reach us on twitter it's kaiser report
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until next time by go. how can you explain love i've been to 82 countries i did in 12 but i came here and on those 3 days i just filled with hope. and. sick show. i made my decision to come here because 'd i felt i could build a new life. you know put his. clothes a pretty. good decided that this money is no good to be free. my one dream is that all my children 'd find the same kind of happiness i do. i love my home i love cold weather i like the culture like the history i like
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everything about it. and i know that. russian fama. 54 jets and more than 1300 military personnel are headed to air force base in alaska where is that to say come on i'll show you what's the reason for any type of enhanced u.s. military presence in this area russia. what is it suddenly about the south china sea that makes it so of added 11000000000 barrels of oil you. take a look at this map who really owns what kind of says no it belongs to us india says no we claim that.


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