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tv   News  RT  August 7, 2020 6:00am-6:31am EDT

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breaking news on our team after almost 2 months of trials of russian expects to register the world's 1st vaccine against kobe 1000 by next week. also this hour president emmanuel must receive a grand welcome and the lebanese capital as the french leader spearheads calls for international aid efforts but some question the real intentions of his visit to beirut. and twitter starts flooding the pages of certain media outlets as c affiliated with labeling policy appears to lack system see it comes as the u.s. state department releases a report on the suppose that 5 pillars of russian propaganda.
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watching are to international bring your live news update from our studio here in moscow welcome to the program russia is on its way to becoming the 1st country to register a vaccine against kobe and 19 its health ministry says this could happen as early as next week trials have been ongoing since june here and moscow with 2 groups of volunteers taking part and will be getting more details on that a little bit later in the program from our correspondent thank you aaron. search and rescue operations continue in beirut where the death toll is expected to rise following tuesday's blasts in the capital sports officials say the explosion killed at least 157 people and injured 5000 others the french president manual mccrone is in lebanon where he's held talks with top officials and called for an international
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investigation into the causes of the explosions some though are questioning the french leaders real motives and the reports. police swooped into the lebanese capital in the aftermath of tuesday's devastating explosion his arrival came to live tales of french rescue workers who were sent there to help with those with the best fits and it beat to find any survivors home of those lost on tuesday now some say you feel sick a week of being sort of exerting we put that sort of influence of iran on a country that is so full of facts which. others have said he sees the world stage as he was the 1st foreign leader to make a visit. and people are now hearing evidence against evolution congressman ford to same time we do the emergency. we need a new political initiative and i'm here to bring her good to coordinate and we look
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to your plan and international you should leave to bring money on and directly to people but to of those aside we have to launch a new political initiative to change. what he did take it was he waded through those massive crowds there was a particularly poignant moment when he hugged a woman and he said to her i can feel your paying but that moment also led some to question what his real motives were for being in beirut some opposition politicians here in france have been scathing about that visit describing it as a one man hour of the show and others suggesting he's treating lebanon as if it's still a french colony. france support for the lebanese people in this strategy is indisputable or the other hand the arrogant and moralizing one man show in which a man who has performed today in beirut is in descent barely arrived in lebanon
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takes himself for the president of the lebanese republic he preaches and claims only by himself. to organize european and international cooperation the immense misfortune of some reveals the great fantasy about this now president ma calls for his a point of view said he would never had deigned to interfere in lebanese politics but almost in the same breath he said that he would be talking to political leaders in lebanon and he would be holding the bag she can't he also said that this visit to have a new political angle because it was a front step was that it would be to the iran or saudi arabia and according to him very interests would be to the detriment of the lebanese people but now that visit by president macaronis being welcomed the aid that he's promised is being welcomed but the reality is when he turned back a to france he's fighting many battles here with his on popular mandate in
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front the reality is it will means to be see whether those promises will be true that. given the sheer scale of the destruction groups of volunteers are assisting with the cleanup in beirut people are clearing away debris from apartments and houses and with spirit flow after the tragedy some are going to lift the mood with music. artes correspondent he goes on of has been following the rescue operations from the
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epicenter. as russian rescuers are getting down to well what they have been flown in here for i want you to just look around and let something sink in about the sheer and ultimate demolition power behind this explosion we are in the very epicenter as close as villian can get look closely under my feet i do apologize for my dirty sneakers but look closely because i'm not stepping on dirt or sand or anything this is actually cool and seeds of cooling from this massive towering reserve which is no more because of the bluster and this is the very 1st site where russian rescuers are searching for survivors. they are telling me that they are ready to work overnight if there's any possibility of finding somebody alive.
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but this is a field hospital in its early stages it is just being built in fact there's another group of emergency workers on the way with more infrastructure but this is where russian rescuers will be taking those injured those still in need of medical attention from after the blast. very extremely lucky to be alive actually because i can't i can't i can't forget the explosions the sound the visuals in front of my eyes well when i look at it he saw the body parts of people. to me those people screaming
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kids screaming body parts. i saw it and i saw it today. you heard about a man i went to his people and told them we should not be here at that moment i turned around and i was he by something in my right hand that's when the big explosions started it threw me to the ground well everything that you can see around me was erected overnight it was literally an empty lot well fast forward 6 hours and well there's already a small tent city here. well these are search dogs have been traveling with me or rather i was with them and they will be sniffing out those who may be still trapped under like under the rubble the city of be roots is devastated morally physically financially in fact of
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all places that i have a being too apart from active war zones of course this one with all the rubble destruction and vehicles just abandoned at the side of the road resembles a scene from a post-apocalyptic movie the most and the russian ate at full aims here at relieving at least some of the pain i'm done of reporting from beirut in lebanon. meanwhile the lebanese capital has also seen more public unrest people are unhappy about the economic crisis gripping the country those feelings have been aggravated oh i perceive government incompetence which some claim led to tuesday's tragedy the latest protest saw police resort to tear gas. we now go back to our top story this hour russian scientists are poised to announce the registration of the 1st vaccine against coded 19 which could happen as early as next week according
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to the country's health ministry trials have been on go. since june here and moscow with 2 groups of volunteers taking part across live now to argue the key aaron for the details nicky are we a step closer now to winning the battle against the coronavirus while it does look very optimistic from where we're sitting right now 'd of course jackie this year coronavirus has dominated all of our lives and while we've been trying to live with the effects and cope with the virus every developed nation has had their scientists and experts trying to work on developing a vaccine it's been called the race for a vaccine and it looks now like russian won't be the country to finish to cross the finish line 1st it looks from announcement today from the health ministry we could have a vaccine out registered on the 12th of august if everything goes to plan this take a listen to what the deputy head of the health ministry had to say. it will pass the registration process however the man needs to be a final stage of trials which is very important we need to be sure that the vaccine
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is safe. now they have a ministry official also added that the files to be vaccinated would be the elderly and health workers this would all be free of charge now the has been some trepidation from people in russia about whether they would be willing to go ahead and get this vaccine we spoke to some of the volunteers taking part in the tests. first who were in isolation at a health resort for 2 weeks that was the preparation period then we were brought here for 20 days i work in public catering so i'm always around people when this started i realized how many people who falling sick so i decided to help there was nothing special just a vaccination it isn't scary it's like a fever reducing injection so much as. i feel good there were no problems i'm a doctor and i work with people and now i don't have to worry about the necessity of protection i can work breathe freely not think about the risks and dedicate myself to the patients now industrial production of the vaccine is set for
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september if everything goes to plan but this does come just days after the w.h.o. note told russia to not cut any corners and urged them to be doubly sure before this vaccine is put into production and we are expecting a lot of critical comments coming from the western media in the coming days to all hope then is on the final stages of that trial nicky aaron thank you for bringing us that report. the british government says it won't be using $15000000.00 facemasks that it bought for medics during the pandemic because of concerns they might be unsafe the admission has sparked calls from the opposition labor party for an urgent inquiry into the way contracts for essential supplies were handed out. for months we were told that the government was purchasing the right equipment for the front line yet again it hasn't happened the needs now to be an investigation and inquiry into what went wrong with this
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particular contract because it's just not good enough to people who need that protective equipment that we find ourselves in this position the masks were part of a 252000000 pound contract the government signed with investment firm i had the capital in april but it's transpired that they have loops rather than head loops and may not fit tightly enough another 150000000 masks of a different type supply by and are still being tested prime minister boris johnson says he's very disappointed that the shipment was unusable a government spokesperson stressed there had been due diligence when purchasing the p.p. we spoke to the bennett a nurse who has been working on the front line about the situation. i have actually worked in areas where there was no. silicon alley areas where i was arcs to reuse my space mark and there would be shortages of april so i would like to see the government ensure that there is a good supply chain and the salt issues are dealt with now the government can't
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just put us in the front line and expect us to be working it's very it's very stressful and i just hope that they do the right feeling obviously they've made lots of errors and i'm just hoping that going forward they can do the right thing to protect us so that we can protect our patients in all it's been revealed that local councils have been granted new powers to demolish buildings and even homes in fact and with coronavirus as part of a package of measures to enable them to enforce local lock downs prime minister johnson says he's determined to avoid a 2nd nationwide lockdown at all costs without reaction from people in the u k. i just think that it is a little heavy handed. to fill in this day and age it would be easier to write julie sanitised somewhere rather than knock it down. it seems wasteful it doesn't seem resourceful vaccines and you know you'd think there'd be something more
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scientific that would help rather than demolishing buildings which i don't think going to help is there in any way whatsoever it's absolutely ridiculous you know the extreme powers to demolish buildings because you know people on polling day mixed messages i mean the message is be mixed all the way through the fake tree. we're going to just look at what he's. saying so it seems easy to just. say no campaign happened to. be back with more news in about 90 seconds time. a more robust morals would be one in which we do business as usual but guess what. be prepared for current times. current times are a lot cheaper reduced mobility you know the germans it's
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a lot cheaper than having lockdown. is you'll be a reflection of reality. in the world transformed. what will make you feel safe. isolation community. are you going the right way or are you being led so. what is true what is faith. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. for a made in the shallowness. welcome
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back the u.s. state department has issued a new report and which accuses russia of waging a this information and propaganda campaign employing every idea of methods among these is the use of kremlin controlled news outlets to push moscow's message artist taylor takes a closer look. 3 months until the election a virus cool thing up through the country an ailing economy and a future without tech talk america's got its hands full but it will still always find the time on the cash to do a deep dive into russian descent information the kremlin bears direct responsibility for cultivating these tactics and platforms as part of its approach to using information as a weapon it invests massively in its propaganda channels its intelligence services and its proxies to conduct malicious i broke to vittie to support the dissent from ation efforts and it leverages outlets that masquerade as new sites to research
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institutions to spread these false and misleading narratives a new report by the state department has 0 day in on russia's complex network of fake news and propaganda and basically it tuns out like some kind of new to latent octopus terrified to russia's this information ecosystem from the government itself to social media but the one that gets the most attention are news sites which apparently are really busy peddling conspiracy theories but we would never suspect them of being nefarious 20300000 monthly views a wide range of political topics on a fairly quiet twitter account but no it turns out it's all. the kremlin in disguise. we found that they promote this information in support of the kremlin's goals they're often promoted directly by the russian government and the push specific disinformation narratives that are picked up by other parts of the
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ecosystem how intriguing some might say tell me more of this would cry well the state department might say there's no hesitancy direct ties with moscow but here's an unrelated example of an alternative news story to stop you from asking questions the head of global research has written many articles on coded 19 containing dissin for me shewn one of them that was published back in march the headline of this is covered 19 coronavirus if a pandemic who's behind it global economic social and political destabilisation so from that had line calling it a fig pandemic i think we all recognize it's not a free pandemic it's real you know now that i think about it i know the perfect person could contribute to the site it will go away if you stay current view this is the same as the flu a lot of people think that goes away in april with the rather. they're
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politicizing it the report also says that the same site suggests that corona virus was manmade * in a bio fell apart tree you know now that i think about it i know and not the person who would just be an invaluable member of this website's team i can tell you that there is a significant amount of evidence that this came from the laboratory. with the u.s. backing so many problems you could ask why release the report now while it could be a coincidence or not but last week secretary of state might compare one with the begging bowl before congress asking for a significant increase in funding for the g e c which happens to be the author of this reports. the state department's efforts toward $21.00 requests for the global engagement center is $138000000.00 more than double its current level we won't tolerate this information and other propaganda directed by the kremlin or any of our other adversaries double the budget for the
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sake of a handful of relatively are no news sites opportune 200000 month review as well solid reasoning all i can say is the pump a was going to have to get a much bigger ball when he sat his sights on r t would that it's not a competition of course but $130000000.00 monthly viewers but my total take oh no he's willing to give to the state department's rewards for justice program is offering a reward of up to $10000000.00 for information leading to the identification or location of any person who acting at the direction or under the control of a foreign government interferes with us elections so mike tell me what's a gal gotta do to get back on that $10000000.00 twitter and turn has started its own campaign flagging recounts of state affiliated media with special labels such pages and their posts will no longer be amplified through the network's recommendation systems the pages of senior government officials will also be labeled though at 1st this will only apply to politicians representing the 5
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permanent members of the u.n. security council the company describes its new policy as important for users we believe this is an important step so that when people see an account discussing geopolitical issues from another country they have context on its national affiliation and are better informed about who they represent. so let's take a look at which media outlets have been included on twitter's government affiliated list the label is now being shown in the accounts of russia's r.t. and sputnik as well as some chinese media outlets including the country's official press agency and 2 major newspapers other outlets that one might have thought would be included in the list though have been left off among them are for instance the b.b.c. and america's n.p.r. twitter says it won't label these as state finance outlets because their editorial independence according to the company's blog independent media don't use their news coverage to advance political agenda twitter's labeling policy has also affected
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some editorial staff of state affiliated outlets including our own editor in chief margarita simonyan and the editor of china's global times newspaper has sent a request to the company to explain in detail the labeling criteria we're still waiting for a response independent journalist martin summers told us twitter's labeling policy is intertwined with the global political situation. well i think there's an awful lot of politics and go to lists as we know. which are on the other social media choices are coming under pressure from all sorts of political quarters about what kind of policies they pursue who they allow all. sorts of labeling they gave to people who appear on their soil what is probably signal. is to see increase in discrimination and effectively censorship is
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because the political situation internationally is becoming more and more stretched and with moving closer and closer. and it's you know it's a rather worrying sort of 'd that's that's going to develop. as bolivia celebrated its independence day on thursday the country was gripped by protests or delayed elections the vote has been put off twice already due to the pandemic the interim president any 9 years has previously stressed the health risks of holding a vote but now she accuses the bolivian election body of playing with dates she took to twitter to point out that she has nothing to do with the latest decision adding though that she will respect it at the same time the government has denounced the ongoing protests and says they pose a danger to public health and safety and accuses former leader evo morales of inciting them are his own quarter picks up the story. when it comes to combating potential election fraud donald trump seems to have a solution suspend the elections altogether and while that's caused quite
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a fuss in the united states the probably us interim government in bolivia has successfully used that strategy twice just see for yourself how the opposition feels about it. and yet now. the people are demonstrating taking to the streets and gone for elections now because we are seeing the inability of the self-appointed president who is bankrupting the country well. and if young people of coolness to go into hunger strike until the government calls elections we no longer want to wait we want to actions now the court cited the covert 19 pandemic as the reason for the delay now while there are rising infections in the country it's nowhere near to the same level as bolivia's hard hit neighbors like brazil chile and peru and the postponement has really struck a nerve with the public who have been in political limbo since the last election. it.
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is the muslims if we don't. like. it was the 1st step towards free and fair elections as prescribed by washington. all countries deserve free fair transparent and credible elections the oas official report on bolivia makes it clear that bolivians were not given this chance stop the violence hold elections and work with janine anna's and the transitional government to bring democracy back so the new president janine 9 years had one job to hold a new vote. it's merely a transitional period we will call for elections with honorable people they will carry out an electoral process that reflects the will and sentiment of all bolivians the interim government was supposed to hold new elections 90 days after
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taking power instead on us has been president now for almost a year with no signs of returning to the ballot box she also said she wouldn't run for president in the next election but since her an egg on that and her reputation as bolivia's caretaker has been far from spotless. various foreign ministers describe ta least containing their home interests his telephone numbers family addresses and other personal information are being circulated via both top facebook and other social media. it has also been publicly reported that the lifeless bodies of several people who were killed in the massacre disappeared allegedly after being collected by law
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enforcement officers and no further information has scenes been provided to them. all the while it doesn't even seem like the libyans really support the interim government polls are showing that another election would mean victory for morale a says movement for socialism party perhaps is just another read. and why for the interim government if there's no election there's no problem. it's the neo liberal puppet the unelected dicks cater to an imperialist countries who are in libya they're afraid of a return of able more out of this movement toward socialism the m.e.'s kennedy are staying with defeat and the answer not cool mongering so that's why we continue to use cold meat and i seen as an excuse they know i mean it's 'd not we're just not popular with the oas and you know this is government talk about free
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elections and poison they're talking about their candidates leading in the polls didn't in waiting in when their rubber stamps yes men and women like. income i still are not in and can not see elections and they come up with every excuse to close call. and offer this hour news wise but if you're looking for more ahead on our tar web site r.t. dot com thanks for tuning in. when i was still seems wrong. why don't we just don't call. me the world police yet to see proud disdain become educated and endangered because
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betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. thinking of getting a cue from the ones we got in here shot out why does he know it still he's trapped in this tiny little wired we don't need a crate with him he will just start freaking out and he will want to spray many were near and thousands of breeding dogs that caged in the inhumane conditions on puppy farm i mean 67 years you know they've been locked up in a cage outside you see no protection from the weather the heat you know the cold air the rain the snow the thunder nothing they have no protection. to get what you . know it's ok. across the us cruel puppy mills are supported by dog shows and it still has all.


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