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what is true what is faith. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. of the shallowness. lord.
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palau. bassem and a lot of the goods. going to. make up the let me know as on the top of my. head good plan.
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was. laughed. at. but again looking up at the polls next with names. that. instead. of please speak up the must bomb germany leg and. as a. black interaction make the strong man. come to be endless. i. think it's a. lot of things. the stuff that in the street. not
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a. lot of the things. that he says he says. seem. to believe. it says to the. better.
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i don't need to tell people here in alaska what's happened. over the past few years i've been trying to make the rest of the country more aware. of a changing climate where you're already living and. following permafrost that threatens homes and infrastructure faster glacier melt rising seas melting sea ice that contributes to some of the fastest coastal erosion in the world and i've talked to folks whose villages are literally in danger of slipping away. and for many of those alaskans it's no longer a question of if they're going to relocate but when.
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and my grandfather. used to say his new top will become one big. salary in 9 and. the river around us in one not high when it comes in. it's like this one big island surrounded by the lodge or. feel like it's getting danger danger every time it gets close. to us who knowns this one is one big village it's can come out snap. to swear on the permafrost are on the permafrost and this new top gets it's really heavy you know. and dislodged keeps coming off the ice than that and.
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i am and. it's on everybody's marine. and everybody has 3 days we have to really. ok when i got here 10 years ago the people were saying. move within 4 years. and that was and this is a statement. i've come to know you know the short leg world is going to tell us
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3 years. i think. not to bug out to look at hardly needs the kid i'm making would. remember that movie com cruise and they're renovating a house the money they would ask the. contractor is going to take 2 weeks and so it always rises weird that it's because a mistake words hours 2 weeks cared for years. i would like will move across the river or because it's higher ground i think people who are thinking about stay here forget that it floods here in the fall people who. need to be prepared interested by some careful.
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not to say place 2. hello my name is both charles i am 19 years old and i am from a small village called new dog. i go to a school that has 137 student i'm writing about a village trying to move because of climate change the talk is small place toto as opposed 350 people and we are trying to move to a place called most of the troubled 9 miles of new tough. i have been in need talk to strictly all my life and it has always been the same
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movie here we lose a number of feet to flanders. sure what is not the same it shares the extent of the eurozone because the weather isn't the same each year sometimes it curb bridge with us but most of time with the. rig into doesn't do last 150 feet of land from water washing line and a nurse on to the water's about 100 yards we are going to have a disaster if we don't move. and we need to act as soon as possible before the water distorts or it will lead us like cookie monster eating cookies. me and. all the land just falls down and. cannot pick up.
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i strongly believe we can do this but we will need help this place is very important to us because how much hunting we do how much we move around a whole lot but the hardest thing we have to 1st is having no running water or us or surely. we hunted buckets was which is a 5 gallon bucket for him in a waste they really don't get down into the water when it is for. according to the government it's about $230000000.00 climate change is like playing chess in a test checkmate us. please we need to make a move because we have a possible to might lose this battle. we'll just want to sit at a table noses just like everyone else and just have a cup of tea. laughing oh it was 30 caused. life is too short to see a swim meet to the nearest village to board 40 miles and the waters to comb.
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you know their early contacts with the west stairs were mainly for trade with that trade of course and government and so with the government came either a post office or school so wherever they placed those structures is where these communities were told that you have to now live so regardless if your main camp which is probably you're rich or camp is the most prominent structure you have you can't go back there after you have to relocate your family here.
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they were not a one location people they were migratory and. in their way they were able to keep them there was to and sit their children off to boarding school if they didn't live near the school so the challenge began. in that initial contact. i think were a part of america 1st for america for cross. were. you know when you had to go over the layers of. what started new cox problem there was a bar. the 1950s i was bringing the school so i took. part
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. in the parts. moskow corner our floor clear off the road around the wrong side of a are. on this. off road. b.r.d. school or borough very near for school. you're starting to go. hard to understand what the psychological impacts where and they said you're no longer can to get to that and if you don't come here are taking your children so i would think that. and i know they talk about generational trauma and when you have been doing this for 15000 years and then somebody puts the stop on it
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and the consequences are what we have today.
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no you just look. at this connection to mom's laugh and ask for the past 70 and seen and done today today for the rights. to commission so you know where to shift to time just in the. asian community among the. legion mom. you know your new car so set on the open mustang new mama is just back now and then.
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some other solution that's right we talked about problems all year and then that summer time we come up with all solutions not say we're just being joined by a banker her big point for your simon dixon of banks the future long term friend of this. place. has. got her for us this down you know what is happening into the permafrost to do now to go out and you know they did it because of this melting it causes the rouge so how many people have gone and walked along the edge of the river. lots of people you wish mobile walk to the house because that's where you guys don't your honey
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but it's a you know but if you. you walk along there by what's happening to all of the shoreline it's going to be disappearing into my class last semester in the fall we went out there in the measure of how much the religion was how much you think we lost last year. we lost about 35 feet i was close you are close 35 feet of gravel in just about 3 months while we were measuring. it is best and that means the river is 35 feet closer to the town and then we look at it was the year before so you guys think that the river is going yes.
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it's one thing to say the river is going to move you but this prompted a whole whole bunch of things this village is completely divided and there's just no way around you know to travel councils families don't talk to each other just all kinds of issues that have popped up. prompted by this river here moving in and rooting their communities. to. these new groups or from. the arts far from the community they're not originally
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from newtown are going to sit through troubled ministers actually 1st cousins. tom and 1st because it's tradition versus you know the new prostitution or majority way of thinking so you have that tremendous divide different philosophies together and stanley represents one side and tom represents the other so my name is strongly tom i'm be traveling minister for a new car chris and cons are essentially you know it's like to be a. ward in your own school it's a new intake there was a election dispute. in october 12th. the new car traditional council. somebody who works there. said we've never had to. hide a while. and it's an accident you see you were being accused of not having
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a 2 night years of election when we proved them wrong you had elected all these years i knew it was coming up. and some of the smarter words began following the money and realizing some of the money's not accounted for while they actually suspended the elections once they suspended the elections there was a there was a feeling that the community was being left out of the process yeah they were scheduled to leave in 2012. but through the division and the infighting and some of the you know bureaucratic issues being stalled as it stands now the federal government cannot. contract with either group so what they did was they basically took the contract out of the.
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it's a shock when it comes down to have some 3rd world shack it's basically. a last resort for people who want to live in a way to. grow into. it's created a lot of problems health what is a no we've been to the clinic several times in our family structure room smolders you know this interior and everything else is kind of one ramp through the village at certain times for not wanting full. new talks been moving for the last 10 years it's a stalled move. the frustration levels fairly high so.
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sometimes you wonder if they're doing this on purpose. i mean really when you come down to it this could be a foreign totally foreign country ignored by any infrastructure all live in the united states number just sitting in this is home there's no running water whatsoever so. it's a very crowded. the bush is really not for everybody. because a lot of teachers come on 12 years and they leave they don't never stop. and i guess it's just a culture shock to. we came in 2000 some 2000 a. year. since. moving to village.
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everybody roots you could much see the water from my house too. then. you could look out like we look out now you could see the water. now. it's close we can see the ways boston overland when it when it gets rough. before the eyes. we can see the land working away. back home they have these here we have hurricanes. and help people move and do whatever they want to do is just saying like god you're just taking forever i mean you almost begin to go to school you know you're ready now. i guess that's just what's. tears me up and said. thank you you know call me these people these people are just like us there's no difference and these people
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and the people all for you. we all are human and all it's just a little village 3300 people it's no big up and that's what i don't think it's no big deal it is a big do some big deal it's their lives. eh eh.
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most cars in sept there were planning to move to a new state this winter. but i don't know if it's going to happen. or. there are still look at their masters or another 3rd world country. even though it's united states. i see a part of america. they might be americans or diggers or 3rd world country and their sphincter need to curious.
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kind of new type is thinking. the whole time you could really see it. so how this might be too late. didn't have the talent to be moved to the new set by now but the power struggle and money greed. too much money are too. far tyrone and putting in their pocket. he just stood. up over the money team and so. he different else was. running literally. beyond angry.
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out of nowhere i'm in a place where i met. june. gloom and doom there is didn't confuse. my. nothing to the topic. yeah yeah. but i. like people. who look if somebody can get altitude or to
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a degree like too bad so you have some my family in with 2 or 3 bags this is for me this is for my sister this is for my brother do you know what he says is the use of the gym doing open gym as well as he wants candy to go undergo treatment on board. for a lot. of . the world is driven by dreamers shaped by one person or those with.
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the cares thinks. we dare to ask. the.
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opposition frauds flowed the bell of russian capital as the post-election all the latest enters the 3rd week of a culture movement in support of alexander lukashenko is also gaining momentum. alexei navalny is an upper limit hospital after being are lifted from siberia to receive them urgency treatment of russian opposition figure has been a cold but since thursday. also in the stories that changed this week the u.s. request to reimpose sunshines a guinness tehran is rejected by the remaining members of the opinion.


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