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tv   News  RT  October 21, 2020 11:00am-11:31am EDT

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so i'm sure i'll be speaking to get off of the world of politics or business i'm sure business i'll see you there. france shuts down a mosque accused of inciting extremism most part of a crackdown following the murder of a history teacher. the british prime minister forces a colona virus lockdown on manchester despite strong resistance from this is the man residence told us new measures are a step too far. the economic package that you know it's just it works people a lot of big fish to put its teeth through about giving people the correct by not just more of what people are going to be able to survive a bit. and the u.s. agrees to remove so down from its list of state terrorism sponsors but the deal comes at a heavy cost for one of the world's poorest nations. a
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very warm welcome to you watching r.t. international with me nicky aaron. ceremonies have been held in paris to mourn a history teacher who was murdered by an islamic extremist the 47 year old was beheaded by a terrorists last week and as part of its crackdown the government has ordered the closure of a mosque accused of inciting the killing with the latest developments. several organizations are being shut down as a result of the attack on some real party almost a week ago in france and that includes the mosque behind me this is the grand mosque of punks on the reason the order says on the front of the mosque that it is being closed on wednesday is because that is for the sole purpose of preventing acts of terrorism and that's because this mosque which turns around 1500 people who
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regularly come and worship posted a video inciting hatred against teaches samuel party in the days before he was killed now the person the author of video is under arrest at the moment and is also said to be exchanged messages with the killer now the rector of this mosque has expressed extreme regret for sharing that video on the facebook page of the mosque this is a statement that's only last we strongly condemn the savitri islam and its teachings categorically condemn such acts the grand mosque needs its most sincere condolences to the family and loved ones of samuel petit and because violence has no place in a religion which calls for a fraternity and respect for difference as well the beheading of the 47 year old teacher has cool really struck a new hearing for this all unfolded off the he gave a civics education lesson that during that lesson he was talking about freedom of
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speech and he showed controversial images of the muslim a prophet mohammed which really upset everyone and that is a reason that the 18 year old who murdered him said he did so this hits at the heart of this relationship that france has with the freedom of expression the liberty of speech and it is a lesson that teaches up and down the country given year in year out and they feel that if they continue to do so they could be repercussions that this all comes at a time when the regions in front of decided. publish a book which contains all of the most controversial religious and political cartoons that will be distributed to schools we also understand that some hotels and public buildings in the south of france and elsewhere points will be showing images displaying them on their buildings today in a sign of solidarity with samuel patty and we know that some need to also done
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the same many people in front saying they will defend to the end their right for their freedom of speech. we thought it was important to be there especially as i'm studying to be a teacher so i'm still touched directly but almost frankly i think it's horrible what happened hampering our freedom of expression the freedom to learn know. the values of france of the republic which has been targeted. patsy whether it is this professor or another no matter which french college or high school who started this freedom and look at caricature not necessarily of mohammad but we look at caricatures to show freedom of expression there are all questions over whether this could incite even more hatred do know that france has had a longstanding problem with grown islamic radicalism and in the last few weeks
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president machen set out to stall and was seen is being pretty much a lot more speech saying how he was going to fight against this and he talked about a draw for the bill that stayed to be presented in december that will look down closing homeschooling love clues the scrutiny of many organizations and he said that this was to tackle foreign interference here in france you know the trough bill which we released in december we've had little trinkets of what's coming out given that we've seen mosques like this being shut down in the wake of mood of some real party president. court has said he will continue this point. that our citizens of the islamic faith must be protected against the evil of radical islam i say it here because the will of the islamists of its ideologues is precisely to turn a part of our citizens against the republic using their religion and we cannot let that happen but many might say detractors that this is perhaps too little too late
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particularly given that it's emerged in the last few days that some of the use of been arrested since the. party known for their right to call the. toys to radical islam so many people saying is enough being done to stop the rot. new covert 19 restrictions in the u.k. have seen politicians low corns the mare of greater manchester has lashed out at westminster saying they look down in his region will push people into poverty that's off the talks on a financial aid package collapsed on tuesday. we made a generous and extensive offer to support his business didn't accept this unfortunately given the public health situation i must marry proceed with moving greater manchester as i say to the very high level no point today where we offered
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in order to protect the poorest people in our communities through the punishing reality of the winter to come i now look to parliament to be a make a judgement on a financial framework for 3 hours boortz really striking about this latest disagreement is the politicize ation of it as seen by. with labor. and i'm holding out saying that the city with its for the number of cases since its peak in september shouldn't be going into 2 or 3 locked are not at least without some kind of sufficient financial package from the central government now initially the mayor had said that his team had to close around $1000000.00 pounds as part of the package the government's figure was around $60000000.00 but they just couldn't seem to come to an agreement eventually the government put forward only 22000000 pounds of speaking to some of the locals on the street the majority of them backing the
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position of the mayor and really proud of andy burnham the mayor of manchester for really they were the way the b.b.c. put it was bending them into government over a barrel and really sticking hard on this one and defending those people because that the economic package they announced just it work keep people alive i do think it's very good that he's holding out for financial measures because we do need that and it hasn't been done enough. but also there is a point where you cannot hold human lives as a leverage anymore do you think that they should place it to teach you about giving people the correct by not just more people are going to be able to survive a bit so. stupid you. the government still insisting this part of the country should be going into 2 or 3 lockdown what that means for those especially the lowest paid in the cities well it's going to be a long dark winter ahead. starting on friday greater manchester will be put in the u.k.'s top risk bracket for covert classed as tier 3 that means
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a ban on mixing between households guidance against travel in or out of the area and the closure of the pope's we heard from local councillor allan bret's who thinks the drastic measures are misguided. i'm still not convinced that. 'd there's a solution to the rising rates especially. in this time if rates start going to change then obviously the government is right and we are on the big issue to protect lives and it's also to make sure our economy different it's an old fart i think that if you or and you're in no income job you're more likely to actually. and your moral 'd outrage are all the problems so 'd even worse we have a caucus on a truck gauge and all of the law. by the way it. will affect the poorest members of. elsewhere in europe
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the 2nd wave of 19 is accelerating belgium france and spain are all on high alert those countries now have case numbers far higher than during the peak back in spring putting a huge strain on health services and the spines province of cancer lonia doctors say their bed down to the bare essentials in perspective equipment to drive the point home a group of them stripped to their underwear in central barcelona several spanish cities are being put under a 2 week locked down. what opponents now why the government is adopting some new containment measures including jim closes but some facilities have found ways to bypass the rules and stay open a fitness center in krakow has rebranded itself as a church of the healthy body meanwhile the national stadium in warsaw has been turned into a makeshift hospital the polish interior minister explains the move. to militia which comics we must also think about darcus nauru's if we are not able to stop the
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pandemic in our country temporary hospitals will be necessary we opened the 1st field hospital here we are ready to open a network of similar hospitals around the country in the near future. the measures in poland are relatively mild compared to ireland which has become the 1st e.u. country to return to a full lockdown it will run for 6 weeks starting at midnight tonight mixing between households will be banned and people will be unable to travel more than 5 kilometers from their homes they are is prime minister has acknowledged that the shutdown will cause hardship. i understand and i feel very personally and profoundly the sense of disappointment the feelings of loneliness perhaps even this the despair that this announcement will bring for many if we pull together over the next 6 weeks we would have the opportunity to celebrate christmas in a meaningful way. the u.s.
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has agreed to take her down off its list of state sponsors of terrorism in exchange the african nation has agreed to pay $335000000.00 in compensation to terror of victims is a vast sum for one of the world's poorest countries devastated by years of drought conflict and famine the u.s. and sudanese leaders took to twitter to announce the deal great news new government of sudan which is making great progress agreed to pay $335000000.00 to us tara victims and families once deposited i will lift sudan from the state sponsors of terrorism list thank you so much president trump we very much look forward to your official notification to congress rescinded the designation of sudan as a state sponsor of terrorism which has cost sudan to march currently washington's list of terrorist states includes 4 countries down iran north korea and syria this means they're subject to sanctions and conversely foreign aid from the us there's
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also a ban on arms sales as well as a number of financial restrictions so down was designated a terrorist state after harboring al qaeda leader osama bin laden. live ammo. ramsey brewed editor of the palestine chronicle believes the upcoming u.s. election played a big role in this latest move. of course this is a devastating. political statement and then turned out not to be you
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he about terrorism if that was ever the subject of the us consulate but it is about money i mean imagine what kind of precedent this is going to send not just within that region but world right but i hate me to think it was never about money in the 1st place trump is desperate to go back to his supporters and to claim another foreign policy victory especially because in 2 days there would be another debate that will focus largely on foreign policy so he needs to go and talk about his achievements and so in addition to. be the leaders of his achievements as far as he's some sun this is really more about us elections that are about money percent. this is not a international still to come do go face is an anti monopoly lawsuit from the u.s. government we have the details on that coming up after this break.
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there is a saying in washington don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good this appropriately describes the political warfare over another stimulus package and the center of this standoff is who wins or loses just prior to the election in the meantime tens of millions are suffering with no end in sight. the world is driven by.
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there are some things. we dared to ask. you welcome back in a historic move the u.s. government has slapped charges on tech giant google is accused of violating laws meant to stop monopolies on online searches and other sizing but also it's one of the most significant legal challenges to a tech company in decades. showing. showing.
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any range. on the issue of monopoly is google holds 88 percent of the u.s. search market with 94 percent of all lowball searches occurring on it services washington also alleges that the tech company suppresses innovation by looking up distribution through contracts with apple political analyst day perkins says this looks a lot like history repeating itself. i want to compare it to historically true the advent of the widespread use of the telephone in america about 100 years ago when the company called american telephone and telegraph owned everything including the manufacturer knew the equipment so government let that ride for about 50 years in the prices got too high and the service got too bad and so they filed a lawsuit against a t.n.t. an antitrust suit and it resulted in a t.n.t.
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breaking up into regional companies and telephone service being opened up to competitors and all of that made life much much better for business and for american citizens now we have google which is considerably more complicated than a telephone number one because we're not quite sure what they're doing when you use the company's services for free and you can't figure out what they do to make money and what their product is that means the product is you and they're selling you and your data and we just don't know how certainly it should not be done behind closed doors under cover of darkness by only one company for its parts. and will help consumers by pushing them to end its opinion and feria rivals. people use google because they choose to not because they're forced to or because they can't find alternatives this lawsuit would do nothing to help consumers to the contrary it would artificially probably over quality search alternatives raise
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phone prices and make it harder for people to get the search services they want to use what google has done is build themselves centrally a couple of different forms of one are believed within the marketplace one of them specifically though is with the android operating system which they say not only has google you know dominance in terms of being the largest operating system in the world but defaults that system to create google as the search they also also dominate the advertising market for online advertising as you know about 80 to 90 percent of all online advertising goes through directly through google and so the idea is that google has used an optimized its search engine its enjoyed operating system to be able to create market dominance and it's not necessarily because the public loves google so much as it is the fact that google has found a way to make themselves really the primary search engine online when it comes to a mobile device. a syrian man has been arrested in germany on suspicion of stabbing 2 tourists earlier this month one was killed and the other severely injured in that
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incident in dresden and it's reportedly being investigated as an act of terrorism let's cross live now swansea's piece all of the. case i could you tell us more about this case where police are investigating an extremist motive behind the attack that took place in the city of dresden on the 4th of october it left one man dead and another with very serious wounds from a knife attack that took place right in the center of the city of dresden the public prosecutor's office say that they confirm a 20 year old man was taken into custody on so on choose the evening. the 20 year old syrian citizen has become the focus of the investigation the accused will appear before the judge of the dresden district court later today
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well what we know about the main suspect is being pieced together from information coming from the authorities and also press reports about him as well the 20 year old is said to have been here in germany since 2015 he failed and then in an application for asylum what we do understand is that he had being convicted and you get this from law enforcement that he being convicted and sentenced for more than 2 years for a crime involving a conspiring to commit a serious violent act and also for recruiting or attempting to recruit members to the islamic state group in fact we're also hearing that he only was released from the juvenile detention center at the end of september of this year that attack taking place on the 4th of october bear in mind that he's the main suspect in a 55 year old man and a 53 year old man were the victims of this attack the 55 year old died later in the
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hospital 53 year old returned to western germany where he was from but has sustained serious injuries from this attack and knife was recovered at the scene and it's this knife that's been used to link the main suspect to the case as this investigation continues and prosecutors look to build their case against the main suspect who is now currently in custody thank you that is the sounds that as police are live out in banning. some other world news in brief starting with the rioting in nigeria the country's seen a major escalation after 2 weeks of unrest over police brutality these are the latest images from the capital of the largest city police resorted to gunfire against a crowd of demonstrators there are reports of casualties but the numbers are so far clear. and there's a hostage situation now unfolding in georgia and identified gunman is holding 20
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people inside a bank he's demanding $500000.00 and is reportedly armed with a machine gun and a grenade we'll keep you updated as that story develops meanwhile there are celebrations at nasa. and u.s. space probe has grabbed samples from a near earth asteroids named ben the craft never landed on the surface rather it kissed the asteroid asteroid for about 10 seconds to get up to 4 kilograms of material but would have to wait a bit the samples are only set to touch down on earth in 2023. when the officer in charge of all weapons on a british nuclear submarine was apparently sunk has apparently sunk to new depths after allegedly turning up for work after a night on the town but his shoddy edward study found out this is not the very 1st time h.m.s. vigilant has found itself in choppy waters. fears over the nuclear button and what
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could happen if it was pushed an era has overshadowed humanity for decades so no one wants the trigger to be in the wrong hands certainly not drunk ones one lieutenant commander in charge of nuclear missiles on board a british royal navy submarine stationed in the united states was sent home last month after he allegedly arrived intoxicated for duty following a big night out and is far from steady and sober hands were carrying a bag of chicken and to work personally i go for fried on a hangover chicken aside an investigation has been launched where an individual's conduct falls short of the high standards so we expect we won't hesitate to take the appropriate action while we don't comment on the detail there are numerous safety checks and processes to protect the safety and use of weapons aboard all submarines while turning up hamet at most jobs as a sockpuppet offense most people aren't responsible for missiles and sensors on the
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u.k.'s nuclear deterrent vessels and the incident has rallied the twitter brigade who are calling for nuclear disarmament this is not reassuring me why not just remove your nukes and everything associated with them from scotland that would be more effective and next you don't to do to nation no for a nuclear warhead in a populated area is unthinkable let us make that impossible by destroying these weapons whose sole purpose is to vaporize everything and if that's not bad enough in 2017 the submarines reputation took another dive then captain of the vessel was removed from his post after allegations he was having an affair with a female crew member same year different incident 9 british sailors were kicked off the board after testing positive for cocaine and now another scandal has surfaced as a quarter of the crew tested positive for covert 19 after sailors went boozing despite a strict doctor measures so the h.m.s. vigilance submarine has found itself in deep trouble over the years giving new
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meaning to the. all traditional sea shanty of what should we do with a drunken sailor early in the morning shout edwards dashti are to the london. eye care home for disabled people in russia is under scrutiny being accused of forcing women to undergo sterilization residents and family members gave us their accounts of what happened. ready ready ready. shows you the feasts of work you move a thread or if you don't sign you'll be sent to a psych an era logical facility either you sign or go to the facilities you soused . enough show up that really did they did a medical check and gave me something else i don't know what or that i felt bad was
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after they gave me the pill something inside me story to hurt i suffered and screamed. that if you don't try you will be sent to a psychological facility either you go there and get an injection that will turn your interest zone b. and the vegetable or you agree toaster as asian surgery. 'd challenge we gave them the right to choose they sign their written consent so no one is being forced to do anything it. was. just when i was privileged here home newcomers just arrived and had been assigned to the medical check force to realize ation straight away.
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and they can joining us here on r.t. international we're back with the latest in just over 30 minutes.
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americans love. this was a fundamental part of how our political leadership and our country at large understood the bargain you get a hope and then you know rebel right as the things you don't revolt if you have a stake in the system. and think about the longer deeper history. in the united states not just that question of the american dream but the bigger question of who the dream is for.
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according to u.n. estimates by 2019 the flow of migrants out of africa had reached 36000000. around one 3rd of all the displaced africans make their way north to see europe. as a theme of going to china i'll come to the. people you've got to use bottled it if you've got the fuel to change. so many people to term and to reach europe risking their lives to do so who are they and who profits from their perilous.


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