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tv   News  RT  October 21, 2020 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

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it's. not like. france shuts down a mosque accused of inciting extremism as part of a crackdown following the murder of a history teacher. the british prime minister forces a coronavirus lockdown on manchester despite strong resistance from the city match residents told us the new measures are a step too far. be economic package that you know it's just it works people a lot of big picture put it's to think about giving people the correct by not just to voice people are going to be able to survive a bit. and the u.s. agrees to remove so down from its list of state sponsors of terrorism but the deal comes at a heavy price for one of the world's poorest nations. a
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warm welcome to you you're watching r.t. international with me. now ceremonies have been held in paris to mourn a history teacher who was murdered by an islamic extremist the 47 year old was beheaded by a terrorist last week and as part of his crackdown the government has ordered the closure of a mosque accused of inciting the killing with the latest developments. several organizations are being shut down as a result of the attack on some real party almost a week ago in france and that includes the mosque behind me this is the grand mosque of punt on the reason the order says on the front of the mosque that it is being closed on wednesday is because that is for the sole purpose of preventing acts of terrorism and that's because this mosque which has around 1500 people who
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regularly come and worship posted a video inciting hatred against teaches samuel party in the days before he was killed now the person the author of video is under arrest at the moment and is also said to be exchanged messages with the killer now the rector of this mosque has expressed extreme regret for sharing that video on the facebook page of the mosque this is a statement that's only last we strongly condemn the savitri islam and its teachings categorically condemn such acts the grand mosque needs its most sincere condolences to the family and loved ones of samuel petit and because violence has no place in our religion which calls for a fraternity and respect for difference as well the beheading of the 47 year old teacher has cool really struck a new hearing for this all unfolded off the he gave a civics education lesson that during that lesson he was talking about freedom of
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speech and he showed controversial images of the muslim a prophet mohammed which really upset everyone and that is a reason that the 18 year old who murdered him said he did so this hits at the heart of this relationship that france has with the freedom of expression the liberty of speech and it is a lesson that teaches up and down the country given year in year out and they feel that if they continue to do so they could be repercussions that this all comes at a time when the regions in front of decided. publish a book which contains all of the most controversial religious and political cartoons that will be distributed to schools we also understand that some hotels and public buildings in the south of france and elsewhere phones will be showing images displaying them on their building say in a sign of solidarity with samuel party and we know that some need to also done
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the same many people in front saying they will defend to the end their right for their freedom of speech. we thought it was important to be there especially as i'm studying to be a teacher so i'm still touched directly but almost frankly i think it's horrible what happened hampering our freedom of expression the freedom to learn no. even on the values of france of the republic which has been targeted through the. party whether it is this professor or another no matter which french college or high school who started this freedom and look at caricature not necessarily of mohammad but we look at caricatures to show freedom of expression there are questions over whether this could incite even more hate to we do know that france has had a longstanding problem with grown islamic radicalism and in the last few weeks president machen set out to stall in what was seen is being pretty much
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a long walk speech saying how he was going to fight against this and he talked about a draw for the bill that stayed to be presented in december that will look down closing homeschooling loved closest scrutiny of many organizations and he said that this was to tackle foreign interference here in france you know the trough bill which we released in december we've had little trinkets of what's coming out given that we've seen mosques like this being shut down in the wake of mood of some real party president. court has said he will continue this point. that our citizens of the islamic faith must be protected against the evil of radical islam i say it here because the will of the islamists of its ideologues is precisely to turn a part of our citizens against the republic using their religion and we cannot let that happen but many might say detractors that this is perhaps too little too late
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particularly given that it's emerged in the last few days that some of the use of been arrested since the. party put their radical. toys to radical islam so many people saying is enough being done to stop the rot. a syrian man has been arrested in the dresden stabbing probe in germany with investigators reportedly looking at terror links we've got our story and more still to come this hour. new covert 19 restrictions in the u.k. have seen politicians not corns the mare of greater manchester has lashed out at westminster saying the lockdown in his region will push people into poverty after talks on a financial aid package collapsed on tuesday. we made a generous and extensive offer to support mentors does business didn't accept this unfortunately given the public health situation i must marry proceed with moving
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greater manchester as i say to the very high level no point today will be offered in order to protect the poorest people in our communities through the punishing reality of the winter to come i now look to parliament to be a make a judgement on a fair by natural framework for 3 what's really striking about this latest disagreement is the politicized nation of it as seen by. with the labor. i'm holding out saying that the city with its falling number of cases since its peak in september shouldn't be going into 2 or 3 locked are not at least without some kind of sufficient financial package from the central government now initially the mayor had said that his team had sense a clustered amount close around $1000000.00 pounds as part of a package the government's figure was around $60000000.00 but they just couldn't
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seem to come to an agreement eventually the government put forward only 22000000 pounds of speaking to some of the locals on the street the majority of them backing the position of the mayor and really proud of andy burnham the mayor of manchester for really they were the way the b.b.c. put it was bending them into government over a barrel and really sticking hard on this one and defending those people because that the economic package they announced just it work keep people alive i do think it's very good that he's holding out for financial measures because we do need that and it hasn't been done enough. but also there is a point where you cannot hold human lives as a leverage anymore do you think that it's a place instead think about giving people the correct by not just. people are going to be able to survive a bit so. you. the government still insisting this part of the country should be going into 2 or 3 lock down what that means for those especially the lowest paid in the cities well it's going to be
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a long dark winter ahead. starting on friday greater manchester will be put in the u.k.'s top risk bracket for covert classed as tier 3 that means a ban on mixing between households guidance against travel in or out of the area and the closure of all pubs we have from local councillor alan breck who thinks the drastic measures are misguided. i'm still not convinced that. 'd there's a solution to the rising rates especially. in this time if you're a star college and then obviously the government is right and we're wrong the big issue is to protect lives and it's also to make sure our economy different it's an old fart i think that if you're for it and you're in no low income job you're more likely to actually. and your moral 'd outrage are all the problems so 'd even worse we have a caucus on our gauge and all of the local government. by the way
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it. will affect the poorest members of. elsewhere in europe the 2nd wave of covert 19 is accelerating belgium france and spain are all on high alert well those countries now have case number so far higher than during the peak back in spring pretty good huge strain on health services and the spanish province of cancer lonia doctors say they're down to the bare essentials and protective equipment to drive the point home a group of them stripped to their underwear in central pass alone or several spanish cities are being put under a 2 week lockdown. out of poland's now where the government is adopting some new containment tactics including gym closures but some possibilities are found ways to bypass the rules and stay open a fitness center in krakow has rebranded itself as a church of the healthy body meanwhile the national stadium in warsaw has been
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turned into a makeshift hospital the polish interior minister explains the move. to militia which he thinks we must also think about darcus nauru's so much if we are not able to stop the pandemic in our country temporary hospitals who can necessary now that we open the 1st fuel costs through here we are ready to open a network of similar hospitals around the country in the near future. the measures in poland are relatively mild compared to ireland which has become the 1st e.u. country to return to a full lockdown it will run for 6 weeks starting at midnight tonight mixing between households will be banned and people will be unable to travel more than 5 kilometers from their homes the irish prime minister has acknowledged that the shutdown will cause hardship. i understand and i feel very personally and profoundly the sense of disappointment the feelings of loneliness perhaps even this the despair that this announcement will bring for many if we pull together over the
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next 6 weeks we would have the opportunity to celebrate christmas in a meaningful way. the u.s. hasn't formally started the process of taking sit down off its list of state sponsors of terrorism and the impoverished african nation has already transferred hundreds of millions of dollars to washington as part of the deal earlier the 2 countries' leaders took to twitter to announce the agreement great news new government of sudan which is making great progress agreed to pay $335000000.00 to us tara victims and families once deposited i will lift sudan from the state sponsors of terrorism list thank you so much president trump we very much look forward to your official notification to congress rescinded the designation of sudan as a state sponsor of terrorism which has cost sudan to march currently sudan is $1.00 of 4 countries on washington's terror blacklist the others are iran north korea and
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syria the nations are unable to receive foreign aid from the u.s. and there's also a ban on arms sales and various financial restrictions so than it was designated a terrorist state back in the 1990 s. after harboring osama bin laden. separate editor of the palestine chronicle believes the upcoming u.s. election played a big role in this latest move of course this is a devastating. political statement and that the issue and then turned out not to
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be about terrorism if that was ever the subject of the u.s. consulate but it is about money i mean imagine what kind of precedent this is going to send not just within that region but worldwide but i really think it was never about money in the 1st place trump is desperate to go back to his supporters and to claim another foreign policy victory especially because in 2 days there will be another i debate that will focus largely on foreign policy so he needs to go and talk about his achievements and sudan in addition to the immigrants and be the leaders of his achievements as far as he's concerned this is really more about u.s. elections that that money percent. syrian man has been arrested in germany
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on suspicion of stabbing to tourists earlier this month one was killed and the other severely injured in that incident in dresden which has reportedly been linked to islamic terrorism pays all of us the story. according to the german media prosecutors are investigating a possible extremist link to an attack that took place on 2 tourists in the city of dresden earlier this month the president public prosecutor's office has said that they have a 20 year old syrian national in custody he was the main suspect in this case and was arrested on tuesday evening. the 20 year old syrian citizen has become the focus of the investigation the accused will appear before the judge of the dresden district court later today what we know about the main suspect is being pieced together from information coming from the authorities and old so press reports about him as well the 20 year old is said to have been here in germany since 2015 he failed in an application for asylum he had been sentenced to more than 2 years
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for conspiring to commit a serious violent act and also for recruiting or attempting to recruit people to the islamic state group it's understood the main suspect was only released from a juvenile detention center in september of this year now the attack on the 2 tourists took place on the 4th of october 1 of them a 55 year old man later died in hospital from the wounds he sustained 53 year old man who was accompanying him has now returned to the west of germany where he was visiting from but is still said to be in a serious condition a knife was recovered from the scene where they were attacked and it's understood that that was used and in order to trace the main suspect who prosecutors say was arrested on tuesday evening. the u.s. justice department has found a lawsuit against google accusing the tech giant of using its financial clout to
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stifle competitors. they aren't a trust case highlights the use of exclusive deals with handset manufacturers to make google who did the death toll search engine look at that allows the tech giant to dominate the market fall in line search advertising the justice department claims the firm has abused its monopoly position to stifle competitors and harm innovation this comes just 2 weeks before the us presidential election and it's not just google under fire republicans have lost the heads of twitter and facebook to testify over alleged political bias now some of the platforms took down links to
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a new york post article on hunter biden's business dealings in ukraine joe biden son previously served on the board of the ukrainian natural gas firm and has been accused of using his father's influence for financial gain. but we can discuss the story of the now with justin robert young host of the politics politics politics podcast and daniel as a journalist and author and charles also profit investor and a writer thank you for joining us on the program all of you have 1st to justin now what do you make of the timing of the justice department's antitrust case against google do you think there might be a political motive hidden here. there was some talk within the justice department that timing of this was rushed and you can certainly see some of the hallmarks of that in terms of the state attorneys general that were all republican that signed on to this there was broad bipartisan support for a disperser to kill or antitrust action though however so while the timing before
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the election might be something that is suspect there is no doubt that there is broad bipartisan effort to try to bring some kind of antitrust case not only to google but also to amazon apple and facebook probably within the next calendar year i can i would say to you daniel there are plenty of claims about google manipulating such results to set of political bias do you think there's any truth to them i. probably is but it's very very hard to nail down because because google is constantly battling with its with its algorithms and so they change from day to day so it's very hard to know if the biases the left thinks is being discriminated against the right thinks the same thing so it's just very hard to know i'm very skeptical of this entire antitrust effort and to you charles we have had plenty of claims of foreign interference in the u.s. including from russia but is the possible into fair is of tech giants potentially
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much more of a concern. i actually see daily in my own life in that i brought in a pod cast with jason good on presents the truth never wakes ago we were stormy an arbitrarily drop from facebook all the videos in the ark and everything dropped from facebook google we think it is constraining our of the evolution of our results and i want i would note that in the contrast of what happened with honor by the story we didn't think about the christopher steele thus yet which exploded across the world we get so used to get greetings despite having been utterly discredited at the outset by our own f.b.i. so immediate to me it's crystal clear that whoever is is operating these algorithms and operating these companies heavily favors as our mainstream media the left and democrats and it is is pushing down back aggressively right now in ways that i think may very well suppressed results and in effect the 2020 election in this
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country. i just think about us facebook google and twitter previously vowed to prevent election to fair and free that platforms to what extent do you think they've managed to fulfill that promise. it's not. that they couldn't that they shouldn't have made and they can't keep quite frankly they the idea that they were the reason that donald trump got elected is only as true as donald trump's ability to co-opt their platforms and use it as a media much in the same way that john f. kennedy used television he wagged the tail or the tail wag the dog in terms of what he was saying on social media drove traditional media coverage which had been cratering in the ratings so the idea that there is anything other than maybe minor fringe cases of a bunch of macedonia teens writing inflammatory headlines that get circular
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circulated on facebook by your crazy uncle so they wind up going to a page where they might accidentally click on a link to a discount pharmaceuticals i don't really know what twitter or facebook could have done what they have instead done is made a horrifying promise that they can regulate truth that is hard enough to do in a world that isn't politics where does information is part of the game. i've done you all know where this big scandal right now is that joe biden son hunts it buys in the fall from his lap top link to the new york post at twitter and facebook i've been actively blocking that story do you think that justified in doing that now of course to not justify it was an absolutely outrageous act i mean i mean as one of your other guests that i mean twitter and facebook did not do a saying when the. diversity. was circulating and that was a pack of lies so they showed a significant bias in going after the hunter biden disclosures and i've read the
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hunter biden emails and they strike me as perfectly valid perfectly plausible so i believe the story and i think that that that twitter and facebook are deliberately trying to withhold information from the public in a clear effort to swing the election look there are a lot of issues involved here the google case is one issue twitter and facebook are another issue but the point is that everybody's ganging up on social media trying to push it this way and that and the whole thing is just kind of madness and i really think we'd all be a lot better if we left these private companies alone i sound like a libertarian i don't want to sound like a libertarian but that's the position that i find myself moving towards i chose staying with a hunch that biden's story and his pride datings in ukraine is now in law and much that a former advisor to joe biden on ukraine is now a global policy money just
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a content moderation of facebook is that a conflict of interest. oh it is a massive conflict of interest i mean look what we have had it in this country in many countries is the stifling of the independent mind you tend to stifling by all of the arcs in the tech industry and the finance industry in our own media concerns . people do think for themselves people on the right and the left look at the period 1900 to the present and see unregulated quote was in its attendant corrupt intendant corruption enriching dynastic political families here in the united states and around the world it restate rocks that to the traditional parties of democrats republicans i'm not accomplish much one might argue have destroyed much since i didn't you can take our eyes and the searches that you see towards a bernie sanders towards and on from in our country are surges of ending that pendant people who reject both parties and are demanding accountability from their
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leaders i think what is happening and in twitter and facebook is at the margins but it is completely wrong for twitter and facebook to have done what they did a 100 i'm story let's hope that this misstep actually triggers a massive counter-reaction and elevates the story to the place where it needs to be focused on i just and do you think many ways to be legal changes to restrict the power of online platforms to decide what we can economy. there's no doubt that what we call a section 230 or safe harbor in america is something that does need to be thought of further and while i don't know if necessarily reform on that law is the answer i do think a new law might be quite frankly we are moving at a startling pace in terms of all these platforms and we don't have the laws that really apply to them if we had any kind of accountability with our elected
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representatives in congress both in the house or in the senate then maybe there could be a lane to carve out to say we'll actually do something and think about a law that sets a fair standard for what can be expected from these platforms but right now i think the problem isn't what's legally acceptable from either of them it's the fact that again they've made promises they can't keep and they are trying to. please their user base is based solely on the the outrage of the moment the fact that twitter banned that 100 biden link for a couple days then reversed it on friday and yet still the new york post can't unlock their their twitter account is exactly all you need to know to show what kind of coherence exists inside of twitter which on this issue is nonexistent and c. and daniel and according to the us media research center within the last 2 years donald
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trump was censored on social media only 65 times compared to their i think joe biden do you even miss complies with the concept of fat election campaign. now if there should not be any censorship at all i mean we should really be we should really adopt a very strict free speech standard here which i does away with as that's a ship and poses the very concept but the important point is that the censorship is being imposed on facebook and twitter by the government the government is afraid of these platforms and liberals and democrats are both pushing for a very increased government regulation and i think it's in the saw tom free speech so i think of the that there's you as much free speech as possible and that means there will be bad speech but the only remedy for bad speech is good speech more good speech achiles than a project veritas undercover interview on monitor i get a call has said the company is playing selective gullit on the us political scene
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skewing results to benefit the democrats does it sound accurate plausible to you. absolutely does it i do a lot of writing and researching and what i try to find articles that i know of just gladly putting them into google search they don't come up when i tell them they do come up that is not the case for antitrust and if i were polled good last search will result in anti-conservative the same thing and i also think just quickly i think that the party between a user and these platforms the siri explorer people signed up for using this not understand the value of the information they provide to the all of our owners of these companies and there needs to be a better decision making process you should know how much you're you're contributing to the worth of these companies before you decide to use them as actively as we all do. one final question that i'd like to pose to all of you and if you could all ounce of very quickly want to time thanks to you justin and do you
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think the tech giants are harming the democratic process in the u.s. . no i think that they are providing a tremendous service in terms of giving us the platform to communicate with each other the problem is them not setting hard ground rules and keeping to them in a way that is actively harming their ability to be those free platforms. you know the people who are harming the democratic process in the u.s. or the republican and democratic parties finally tal's i think actually yes they are i think they're not of scrutiny has been given even now to what happened in 16 to what made about 2012 when our elections of root thank you all for joining us how an artsy end to national office speaking to justin robert young host of the politics politics politics podcast. journalist and author and charles also private investor thank you again thank you and thank you for joining us here on aussie
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international we're back in 30 minutes with the latest say that. americans love buying a home and. this was a fundamental part of how our political leadership and our country at large understood the bargain you get a hoe and then you know rebel right as the things you don't revolt if you have a stake in the system. be really interesting to dial it back and think about the longer deeper history l.a. housings man in the united.


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