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to get back to see which side will have the strongest appeal. shocking images of children killed in the crossfire a week of rage between israel shows no signs of relenting barrages of missiles intensified from both sides of before. their children. what do they do the me to. stop the madness that is the plea of the israeli president chaos reigns on the streets with our urban jewish mobs facing off. cars torched a driver is dragged from his vehicle and beaten. tensions run high.
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as police condemning it's really aggression. medics are still fighting for the lives of those injured in choose the school shooting in the russian city of 9 people were killed relatives of the victims i've been speaking. to. her name was she was 15 she was a very resolute girl she had big plans for the future. with the top stories from the past 7 days and right up to the moment as well this is the weekly an arty welcome. hostilities flared between israel and palestinian this week with the 2 trading fire every day now the conflict indeed shows no sign
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of letting up with palestinians seeing at least 181 people have been killed since monday. including 52 children in israel 10 people are dead including 2 children we're about to show you the aftermath of war is really striking gaza city please be aware you may find it disturbing early on sunday morning has really warplanes struck several buildings and roads in gaza 26 people are believed to have been killed making it the deadliest single attack since fighting broke out on monday the pictures also show a crater that blocked a main road leading to a hospital as we said multiple children in a fallen victim to the shelling by word of warning you may find the following footage. of the. just stop. you just simply think this is going to. be
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a. lot of fun almost and then their children their 23 and 4 years old what do they do that made it necessary to kill that was all it's all gets these royalist rafts about the target is the missile says small children who did nothing wrong the return to pieces right at this in place you know what it's really took gaza city this building which is called i'll call it building it's about to build these actually not one these 2 buildings have been already destroyed by this radio to strike yesterday overnight risk you team to last that there is a possibility you wore one then just inside the rubble that need to be saved they are not sure whether they are alive or how did at this moment and they suggest that they have so far risk 8 people including children late and one boy this is
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street of many buildings that been destroyed already by the israeli war of law. gains including 2 main building the residential buildings this one and the other one next to it as really intensive area strikes are killing women and children inside their homes and it is important to note that israel did not send a free warning for these buildings this board before they bombarded them which is something unprecedented as israel used to warned to people before they attempted to strike at evolving there is. i mean a nearby who is living next to my house his wife told him i want to make it easy time to his wife wanted to go to visit her if i die and here mother so she went to this building deliberating the aid and unfortunately she is now under the rubble and instead of celebrating piccies now under the rubble and they're still searching
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for him by the way the few hours now this machinery have been has been trying attempting to to rescue the people leave inside this rubble of this for restore rebuilding in a way that's 3 and as you see here it's exceed it seems to these people who are trying to risk you risk your operation is a bit difficult their house has been totally completely destroyed and this machinery is attempting to save what could be saved of the lives of the inhabitants of this particular of this particular building that is the scene for now for the moment in gaza city where the destruction is widespread destruction is large scale holes noised ministers who began the rescue operation we've seen a lot we've pulled 4 survivors from the rubble they have been managed to it is also
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important to know that israeli airstrikes and on the gaza strip overnight have also hit its 3 turned roads. throughout the gaza strip as the case with this street where this is street and where does treat and a hard job gaza city that is the situation for the moment israeli average strikes over the area have no not only concentrated on residential compounds in douses but also in his 3 roads and that's that's what's going on for the time being freedom of information group reporters without borders has accused israel of war crimes following saturday's or a strike that destroyed a terror block housing the gal's the offices of a number of world news media. the thing which is as you can see there are no longer also contain private apartments
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and businesses and was evacuated prior to the attack after a warning from israel the israeli army claimed hamas was using the building to coordinate rocket attacks from the u.s. had expressed dismay at the destruction of the media offices in gaza and the growing civilian casualties in the conflict overall we talk to al-jazeera journalist who worked in the building. now how worse our picture cut now we will be real will not be able to deliver a picture to the world it's very difficult for me to see this image it's very hard for many years i'm working to this place covering the news coverage of the both the attacks in gaza now there's no big deal of us on the mall so i think you know i feel very bad. i want to say that we will continue to deliver our message to do to cover the news it doesn't continue to tell the message of the
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palestinian people to deliver the tools all over the world ok this is this you would you want be able to stop our voice by attacking your building this would be easy no we will continue this would be of these this if this of this attack were build again destroy it we will continue from anywhere from gaza all the offices of journalists of gaza it was it will be our office. well armed groups in gaza have continually fired waves of profits out of israel the southern city of ashkelon is one of the recent targets of palestinian militants a synagogue was damaged numerous cars destroyed no casualties were reported and on saturday a round of rockets was fired to a suburb claiming the life of a fair. the 5 year old according to reports he was unable to make it to a bomb shelter in time the israeli military says more than $2.00 of rockets have been fired from gaza into israel since monday around half of which were intercepted
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by missile defense systems. throughout the week israel has been a mussing troops along the border of in called up thousands of reservists raising the specter of a growing didn't vision of a hamas ruled gaza strip it's really troops though haven't as yet entered the enclave but artillery and tanks joined the units in firing into the territory speaking to r.t. earlier today former israeli defense minister enough to tell the band that israel was attacked 1st and has every right to defend itself let me show you something this rocket over here landed this morning home next to the bed of a 9 year old child this real thing landed what is proportional. if if this landed at your own family's home and killed your own family what is proportional not one israeli should die because of unprovoked attacks that's
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proportional if they want to stop this they can stop and disarm themselves stop fighting israel and they'll be peace period no civilian death is acceptable and that's why we have war the fact that hamas uses civilians as human shields it means that to come us is murdering its own people by hiding cowardly behind this civilians by hiding its command centers within buildings that belong. you know hospitals or schools this is a cynical 'd way of operating and they hold they wreck responsibility to all the deaths the days that were going to sit back and allow murderers terror groups shoot and kill jews those days are over and the. numbers
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seem slanted all it means is that israel cares more about its own people than hamas about killing all people are planning to take down. any operator commander and command center because last monday unprovoked started shooting rockets in israel they decided when this round would start israel will decide when it ends. the conflict has also sparked tensions between is really are absurd jews who live side by side for years. this is easter is the prove palestinian demonstrators clashed with police their water cannon was the point against the police removed in century balloons which had been put up in the colors of the post and with. the current escalation between israel. gaza will spar over the possible addiction of palestinian families from
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contested land on the outskirts of the city the palestinian city of hebron in the west bank also saw on wrist spill into the streets this week tires were burned in the roads as protesters clashed with his release soldiers there's been violence in other nearby areas. legal.
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parlance has flared within israel as well on thursday some disturbing images came to us from yeah that's an area on the outskirts of tel aviv. a driver was assaulted by mobs there he was seen being beaten for reportedly have been pulled from his vehicle some eyewitness report states he was attempting to ram a group in his car artie's paulus leader sent us this report on its way to town of which is just to the south of jaffa and outside tel aviv to be shooting still have gadgets he had and they off matching cars that. presumably they think belonged to arabs there's also an arab owned ice cream shop down the road and the glass has all been destroyed b. i'm sitting in front of the building they've come here with israeli flags to show their support and this is imitation to the finance we've witnessed in the last few days which has been predominantly arab and jewish violence so the so the police are
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firing stun grenades and trying. to police firing stun grenades and they trying to get people to run away from here at. this you can see the security officers coming down the road and they are trying 'd to push the crowd further and further away from here and a lot of the youngsters have moved down the road over there they have finally come in to try and deal with the situation and bring order and calm back to back to yum . yes. what is your movies we learned you know the arab driver wanted to drive into us he pressed the pedal to the metal and wanted to kill us luckily he couldn't do it because another car stopped him because otherwise he would have killed us this is our country and they come to kill us in our own country arabs who live here want to kill us no small children died in the streets because of the arabs now we've come here and the army
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and police are against us it showed so the crowd just can't continue like this is not good with the jews are doing is not good for the arabs are doing the government isn't doing anything so this is what's happening each side is doing what they want for 70 years we've been good neighbors and it's a big bt that is happening now no we have to make sure that things remain good between us this can't hear was being driven by an arab men they took him out of the car and in an attempted lynch but he has been taken to hospital. and the same happened over here with all that aside i think have the same happened with this car down the road here and not to attempt to diminish as tensions high they've been also shouting at the journalists and checking which channels we all belong to so we're going to make our way out of here it's not the safest place to be. artsy.
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i mean all major european cities witness fallen pro palestinian protests with college students calling on israel to stop attacking gaza demonstrator burn flags they threw stones on bottles of police responded with tear gas and water killing a number of arrests were made i think i was i was wrong. i. was. well earlier in the week i spoke to pink floyd co-founder of the activist roger waters and he said he's the international community can force israel to surrender contested palestinian rights. unless some pressure is brought to bear upon the israeli government to stop the ferocious murderous attack upon on gaza
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they're not going to stop of their own accord their will is not going to suddenly disappear but clearly in the long term. the israeli occupation of palestine is untenable it is not a future that compulsively survive public opinion is changing all over the world and they are not going to be allowed to get away with it by the global civil society in my view again you understand i have to give israel's point of view all not they say an israeli courts ruled prior to 948 was in jewish. and. because of jordan it was taken away from them this is not an equal conflict this is not when we're talking about gaza which will can a barrel full of fish in the israelis as shooting into it with hugely efficient
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weaponry and them and you talking to me about what some israeli spokesman is saying about what's going on in ghosts or and how that the next thing you'll be telling me is that rockets rained down on jerusalem or some it's equally nonsensical. story which they've been so say they've been saying the same thing over and over again a single state from the river to the say a proper democracy with equal rights all rights equal equal human rights for every rich single citizen all people citizens all the jews all the arabs all citizens of a single state from the rivets of the sea that would. that would have a chance a real real chance of working you know why because it speaks to the collects if managements of our human affairs that we're all going to have to adopt if we're going to save this fragile planet from this from what we're seeing on our screens
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here. well also in israel different theme 2 worshipers are dead and over 160 injured as a result of a seething platform collapse in a jerusalem synagogue according to local media 10 people are either in critical or moderate condition at the synagogue was packed at the moment. with a par and king around $600.00 worshippers in attendance. a tragedy rocked the russian city of moore a teenage gunman attacked his former school and choose day we hear from some of the victims' families stay with us. the world is driven by shaped by thinkers there is.
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no dares thinks. we dare to ask. the states is lawful democracy which is not a country that's already been online deals and so country that's it's only been sleep. it's a country that's failing to pay. enough has created in sounded all juiced over time both domestically and abroad as well.
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21 minutes past the hour welcome back tragic event shook the russian republic of tatarstan on tuesday a man opened fire in a local school in the region's couple cuz of 9 people died including 7 students and 2 teachers while more than 20 others were injured in the attack here's the timeline of how the shocking events unfold. let's look for the clip here i was in the class on the 2nd floor we heard bangs the sound like explosions 1st because the classroom doors and not let the children get
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near the windows we told them to sit down along the walls and try to calm them down on the street a man with a gun ran into the classroom and started shooting people who didn't shelter anything but before he did this we heard an explosion right on to our classroom after that our teacher told us to hide under the desks. it was a mass last and we heard a shot and at 1st we just thought that it was furnished being smashed that the shooting came close at the door was ajar and i saw that the man had a fall on the teacher began to hold the door shut we did not have a key and she told us to run we were on the 1st floor one window was open and we all rushed to it will fall in the shelter but no one was hurt badly there were no deaths. was. it in. the city.
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hall. one more thing for you going from going to was going to. feel really good i mean did i know what the law. is this is from the little political news when you were sampling says emergency crews and fire trucks were at the site later isaura teacher covered in blood getting pulled out of school and about 4 children being carried away.
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the suspect 19 year old's illness gallia via have pleaded guilty and was remanded in custody people at the court said he showed no signs of emotion during the proceedings psychiatric tests are being carried out to assess his mental state in the aftermath of the deadly events or teams down the hall can spoke to some who were directly affected by what occurred the tragic. shock. grief on the faces of all those who came to pay their condolences the images of children jumping from windows of floors covered in blood shock the world hearing
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the accounts 1st times was worse my 1st official school. came to school as usual heavy thing was fine when the class began the teacher called me to the blackboard and just a few minutes later we had several explosions like no one was concerned and the class continued only some time later we had the school director telling us to immediately close everything and leave the room. everyone was deeply shocked we owe our lives to our math teacher who saved us sure rounds of the door and locked it she was holding it very firmly. still seem in a state of shock and they were among the lucky ones for them the nightmare is over nobody can say just how long the mental scars will remain for others the nightmare has just begun. its raced through the school when he 1st heard news of the attack hoping he would see his sister evacuated to safety and bring her home she was too
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late. the doors of the room where my sister was together with her classmates weren't locked so the attacker broke into the room and shot the students her name was and mine is that's because our parents wanted our names to sound similar she studied in a form which she was 15 mark why she was a very resolute girl she had big plans for the future to finish the 9th form and get an education in my team. knows on the day school staff that only could to protect the pupils risking and some losing their own lives in the process he would be the only one asking questions though could more have been done to prevent this tragedy and how could it be stopped from happening again. we should probably strengthen the school security as now we have mainly elder people working there also we should organize drills like the ones for fire safety and explain to
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children where they should go. and height of such tragedies happen to the bloodbath in school 175 how to clear a villain but also some on likely heroes the son of the local imaam escaped the killer who broke right into his classroom only to run back into danger to rescue his injured younger brother who thankfully survived despite being badly hurt less that though that's not saluting. after we were taken out of the school to safety and i went to search for my classmates the ones who managed to survive when i found them i went to search for my younger brother when i failed to find him i searched for his class teacher and then together we put my brother in an ambulance and the teacher sent me with him to but there were 4 people with me in the ambulance one was my classmate who jumped out of the window on the 3rd floor to escape that nightmare the other was my brother who had his chest injured also there was a boy with his lip badly hurt by a glass fragment and one girl was sitting there with her hand almost torn apart.
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everyone i spoke to had one question why how was such a cold merciless cruelty possible towards anyone let alone children. was confident but good prevails over evil and that khazan will emerge from the nightmare stronger . this tragedy has united everyone regardless of their ethnic origin or religious belief people from other cities are coming to mourn with us we must stand together in order not to witness such events in the future he invites us to evening prayers at the mosque today and tomorrow or holy days for muslims. all breaking the fast understandably though the focus of today is on one of the darkest days in tatters stands modern history.
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outside crowds continue to turn up an endless stream and aside from the pain on this day of mourning determination is also present not to let evil break the city spirit which to day has shown its strength daniel hawkins r.t. because. we discuss with our guests some of the many issues this type of tragedy has once again raised. our society not able to scream this before we've got many administrations a situation schools how come a profile like this what went through all of that and nobody saw that he was on the brink of committing this massive mess of killings i think that's the serious issue to all of our societies have to tackle is to pinpoint find these persons and he'll become an awful lot of people with mental illness of one form or not they have extreme views and if you give these people guns you got to expect at some stage that things are going to go wrong so you you know the less comes and says i want to be that the safer we all are it is no secret that you go on the internet you can
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find out what to do and how to do it and this is a this is a problem football societies bullying we know at least in the research that i've conducted is the leading cause of gun violence and also bullying revanche retaliates sand and side effects of psychotropic medications have been found to be the predominant causes of violence one of the most important thing is that we need to do is we really have to work to intentionally create a very safe school climate working together collaboratively with parents with teachers with administrators to really identify those students who may be withdrawn who may be why if you may have struggled flavia recent loss who may be a victim of bullying you may be struggling academically or they have behavioral issues and the more that people can come together and identify the work that we can be proactive rather than reactive.


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