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cielo re slowed amy long because i damn near to stim, contorted nass leisurely, a scholarly buckeye east at the bundy road, se, becca, and the east madison. it is shaped on it, it does show both bravo, right. so she is part of the circulator. any at badges? tabitha dia, beneath the muster ira cisco, light soil, slower, slower would be stronger. the rack is rushing. is the cielo include them or we were in the a lot her did her feel support dinner, but to the i'm still, my ghetto. we effect you. void it, mr. just that a through a torch. grow the we're whipple it looper because liberals florida state. ah, says italy, republican cath mitchell. any at the spiritual,
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any progress up on your minds, the store where you it nationwide see the sheet with sure. perhaps just send it out say 90 the tory or crane a but most are usually but at the same i put out a b. evelyn with at the moment kush voice was ritz besedia thought mariska toys, but the national me renewed them in the grenades on our behalf. nauseous that i mean really, but as mission, they must apply it in there. but i need to know as each there is no way in the complete in we've sure to vision which it is sure to provide you that we i'm personally you to see it. it will jessica prestige, me to know how to get a hold of lean or a nash nettled. national is formerly cook. porsha. willat is full. is on a collective in the missouri excursion pack pro, you risky, figured out the failure as well as to receive school figured out by sports on the national territory and national me where they might be. but today, or collect your foot piece scituate. so it is still further my thought of under
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football. is this the another one. so then learn the post to put them on the mobile cell at the most. so we'll do the growth go live on us will, and it will remind them we did to women more, say muslims political situ. ah, basic, i thought a thumb, the whole design you may call us and they open a new us. we'll just for the new position, i waste of money also to reduce them. 6, use them, use of sure. you know. wait, so you got to read it or put a practical economy. the wolf was lead me. well, the prod, dealer, procrastinate personnel of a budget or cisco and with some other bullshit about this deal here. what about is practice on the edge of my machine, but then you hope on any of them. so that is to let you cook
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with one another and i didn't, didn't did you in the summer and they were in the area under so we were supposed to walk with another. i'll get a chance, but it's probably, i just want you to ship a felony. there's 9 units, lucy, sustainable. who's bought a book,
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give me what you get, nor it's illusion. you catch up, we what? i need. i need notes in the notes in the middle news reason the or so was just because it shows a question. so when we move will be due to a news monia, not a bit of issue. i explained one of them of just that choice in our dennis got our started a new one, just 110 chiller play on some pretty much new when we are doing more and then we're just jordon. and nick puts carson on julia korean on dall general ponette pecans, period 2 ah.
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in a word. oh nicholas daniel, unless it is all huddled with him who put bertha? look at him. got more of the with much greens. come a little is he's going to look, luciana, seal on you. thought that was not getting me wanting you was in india. she just didn't want to stay anymore. i did. yes. this is just this, this is yeah. been able to comes with that. we got there still come, stand will jasmine is there you bill. could you don't miss the gamma? but he did add that it's what he should do the at the look of
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ah easy, she's come. what on the more success? let shin so the sheet that origin that i see last the elderly law earlier period teeth of the sheet that use of sways that i me so when metal dot net and so that was to ship the modem, go to this chest, the storms for the key creature we from them in town and they are now to blad chance corner order basically choice, but keep the share really you the share a wish you go with the children and that's and i love you the national in order for that one as no. anita, yesterday way over in british law. we made a what. what do you be? a strain of grad them. the said on, on the on russian. becky:
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food you know go the deal. the better more zaya so so far a lot. yeah. i spoke with new shows right now. sure. you've got to store your now got our new new purpose. got there again. so much does your tongue or us again with georgia yesterday with sort of a when i of so most of priscilla. it wouldn't hurt you. but for the sample with the lender, so when you visit a suit of the medium cap and you will be with you to let us at the bully tree street and i have a the muscular at least when you t related spin are due to the dentistry street in national and there with them with a few of you didn't we provide you that is true then us engineered it. somebody me monday to of that 60 shape. i'm like i thought in the whole it's a bottle stored on the road. you've got order a new proposal. it's
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a new cookie. and master new york atanya mitchell was for door missy. away, no proof of the key on the day impressed with them. but you'll run us that you wish me units of motivated than us if they will. it's a chest, you're good and we're not too much about our your center. yeah, no, i didn't want to store it in to move due due to washer understood. so you could have that ability right now. some push to your stuff pushed through your way. they're not showing dog, i'm with got a new say in some them nicholas craft. mr. new. yes. if the in that us is full day, i say it as they also need to come not to be you know, play a mold boy at this is for relative on that goes out loud
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waste. let me now some i go out and i will stop. wait, wait a minute, road, sneaky, honey spot. if they go away. yeah, no problem, nick, the weights off. come on, you to focus your peer present the project data with them to live on. we're a genius specific. let's say you don't for up a cohen nibble which you will pick us for that we now have come to stay and on station id. okay. my deal on a new national im, when you do because we had school about a shell, say portion, but a squiggly. that image was more and that's where you can that and i couldn't, you're supposed to feel precast and actually, or someone else. a weasel is a so you will. okay. yeah. but usually will prorate them. good. okay. just sustain . yeah. thanks so much. you'll see a national i'm here to share it. i'm a new management team. we go load and get him roll and i'm a pity them. when we jam on the pro danya specified as a push any michelle so that we i don't know now some contact
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with the got those last problem a one long though because there is what the last tech guy a short video the show on the and on the on 3 the on war, but those need to go to when astrid fueled, i gave them to the whole i've done that. another layer. what i, what the gone gone for the attack on any pro with with
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with no, do a little go. so now what does that my judge for sales are that you oh sector. do any when they let it go, let's just say to them, but i didn't get them on that. what was the issue with them way? so the dealers and they push the go with the initials or did it go what that would be, where it shows that you when you directed bundles of in that to go to when you study old ladies more than they are in the office, you still play and when it is, is it going is dealing while you're gone seriously, so they're not the, it does show a deal of, you know, you know, initial media,
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anybody on the list that's called a good way voice go, what was your on them? she will give you that as a national spiritual that of them digital. oh boy nibble. but she'll know to share with you or close up a lot of dollars a bit. i am with ah, well don't middle alex, she's just c columbia. no, not in columbia. nobody but i just want to thank her lego, the italian real name is logical law. school of college. cool. with which yeah, it is. public is here to be a number. think enough. feel afraid that makes god says night to put him is yes. bush and below that season. now she did the
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with them it did with they just had like, i don't, i don't bus is done by say, fin deal. this would not have happened if nato and vida didn't push this agenda. this was doesn't mean this should be to what about a nadia? it's not a good way to get anyone up at the moment. so says it's but it's okay to film defense with for writing for the pages of the new york times. joe biden says he does not want a nato russia war in the same article. he was unclear how the conflict in ukraine should, and negotiations did not appear to be a high priority. in the meantime,
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the you agreed to a 6th round of sanctions, all a while ukraine is losing on the battlefield. a job with other shows just move to put about double do is job with a live with it. i was by see we're all. but more so we, but if you know that she's just a, b, b, b, i was so british really clear that you did that. you know what each group by cbo
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are both filled with the photo ship, my mental movie. oh sure. what was your deal when you money at the machine? oh, and the whole issue of william ability with this stuff, sets it up in the machine. it, it, they, when the ocean and the weights. and then we meet the needs to the low tech and the who would be, was shim, yes, that's what with a, [000:00:00;00]
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with a new new will be what noonish does that mean a deal or what plays them? or as well as we do miss it down to them. i believe it is a 3 that show those 3 staples one bit. it shows a bunch of them know what i see and the more that i would do it when i sample silica, what would be where to go to look when it, when i system, when i started it blow it, it. but don't go to finish the end of the element this to know that i didn't have a job with him. go to that equation stock, which did b to absolute. the initial a g o k, a in the road, it is engine study. go directly down there. when it was a sure we did it,
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there's a double additionally, not that the who is typically a medium, but it is complaining biased. so initially, i mean if you were open not the, the, the progenitor, it's still it that your bullshit should i sit down with them more or less because of school good resolution. and this will just when you started melody this yet gimme, you know, do with this in the middle of a good idea by than this, it would mission that were not the what i need when you study this, jack emilio. no, no, not so. i mean, well i know we usually go get this done. use. see you. you was love, you would have show medium, but you more with tony, which is good news is la maya. the stub my
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hold it so my new bill it but oh well this he looked at e. what are they supposed to lead to lashelle in the mood bush? with the curtain used to go on board order, but give it to me. well, let's look on those. that was victims here and i'm looking for yourself. it's just getting rather glad to rebuild the humanly abilities law. not circles loose from lucelle. so going to see they could sort of what that is to show you. we have previously with a few little what up this image over for that on lego mostella with which i did it you to build on it. i was don't really like live butyllithium cleaned. other stuff looking lucille, who actually is new to work with a simply he wasn't who just, there was a,
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she still wanted to leave video middle new and i wasn't super model jerome love a new build you. mickey is like, you know, that was a lot of a good every wardrobe with it or a new really days she, me like you literally didn't shoot your the washroom rebuilt. you in your sort of in the machine will them and if it awesome, need me a 1000000 every 2 slab with the model and it wouldn't be a poor gets this the and you talk us middle initial did any more with, with any more with this is by needs of score them, we had a scheduled a today and you could keep that with the lady. deloach them with, with a go on that or to did i got a to good this good to go. i didn't know we should, delicate, i'm a couldn't use it a little you such as this. not a problem
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not proceed. is legion bullshit. i school i just a, if you did a little bit of a teach them to spell everything go for which was lucidly. would you guys what about your schedule when you go out there and you put one more godly book i came to acute them did about like what about you guys? a 2nd problem, a grown up with my guys 9. you can do it as a pa, jeremy, to teach care for us and i put together for the salmon was so come on. so i'm glad is public appreciate if you go to the new to with plans that they go to a 1000 on us. it was more of a little of do so
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a lot with washington anyway. it's rich m l by sam is just good. it's public. if just new, are you at the toy just with a
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boy a i really believe that it is still m o. when is the bundle? it just shows on the dylan door, osha dillard lead. definitely did the border. it is monday though. so what you did the shuttle yeah. with, because really nothing is working with a woman with
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a super wonder what her on issues with no, you're not going to see the claim i sent you. but if you just get a deal, i will, i hope, was that going to stay emotionally considered a visual record that you said you like? like almost like what i've shared with with home, like this with them about a year of a, with only in my mind,
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a blog with actually what the new from a guy with a bit of noise. this is
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a nationwide. so i'm going to share it with what hopes in those core clear monday you'd long to song called the use where you for something. number my heart, but i does or do it, but it is so broad or so. his blue blue book will really seriously meet a video needed only by league. i believe there was a bill as i had deal is a bit out of soon as domes audio only a don's hurdle. basil, i'm headed, liberated on gustily sh. won't give susan garalia must. i'm julia saw my said you. but he himself was only pronounced at number kosher to recoil. not a we're busy so far so so but i see that need to but also i think that, oh yes, yes, it was a lovely. sure. i was also
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a new i'm william. so she'll be with you people sort of mm hm. a spicy by new blah hetty, but that freshly luscious bright, yellow skier, is slower. another if you park or side valley that i wish i bring your storm it into class. but if sure with that. bla hadn't gotten us boiling. you missed your we, we usually better the let the, the, let the herat rock will dot. now, brush oser malott's, this fussy manuscript backlog, you can, you might get, i'm free back west, which in karachi and yet you hear leslie, which in karachi by california and i see scale. oh,
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a what are your thousands of people still live in small towns and villages that have become the new front line towards that brick? what they call this area, the gray zone with a lease on the request premium. that was only about a you had to come with a bill or taylor via email. don't know what it was funny because i assumed that it was him dumb or was it a show berella? i noise through under his door carrier,
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lennox on roku lou. she'll let us that she made us feel pleasure with video. leslie was before he boise cool here scott, quality grow your favorite them with. didn't the global white give it a gym and like other than you should be had with a when i would show seemed wrong when i just don't a whole new world. yes. to shape out an engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart,
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we choose to look for common ground. ah, with business, and you will clean them a bit. it does not a shoes on. yeah, americans, grey you, when you wrote it, you just go over. it is just such not critical. and also provide you a list of such insurable. emma's names your factor of the difference, wonderful. which help wishing that you use her own the with them the problem you're still there with her. as you talk to you as we are both in the study, she comes on distribution which have to watch. so who's coming to on, on all kinds of good it which you which no longer interested in you finishing up the push to sustainable remote because or lose new or your portal or do school cold? i don't know who your i know for the doesn't or i should just
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with the 1st opinions and also come with with hello and welcome to cross talk. we're all things are considered. i'm peter level writing for the pages of the new york times. joe biden says he does not want a nato russia war in the same article. he was unclear how the conflict ukraine should end negotiations, do not appear to be a high priority. in the meantime the you agreed to a 6th round of sanctions all


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