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tv   [untitled]    December 8, 2011 9:30pm-10:00pm PST

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supervisor kim: that is a big question. homeless this continues to be one of the top issues at our office is working on and it is the same for my predecessors as well. we have a large portion of our homeless community in district 6. the city actually does do a lot for homeless communities. yes or not saying it is a lot, but there are a number of things that exist here that i am not sure exist in all cities in terms of services and housing and shelter care. i think we are fortunate to have a strong group of organizers and advocates on homelessness issues. i actually get word for any community group when they do not have organizers or advocates that have been working on an issue for a long time. homelessness is an issue that i think there have been several for, so they develop a shelter monitoring committee several
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years ago to start monitoring our shelters in san francisco, and it is made up of folks that stay in our shelters, people who have families, women, in the next day in and out of our shelters to help monitor those programs and then do quarterly reports back to the board of supervisors. i think things like this have made a difference. what can we continue to do? there are three main issues we need to continue to support more than we already have. one is of course housing. that is simply one of the bare bones issues. people do not have shelter, they will not be able to get out of the cycle of poverty they are currently in. second is continue to relief fund mental health services and other services that people need when they are coming out of whatever situation or stories that they are coming from. third is employment. i think that has actually been the most challenging issue for
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our office and for most elected officials is not only how you treat jobs -- create jobs but how you create jobs for divers constituents. i know our mayor talked earlier about keeping tech companies in our city, companies like twitter and zynga and all of that, and i think that is really important. i think we have not been as good at figuring out how to keep a diversity of jobs and what i will talk about quickly is the loss of our manufacturing. as we lost manufacturing and light industrial spaces, warehouses, which ironically got converted to housing because of the need for housing in the city -- we actually did not realize that we lost a lot of our middle class jobs, our blue collar jobs where you could make 20- something dollars an hour and not have a college degree. i think that we need to -- i think land use plays a really important role in all of this.
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i think without realizing it and building of the house and with that we needed in the city we pushed out employment. i am not sure how aware folks were of that. i continue to see land use as one of the most important things for activists and organizers to understand next to the budget, actually. how you plan and zoned areas is how you can help jobs come to those areas. i will say one last thing. you live in california, the most important thing we can do is overturned prop 13. i think we should be ok with losing because the one argument i always hear about why we do not go after it is because we are going to lose, that it is not possible, and we have to learn from how it got past, which is that it lost two or three times before it won. that was perserverance, right? the willingness to lose at the ballot but continue to educate
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more and more voters each round. i'm sorry. it was passed in 1978. it helps to a certain extent freeze homeowner property taxes in the state of califoia. it was part of the taxpayer revolt that had come out of the 1970's. the individual but put it on the ballot actually put it on the ballot three or four times. i do not know of anyone members. three times. lost the first seed of we were times and kept going back to the voters to explain why he thought this was the best policy for the state of california. what we saw immediately after that was the schools lost 1/3 of their funding in the next couple of years. while i think it is important to protect particularly seniors who are homeowners, i think there's a way we can do that without impacting all homeowners spirit at the end of the day, what is happening is we are de-
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investing, divesting from our communities and parks, and i think that is a really important next campaign for the state of california. >> thank you so much. supervisor kim: thank you. [applause]
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