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tv   [untitled]    March 12, 2013 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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tech trek i was able to have a push to pursue my interest in science and math. without that push i probably wouldn't have gone to lowel. so my favorite aspect about it is getting around all these other females that are just as motivated about the topics as you. tech trek will get you there. may tech trek motivate and inspire young women across the nation forever more.
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>> thank you commissioners. now, it is my very great pleasure to call upon the superintendent for our next item. >> thank you president norton. this is always one of my favorite items in our board meetings where we get to talk about our national board certified teachers. it seems like every year we get to add more and more teachers to this illustrious list. if i can just describe a little bit
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about this board. we're honored this evening to honor or nationally board certify teachers. this is an advanced teaching credential. it is achieved upon successful completion of a voluntary assessment program designed to recognize teachers who meet high standards. our candidates complete ten assignments that include four portfolio entries and six constructed response exercises that assess content knowledge. those these are -- these are the best of the best. there are 28 teachers who have completed this rigorous process. thanks to our wonderful teachers who continue to go above and beyond for our
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wonderful students. in terms of a per ratio or per capita, we have the greatest number of nationally board certified teachers in california, and maybe in the country, right here in san francisco. at this point i'd like to turn over the presentation to maggie, who is coordinator for the national [inaudible] provider program and our executive director human resources, mary richards, who will also take it from here. >> good evening commissioners, superintendent, distinguished againsts and staff members. one thing -- and thank you so much superintendent for your thoughts on that. one thing i
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always admired is national board teachers go through this rigorous process while they're working full-time and it's an extraordinary commitment and so this achievement is even more extraordinary so really congratulations on that. before i list out our honorees i wanted to thank all the folks that make this possible. i understand that kay garcia is not here, but she is our regional outreach director so thank you to kay. sandy dean is here and she is the director for stanford and the resource center so sandy, if you're around, wave your hand or stand up. thank you so much. terry [inaudible] -- i see her in the
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front row and she is one of -- she's got her deep heart and soul in this work for many years and she is one of our main supporters from the san francisco school alliance and terry stand up. thank you so much terry for your support in this. carey, i also see and she was formally supported this program with all our teachers at the district level so carry, thank you for that. and she's here again, will never go away. and again, our super mentioned maggie and she is our heart and soul. she gives them everything that they need to endure this and be successful in this. so thank you so much for your work. and of course, no program could be successful
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without funders. the morris [inaudible] foundation, san francisco school alliance, and thni-nabts so thank you to all the folks -- oh, i'm sorry. and of course my deb debra, everybody's debra. i wanna take the largest part of her. did she is an extraordinary leader and support person and thinker and so without further adieu, i would like to bring up the honorees. so i think you'll come up into the center field. and i guess our superintendent will come -- they will come in and form the arc. and our first is pamela
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[inaudible] from hill crest elementary school. and she's got a new wonderful baby that has been applauding her all the way through [inaudible]. here we come. we get a two for here. you're proud of your mama, i know. peter rogers, rooftop. maria [inaudible],
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sheridan elementary; whitney rowe, [inaudible] elementary school; theresa shade, hill
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crest elementary; [inaudible] lau, mission high school; lindsey agau, longfellow
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elementary; gabrielle [inaudible], sheridan elementary; susan holland cooper, alvarado elementary; antoinette mckay, [inaudible]
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middle school; elizabeth eva [inaudible]; lafayette elementary school; laura dowson, longfellow elementary school; lindsey gonzalez, lafayette elementary ; natalie richie, fairmont elementary school; gregory damico, james
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lick middle school; sarah carp, [inaudible] middle school; laura [inaudible] gold, [inaudible] middle school;
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monica hoe, aragon elementary school; melissa nevez, [inaudible] middle school; emily crouch, hillcrest elementary school; christopher
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kerry, international studies academy; jessica hobbs, hillcrest elementary; dawn wole, james lick middle school;
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those are all the folks that we had check in. were thereers that arrived a little bit later. we do have additional plaques here, but we checked in everybody at the beginning. anymore? okay, i will. thank you. pushy crowd over here. doris lord [inaudible], andrew [inaudible] rosa parks elementary, yvonne valdez and james steadman. now we'd like to take some pictures so you'll have to squeeze together.
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>> -- the fac will be having our tenth annual youth sum it called together we can from 10:00 to 3:00 pm. we are proud to announce that mr. haney will
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be our speaker this year. we have an exciting line up of workshops that include advocacy through effective communication, cyber bullying, job preparedness, resume writing, youth voice informing policy, [inaudible] awareness and college preparedness. there are also several groups, including a dance team. if you want to attend [inaudible]. there are several candidates running to be one of the student delegates next year -- there are nine to be exact. and be sure to vote during the week of april 5 -- april 1 to april 5 along with the youthful survey. >> sac elections will be done
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through the school [inaudible] this year so senior principals, student activities leader if you're interested in running the coordination of the youth summit we are working on several items. we are working on a site that does deals similar to groupon. we have two resolutions that we will be seeking cosponsorship for. one supporting the grab and go breakfast program by allowing students to eat breakfast in class in the morning and a second for the deferred child program. the sac has continued to work with the staff to include student input and teacher feed back as well. >> thank you ladies. all right, sir. we are in item e,
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the parent advisory council report. i believe we have representatives from the pack in the audience. please approach the table. >> good evening commissioners and superintendents. i am ammy, a member of the the pack and a parent at [inaudible] elementary school. >> hello, my name is vanessa banks, my daughter attends the bay view [inaudible] and i'm glad to be here. how ya'll doing? >> vanessa and i have a brief
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report to share with you all tonight. as you know the role of the pack is to represent parent voices and perspective to inform board of education policy discussion. tonight we'd like to report on the pack's upcoming community briefing on the redesign of special education services. next week we will be hosting a community brief inging on the redesign of these services. this briefing will help us gain a better understanding of the bigger picture and perhaps some of the challenges related to implementing practices across the district. as the para dime increases, parents and community partners alike have many questions about implementations of this change.
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-- including the san francisco youth commission, the united educators of san francisco and support for families of disabilities. many questions are related to the /tkhreufr delivery of a more inclusive model to address these students' needs. at the last board of education meeting on tuesday, february 26, it was decided that 33 probationary teachers would be non reelected to the classroom for next year. what was particularly notable about this decision was the fact that 11 of these 33 teachers were special education teachers, position that are hard to staff. the pack
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acknowledges that this was a very difficult situation for all involved, including the administrators and the board charged with making such a critical call, the hardship on the 33 individuals who were non reelected and the ripple affect that happened in these communities where these individuals had been laced. this raises a couple of key questions. how are special education staff screening and finding staff for these hard to staff positions. secondly, once placed, what ongoing support are teachers receiving with instructional strategies and coaching to be effective with students receiving special education services.
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>> in addition to these questions, the pack has asked doctor blanco and her team to address the following questions in our briefing next week. how is the para dime shift from programs to practice and services in special education being communicated with parents across the district. what are the guidelines and timelines being used for implementing inclusive practice in all schools in the district and what is the plan? how are the rolls and responsibilities of general education teachers and special education teachers and staff being clearly defined in relationships to one another for the delivering of the [inaudible] practice and what structures are in place for them to have ongoing communication about involving roles. how are general education teachers and staff being trained and supported to
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serve students with iep's in exclusive settings? how are the teachers being given time to do planning and working with the resource teachers to develop support for students in exclusive settings? what is the structures of the additional work? what are the specific actions in the district taking for african american students and special education, especially african american boys. the pack hope these are the type of questions that are being considered as the committees begin their annual meetings for improving -- applications are available on our website in english,
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spanish, and chinese and they are due friday, may 3, 2013. thank you. >> thank you. mr. superintendent did you want to say a few words. >> thank you president norton. i want to congratulate the pack. these are absolutely the right questions to be asking and we really appreciate your asking these questions and continuing to ask these types of questions. we couldn't be happier, so thank you. >> miss wong. >> i'd like to clarify that the youth summit is on friday, april 25, 2013. >> so i want to thank the pack for the report also and i wanted to suggest that perhaps when doctor blanco comes to meet with you you may also connect with the cac for special ed because actually it's made of parents and it'd be great if you could actually
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collaborate together and get the parents' perspective also. thanks. >> i think they're great questions to and i would like to make sure that pack members know that the annual support and information and resources conference for support for families of children with disabilities is saturday, march 23 from 8:00 to 3:00 at o connel. it's free. it's really one stop shopping for learning all sorts of information about how to help your child in special education and also resources in the community so it's a great opportunity. so i just thank you because i think these are excellent questions and they're not just questions of import to parents with students with
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disabilities, but to everybody. >> i would like to ask if the pack would be willing to work more with the sac next year since the pack and the sac are advising bodies so i'd love it if there was more of a work together wean -- between the two organizations. >> no other questions or comments? we will now move on the to item f, which is public comment on consent items. i have one speaker signed up. president dennis kelly of united educators would like to speak to item b 5. >> thank you very much. it's a pleasure to be at the same microphone where your honored all the national board certified teachers and again, just more congratulations to


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