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tv   [untitled]    March 12, 2013 7:30pm-8:00pm PDT

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pla between san francisco unified school district can only come to fruition if that's done through the san francisco building trades because they represent all the building trades. and like the people before me, i just ask that you take that into account. thank you. >> good evening. my name's anthony [inaudible]. and we do also stand with the san francisco building and construction trades council. we are members of it and we fully support the pla for all the trades. thank you. >> my name is dan prince, i'm president of iron workers local 377 and i think our local union has a long record along with the san francisco building trades for decades really of
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having a passionate commitment to and in working closely with the community on solving the problem of chronic unemployment in the most economically depressed areas and our position is that we stand very closely with the san francisco building trades in the efforts to secure a project labor agreement and that's the path to the solution of this problem. >> i just wanna break it for just a second to remind everybody that you must fill out a card if you wish to speak on an attempt. if there are cards or speakers lined up, you may speak, but no more after this. so are there any outstanding cards or speakers in the audience. speak now or forever hold your peace, at least for this evening on this item. okay. all right. this
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is the last call for cards. that is it. okay on the cards. i do also wanna acknowledge or supervisor [inaudible]. he will have an opportunity to speak after public comment. i'm sorry for interrupting. go ahead. >> my name is ed reyes and i'm here to ask the board to please move forward this pla. i'm in strong solidarity with san francisco building trades council. we are a long time affiliate and we believe the best thing for the san francisco students is to move forward with this pla with the san francisco building trades council. thank you. >> evening commissioners [inaudible] local [inaudible]
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educating young people is considering a resolution that will create pathways for those young people, and not just for jobs, but to careers, keeping the money in the city. i appreciate that. i think it's totally appropriate that the school district should be considering a standard of local hire no lower than that [inaudible] in this resolution, include of [inaudible] wbe [inaudible] the state apprenticeship programs and john o connel high school make this a win win. i think the 75 percent apprenticeship is very aggressive. it's gonna be a challenge. i would ask that that be looked at closely maybe in view to making it on par
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with the city ordinance. so as i say, this is a win win, while there is work ahead of us to fine -- fine -- finalize a pla [inaudible]. >> i'm also a graduate or [inaudible] high school, 1984. when i graduated from high school i joined the smith mason junior back in 1984. next year you have 30 years of service and it was because of our building trades. i'm here in strong support of the san francisco bidding trades and we need your support as well. >> good evening, my name is
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james bryant. i sit on the mayor's committee, work force advisory. and i think the gentlemen mentioned that if you do anything less than what we've already set the standard for with the city and county you're failing this city. i think that clearly the voters of this city made it clear they want local hiring, they set standards for local hiring and we think that there should not be any different standards for the schools from the city and county of san francisco who the schools are obviously representing. i think that what you're doing today is a collective of opportunities
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that is positive, positive direction, what you're doing here, and i just wanna make sure that you understand that there's a community on the line here, many communities. and please move this motion forward, but just make sure that with the spirit of local hiring, you keep that as highly in your mind as possible. thank you very much. >> my name's willy radcliff [inaudible] i'm a general contractor and developer. and in a way i like the resolution, but there are some things that we need to iron out. i been a union member,down -- union officer so i've had no problems
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with the union as long as we are able to do the things that we need to do and we need to negotiate with the unions on the pla agreement because in my area, we have some problems out there that they need to know about and be able to agree to. some pla agreements are sent bad people to us. we wanna be able to peck our people in the union, send 'em out to us so those are the kinda things. and also in areas like [inaudible] and some of the areas we should have a higher goal than some of the other areas out there because of that's happened to us and where we are at. so we are looking at goals that should be up way higher than what the city has set and we hope you are looking at that direction too -- we need goals out there sometime as high as 50, 60 percent in
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each trade and we want the pl a to be able to go along with working with us because we are started down with young kids and the whole thing. so anyway, i do like what you've come up with and i'd love to be able to work with the unions that we can all work together to make this happen. thank you. >> good evening. my name is manual local 22, i represent the carpenter's union. we support local hiring. we're add -- adamant about that. got some good things in the resolution tonight. it's all about the students tieing in with the apprenticeship training. we just don't want
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to lose focus of that. that's what it's about. and all that resolution -- i was impressed of what i saw work together -- it's even stronger than it was. and at the end basic crafts, pla, building trades -- at the end we're all gonna come together, we're gonna make this work. but once again, we just cannot lose sight of the students because they're our future and i am have adamant about that and i busted my tail at john o connel and i'm gonna do that again and again because that's the key to make this very successful. thank you. >> good evening, ed [inaudible] echoing some of the excellent words already spoken. local
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hire presents a win win for a school district in terms of its workers, the families supported by local hire as well as the students that get to see the absolute incredible benefits that can come from it. good faith in of itself is inconsistent and it's god this resolution has managed to [inaudible] has the ability to set mandatory percentages as a minimum that actually are very specific and sets guidelines to that end and the key point is that the apprenticeship standard should be also set by the city's local hiring policy as well. it's good that at the end of the day that consistency is established by adhering to this resolution. second is to answer a speakers earlier point [inaudible] report published by
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oewd that showed that it was actually 7 percent below engineers estimates and 2012 actually showed [inaudible] and third and finally it's important to bring all the trades together to make sure that local hire works for the school district and for the students and families that benefit from this policy. thank you. >> i'm a part of [inaudible] and i'm not really all about statistics and all that because i've been working all my life and i'm 54 and i'm from san francisco and i didn't go to all your high schools 'cause i went through the pen. and all these kids that you talking about -- i think you using these kids because the only schools i see -- you may not like what i say, but all the schools i see are white kids,
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hindu kids -- ya'll know about the history of san francisco about 66 over there when they shot up them brothers over there for trying to stand up. you get rid of the brothers. if you really cared about the kids you would find a way to get the fathers back to the house. i got a 16-year-old daughter -- she's across the bay -- i have a little record back 30 years ago, i can't be there with me daughter. not because it was so bad, but because it says if the mama -- [inaudible] i'm talking to people in bay view -- like, why don't ya'll hire the brothers. everything over there in bay view ain't owned by black /phepbl. -- men. [inaudible]
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because i see a lot of white girls doing it too. but you talk about the kids -- i think you using 'em because you ain't putting the black kids fathers in their houses 'cause you ain't giving us no job. do you see any black men up here. we don't have no jobs. all that union city build -- all that is garbage because only people you teaching to be a carpenter or plumber -- go down there an third [inaudible] you ain't teaching the black boys nothing but playing football, basketball and run from the police. >> thank you sir. next speaker. >> hi, my name is [inaudible]. i'm standing here really conflicted. i'm a native san francisco citizen, i'm a
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[inaudible] i've put three children through the san francisco unified school district and i have two more that are still in the school system. i support project labor agreements 100 percent, but just as strongly i support access and opportunity. had it not been for my education in the san francisco unified school district, i may not have been able to become an electrician to take care of my family. i wanna stay here in san francisco, but my children want to stay in their native home as well. their ages are from 18 to 21 and it is so difficult for them to find employment. and we are african americans here in san francisco, living in the bay view hunters point. my two sons graduated from lowell high school, my daughter graduated from the school of the arts and
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there's no reason they should be unemployed here in san francisco. i'm advocating for all of my /kpheurpb because i still have two daughters in the public school system. we have to get better, more creative, we have to make this thing work. this is intersecting interests. and i represent that intersecting interest so i hope that you guys will come together. i do believe in good union jobs so let's make this work the proper way. >> my name is kevin, i'm a community activist and film maker. i want to off my support for the local hiring legislation that was passed by the city and hope that in compliance ya'll will take a look at that and use that as a
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measuring stick to be able to make sure that the contracts and agreements that come through ya'll body here is upheld to the highest standard. i do wanna echo despite the success that has come out of the local hiring legislation, it has not translated into hiring into members of the community, particularly communities of color. so i hope this could be a renewed commitment to ensuring that local hiring is held up and the good old buddy network does not have a monopoly on the negotiations, but make sure that the community is part of that transparency as you move forward. thank you very much. >> evening commissioners, josh
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[inaudible] for sponsoring the resolution and everybody for your work on this. it's a long process to get here. we got a long way to go. i think you know from the community side we speak with our heart, you know. we believe in this and we put two years into the city's ordinance and we collect i havely bargained with a lot of the folkings -- folks to get policy that works so you hear a lot of us talking about wanting to see the school district move into this comprehensive system. how do we start earlier? the ability to have a school district plugging into a [inaudible] major lee's construction work force advisory committee, city build who's been some great conversations. it's beyond exciting and i think that's why
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you wanna see us advocate to going that way. but we do support the resolution. we worked with everybody in the room and we wanna work with everyone in the room. i know we got a letter from the laborers just that we're not in the council and i know -- i can't speak for the laborers, but i heard they won't sign a pla if they weren't part of negotiating. but so i think the approach you have right now is a good way to go about that. there were some great points made around apprenticeship numbers. there's release valves in the policy. it's a requirement, but there's way to get compliance if you help bring in an apprentice into the trade, to pose someone -- a young student out of john o
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connel into the trade. so it's not illegal. if you tell me it's illegal, but i've not seen anything that will say it's illegal. bull -- but in strong support. thank you commissioners. . >> hi, mike [inaudible]. just wanna say real quick i'm a union kid, i grew up in a union family. my father is a loyal retired member of local 2 working for some really good and really bad folks, but because of them i'm able to go to college and i was able to go to law school and while i look at this -- and there's a lot of good stuff here, but not there yet. just a few things that need to be ironed out. i'm a
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firm believer in local hire. it has been win win and we've seen the results. but also i would like to talk about local business enterprises because who is it that hires black and browns in this city? black and brown contractors primarily 'cause they're from the neighborhoods, they know the kids in the neighborhoods, they know me, they know some of the kids and some of the folks here and we know that we can make it happen. this city already has a local enterprise program, that has been very productive. we're not reinventing the wheel here. but what i'm saying here is that the local hire and local business enterprise -- if you step back and take a look at the bigger picture, we're
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talking about an economic recovery package for bay view, patient valley, a lot of folks out there that have their union work that are starving for work and a lot of contractors there that are starving for work and are willing to pay a good wage. thank you very much. >> thank you to all the speakers. at this time supervisor yee -- i would love to give you an opportunity to speak. odd to see you sitting on the other side of the table. >> good evening. i really
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wanted to be here tonight for -- for me, what i would consider historical vote. the reason i started this process with commissioner fewer last year and i felt that this is one of those things where i wish i had the opportunity to complete this particular journey and i wasn't able to do that. and it was a sad day when i had to leave and leave this undone. i wanna thank commissioner fewer to continue this resolution and for commissioner haney to join in. and i wanna thank -- i just looked it over in terms of the amendments and so forth. i really wanna say that i'm very
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proud of this board working very diligently and actually strengthening the language in this. i'm glad to see that. i'm also glad to hear many of these comments, that there 's a lot of support for the direction we're going. this is not a new concept for san francisco as you know, and the reason why we brought it up at the end of last year was because the city already had done this. it was just logical to do this. this is city money, we want our city money to support or people in the city and this is just one opportunity for us to do this. we just passed today after four-and-a-half hours at another meeting i was in earlier , but we just passed the terms of cpmc. they're not using our
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city money, they're using their own money, and yet they were able to agree to the general concept of local hiring that was set forth by the city. so once again, i think the school district at this point need to join the family of all the organizations and the city government in supporting really our families and when we talk about our families, the people that's gonna benefit really gonna be a lot of our public school kids' families so i'm here today to again, urge every one of you to support this and get this passed and i know you have a lot more work to do in passing this but once again, i'm very happy that we're at this point at this time so thank you very much for -- i know this is gonna be a long evening for you. so thanks for
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giving me the opportunity president norton to speak on this issue that's very dear to me. so that's it. thank you. >> thanks for coming by for a visit. also nice to see you, don't be a stranger. so any comments -- board discussion -- comments and questions from board members? i understand that the authors wanna offer a few amendment; is that correct? do you wanna do that now? >> thank you president norton. yes. thank you for everyone that came out and spoke. you' absolutely right. we wanna be inclusive of all our building construction trades so i think that you might have been a little misinformed. this vote is not a vote for a pla tonight or not. this vote is not the vote about the pla. this vote is actually for a resolution
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that asks staff to create a policy that includes local hire into a policy that would guide the future plas of this district. so we heard a lot tonight and every time that people come and speak, i just wanna say that i am also learning here and so tonight i learned something too so i'd like to make an amendment to this and i heard that the 70 percent is not aligned with what the city is doing so i would like to make an amendment that we reduce that to 50 percent. the 70 percent came from our staff recommendation and we thought we could do that, but i'm hearing this could be difficult for some trades to meet and we want our trades to be in partnership with us so i would make an amendment that we switch it back to 50 percent. that's
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the first one. then i would -- because there's been so much talk about the city... >> do you wanna -- i wanna ask -- should we do amendments one at a time? okay. so you're making a motion first that in -- at the top of page two on the copy we have, in the clause it says that require at least 70 percent of the project work hours -- change that to 50 percent. i need a second on the motion. >> after you get a second, if there's no objection... >> so is there any objection? okay. it's the top of page three for the public but there's no objection from the board so we will just do... -- next amendment. >> and then secondly because
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we've been hearing so much about the city ordinance and there was such a community process and we know all the trades have signed on to the city ordinance that i would like to add another bullet point that specifically says that this policy should align as closely as possible where legally permissible to the city's local hire ordinance. so i would like to add it as a bullet point to the last bullet point and the wording is again, this /polg -- policy should align as closely as possible where legally permissible to the city's local hire. >> is there a second? is there any objection to the motion? being none, thank you. >> thank you very much. so i have other comments, but i'd like to let my colleagues speak
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first. thank you. >> just some questions. so in previous resolution, there was a whereas clause that referred to the student internship program and wanting to -- it was more of a statement to ensure that the student internship program [inaudible] doesn't get recognized and i'm wondering if the authors would be interested in putting a clause back in that ensures that an internship program is part of the pla. >> absolutely. so commissioner mendoza, just to respond -- i request that be struck is that i felt the tone of the resolution was on a positive note. that was one whereas that was on a negative note and therefore i requested th


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