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tv   [untitled]    August 31, 2013 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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landlords and tenants to remedy issues and make sure housing is up to code. the program is for tenants and the landlord to address the issues and abate the violations instead of an inspector come out and we do workshops and training to the community. we provide mediation between landlords and tenants mitigating cases before forwarding them. the reason i am here today is ask for more support and resources for the program along with my other partners. with the extra funding we can expand in the hope of increasing staff and language capacity for management of case loads and providing outreach since i am the only one staff person. within the last three years of working here i see more families moving into
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the tenderloin and south of market so it would be great to have funding to support us. there are still a lot of tenants in the community that need our services and landlords who are not aware of this program and that both parties will benefit in the long run so thank you. >> thank you. next speaker please. >> good afternoon supervisors. my name is patty and organizing director [inaudible] and oversee the program and i am here just to ask for additional funding to support the program to expand it. i have been working in the tenderloin and south of market for the last four years and seen increasing number of families moving into the neighborhood and we want to basically use the extra funding to support and outreach more families in the neighborhood. i am also a member of seiu 1021 and i am asking for your support for getting cost of doing business
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for raises for all nonprofit workers in the city. thank you. >> thank you very much. next speaker please. >> how are you doing? my name is donald l boyd and organizer at the mission collaborative and i am here on behalf of this group. i think cop need more funding because dan works by himself. he needs more work and i think all the nonprofits need more money and mission and chinatown. i also think that we shouldn't be using city funds for billionaire's yachts and we should be using the money for a new shelter, expanding the shelter system, and the over night drop in center. since i have been in san antonio i was homeless -- speaking out for the home silence my
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number one issue and we need funding for the homeless also. thank you. >> next speaker. >> good afternoon. i am josh and i work for the mission collaborative on dolores street and have been for the past five years. i support everything i have heard so far. i feel like there has been -- you know in years past my heart has been broken by listening to the community -- so many good community programs come and fight over the left over crumbs and i am more hopeful with the state of our budget and i am hopeful that the board of supervisors will pass a principled budget that preflekts our values and really looks out for some of the low income communities here in san francisco. i talk about low income communities because i
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hear folks talks about sro's as affordable housing and that's something i don't subscribe to and i am trying to change the way i speak about it. housing is not affordable and it's $800 and your income is 932 a month. affordable housing when you 8910 room and basically paying $10 per square foot plus. that's not affordable housing but regardless it's the housing that is available for a chunk of people in san francisco, and our goals are to improve that housing and to build community within those communities of people. we have been doing a lot of work in the mission sro collaborative, in all of the neighborhoods where the collaboratives work, and there are basically two things happen. we are seeing increase need that we need to respond to and we're seeing our funding stay the same so we need to make hard choices. in the past when we had the
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tobacco free money and other sources we were able to work on the city's 311 system, setting up a complaint system and tenants could place complaints with the city and this we cannot do without additional funding. thank you. >> thank you very much. next speaker please. >> good afternoon supervisors. my name is jeb and i'm the outreach coordinator at the woman's clinic. we ask for support for our request for funding to do outreach in public housing in the western and mission district. we are also a member of the mission sro collaborative. with only a shoe string budget identification of the mission and increased need it's difficult to provide direct services that we offer. as a western addition based health center we are in a prime position to orient the health
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field that is holistic, community inclusive and accessible than some of the traditional programs based at larger institutions. with this funding we can provide jobs for community members. focus on providing health information to residents -- [inaudible] by residents and focus around health access and insurance expansion eligibility. thank you for your consideration. >> thank you. next speaker please. >> good afternoon supervisors. laura guzman and director of the mission resource center and chair of the local homeless board that represents them. i have been here 18 years as a nonprofit worker in the city. i will still poor. i have have debt and i can't afford to live in san francisco and i don't care about that anymore and please honor the request for
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the 4% increase for the workers. i am also here to support our initiatives. we are a member of hesba and grant the 3.8 million to make sure that we have enough homeless prevention to help our families and single adults to find housing. as a board member i can tell you we have a long way to go to have affordable housing and ensure safe and dignified shelter and finally i want you to also please support an initiative by supervisor david campos that i know you have heard already which is support $500,000 and ensure that san franciscans after health care reform don't have a way to get health care, particularly immigrants and people that don't qualify for reform have a safety net in san francisco. thank you for what you do and a pleasure
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to meet supervisor farrell and supervisor breed. thank you. >> thank you very much. next speaker please. >> good afternoon supervisors. brenda story the director of mission neighborhood health center and we have been in the mission and excessior districts since 1967 serving immigrant community and i am here for the request for the funds and the care of the remaining uninsured and many as you know will be the undocumented and our families that come to the health center they work very, very hard. some of them work two jobs and this job -- they work to support san francisco. they support the infrastructure of the city and we need to keep them healthy so they provide for us. we need to provide for them. mission neighborhood health center provides care to about 4,000 to
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5,000 immigrants who will continue to be uninsured. the city of san francisco is estimating that about 20,000 uninsured will remain. about 25% of the families will continue to come to the health center so we need the city's support in helping us do this work and keeping our communities healthy. thank you very much. >> thank you very much. next speaker please. >> good afternoon supervisors. my name is mark alton and the father of an 11 year old, a teacher at betty carmichael school and a soma resident. i appreciate the opportunity to provide public comment. i have been a student of san francisco for most of my life, something about this area has always fascinated me. as you craft a budget now please remember what makes the city so great. in addition to the scenery and tourist teakzs it's us, the
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individuals and families that form its human landscape. as we celebrate our economy and marvel at renewed investment and growth let's insure the budget helps those that want to call san francisco their home. please prioritize the following budget items as you move forward. education and youth development. there's no better way to invest in the future. continue to partner with the schools and organizations that seek to nourish and enrich the lives of our young citizens. affordable housing. in order to maintain diversity in san francisco we must retain a stock of homes with mixed incomes and earning less than six figures. as we provide incentives for hi tech and medical research let's go the extra mile to have economic and work force development initiatives to support small businesses in the out lying
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areas like hunter point and the richmond district and the excessior and let's have safe transit. let's increase this area and we need a vision to have a landscape that encourages healthy safe participation. thank you. >> good afternoon supervisors. my name is anna martinez and the program director at lyric. we have a handful of our beautiful youth behind me, some of speak afterwards. i want to thanks supervisors for their support and creating safe schools for youth and the press conference that we are recently. we are here because we need $150,000 to do this initiative. the mayor
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is giving 75k to focus on these sites. we request the rest from the board of supervisors and ensure that the work at the high school and ground work for the successful model. as some of you know we have 34 hundred gai -- lgbt students and have tracked many issues with these students and this crisis is long standing under addressed affects all youth and requires a greater response. three years ago we launched a ambitious program for climate and developing students and engaging family and staff. our work creates communities where all students can thrive and our program has been adopted at various schools in the area. we have youth to share about the importance of lgbt programming
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in our schools. thank you. >> hello. my name is rexy preferred pronoun -- gender neutral. i am 16 years old and in coming junior at mission high school and lyric initiative [inaudible] and lyric. i am here to ask -- i am here today to ask to you please make sure that lyric school initiative does not leave our schools. before the lyric seminar my schoolee climate was very home phobic. anti-gay slurs were common. i was bullied and judged and gay events were not included in class subjects. i wasn't happy with being gay because raised in a catholic latino community i was taught
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it was abomination and a sickness and a sin. in my eighth grade year lyric showed up and taught assembly and workshops that taught students how to be an ally and sensitive to lgbt people. since the environment of the school changed it went from being gay [inaudible] to gay utopia. it afs awesome to see and i felt safe enough to come out at school during the pride assembly. the students and the school became very friendly place towards gay people. one more thing. if it wasn't for lyric i don't think i would have continued alive. it saved my life and i am sure it has saved other people's lives. it's become one of the biggest
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part of my life and i am asking you to please fund lyric. >> hi everyone especially all of you over there. i am eddy and i identify as queer, gender queer, . i'm an emerging activist and transfeminist. i came in front of you all to talk about and emphasize the ideas of lyric's school base program which kind of like i wish their school based program was in my school because they teach a lot of. sm's and how to combat them and racism and sexual and all of those and transphobia. they try to find a way to empower youth and make them better independent individual and i want to ask
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that lyric -- just say it gets better and lyric makes it better for all youth, especially queer youth and if you want to think about funding lyric is not just for queer youth but youth of different identities, race, color, class, like abilities, anything you name it. lyric will support you with that. thank you. >> good afternoon supervisors. my name is dan david. i am the deputy director of lyric and i want you to know for 20 years our program has provided safe and welcoming home for this youth. this program provides the critical access point for the city's marginalized people who have been disconnected and face violence in their homes and schools and communities. each year 200 youth access this program and it's their first entry point to housing and jobs
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and importantly to friends. without support from the board of supervisors for this youth programming this program will not be able to continue. i encourage you to listen to the voices of the young people today. there are a generation of leaders. we are incredibly proud of them and they can tell their story why programs like this are important. >> hello board of supervisors i am ferdinand and i identify as a young laila teeno and talk about the importance of why lyric should stay funded. the first time i got there was july 2011 and the first time i went into a community building space and i felt safe and not get attacked for who i was or my identity, so when i started off i kept going to the community building groups and became an intern and now a queer educator and i facilitate
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one of the groups and from the first day i went there i felt the warmth and giving and welcoming space. identifying as a lgbt person so that's what i want to give back and also for the fact that lyric provide so many services for youth and maybe housing, finding jobs, finding your niche in society and i believe the safety and success of the lgbt youth is in your hands. thank you. >> hi. my name is pablo rodriquez, so two years ago my mom kicked me out of the house when i told her i was gay and lyric was there for me and why i am standing today and they supported me before, so and it's a little bit of my story and there are a lot of stories out there from youth that come to
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these groups. although marg margannized in society. lyric is making progress and now that is gay pride month i feel very gay actually, and it's so so funny outside there is a. >> >> statute of harvey milk and talking about hope. finding lyric is hope and progress. thank you. >> we love lyric! >> next speaker. >> hi good afternoon. i'm
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natalie with local three and we are here to talk about the 4% cost of doing business increase. we have had a 1.9% increase in the past five years which we are thankful for but it is not enough. >> my name is james fowl. i work at [inaudible] and part of the episcopal community service. i'm a case manager and i work with the homeless seniors which is one of the most vulnerable populations here in san francisco. i'm concerned that we workers have been left behind in budget deliberations. it seems that we who work with the
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low income populations are not worth our vital or not worth anything for the vital services that we provide, and there seems to be a connection between anyone associated with the poor community whether worker or consumer, and just don't matter. i urge you to remain the city that once was known as the sanctuary city because san francisco is vastly becoming the city without compassion. now san francisco is too good a place to allow it to become cold and callous for those in need and nothing can come out of
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that attitude. we are local three remain optimistic that you will do the right thing toward us and those that we serve. [applause] >> good afternoon. my am daphne and case manager with the outreach team and local three. i am calling -- calling -- i wanted to say san francisco is traditionally the city of outlaws and now it's the have's and have not's and the people that i work for have nothing. everyone has failed. in this field we know it offers poor financial compensation and the apartment is 72% of my income every month. i will never be able to buy a home in san
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francisco and i accepted that. i probably can't get a master of social work because i can't afford it and i'm at peace with that. what i am not at peace is when i see a dead body or a client wants to cut off my head or go into a room and a person has cockroaches all over them and i do this and worried about a house over my head and housing the inhousable and have to worry about these issues for myself and my clients and i am asking you to put the city of san francisco forward first. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker please. >> good afternoon supervisors. thank you for hanging in with us. it's been a really long day. i know. i really appreciate it. i am jane with ope local three. i am sorry
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you won't be able to hear from the several case managers from hospitality house who were here this morning and had to leave to run a woman's group and serve lunch. the other case managers who had to return to their duties and many other case managers from the team that were here with daphne. thankfully she gave such a great statement that will cover everybody. one of the folks that left asked me to read this statement. his name is mr. curtis berry and he says "my name is curtis berry and a case manager. i'm a manager of local three. i am here to ask your help in getting a 4% cost of doing business increase for the nonprofits in san francisco. we received an increase last year that equated to 1.9% and that was over the last five years while the cost of living has gone up 12% in that time. i am a native san
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franciscan and now had to move out of the city for affordable housing. my arrangements in the beginning were affordable and now rent and the cost of commute has increased not to mention food costs and child care and education costs have gone up as well. i feel enslaved not to enjoy time with my family because i had to get a second job. we're asking for fairness. the nonprofits can't provide service with the funding that we are receiving now. i am asking for the 4% increase for the nonprofits serving san francisco. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker please. >> i'm tammy. i'm with them and shanty asked me if i say something for them and i said i
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would. you know most businesses they get a cost of doing business increase anyway, but our nonprofits got to come here every year and beg you guys and it's ridiculous, you know, and another thing i want to say is shanty -- i don't know where i would be without them. i have a peer advocate there, and i deal with a lot of idiots and she's able to senior homeless person
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is a subsequence of a recent fire and an attempt to deal with the problems that come up to alleviate that situation i had
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to jump through hoops and deal with the various agency nas provide services for people like in my particular situation. presently i am helped by canyon senior center, and i would like to one support all the various organizations and people who have come up and asked for -- should be demanding services and funds from the city that they -- that we so desperately need and i want to also support a reasonable cost of living -- raise, whatever you call it because right now if the people that deal with folks like myself don't get a reant cost of living increase then they're getting a cut and if they're not around then they're not able to help people like myself. thank you and please have a good day. >> thank you. next speaker
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please. >> hello board of supervisors. thank you for listening to us today. i am amy. i'm here representing the wild equity institute. unlike many speakers today i'm not asking for money but consider the amount of money that is being put towards performing golf courses. the proposed budget for golf courses that we are considering presuming that the revenue will be decreasing by 1.4 million and this budget projections have the revenue falling short by narrowly $1 million. this is due to decreased demand and environmental problems. this is being mitigated by 2.5 million en
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infusion of programs in san francisco that are in dire need of funding and we would like to know why we're funding golf courses that fail to perform when there is such great need here in the city? rather than funding the golf course in san mateo county we would you to put the funds towards programs that are more beneficial to the city as a whole. also more specifically there's a number on page 191. it's under the heading pr rpgt and says 175,000 -- >> where is that? what document are you referring to? >> it's the budget that has it line by line for all of the departments and page 191 and we're wondering if it's for the harding park pga tour or being used for something else. that's it. thank you very much. >> thank you. next


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