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tv   [untitled]    December 4, 2013 5:30am-6:01am PST

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setting higher standards of care for those who have long been overlooked and now we have thanks to the commitment of so many people a beautiful place to symbolize that commitment and the district and respected for the patient we serve. i want to thank all the people and i will do so throughout the program and especially i want to put our patients and a clients front and center. i want to thank you for being with us and entruce us with your health care it's been exciting to meet you and to hear how excited you are this we've got this space speaker i want to say within the health clinic this
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has become the urgent health services a very, very long time even before the homeless program and it continues to take care of those who need the care. i think tourists still come to tom when they need help base wear written up in tour guides. we continue to a provided exemplar dental services for those who are fengd that hiv and we continue to a have this beautiful space downstairs have a strong commitment to provide services in your offer 15 community sites. we have a wonderful office space o pet treatment program that brings recovery right into the
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preliminary care setting pr we are ahead of the curtain with community based primary care hepatitis care treatment and ahead of the hiv care and we co- run a center of the obsolesce in the tenderloin. through josh about 12 years ago we started or josh started the first medication adherence program for people who are homeless or mentally ill and many people were written off because they were thought two disorganized to manage it and we said no, we, take care of those people and help them and that program continues (clapping)
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we've had integrated prim care and behavioral health before president obama thought about that. we have our psychiatry services. and our transgenders tuesday's. wee which is about to celebrate 20 years of service this january (clapping) and tom o'dell urban health remains at the forefront as itself services for the transgender community are ignoring both to be another service and we can do it all in the state of the arc facility that's a shining example to all
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of this city's undying testament for those who are surviving with multiple chronic conditions and poverty and the like. we've been doing it and now we get to do it in style (clapping) >> so - enough from me you'll hear some more thank you's but i'd like to introduce margaret she's the director of the san francisco department of health and she's been a champion and in those moment when we needed help to get through some rough spots to make sure we got this off the
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ground she was there and creativity in findings solutions to making this day possible. marcelina >> (clapping) >> okay. i'm not moving because i don't want you to see me we just need to fix it. okay mayor, is supervisor kim here >> yes. >> supervisor kim, director of public health garcia and t nc partners really want to welcome you and we're very, very pleased you're here to share the occasion. the new clinic is actual one of the first grants that we've
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built since 1969. not only is this incredible it's at the heals of health care reform. i want to thank the mayor's office for their you financial support and director garcia and also to be able to navigate the whole f f c process. this has been really challenging to bring two different clinics with two total care of having a single way of doing things. it's been challenging but the san francisco staff has shown they can do anything to come together to create this incredible clip. i've said about being incredible in the way they provide care to
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the homeless they have the best practice and that's what's been brought together not only is the practice being brought together but it's a one stop care for homeless people it has housing and primary care and community programs so it's a one stop location and we will get a better outcome for homeless patients in san francisco. i wanted to thank t n b c they're great partners and because of them working with us that's why we have the great clinic that we have. tom railway dell we have 12 clinics throughout though city
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and this helps homeless but just to have the sensibility and vision and commitment on how to help clients and we need health care reform and this will help house to manager the care of people who have complicated health issues so today is a really, really great day. i thank you for coming here to share with us this great occasion. we look at tom o'dell public health as the great neck best way of providing health care but it will inform us on how to operate on health care reform. okay. again, i really want to welcome you and for those who haven't
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seen the clinic it's going to be a great clinic. i want to end during the color i actually took mooney was going to walk and someone sitting behind me was actually talking about the clinic and they said they were afraid of going to this nice clinic it's for homeless people so i couldn't help myself and i have to say we think homeless people need good things, too, and you need to be in a place that's not up to insufficient we want to treat you like everyone and it's a clinic that looks good. wow. the person said that and
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that's great so i'll probably try it. and i was crossing the street and someone else was talking about the clinic and was afraid to come to the clinic >> i still can't hear me? so i'm sorry so someone was talking about coming to the clinic and the guy actually came to the clinic and was very impressed and they were equipped and it was very, very helpful to hear that because we were concerned about the patients coming to that clinton was very, very different from the old tom o'dell clinic. i hope people have willing to try it we will excel as a clinic that provides care for the homeless.
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i do hope that going forward it will give the community a chance to make the clinic the best in the system. and again welcome and thank you for your support (clapping) >> thank you very much marcelina. great and i want to acknowledge supervisor campos who just walked in. there you are thanks for coming. next up is the chief operating office for the tenderloin who is who's wonderful building we're in and we were here for that opposite o opposite and love to have her join us to make some
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comments liz >> thanks joseph. can people hear me. i'll try to talk loud and into the mike thank you, mayor and supervisor kim and everyone. and thank you for giving me the opportunity to represent t n b c and our director is out of town. we know he would have loved to be here. the clinic is part of a much larger project. who's auditorium we're sitting in the t nc is the owner and operator and in addition to the clinic the residential portion of the building houses 1 hundred and 72 formerly homeless tenants
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all referred by d c h. (clapping) and the building has a gym it's auditorium and art grammatically gallery. noortd 40u789s i am into this building i'm struck. this project is about partnerships. it's a partnership between t n b c and t h and partnership between health care and housing between the physical space and the activities and the lights that happens inside and it's a partnership between this building and the community that surrounds us. on all those levels this is an exceptional project. t n d c has long enjoyed a
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relationship. just imagine user on a lay over for 6 years you can illness how closer urging to come so here we are 6 years later and we've learned a lot about each other and our the strength of our relationship as endursz and deepens. since this project was first conceived we've been spider. we dreamed of a space has has a broadest view of health care and with the highest quality of housing. this violation was led by the upper health division they
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thought deeply about the vision. our vision survived the economy it survived economic and jerry channels and by the way, a restructuring the health care nationally. here we are going i think we can agree that our original vision has triumphed. our housing is linked for people who have faced chronic homelessness it's hard to and difficult to achieve this without health care and other supportive services by putting those together the building is living evidence of the critical
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sunny between those two. many of us have long been proponents since the housing improvements. we've known the benefit of lincoln housing and verifies. and so this this building it's a statement of how far we've come and can go. the clinic is open and spacious and green. the design of the instantly matches the care that's provided here. it's a welcoming respectful place and it offers a place for people who don't often have access for enough space. four us it's been an honor to participate. finally, the two associations are committed to continue the improvement in this neighborhood
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for the building is on a corner that's a tough one and committed to outreach to our community. finally t n d c is honored to be part of this partnership (clapping) so we're going to move a little bit faster because we've got to get through the entire program >> it's my pleasure to introduce our director of health barking garcia who started her career some years ago and now she's our director of health thank her for her vision for this we're celebrating today and her undying support for the
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patients we serve (clapping) good morning, everyone i celebrate 17 years this week and i started as the sunny director for tom o'dell. if you'd gone into the original tom o'dell that our patients and a staff deserves a better space. it takes time 17 year ago. and i thank you all we've got a ribbon to cut and i want to acknowledge our clinic folks and we want to thank charles (clapping) >> our ability to work together as a city and let me note every person in san francisco will have a medical home despite this
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health care will not cover some like the undocket minded everyo will have a home (clapping). >> so we're proud downstairs in the clinton shows the beautiful space. so thank you so much we look forward to seeing you downstairs to cut the ribbon >> and moving next to the district 678 supervisor jan kim. (clapping). >> good morning it's really great to be here at the tom o'dell medical clinton officially opened on july 9th. my first year in office several of our constituents in district
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6 came to my office and said there was one place i had to visit immediately and that's the tom o'dell clinic. they came every week into my office wanting to know that. i want to say they're here in the audience they're not the easiest to pleas of our constituents and trust me they come into the office to let me know what i'm doing right and wrong by the one thing that praises us is the tom o'dell clinic. when i went to meet the staff and i got to meet the board that included many of our constituents i saw how much they loved the space. those are not the easiest to
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please but they know their loved and cared for and a place with integrity and respect. i mentioned this a couple months ago when i came to the affordable housing program an amazing youth space here in the tenderloin. but when i spinster a night in one of the homeless shelters homelessness is not just an economic issue we treat homelessness as a economic issue we talk about job creation and housing and food. what became clear is homeless is a public health issue. that people have homeless not only because of the economic stylists but because of mental
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health issues and other issues. tom has for decades i want to thank the men and women that work here they are defenders and nurses their dedicated and committed to this population and to our neighborhood this is where they choose to stay you can see the longevity of the service and i know that ms. garcia is the director of our public health she gets the audio issues. so i have the honor and the same folks came in contact my office and to make sure we got the language right so we would appropriately commend and honor the men and women of the staff
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that we were told but he members here to honor the medical director of the tom o'dell health clinic. i want to bring up greendrosis joseph and recognize him. this come more than from the board of supervisors it comes from the patient and its clients you serve. in recognition of your leadership in the two health facilities into one clinical that is under one clinic we over our highest appreciation for your leadership in providing the health care that puts our residents first (clapping)
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>> so much again. this is is really a treasure and variable asset and i'm happy to represent the neighborhood for the tom o'dell clinic >> and thank you whoever is responsible for this i'm touched. i would be remiss if i didn't share it with our providers and nurses our health care workers our psychiatry staff and, of course, you the patients because your why we're here so thank you very much. i forgot medical assistants. okay. so next is my extreme pleasure and principle to introduce the mayor of '90 san
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francisco edwin lee (clapping) can everybody hear me? all right. i'll try to make sure that my voice is clear i'm happy to be here for a variety of reasons. you you know, i heard from supervisor kim and thank you supervisor cam importantly possess for being here. we know what we need to do in this city interest last week supervisor kim and i were pouring concrete down at the center and recognizing our federal government had put some serious money the r recovery monies into that base i think a few of us happily opened the
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housing in this you wonderful building. i know it couldn't have long been done without leave people that have long been on instantly and we recognize and appreciate them but i want to give a personal thanks to everyone that's been part of this center as well as the tom o'dell urban that's a wonderful name upper health clinic. i think across the country president obama and all the people in congress is looking for models how to do it right and in san francisco our culture has been we don't make people just go to primary centers we try to bring those valuable services to where people live and in tenderloin a lot of people in need live in this wonderful community.
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and when we are through helping to revitalize the market we're going to bring in a lot of revitalization over a one hundred and a 70 unit here all right. for homeless people by bringing in a prim center i want to thank the health care industry. today is 9-1-1 and we want to thank the first responders for a manmade disaster that effected all of us. there could be a crisis that happens in people's lives and we're taking care of people right here in our community like when we did in rovrnd whether new york or the asian crash
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where we did so well, with our personnel where people need the health care whether vision or anything. so i want to again thank the heartbeat department and thank the folks for the leadership in the toirnd center. i want to extend a very hearty thanks to lisa is a because they know how to design community sensitive things and take a historic building and transform it's use. people republican e remedy necessary their swimming days at the y but also to see what we're doing in the center of the city helping mobile home e people. it's the same philosophy that
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people did shelters and services and beautiful design that the partners have long been doing if any of you are looking they're working on the california hotel they're working on the elementary consulting school in china thoun it up. they're to keep on working on historic place. thank you folks for your wonderful serviced as part of our public health (clapping) of course, i continue to enjoy working with barbara garcia and the entire staff and the people who work at this clinic s are doing a great service it's the 5
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thousand patient that we'll see every year 5 thousand patients will come through this tom o'dell center we're going to be a model for the country again. this is why we work together to make sure the revenue is strong because we turn that revenue into a conversation to take care of everybody in the city. this center and site reptsd our cities principles and values and philosophy of taking care of everybody. so i want to give a shout out to the doctor's and even the medical records staff they're to be here (clapping) they're working their medical ma


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