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tv   [untitled]    April 20, 2011 5:00am-5:30am PDT

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that feedback. we will be reaching out to the disability community to really understand where we have caps in the network. we will also be doing the technical evaluation to figure out what locations can evaluate brigid accommodate the platforms. they do require some very specific right of way dimensions. supervisor avalos: that worries me. [laughter] >> the last set of initiatives that our long term study plan, including comprehensive communication plans, as well as two related studies to help us understand how the system will grow beyond ep, a number of issues came up the went beyond the timeline but are important to understanding how as an agency we accommodate the land use growth that is expected.
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looking at the long-range plan we still have the attraction power of long-range study, providing power to the trolly overhead system. you only place a subsidized -- substation every 20 to 30 years. new systems can accommodate not just the current plan, but also the service that we anticipate 32035. the implementation schedule is shown at a high level on this graph. environmental reviews are first critical and we anticipate it will take up to 24 months. during that time, we will be working to move travel time production proposals forward. as well as other complementary capital work. the goal is similar to the other capital plan with projects ready to be implemented at the conclusion of the process.
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as indicated, we have identified 10% funding for this project. overall capital costs are $170 million has identified to federal sources. the implementation strategy will allow us to shape a funding plan are around the remaining funding gaps. we believe that projects like the travel time proposals, designed to improve operating efficiencies, are going to compete well for discretionary funds. we will be realigning the existing capital programs. an example would beyond terrible street, the city is going to completely rebuild terrible street in 2018. that will include sue wert working, rails, and travel productions built into the work. there is also all of the
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prioritization complementing the city's street resurfacing plan, looking for opportunities to leverage other projects when possible. the environmental review process is on a current critical path. we expected to take up to 24 months. there are some steps, as you are aware, that have mandatory time periods. we believe there are opportunities to reduce time for staff led tasks. working particularly with nea on dedicated staffing to move this work forward more quickly. the immediate next step will be competing the scope of work -- completing the scope of work and doing the structural engineering needed to inform the process. the board will approve a
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recommendation in the legislative change following sequence certification. to date they have only endorsed proposals because the critical piece is not needed. in order to deliver the plan that we have together, we have a comprehensive task force. this is very much based on our experience in december 2009 and may of 2010. it takes every division within the agency to make that restructuring successful. moving forward, we want to tackle remaining policy issues. not shown are the muni accessible services. they are a key part of the process that were left off the slide, which i apologize for. we work on providing direct support needed for this project, including identifying capital
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project managers and program managers for this work. so, the next key steps are the beginning of the environmental review, conducting community outreach, talking to people about the implementation strategy, and beginning summer employed on travel time reduction proposals and changes. assigning staff and regularly meeting up with the task force. doing environmental engineering and providing quarterly updates on this work. that concludes my presentation and i am happy to answer any questions. supervisor avalos: thank you. i would love to, prior to any presentation in district 11, to get briefed and go out at the same time. but that could be helpful. >> it would be wonderful. supervisor avalos: we can drill down into district 11 what will
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happen and what is taking part with my staff. thank you. we can open this up for public comment. thank you for your presentation. for your work on this. making changes. >> supervisors, on 9l ltd., i would like some of the stops on market to be eliminated. maybe there could be one additional stops at 22nd street, another at 24th street. oftentimes if someone is very sick and 24th street, they have to come back to the general hospital and it does not insure any compassion on the part of the city. as you know, supervisors, this
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is like a conceptual plan. conceptual plans are like a dream. even wake up and they can be your worst nightmare. in order to lessen the nightmare, we need to see a plan. a short-term plan and long term plan with money. right now what is hindering us, to be very realistic, as the economy. five or six fte's have been created. give them $80,000. that way you can see that everyone means well. you have created program managers, seven or eight fte's, which is like $1.5 million. supervisors, we need to pay
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attention to those kinds of details. you know what is happening on the national level. we are lucky because we have a mixed economy. soon, people will be coming here and asking you to have mandatory cuts on big scales. so that we can have some effective government. thank you very much. [tone] supervisor avalos: next speaker, please. >> thank you, supervisors. tep is one of the best things that's has been produced. this evening all of the parking meters will be filled with folks going to the ball game. they will pay nothing at the park after 6:00 p.m. we should capture that revenue. there is a funding gap here and
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i want to encourage may be the mayor to have further political ambitions, as i understand that. let's implement congestion pricing. the projection is that $60 million to $80 million could be produced from congestion pricing. things like small businesses are fighting with an evening outbound. might keep folks later in the hours. they might spend more having dinner and so on. with the america's cup coming, these time lends scare me. 200,000 folks will be making their way along the waterfront soon. i have spoken with developers that are dusting off the plans for new developments. another 2500 housing units. the transit center district plan plans to ups on 1,000 feet of office buildings.
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2020 is a long ways away. i wanted to say that this is a very wonderful project and i look forward to seeing it implemented. thank you. >> good afternoon. but i am a spokesperson for the [unintelligible] alliance and a muni writer for several decades. when i was in the media program to give a report of the human rights commission, i did not expect so many calls about muni, services, and the clipper program. another senior kept asking the chinese driver to ask to remind him where to get off. i feel that the clipper program
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was extremely badly planned. even one of the members of the ambassador program that i talked about earlier told me that there had been a lot of concerns about clipper. would you believe those applications are still in english only? let me put it down here, this is all in english. how can we provide passenger content for the people? considering the number of non- limited english writers, how can a city still pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to staff that do not take in the input of passengers and provide appropriate services? people that earn over $100,000,
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up their services they are providing viable services to residents. thank you. supervisor avalos: thank you. >> good afternoon. i have heard the presentation and tdp before and i get more disturbed when i hear the second time. about it being will be in english, not chinese and spanish as planned. more than that -- not more than that, but in addition the most marketable item that muni has is its express bus. you cannot drive faster than an express bus, but they are so stingy with them. limited is included in this, and i guess that is the kind of compromise we have to deal with.
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if we had ltd's and the stops that we have now, there would be no need for considering eliminating a number of stops. many elderly disabled mothers with young children are not able to walk an extra block or two to get to a bus. i think that we should look towards making both parties at the. i live on 44th avenue and it takes me an hour to get anywhere on the bus. if there was a limited near there, it would be much easier. if muni could somehow understand community and put a little better, they might listen to some of the things they have said. i have said these things before. i suggest they go to the
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neighborhood and best for their stops for the limited. i do not believe that it should cost more money. you could alternate. you could have some muni stops and some limited stops. everyone should be having some of their needs met. supervisor avalos: thank you. anything from the public? anyone that would like to comment? seeing no one, we will close public comment. thank you for your presentation and your work. i do want to reach out. we could have further briefings about proposals in my office could be helpful in the of reach. i think that that was a step that was not as quite as robust, i thought, as it could have
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been, especially, but mostly regarding the chinese speaking community, who were a bit alarmed by the proposed changes that were years in the making. i could be helpful in that. also to help translate the concerns of the public back to the mta. i will be glad to help. ok. this is our last item. continued to the call of the chair. after this, we will be adjourned. thank you.
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>> the meeting is called to order. >> [roll call] item two. approval of minutes from the mark 22 meeting. >> so moved. all in favor? >> item 3, public comment on executive session. item four. executive session. >> so moved. all in favor? >> aye. >> conference with legal counsel >> conference with legal counsel regarding existing litigation
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>> i would like to move that we reconvene in open session and not disclose any of the items discussed in closed session. all in favor? any opposed? >> please be advised the ringing and use of cell phones, pagers, and similar sound-producing electronic devices are prohibited at this meeting. the chair may order the removal from the meeting room any person responsible for the ringing or use of a cell phone, pager, or other similar sound-producing electronic device. please be advised that a member of the public has up to three minutes to make pertinent public comments on each agenda item unless the port commission adopts a shorter put on any item. item seven a. executive director's report. >> good afternoon. we have a long but exciting
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executive director's report today. the first is the tremendously great news that salmon season officially opened for the first time in three years on may 1. it says april 2, but that was the day of the celebration of the salmon coming back. it has been three years since the commercial fishermen have been able to fish. this will be the opening day. the salmon fishing area goes from the bay to the mexico border. this will end in september or october. we are looking forward to a robust season. as you know, that had been canceled 2008 through 2010. our fishermen have been amazingly strong staying in there. so we are especially excited
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about that. i have to read this one tagline. expect to see wild salmon on port restaurants this summer. last saturday, april 9, san francisco heritage held a soiree in commemoration of the 40th anniversary. we were proud to ablprovide the cruise terminal, the location for the soiree. we want to thank them for the support of the program. we were represented by mark and curracorrine. they were also able to celebrate the port city of san francisco. we are amazingly proud of all of their successes and
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contributions to our very own waterfront. we are so glad to be considered partners with them. on may 25, at pier 1, the heritage executive director and michael corbitt will come to the port for a brown bag lunch to present the book. we have the book available for sale and autographing. that will be open to commissioners, cac members, tenants, and anybody else. that will be made 25 at 12 noon in the conference room. to date, heritage has given presentations of the port city to the california historical society, american institute of architects. the next presentation is may 11.
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it is being well received and i have people ask me all the time if they can find a book on amazon. you cannot, as far as i am aware, but you can find it in books around the city. on march 23 of this year, the san francisco business times held their annual best deals of the year award. i have not seen a time when so many poor partner recognized. i thought it deserved special recognition to call on all of them today. first and foremost, the winner of the deal was the city effort, which i include the port, for winning the bid of the america's cup 2013. we are proud of that accomplishment. the real-estate deal maker of the year was michael cohen, who you recall was the director of the office of economic and
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workforce development. among the many accomplishments they cited, several were here at the port, including the exploratorium, treasure island, hunters point, and his help with the america's cup bid. the exploratorium project was a finalist for the best private- public deal of the year. we are happy for the recognition and congratulate our partners. the pier 24 pilara collection was a finalist for best rehabilitation/renovation deal of the year. it is a tremendous base. and lafitte restaurant was named the best new restaurant in san francisco. we want to thank our partners and hope to do better next year. the earth day, april 22, is coming right up. the port has already teamed up with several entities, the neighborhood parks council,
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blue-green way, see scavenger, audubon society, kayaks and limited, department of public works, who leaves the city's efforts on earth day to conduct several happenings. two have already happened. on april 9, led by the golden gate audubon society, a group performed invasive plant removal, kleenex, and more planting. the second group did short cleanup along the indian bay shoreline. this coming april 16, there will be an event at august the park. two of the following saturday, one at warm water co, from 9:00 until 12:00, and then another at sligo creek. for more information, you can
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see corrine or go to the port for neighborhood council website. i am certain the department of public works website has that. more happy news. disney cruise line will make its first ever call to san francisco at the end of the month. they will be arriving on april 29, coming in from los angeles, staying overnight for a two-day visit, departing for victoria, canada. last week, i think i mentioned at the last commission meeting we were expecting the announced new disney port call. there will be one in may, three in september, two in october. very excited about that. it will arrive in two weeks' time at pier 35. the ship is not out of 36 feet
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with approximately 2700 getuest. those people will be here for a few days, so you may see some disney characters around. there will be six new overnight calls. that is good news for us. finally, we are going to give you a formal presentation at the may 10 port commission meeting on the downtown san francisco terminal expansion project. we wanted to make sure you were aware that work on that is proceeding. as you recall, that is a joint planning effort between the water mercer transportation authority and the port of san francisco to expand ferry service from the downtown ferry terminal and also implement public improvements. water for emergency transit board authority met last week. they made a presentation.
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that is in the public domain. we will be coming back on may 10. the eir will be getting kicked off shortly. so there will be a public scoping meeting here at the port on april 26, for anybody interested in being involved in that eir process. information can be located on the port and water mercy transit authority's web sites. i believe there are some fliers on the front table here. that concludes my report. >> thank you. wonderful news. i have a speaker card for item seven. i am not sure if it is the executive director's report or item b. >> my name is francisco decosta. first and foremost, let me inform commissioner crowley that i was at the san francisco public utilities commission
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meeting and they send their regards. we miss you over there. having said that, i used to come regularly to this meeting but there is so much happening at city hall, that you cannot be everywhere. i am here to state categorically that the 7.5 miles that you commissioner's control of his public trust land. you heard a lot in the director's report about the salmon, cruise lines coming here, america's cup, and that is all fine. public trust land means all californians have a stake in what happens. so, if you read the law, you clearly know that apart from the
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bay area and san francisco, meaningful outreach has to be done. one of the ways we can do that is by providing access to the dvd of this take deliberation. when i go into the neighborhoods, people do not know much and some do not know anything about what is happening over here. the good thing is, there are some of you who have been at city hall, some of you have had the occasion to meet the constituency that you know very well, that if you do not do that out reach, it will come back to haunt you. now, your director, we have a very good relationship.
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i know she is always looking for accountability and transparency, and that is fine. and i am here to state, that is one thing which is linked to the director's report every time. do you really follow the public trust act? if you represent -- do good representation to the constituents, do you do meaningful out -- and the liberation? thank you. -- out reach and deliberation? thank you. >> is there any other public comment? >> item 70. request approval to execute a memorandum of agreement with the san francisco conversation -- bay conservation and development commission for staffing costs associated with the port of san