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tv   [untitled]    April 23, 2011 8:30pm-9:00pm PDT

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well. i will answer your questions. >> i want to thank you, very much for a very thorough report. thank you to the sheriff's department, this is very much appreciated. i would like to thank anyone else -- if you have public comment. another any comments that you would like to make? >> we have all been meeting. you have the majority of the situation. we are starting to engage. >> according to what was said
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earlier, this was found with the partnership consortiums. >> this is up -- this is evolving very quickly. >> i appreciate this update. this is deeper than a snapshot, and i would like to open up to public comment? and if there is any public comment, please step forward. >> i am linda connely, the leader of a community-based organization and i have been providing this in san francisco for 30 years. over the last three decades, we have seen a lot of changes in criminal justice.
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the jail programs have been unique, for the whole country. we entered the council, bringing together the different stakeholders that touch the lives of the offenders. and revitalizing -- the new chief is bringing in other factors that we all need to look at. the bottom line is that we still have a big problem. and we're talking about how we will address this. this is a golden opportunity to make substantive change. the tendency is to rely on incarceration because this is the easiest thing to do. and yet, there are so many good, community-based organizations in san francisco, that i hope that we will take a big picture about what we're going to do for all of the criminal justice probation.
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i would like to include them at the table, including the councils will be working on these plans. we're very committed to making a successful system in san francisco. it is important to get the maximum return for what we spend on developing this system. i am happy to help in any way. >> very much appreciated. police stepped up. -- please step up. >> looks like she ran out of money. jail looks like they too khk her friend. that county again. he stayed in bed all morning just to pass the time. the county is changing or maybe
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it just stopped trying. but it feels like its too late. though you really tried hard to make it. then the money died. and all you want is money. in san mateo county. there are things even more important. how perfect can you get. and if you see me walking down the city street. walk on by. walk on by. make believe that you don't see the tears that are in my eyes. and i wanted to make it in this
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city. >> thank you. next public comment. >> my name is wayne garcia. vice president of programs for walden house. he made a statement about needing to get ready. we are ready. we have overseen criminal justice for well over 20 years. now she is in san francisco with a female offender program, we are very concerned. we have set up the state -- prison for women, and we are concerned about public safety, and about the resources for the population. i doubt that they will get the
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$200 that was brought up earlier. desperate times call for desperate measures. you do not have the resources or the shelter, the resources to change the life. we have the san francisco sheriff's department and an excellent program, where the females would have a share scroll. this was something to consider. and the individuals coming into treatment, this would change the size of the caseload. they are not running around the streets looking for the parolees. the systems are designed or every couple of hours, we're checking to see that the individual is there. we did tell county probation if
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they are not there. the system is intact. with monitoring bracelets, -- we have the curriculum and the evidence-based practices. we welcome this. the san francisco sheriff's department called us. we are the first to respond and we want to provide hope for this population. >> i would like to talk to you after this hearing. and is there any other public comment? public comment is closed. i want to thank everyone from the city family, and from the network that is here. thank you. supervisor, what do we not continue this?
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do you have anything further? >> i know that we will return to this topic in the not so distant future, for all the reasons that have been articulated, and we look forward to having a more refined report. the meeting is adjourned.
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supervisor kim: welcome to the rules committee. joining us is supervisor elsbernd and supervisor farrell.
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we would also like to a knowledge the staff of records each of our meetings and to make the transcripts available to the public. are there any announcements? >> and the items that are recommended will go to the full board on tuesday unless otherwise indicated. motion confirming the appointment of jerry lee to the board of directors. >> if you wouldn't mind coming out. we love to hear from you. and why you would like to continue your service. >> i currently serve as the vice chair of the mta board of directors. i also serve as the chair of the governing committee.
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i see the mta at a critical juncture right now. we're going through contract negotiations. and with the outcome of that, we're looking at several areas of continuing priority. one is safety, the other is service. budget. over time. once after the negotiations we start to move forward, whether to make sure the proper things are in place to make sure that we move forward. that we also have a contract that is fair to the city of san francisco. >> hopefully with the changes, will make sure that the management team is in place and ready to handle the job. my background as a professional manager gives me that expertise
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working in a labor environment also. i would like to continue that service and offer my expertise to the agency. supervisor kim: any questions? supervisor elsbernd: you have hit some of the who big points. another thing that falls under the rubric is pedestrian safety. that is an issue later on in the agenda. generally, your thoughts on what they can do to improve safety in the city? >> and they can do a lot more than what they're doing now. i had a chance to review the directives from 2010. a: the status. took a look at the most recent meeting. it has not progressed to my satisfaction. there are items i think that we can implement, things that are
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low cost. i am concerned about areas that are either just part of an off- ramp or on-ramp. we need to do more outreach to the public. it seems that the senior population seems to get involved more in these accidents. copies are partnering with community agencies to get the message out there. i just witnessed this yesterday. i saw an elderly citizen run across the street in the middle of the street to try to stop the bus. i was shocked to even try to do that. also educating the public, we'd educate our drivers. and do more traffic common.
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>> think you for coming before us and for your service to our city. it is great to have a san francisco native. i think it is important in terms of your knowledge and as a writer. -- rider. >> i ride 4 times a week. supervisor kim: representing the district that has the highest number of collisions between pedestrians and vehicles, it is something that we really hope to see you advocate on. what will you do have a request for increased fees comes to for the board? >> my first concern is that we
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have declared a fiscal crisis. what i have asked for, instead of looking at quarterly budgets or overtime, i want to look at things out a monthly basis to make sure we're managing funds properly. right now, we have been involved -- i would rather see us go elsewhere as opposed to penalizing the public, a background, seniors at a low- income, families. and of the impact that it has on them. the $10 increase means a lot to the families of the fixed- income. supervisor kim: there is a wide variety of issues. what is your priority as commissioner who?
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>> pedestrian safety, vehicle safety. the budget. over time. and i want to take a look at employee morale, managing the business of running the transit system. and equipment reliability. supervisor kim: if there are no further questions, i will open it up for public comment. make clear if you are speaking in support or in opposition to the appointment. >> i came to speak in support of the nomination. cut like to make a couple of points. it gives him a unique set of
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skills given the importance of the workforce. a recognizes and has worked with the drivers that make the difference. i think he plays a very important role in being someone that is respected by the work force, the operators, someone that they know they can come to that has a high level of sensitivity. he is the neighborhood director on the mta board. as you heard him talking about circumstances, he makes himself very available when issues, whether it is about a mini -- muni or pedestrian safety. that isn't he does a great deal about -- is something he knows a great deal about. i am concerned that this board
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has really put attention on safety and operations. that is something that has to continue to be emphasized and that there is accountability with the people. i am extremely supportive of his nomination. >> in the afternoon, -- good afternoon, madam president. personally, self-help as one of the vital statistics. unfortunately, it constituted 50% of those fatalities. it was a very serious matter.
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he was immediately at the executive office with us talking about how to improve pedestrian safety. we took the employees around our senior centers and conducted training. both to let them know how across the street properly, but these fatalities have been on crosswalks. he is very fair. representing not just the commission but also the voice of the community. and recently with the clipper program. particularly for the modeling will communities. he immediately did work with us so the chinatown community could get the clipper program had also get a lot of outreach and education.
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>> i am the executive director of cyc. i am pleased to speak and opera -- to have the opportunity to speak in favor. his work is well-known and highly regarded. for our youth worker, gerry has always reached out to the office of workforce opportunities. we also believe gerry has the expertise to continue serving on the mta.
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and combined with his management skills, he brings to the table 40 years of experience and knowledge as a valued employee or he is currently the community relations manager had congressional awareness coordinator. we all know he is very proud to be a native of borden san franciscan. we look forward to his reappointment. supervisor kim: any other public comment? public comment is closed. any comments? i would like to say thank you for your service. i look forward to working with you on many pedestrian safety issues. i of that supervisor elsbernd -- i know that supervisor elsbernd has experience with
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transportation as well. we see a disproportionate number of the victims being children and seniors. your work will be very useful. if i can entertain a motion. i think without opposition, i would like to move this forward as a committee report. can you please call item no. 2? >> appointing supervisor scott winer to the met -- wiener to the metropolitan transportation commission. supervisor kim: the mayor has appointed a supervisor helen
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wiener. any amendments we would like to entertain? ok, i think we can move that ford without opposition. we will open it up for public comment. >> we are very pleased to endorse a supervisor campos. now more than ever, it is essential that san francisco has a very strong voice advocating for san francisco's interests. we're very pleased with the developments here. to have him on the board will serve us very well. it is essential.
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there is a transportation plan that is beginning to be formed. that promises to make this region a leader in the state and in the nation under a developing sustainable regions. there are many pressures on san francisco. we are not the big city anymore. we need to make sure that we speak out strongly. thank you for moving this along. >> any other public comment on this item? public comment is now closed. i would like to move forward the motion with recommendation to the full board. motion approved. can you call item no. 3? >> appointing supervisor cohen
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to the executive board. supervisor kim: comments or questions? any public comment? public comment is now closed. moving item forward with recommendation, i think we can do that without opposition. item number four. >> appointment to the san francisco health authority. supervisor kim: can you please come up? take a couple minutes to introduce yourself and your interest in serving on the health commission. >> as you are familiar with our organization, the hospital is here to provide health access to the low income chinese community
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members. right now, our mission is quite the same. i feel it would be very important and very valuable to place me on the seat. i have over 40 years of experience of which 26 is in health-care administration. my goals are to ensure that we continue to provide a better health access and enhance mental health services. i feel working with them for improvement of health access would be an enhancement to the program. supervisor kim: any questions? supervisor elsbernd: i just wanted to thank you for all the
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work you do. >> i really see impact at the hospital as to the community. and but that it exists here in the city. >> our priority is insuring that the people get adequate quality care that they deserve. that is our whole goal. supervisor kim: at this time, we'll open up for public comment. two minutes. >> i am here on behalf of the san francisco health plan. we're pleased to be here to support the appointment the chinese hospital has been a key part of this since the inception. the really are a key partner in terms of providing quality, affordable health care. supervisor kim: any other public
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comment at this time? public comment is now closed pillhead lev one applicant for one seat. without a position, so moved. we do need a residency waiver. so moved. >> hearing to consider appointing the one member to the children's and family first commission. there is one seat and one applicant. supervisor kim: thank you so much for being here.
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>> i am recently appointed to the director of internal child analysts and health. and the designee for this position by director of the health department barbara garcia. and is wanted to tell you a little bit about myself. i have come here recently from working in san mateo county. i really look forward to being able to serve on this because the mission of the san francisco department of public health matches perfectly with the first five which is to promote and protect the safe and healthy development of young


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