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tv   [untitled]    February 14, 2012 11:18pm-11:48pm PST

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california lawsuit seeking to stop medical marijuana crackdowns. next, to introduce and pass an ordinance in directing the office to join the state's petition to reschedule marijuana. san francisco can join the multi-state effort and said they should follow san francisco's model. please help support the model program in the country. >> my name is michael cohen, i am here today to ask you to take action and defend safe access. i have several specific actions that i would like you to do.
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the first one is to direct the city attorney and all city agencies to refuse any request for informational about our medical canada's program -- canada's program that is not available but public request unless under the direction of a subpoena. and requires city agencies that receive requests from the federal government to convey that information to the board of supervisors to the task force. in the second one i am asking you to do is introduced and passed an ordinance in directing and our city attorney jose office to reschedule the petition to marijuana. will be the first to send a strong central to the state of california that they should file san francisco's lead.
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my third request by the board of supervisors is to follow up to the board posey said yuri a., 2012 letter to the president obama pursuant ordinance no. 297-062 more appropriately reflect the circumstances of the -- and make clear that the laws are neither welcome or warranted. please protect and defend the safe access. >> hello, supervisors. we have had an emotional day to day, we have that in the company of giants. you are in a unique position to be giants yourselves. i am here to speak to the
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protection of medical marijuana. i am a medical marijuana patient myself. have seen the most admirable people of my life working in this field, and specifically, i would like to ask you to pass an ordinance directing the city attorney's office to join the petition to reschedule marijuana. the first county to join the multi-state ever to send a strong signal to the state of california that they should follow san francisco's lead, it is in some ways, the tempo of the world, and i think we all know what that means. a s q to be among the company of cheyenne's that we have been enjoying today, so please protect safe access for medical cannabis.
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>> in the afternoon, her supervisors. happy valentine's day. i am a disabled senior citizen and also a great grandmother. i have been in medical marijuana activist for over 20 years. and a patient for about 10 years. i am here to urge you to stand up for safe access in your city. it is really important for the people that depend on this urban live. what the dea is using is playgrounds and children to attack these dispensaries. it is absolutely totally ridiculous. the principal said that in three years, he has had no problem, but they would not listen to him. they closed the market street co-op which has been in
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operation for god knows how long because they build a playground on octavia boulevard. those children would have to be able to walk through walls to get to the market street suspensory. most of the people that say, the children, they are seeing it with a cigarette in one hand and a cocktail and the other hand. the pharmacy was to get a hold of this, they don't want us to use the natural urge to heal. the want to make the dough out of the bill will affect our liver and you will see a class- action suit on daytime sheehy because people have died from what ever. i know a lot of people on it makes us sick. i don't understand all this, please help us.
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>> i want you guys to support access of love end access of marijuana. >> good evening, board of supervisors. i am a patient advocate, and i do mean that i have a health issue myself. not just me, but everybody else in the community. it is hard for us to get our medicine. we're trying to make sure we can live for ever instead of wasting our dreams down the drain. please help us do this, and all of the people around here that have the health issue need that
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medicine. >> i am here to represent the thousands of patients, i'd just feel that we should have the right to alternative medicine other than harmful such the tropics. -- psychotropics. >> i am also vice chair of the patient advocacy. i need the medicine because it helps me with knowledge of what i take my age of the medication. >> high made tenderloin the activists, and diane alexian's activists. today, we recognized and honored
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a woman working for the collaborative that i have been working with a long time. the very first program manager many years ago, i was at a low point and he encouraged by activism. he suggested that some day i'd participate in the reform of what was being called instant run off voting. i was just speaking generally about elections, there is no perfect election system. if you think about it, the thing to focus on, the decision making is the ultimate pain. turnout is one component of that. right now, and the republican party, we have a lot of people complaining that republicans are doing things actively designed to suppress the vote. i don't see how democrats can
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complain about voter suppression when the democratic party isn't even have aing a primary for the democratic candidate. primaries don't weaken candidates, they make them stronger. >> members of the board of supervisors, member of san francisco open government. i was very tempted not to come here, take a day off and relax. but something came of that really precluded that. one of my favorite authors wrote the following. politics is the art of appearing candid and completely open while concealing as much as possible. not too long ago, the sunshine ordnance taskforce found several members of this board has in violation of the sunshine
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ordinance. i had hoped that they would take that in the spirit that was meant, have open discussions, and looked at it in an objective and fair light. i would like this to remain on the screen for the next 30 seconds. this is what we get. a survey that is badly written. i was on the staff of the pacific fleet that is in charge of all of the military forces in the pacific and i used to give surveys. this survey is designed to get a specific answer to raise questions of the cost of sunshine to attack the members of the sunshine ordinance taskforce, and most of all, to discourage members of the public that want to use the open government laws to make the government open and at least somewhat responsive to the
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citizens. i think it is an embarrassment, and i said this to the ethics commission that the civil grand jury has noted that they did not enforce the sunshine roles ever in eight years. you have never given if he support it deserves. they disparage those members -- >> if there are members of the public that wish to speak in general comment, stepped up now. >> and jesus said, nevertheless, i tell you the truth. it is expedient for you that i go way.
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i will send them unto you. and when he has come, he will approve the world of said and righteousness. you see me no more. the lord jesus christ said that the greatest sin than there ever was was not murder, but not believe in on him. if timothy mcveigh -- i plan on giving de that alex jones cells, to you. as providence would have it, i met an evangelistic today what i preached at the cable car turnaround and i thought i should give it to him. it is very powerful, and i think about the awful fact that five officers have come forward and testify.
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the fbi threatened their lives that they be killed. and the greatest sin that timothy mcveigh did was not murder, it was not believing in jesus. 30 seconds. really, i wish i had two hours. i think about every one that died in oklahoma city and everybody that died at the world trade center, and according to jesus, he said that if they didn't die reconciled to him, and they lost, they perished. it is a no-brainer that mcveigh is in hell or going to hell. >> next speaker.
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>> to the staff and the mayor, i was born and raised in san francisco, california. san francisco general hospital is my first home, and it was my second. i have a single african-american with six kids, nine grandkids in 20 years in the military. and i have been a victim of domestic violence. i was elected to the veterans committee of the task force for the medical marijuana and canada's club. cold case files came to my house, but i will ask on the district level and the mayor's level, as far as me being a citizen of san francisco, my
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father was a veteran. as a veteran that really defended the city, the country, what can you guys really do for us as we put you in your office? as far as the medical and i am troubled-diagnosed, also. but i was an ordained minister and at the age of 15. can you guys please help us to train and cherished our kids. i started smoking marijuana at 5:00 -- 5. the education, the schools, to do things right here.
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for the veterans, really. not a $5,000 place to go. >> thank-you very much. think you very much. are there any other members of the public that wish to speak in general public comment? can you please read the adoption calendar? >> items 21 through 24 are being considered for immediate and unanimous adoption. these items will be acted upon by a single roll call vote. the item will be pulled and considered separately. >> item 24. >> on the balance of the calendar, can you please call the roll? [roll call]
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there are nine ayes. >> item 24. >> resolution authorizing the planning department to apply for funding for the urban forestry plant program entitled, and urban forest for every city. >> hall there are some technical amendments that have been distributed, inserting the word and excel and expand on lines one and four, changing san francisco planning department to city and county of san francisco. i would move those technical amendments.
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>> seconded by the supervisor campos. without objection, that shall be the case. and on the underlying resolution as amended, same house, same call? can you please read the in- memoriams? >> today's meeting will be adjourned in memory of the following individuals at the suggestion of president chiu and supervisor mar. miss may mui, suggesting and the clothes in memorial mis ofs diane perez. that concludes our business for the day. >> happy valentine's day, we are adjourned.
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>> call to order of the san francisco county transportation authority. i am scott wiener, the vice chair. power chair is out sick today. -- our chair is out sick today.
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>> we have a quorum. >> thank you. >> item two, reprogram 4.8 million in the congestion management agency block grant funds from the department of public works at the st. streetscape project to the cesar chavez streetscape project. this is an action item. >> at our last meeting, this item did come before us. there was some questions and further discussions that needed to happen, so we continue the item and scheduled this to
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consider this item. i will ask the director if they would like to make any introductory remarks. >> first of all, i want to thank my colleagues for this special meeting. i think that we often spend our lives sitting in meeting spent -- sitting in meetings. this was put on the emergency calendar and it did not go through budget or the appropriate committee as most of our items usually do. i know that i took up quite a bit of time with some comments and questions about a loss of funding. i do appreciate that. the mta has sat down and gone over the communication
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breakdowns that occurred over the past year and a half around the process, unmannearound the outreach. i appreciate the memo that is come to us. i know that we have a few members of the public that are here today to speak on this issue. >> thank you very much. >> good morning. i am the executive director. the item that is before you is essentially the same memorandum that you saw last tuesday and i appreciate the remarks i do have a memo written by the department's head.
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the recommendation does not change. we did benefit up from the discussion of a purely. we are working with the sfmta on an application for funding so that they can proceed with the level of planning in and out reach for this project that is clearly needed.
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they will have the additional allocation. this will not be preventing them. what we should have it is a very welcome scope of work with a very reliable process to this project and with a solid amount of community support. to make sure the public park position province is also would not have another surprise. i really do not have any doubts that we will be able at the end of the process to find the appropriate amount of funding for the project on second street, theáúa
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with the community. i am concerned, at this point, the estimate of the potential cost of the project is in a wide range, included in the memo, from 4.5 million to $8 million. i know we will evolve from that to a much more organized and reliable estimate. that is my main focus today, that we get to that point so that when the items come back to you for an action on an allocation of funding for construction, you will have a reliable no. and you will know what trade-offs you are making between the money for that project and other priorities, both in commissioner kim's district and the rest of the city. that is the appropriate process. we will do everything we can to get to that point quickly. we know from the department heads, that process is likely to take one year.
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we will be working with them to see if we can make that shorter. we are cognizant of the challenge of working with the community there. with that, and this item is the only action item we have on the agenda today. i know there are representatives from the dpw and mta available to answer questions. commisioner wiener: thank you, director. colleagues, any comments or questions relating to item 2? seeing none, do dpw or mta wish to comment? commissioner kim: i would like them to prison briefly on the memo. please go over the projected time on from here on out for the corridor and the funds committed. those were the two requests i made at last week's meeting.
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i understand the need to reprogram these funds because otherwise we will lose the $4.8 million but one of my requests was to get a firm time line now, going forward, knowing that we have lost these funds, how we will make up for it, and where they will come from. i also know how often times funds and broken down proportionally between districts. i want to be careful that this project should not impede on prop k and st. funds that i would normally allocated to other projects. that was when i was hoping to get a presentation on. i know members of the public want to speak as well. commisioner wiener: thank you. i will bring but the mta and dpw to respond. >> you received the memo that came to the dpw, at risk in. on the second hint of the memo, it lays out our initial scope
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and budget with a recommended sources of funding to proceed with the project. overall -- and i admit, it is a conservative schedule. we hope it can go faster but do not want to commit to something that we cannot promise. we are working on a 60% on certain tape. if we do not know the exact answer, we are going to prepare ourselves at that point. or the planning phase, we will be moving for prop k allocation requests quickly to fund the planning stage. dpw will be contributing general fund dollars, i believe, and other fund within the budget to fully fund that. i do believe, over the course of the project, as you get into the detail of the design and construction costs, those will be changed and modified. the certainty and range has to do with the level of the project going forward out of the cma block grant, which i think we would agree have limited bicycle improvements.
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that was but was in the plan at the time and technology available to provide improvements. there are new technologies and improvements that people would like to include in projects. it reflects the range of the possible improvements that can be included. the overall cma block grant program within all of your districts had a breakdown of funding by streetscape, repaving. the second street project also receive allocations, portions of each of those findings. on the streetscapes side, there was a sense we could add more if the funding was available. the estimates reflect the full streetscape improvements, based in what we expect to hear once we're done with the community meetings. that gets us to 60% where people agree. included different types of improvements, we can move forward with that. with regard to potential funding


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