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tv   [untitled]    February 20, 2012 1:48am-2:18am PST

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board-certified. i am asking for your support. a waiver can be requested from the board of education, getting a clear credentials through the program. thank you. >> can we have some follow-up so we can better understand? >> i would be a good idea. i have the same thought. who is next? are you next? >> yes, i am. i come here from time to time.
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i come here, not just as a teacher, but as last year's building representative on behalf of the faculty and staff. gooare brought 15 copies of a complaint, regarding our administrators. one of whom was given a three- year contract and moved into a metal cage, where they are having problems replicating what we experienced last year. it rose to the level of filing a uniform complaint. that should speak volumes. as a teacher, i want to relate to you one experience not referenced in the uniform complain. that is we scheduled a meeting,
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which are dutifully attended zero good -- which i dutifully attended, until it became the individual in charge was not happy with getting his way, and we were told, we agreed on this last time, and it was not even i who said, that is not what we want to do. that was the last meeting we had, so it was clear these last meetings and were just window dressing. we are not happy about being treated that way. the professional educators should not have to put up with that kind of treatment at their sites either. for that reason, i ask you to
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find a way to remove this individual from the school district and one and for all your good reason one and for all. -- removed this individual from our school district 1 and for all. >> what are you going to be talking about? i am going to hold you back because i have a whole bunch of people, and then we will put you to gather. you are fine. >> good evening, board members. gooi am a very passionate perso. i have demonstrated my commitment from day one. i served as a pta board member for years.
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my children's scores have consistently been above their grade level, and they have been accomplished, part of my ability to speak for these programs that enrich them and challenge their abilities. there used to be a three-day wait list to get into paul revere, and now with the daily interactions, there is no longer a waiting list. i am saddened that after six years of faithful service, i gone bowling, and i no longer feel comfortable due to the negative influence the principal has instilled in my children and me. i do not believe the principle is qualified to be around my children, and after the anguish she put them through, thank you for your time.
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>> my name is alan. i wanted to start out by saying in general we support the process. we believe it is an important process to the district goes through, and in 90% of the cases common and it is handled very well. about 10% of the time, our teachers are not reelected due to punitive reasons, and these need to be reviewed by the board of education. we used to have a repeal process, and that was ended a. you have heard about this. she was given highly satisfactory by your supervisor. gall of our secondary teachers,
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some of whom are considered the best teachers of the site, have been non-reelected. if it is a problematic situation, and we asked for your investigation of this case. john asked me to tell the story, so i will briefly say when he was reelected, and we came to you. you heard from eight people talking about their principal and what a great teacher he was. you made an extension to move him to a different site, and what occurred is he has gotten the of standing of valuation --
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outstanding of valuation, and the third principle was outstanding as well, so sometimes we have administrators that need to be looked at, and the last thing i want to say is you can also ask yourself what it means when every member that has been evaluated this year has been less than satisfactory. this is a problem with the administration, not with our teachers. and [applause] >> i am going to have 20 people i am going to call out regarding martin luther king, so i will give you one minute each. goohere we go.
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[list of names]
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did you speak already? you have an 1 minutes each, and if you are saying things, try to listen to each other. do not repeat, because we are going to be hearing it over and over again. >> i have a kid who goes to it in now k -- goes to mlk. i am a single parent. i am the only one who deals west my son's issues.
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the reason my son was suspended for five days, i was not able to answer the phone, but i wait until monday to be able to speak to the official curio -- to the official. goothe official tells me, we are sorry your son got suspended, but we have nothing to tell you. i tell the officials, if you have nothing to tell me, my son should be of school. they said, we do not want him to come to the school. he is suspended for five days. due to this conversation with this official, there was a lot of communication, me as a parent. the officials should have been telling me why my son was
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suspended. and when i asked for it, the police was called, because are refused to leave the school until he answered my question. i still left the school, and no one answered the question. >> can you speak to susan? we will get no follow-up. gardne>> my mother worked in the school district for over 20 years. i have had several issues that are want to address, but it would take awhile to address. i just want to say, they need to
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go. i have had some big issues that my son has been going through problems with the staff. they say he had a knife, and they searched him three times. he did not have a knife. i had to walk into the school, and he was crying, and i asked what happened, and they did not find a nice, and they investigated, but when i told them about an issue concerning my son, they told me i had to wait 24 hours, so the administrative staff is not doing what they are supposed to do. >> thank you. >> this is my fourth year at
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mlk, and i have seen a lot of changes. first, i am an emotional zero your -- i am a emotional we are in one of the most proud cities. and we are seeing too much drama. gi believe that justice is important. it is difficult for me to be in of a profession where i do not feel they are taking us there. already as a teacher, i was told we are not going to be given outstanding. i just want to ask that you
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support justice so we can continue to be proud. i do this for my staff and ask that we helped a great teachers the reagan -- the great teachers. thank you for your time. >> i am very nervous right now. i do not have anything going on. i want to speak from my heart. i have been observing people who have been very violent. i still believe it can change,
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and i really believes something can change. when i was in seventh grade, something very nice happened where these three teachers came and helped us develop a lot throughout our whole year, and it changed for us because a lot of people have not really slacked off, and they really helped us. we had fun. thank you stereo -- thank you. >> good evening.
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this is my 11th year as a teacher. this is my sixth year at martin luther king academic middle school. i teach english and history. i am here to address some concerns of our martin luther king community. as you may have inferred, we seem to be at a point of crisis. we did hand out a packet, but i do have another set of standards. perhaps i can read one to you. leaders should promote equity, fairness, and respect among all members of the community of zero
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and -- of the community. every member has received unsatisfactory performance or below standard. this is an attack on the union. we are down to 1 minutes. i will move quickly to my second point. for new teachers who have done an excellent job at our school, they have seen non-reelected without cause, and this is very upsetting. if you look at the track record, we have a very high in teacher turnover. the goal should be to keep and support good teachers, not dismiss them because they do not agree or because they speak up
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or advocate for the school, paris, and -- parents, or students. >> good evening. i am a volunteer parent. everybody is so depressed for some reason, because we have this new administration. the principle of our school has given away all our instruments, and i do not know why. i asked, who do not take the music from our students. my son also says, do not get rid
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of the teachers. i know i was not supposed to say any names, but those were important teachers. good she has given away our instrument. and for me, i believe our schools should continue the music. now we have nothing, and you are the only one who can help our school. >> thank you. >> i am the dean asket mlk. i have been there six years. i have been in the district for 36 years. i want to show you the
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california standards for educational leaders, an element one, sustain an efficient and productive school environment. administrative has a good staff and students on unsafe environment which campus security. goothe staff has been hired ands new to the district. another teacher was hired, and finally a female at our site. we also have a person on site highly qualified, who knows our students and applied for the job but was not even considered a cure your -- was not even
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considered. our school has a high suspension rate. we have had two males injured. i was injured on friday by questioned the administration about being there, and when my back was injured, i said, i have in turn my back -- injured my back. i need to go to workers comp. >> thank you. >> good evening.
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i just want to address safety and equity in the school. goothe main reason i am here is because there is no closer to the same existing problems, were students cut class, drove the hallways, and these are the same handful of students who know my name, and there is no closer to -- they roamed the hallways. there has been an increase in fighting and.
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security is not being used with potential, because we have not been consulting in areas we see are problematic. >> thank you. >> i am a counselor at dr. martin luther king middle school. the goal is to help the children make the school a better place and give children positive experiences. all members spend far more hours at school and the contract calls for. the department motto is to do the best job possible, no matter how long and how much effort is required. the counseling department and mlk are a cohesive unit of work together very well. the counseling unit wants to be treated respect, not harass and bullied by administration. the counselors are highly
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educated master's and doctoral level professionals who work for the benefit of the shoulder and your your -- of the children. administration blames the counseling department for things out of our control like suspensions. mlk has high suspension rate, but administration makes the final decision as to who is suspended. thank you. >> good evening. i have been actt mlk for a million years. this year we were really hoping and expecting to get some positive feedback, some really good leadership. every member of our ubc has
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been negatively and evaluated. not a coincidence as we are finding out, but the evaluation process is being subverted to punish and silence of leadership. this is an ongoing violation of california standards. i love skiing. -- i love king. i did have to fight something several years back, but this is so insidious and so hurtful to the staff. it is a really good staff that moved in and out of the building, but this year as an offering of things, we get to people, you would not want them running your life. i am serious. it is not even professional what
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they are doing to us, and you do not have to deal with the hell we deal with every day. you should come by some time. thank you for your time. >> i have been a teacher since 1999 and a thorn in some people's side. last spring, students and educators came to choose a principal who represent the diversity and brought history of academic achievement and innovating our school. our choice was ignored. we were provided with the industry should, which unilaterally and arbitrarily sought to ignore and alienates parent participation through confrontation, undermined educators in front of parents, students, staff, and visitors,
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jeopardize health and safety by inconsistent enforcement of discipline policies, which has led to 164 suspensions today. numerous staff injuries and expulsions resulting in a number of parents removing children from our school. four of our most promising new teachers are been removed for no other reason but the advocacy and support of student equity and safety and volunteering their time and providing a joyful learning i thought our school district wanted to promote. please rectify these problems. once in awhile it should be nice to listen to the parents, the staff, the community about who should represent our school and lead us. maybe one time you will do that please. [applause] >> good evening, board members
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and superintended garcia. it was nice to see you at our school last week. i learned you are in charge of all the schools, so i am here to ask you for help. i need help to save our teachers. they are the best teachers in our school. they are kind, understanding, caring, and they can relate to our students. i want to say that he is one of two african-american teachers in our school. if they fire her, there will be one less. we need all of our teachers. students are grieving that their teachers are leaving. i am here for students. i believe that students need administration that can understand them and not only want to suspend them, and
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expelled them, or call the police on them. please help us have a safe school where we can be happy to learn. thank you. [applause] >> good evening. i teach 11th grade math, and i am one of the teachers who got this without cause. i get soaked up when i hear the students talk. last year -- i get choked up when i hear the students thought. last year i received outstanding reviews. this year i got reviewed once and got satisfactory. and when i talk with the principle, i got non-real life without -- non-reelect without cause. when i asked for those reasons, she


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