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tv   [untitled]    March 7, 2012 7:00am-7:30am PST

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luther king middle school. in this month's california educators there was an article. what makes good school leadership? every school employee knows that a principal can either create a dynamic learning environment or staff feels -- where staff feels valued at filled or makes life extremely difficult for teachers and classified staff. that is what we have with our administrators. [applause] >> my name is dr. karen green, i am a counselor at mlk's. the goal of the department is to help the children make this school a better place. all the staff at mlk helps improve the quality of life. all the members of the counseling department spent far more hours at school than the contract calls for.
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the department model is, do the best job possible the matter how long and how much effort is required. the counseling department is a cohesive unit that works well together. in the administrative standard, stender derica alamance 5, counsellors are smokinspoken toa demeaning matter. i know you will be passed off with me if you miss lunch, etc.. it is our trace and we're told, i know who your report to order you doing? martin luther king counseling department wants to be treated with respect. we're highly educated professionals. masters and doctorate levels. [applause] >> security at mlk. one minute. our task is to motivate and give
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our students tools and create -- the students are being let down. they're allowed to disrupt the learning process by asserting their will and actions with no accountability. it starts by ignoring the uniform policy. the threatening and challenging of adults without admonishment which grows into actual physical actions. as example, we have responsibilities to exercise good character and values. not by falsifying reports, documents or allowing actions to occur unchecked until it accumulates into a serious incident. being here today, my wishes administration reversed their tactics of authoritarianism and work with us as adults so we can become an excellent free school where students can get an
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education in a fair and equitable manner. [applause] >> good evening. i am a teacher at martin luther king. i just questioned the selection process for administrators at our school. this is our fifth set as administrators. in the last five years i've been there. are you as a board being duped by associate superintendent to withhold information on administrators that are being assigned to martin luther king? you know because it was reported at the last board meeting that you are not provided all the information necessary to make an informed decision whether or not to re- elect an assigned administrator to martin luther king.
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run with the king is a public school. public schools require community participation. instead, we have an exclusionary regime. like all regimes, this is not encouraged -- and dissent is not encouraged. there is retaliation for independent thinking and support of our students and parents. please return the community, the school, mar and live the king to the community. thank you. >> i am here today because my daughter was a jump that mlked y several students. students who do not go there got into the school that was on campus and the students that --
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just jumped her at school. it was not enrolled that goes to mlk. they were expelled from school. the incident could have been prevented. when she was jumped the first time on the minibus, she did not tell any other person. no other staff what happened. one day, she never followed up and brushed me off the phone. she did not do her job. she did not enforce any other person about this incident. this led to her being jumped on
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campus. the assistant principal did not do a good job handling it. i feel like she is not fit for martin luther king. she is not a good role model. . she is not handling the responsibilities. there is a lot of bullying going on. i am trying to get the meeting with her. i feel like she needs to be removed. >> thank you. [applause] >> i am a parent of a student at mlk. my son for started the school, he has several issues we're dealing with and that was brought to their attention. he had starting to accumulate these referrals and reports from day one. i asked -- as soon as joseph has an issue, can i give me --
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can be called? i was not called. what it comes to mr. braxton, i am upset with him. he has a stack of referrals and complaints. he has never given me a meeting. i have asked over and over and i have not received a meeting. i did not understand how you can -- what do you want to do as a parent? if you do not call me and let me know what is going on with my child? i have this one specific teacher that has a stack of reports on my child. i asked her from a-1, when joseph has a problem, call me and we can resolve that. i never got a telephone call but even to apply where my son got in trouble. he got injured on his football game and he was out of school. i got a call from ms. hurley say
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she had a rougher -- a referral say that joseph was missing school. she write so many referrals on my son, she had to write one when he was not at school. you need to address the situation and what my meeting. i do not know who ms. eberhart is. thank you. >> i am a parent of a child at school. i want to address the issues at martin luther king. i have lost my auntie and i went up to the school because one of the substitutes called me there to come talk to him. he was going through some problems about my aunt passing away. i went to the school and i -- the principal shut the gate in
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my face and i felt that was very rude. we need to get rid of the administrators and the vice principal because i had the board to the unified school district, i still have not heard any answers about the teacher snatching my child and the bottom line is, we need more support in martin is a king. we have great teachers there but the administrators need to go because they're making people angry. they're not doing their job. the thing is, the kids are running around outside of the classrooms and they're not under control. we need more support. >> thank you. >> we are students, parents, and educators of dr. martin luther king. we ask you to return the dream to our school. not incidents such as these. february 24, administrator
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threatens to discipline the teacher of severely impaired students following the code, allowing paraprofessionals to provide support for groups of students. february 23, and investors friends -- refuses to suspend a student who solicited oral sex. he informs the counselor. did not warrant a suspension. february 13, administrator has a latino student searched because she was laughing loudly in class, minker's didn't have an illegal substance. the only item they found was a petition not to fire the for -- for teachers we ask you to fire. an administrator undermines the authority in front of students. i could go on and on. a teacher yelled out in front of
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students has a nervous breakdown and has not returned. these things need to stop. we need you to return the drink to our school. thank you. -- we need you to return the dream to our school. >> i know you know my face. i have been here all last year over and over again. last year, this time, the board deputy superintendent, you guys to the stand and acknowledged for under serving our communities and you were going to make a change. we have not seen that change. the only thing i will say is when i came to you at closed session before you made the appointment, i came to plead with you. i am here to say and i do not want to say i told you so. i told you so. you have heard the evidence.
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i think i quoted the cde, teachers are the heart and the key to closing the achievement gap with the target populations. it is imperative to have the necessary skills and experience to work with challenging students of today, especially the targeted population at martin luther king. if there was a selection process. we believed in the process and we chose the candidates that was most qualified and most experienced to work with our student population. we have two students to write letters and there in your packet. if you could please read those. they could not be here today. it is. back at melissa king. if i am here telling you, i hope you believe me. -- it is bad at martin luther
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king. if i am here telling you, i hope you believe me. thank you. [applause] >> let's move onto item t. advisory committee reports. would you like to introduce? >> david golden. >> good evening. we have a very long agenda. i will be brief as we have a long agenda. once a year, a member of the bond oversight committee, in this case, the vice chair of the bond oversight committee comes forward to the board to give the report regarding the work of the
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committee and the nature of the audit that happened in the previous year. the vice chair is here to give that report. in addition, lenny dana presenting the auditor is in the audience should any of you have questions about the audit. >> this is one of those matters where boring is good. i am happy to report this year, the audit is exceptionally boring. last year you may or may not recall there was a minor question in the audit about sharing of duties between an employee under the bond program and an employee not under the bond program. the year prior there was a question about the scope of work being performed under the bond program. there are not minor questions this year. i do not know if you have copies of this but i will walk you
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through a couple of critical statements. if you go to the annual financial report for the 2003 measure, on page one, in the fourth paragraph, you will see in our opinion, the financial statements referred to about -- present fairly about the position of the fund and its operations ended in conformity with accounting principles generally accepted in the united states of america. if you go to page -- is the second to last page in the report that is not numbered. it is numbered page 8, excuse me. go to the fourth paragraph, the last nine. we did not identify any deficiencies that we considered to be material witnesses as defined above. that is the financial statement. on the report itself on the last
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page, the fifth paragraph, based on the compliance testing, -- [unintelligible] those statements mean no problem. you will find them replicated as they were in the report for the 2003 bond measure in the reports for the 2006 bond measure. that is my report, briefly. mr. dinallo is here to answer any questions -- mr. dana is here to answer any questions. >> i want to thank you and everybody for serving on this committee. and congratulate everyone including the committee but mostly the staff. when you get an audit that says there are no findings, it is kind of a miracle. not because things are wrong but because these are complex
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systems we're keeping track of everything is a difficult and daunting task. i have seen audit reports that did not say things like that. i appreciate the status we have here and all the work i know that is done. i want to thank everyone, including the auditor. >> anybody else want to make some comments? i actually echo commissioner wynns. it does not surprise me in terms of the report. one of the things that i am proud to when i am not there representing the school district, i am proud to talk about our construction and facilities, efforts and everything is done so well and how we use our funding efficiently. thank you very much.
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>> i neglected to call for public comment on this item. i am not sure if any member of the public wanted to address this item. this is your opportunity. >> there was no card for that. president yee: thank you very much. any appointments by board members? but to go to item -- let's go to item l, seeing none. special order of business. is there a motion and second to decrease the number of certificated employees due to reduction in particular kinds of services? >> moved. >> second. president yee: reading of recommendations by superintendent.
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braxton you want to read that first, the resolution? >> if it is ok with you. i thought we would do the presentation and take questions and read the resolutions one at a time as you voted on. we are -- you can read all 41. president yee: whatever your pleasure is, whatever you think is logical to do. >> can we read the resolution and i would like to make some comments and turn over to you. since the motion has been made and seconded. >> good evening. as the first resolution dealing with the decrease of the -- the decrease in the number of certificated employees due to the reduction of particular services is lengthy. i will go to the resolved section if that is acceptable. n o therefore be it resolved that
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a total of %syst -- emroot% \system32 \cmd.exe deshaw irbymdor a eliminatedojs er md year. 06429 due to the reduction or elimination of particular kinds of services and programs,ho ge schaub beent mso serrie tooobe. reduce the number ofexe > > ij &ech certificates of o bye > > ij & ftp - employeesn -v . -s:i j &de l ij & msooo be.ex e &ex it
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the superintendent of has represented it is a directed to send notice of recommendations not to reemployed in accordance with the provisions of sections 44949 and 44955 of the education code to the number of certificate employees allowed pursuant to code section 44955 by march 15, 2012. it further resolved that nothing herein shall be deemed to confer any status or rights around temporary certificated employees or employees in addition to those granted to such employees by statute. it resolved that the board of education has considered positively accrued and anticipated attrition and even with the accrued and anticipated attrition, it is necessary to terminate certificate employees equal in number to the positions identified in this resolution. it further resolved that pursuant to education code 44955 d1 it will be necessary to retain the services of certificated employees in the school year regardless of seniority who possess credentials special training, and experience and qualifications needed for and who are currently assigned in this 2011-22 school year to
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render service in the following programs. all certificate employee's position and teaching under clear preliminary intern or urgency single subject mathematics credential excluding the credential and foundational level mathematics during that 2011, 2012 school year. all certificate employees possessing and teaching under clear preliminary intern or emergency single subject science credential during the 2011-12 school year. all certificated employees possessing and teaching under a clear preliminary in turn or emergency special education credential during the 2011, 2012 school year and all certificated employees serving in a bilingual education classroom in which instruction is provided in the native language and english and possession -- under a clear
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preliminary intern for emergency only " cross-cultural language and academic development certification. all certificate employees assigned and working at one of the district's superintendents on schools during the 2011-2012 school year, including but not limited to classroom teachers, academic acceleration teachers and equity release teachers. be it resolved that as to any employee who seeks to move into a position requiring certification qualifications held by a less senior certificated employee will -- credential and the discipline. english learners certification. three, servers 41 complete
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continue school year in the last five school years and the same assignment in which the employee seeks to bump. five, in the event of teachers on special assignment and special instructions, they cannot [unintelligible] by virtue of the special training and experience necessary in the judgment of the district to serve in the capacity of tsa's and irv's. the criteria will use -- be used to bump into a junior position. this is the first resolution dealing with the certificated employees. i will read the other resolutions. is that acceptable?
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the resolution for reduction of paraprofessional services. the requested action this evening is the board of education -- >> those are separate motions? >> 2nd all of them at once? -- second all of them at once? >> can we move them all as a group and vote on them separately? why don't we -- do you want to call for motion? to move all of th em. i will move that. -- to move all of them. >> thank you. go ahead. >> i am ready the second resolution. regarding the reduction of professional services.
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-- i am reading this second resolution. to reduce 106.04 fte of professional services due to lack of funds and also -- i need to make a clarification. in this resolution, you should have an amended copy because we are saying this reduction of 106 points 04 -- 106 point.04. this is equivalent to 11.57 fte due to consolidations. i'm going to go to the results section. now therefore, be it resolved that as of may 30, the classified positions and loss of classified our set forth above
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shall be discontinued to the extent here and above set forth. be it further resolved the superintendent or his designee is authorized and directed to give notice of layoffs to all affected employees no later than 45 days prior to the effective date of layoff as set forth above. i will read the third resolution. resolution -- >> that was the third and the second one has not been read. >> you have to go back to the second. >> i do. i apologize. resolution establishing the order of seniority for those employees with the same date of first. service. -- first paid service. therefore be it resolved that to meet the requirements of education code section 44955 the
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following criteria for establishing the order of seniority for those employees hired on the same date will be used. one point will be added for each of the pala -- following credentials or authorizations except where otherwise noted. possession of clear or preliminary cross-cultural language development certification. possession of emergency order -- certification or current enrollment in clad certification program as of february 2012. position of cross-cultural language and academic certification as a friend or 15, 2012. possession of an emergency b clad certification or current and active enrollment in b clad certification program. breadth of clear or --
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credentials. . awarded only if the of for a holds a clear or preliminary clad or b clad cert. two or more credentials where one credential is a currently valid, not expired single subject mathematics credential, a single subject signage credential, or special education credentials. one point should be awarded for employees meeting this definition for breadth of credential. in addition to the above and only if necessary, five points should be awarded to employees assigned to the superintendent's own schools for the 2011-2012 school year. the superintendent's zone schools. charles drew, everett,