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tv   [untitled]    April 11, 2012 2:30pm-3:00pm PDT

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way is in terrible shape. it takes a lot of impact from glasses. -- bosses. -- buses. supervisor chu: there is an effort to come out in 2012 and i am wondering one of the issues we have heard a lot of fat is the maintenance of roads in golden gate park. a lot of pot holes when and perhaps injuries around -- along the routes. i am wondering, have you considered any allocation of resources to address some of this standard resurfacing
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issues? >> because there is such need and the size of the bond-it is spread pretty thin. we are contemplating a pot of money for destination parts which would include mcclaren, golden gate park, and the merced. how that money will be allocated is yet to evolve. i have with dpw, they have been supportive. even though the streets themselves were not called out kadima there may be some opportunities. to do some of the street work to which you refer through state grant money. we did repave in the last five years at jfk and atmel cable
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cards. at least three-quarters of the way through the part, they have been great-paved -- paved from east to west. the western branch of mlk's both of which desperately need attention. there may be away outside the want to defend. i would love to see and we have some great partners. they have been helping us bigger than have him it -- a figure that out. we are going to debut a dedicated right lane on jfk, the eastern side. which is the project with mta and the bike volition has been
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involved and demarcate the spot for paychex -- bikes and will allow pedestrians to use our pathways without any conflict. we are excited about that strip development. >> the roadways are problematic that we have heard about periods half-that we have heard about. as long as you are bringing local neighborhood issues, i wanted to come back to that tim -- the times and operational issues. when we have asked rec and park, we were told that it would be open no later than 81 and would close no earlier than that.
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-- age o'clock a.m t. >> are you talking about the restrooms for the park? >> this is about the operational hours closes no earlier than that. -- dusk. >> it is not a gate park. >> this issue came up because residents have been asking us. we followed up immediately. we were able to get lighting but the response we got was that the park was not set at -- up for nighttime use. we need to find a balance. when of the issues is when i get
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started early in the winter -- when it gets dark in the winter. for a reasonable hour. we would love to figure out what if we can make this consistent. >> the best way to keep our park safe is to activate them. to the extent there is healthy activity in our parks, that is a big thing. give>> good afternoon. our organization has 4000
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supporters in san francisco. i want to leave and to my general theme by mentioning a prominent example which is that we remain strongly opposed to artificial turf and flood lamps being put into the area for soccer. the point here is that that is one example of placer we are aggressively rampant at -- ramping up plasticization. we saw from the presentation what is happening with our wildlife parks-hour public parks is the opposite of what happening periods.
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the only way tis to seek private donations. we need to tax the 1% periods and put that back into our parks.
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quex that afternoon. -- good afternoon. we are the independent partner for the park system citywide. phil mentioned some of the statistics for you to be mindful of. the cuts to the parks department will more than 26 percent and it makes up 2%. we believe the facts to that rec and parks department is a step in the wrong direction. if you find yourself in a whole, the first thing you need to do is stop thinking. department has a chronic operating deficit in the $30 million range periods we need to stop -- the $30 million range.
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we learned the voters find the park system extremely important. 91% from the park system to be extremely important. 80% of voters want to see the city put more financial support into our system. further cuts to the city's park budget is against the will of the voters who elected you. we urge you to not make those cuts. thank you. supervisor chu: thank you. >> years ago my mom and i have these metal detectors. we used to have a big list of parks stands -- and playgrounds. we found this, the given out in
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the 1920's harriet -- they gave them out in the 1920's. there it is anyway. the vote -- they gave those out. thyey must have had a bigger budget . ♪ bring back those park budget memories ♪ ♪ i don't mind oif the money get s wet ♪ ♪ won't you fix the park budget
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rain ♪ ♪ bring back those memories ♪ ♪ i don't even mind if the park money gets wet ♪ supervisor chu: thank you. >> many constituents of san francisco when it was homestead land -- so that future constituents of san francisco could enjoy it. i want to bring to the attention of the director that i would
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like him to restore the horse riding @ mccarren barrack and golden gate park. in the bayview we have pardon -- we have a park and i would like you to take a look there and see if you can in the playground and compete with the gophers. there is artificial turf. under the control of sum corp. -- some corporation. we need to be careful of how our
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open spaces are controlled idid. these are for our constituents and not for certain people who have a hidden agenda. they have people on this side of the aisle where you said that favre them periods -- that favor them. supervisor chu: are there other speakers? seeing none, public comment is closed. we will continue to the call of the chair. thank you for your presentation and we look forward to the additional information i requested. thank you. item two. >> an update on the plan in
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light of state actions involving -- including impactive that general fund, structure, and staffing. the status of low and moderate income housing funds and other redevelopment project for periods superviso-- work. supervisor chu: thank you. the intent is to hear an update with regard to the redevelopment agency. we had heard about it as you recall from the end of last year. we had to work to dissolve the agency fidler february-dissolve the agency by february. what front if and programmatic areas are we going to continue
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to do versus those that we have to consider what next steps there will be. we are hoping from this hearing that we will hear from redevelopment. and the city administrator and other involved individuals to give us this update. i will turn it over adnd we will switch off with others as necessary. >> good afternoon. the former executive director of the san francisco redevelopment agency and now director of the successor agency. thank you for that introduction. by way of context, redevelopment as we all now, a 60 year history. we make great strides in that recent history providing significant investment in
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economic development, neighborhood corridor revitalization, significant investment in housing development, at 10 thousands affordable housing units were developed by attacks instrument dollars periods -- tax dollars. the purpose of this at the to you and to the public is to provide you an overview of where we are and where we intend to go. i would like to touch on our order of events agenda for this afternoon. we will touch on the dissolution timeline, the actions by the state and the actions by this for to move quickly in response to that dissolution to preserve our important assets and obligations. there is a new structure for
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activities that are mandated by the state. per direction from this board through the actions it took in january in response to that. the work is organized in broad categories. we have the successor agency that focuses on non-housing activities. the housing successor agency which is leaking -- the housing agency. and then our next step at the state level and with you on how we move forward. touching briefly on why we're here and/or we have been, last summer, there was state dissolution legislation that
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dissolved previous agencies, at the same time, the state legislature passed ab 27. it allowed agencies across the state to continue activities. that was passed last summer. there was litigation in the state supreme court -- and the state supreme court decided to abolish all redevelopment agencies, including that was- which was created in the city and county of san francisco. that brings us to where we are. the board acted quickly with the mayor's office in january in response to this, passing two
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important resolutions. stepping in the city as successor. transferring our affordable housing assets to our mayor's office of housing. in terms of our structure, it is a new structure which we will discuss, confirming the appointments of the oversight board that would review all activity of the former redevelopment agency with respect to tax increments periods since that time and since the evolution, we have taken a number of steps required under that legislation. allstate compliance steps to provide for the state a fear of picture of our obligations as we move forward under the successor agency. only those that are recognized that our -- by the state and board. that is what we use tax
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increment for. as we talked about this oversight board, there were four appointees and three seats. the primary purpose of this board is a fiduciary, a fiscal responsibility to make sure all the former obligations and assets are honored and paid off. two, the sports-the board also confirmed -- there are three major projects. which through an integrated set of master agreements can continue to draw on tax increment hidden we have a
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contract with private developers that provide for ongoing review contract authority, land use decisions pursuant to its implementation role. the board would have that ongoing land use addition to its fiduciary responsibility. these are enforceable obligations as the state has required and the work is organized in three departments. the non-housing assets and their management are within the city administrator's office. the former redevelopment agency is in the city administrator's office. the housing assets and the port under the non-housing assets. this is adjacent to at&t park
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and other leases we're working to transfer. the port zones those profits -- owns those properties. this is mandated and dicted by ab26. we have to pay our debt issuance. we are implementing these major projects, generating, or will housing projects. that implementation will continue for 15 to 30 years. there are areas we are responsible for and wind down
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activities. there will fulfill those obligations once they are completel. we have touched on this. this is the value of $20 billion public and private investments in these areas. these are areas where we will continue to implement with our development partners. these have -- recognizes an integrated set of obligations, not only to build public infrastructure and improvement affordable housing as well as other public benefits. these are three key areas in which infants will continue to be passed increment -- increment
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will be collected. mission bay represents one end of the spectrum. it is halfway done. new community, all these areas which we will talk about. these are transit oriented development. transbay is at the next level down. it is the start of its implementation. we would generate well over 3000 housing units, over 35% of affordable. other public improvements. our agreements with the state and with the transbay joint powers authority provide for
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that to go to three purposes, the terminal, and affordable housing, and public improvement. we were at a groundbreaking, we expect that to continue into the future with the future increments as recognized by the state. that hunters point shipyard is at its inception. we received approval. another model of sustainability. infrastructure work is nearly complete on the first phase of the hilltop under way at the hunters point shipyard. and then candlestick point is part of this robust program. that would be developed in partnership, we have a
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partnership with the state to improve the state park area, rebuild the affordable housing development. as part of that development as well. the other obligations for this successor agency within the city administrator's office, we touched on the management of those assets and the former western addition, there are a number of economic development loans. some of their obligations, these are obligations we will monitor for compliance on an ongoing basis. yerba buena center, that is an honest-ongoing obligation. the mexican museum, to provide for operating and construction. that is an activity that will continue. supervisor chu: are we going to
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continue to honor the agreement that yerba buena center has with gardens and -- the mariott. that was a side project. >> absolutely. yerba buena center is complicated. is the maintenance of the gardens but it is an interlocking set of agreements with hotels, kesse reaches and others, to pay for these cultural assets such as the creativity museum, the museum of african diaspora, it scheduled payments to them through 2015. those are obligations that will be honored and placed on our schedule for review by the state. >> we will honor its as is, her or is there a slight
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modification. prentix>> those are enforceable obligations. we talked about the transfer. and because of the tax increment tool, we were able to use that to develop the harbor and surrounding parking properties. redevelopment -- with the port of owning that property. we were effectuating the transfer, working with them july 1. the true wind-down activities, any improvements we have. this affects the bayview hunters point corridor and our work along sixth street. we had our economic development
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loans and other investments to public improvement. we will not be making any further investment from the dollars. unlike the major proved, there was no overarching long term 40- year set of agreements that allows us to collect tax increment. we will continue the redevelopment activities there. this is getting to what cannot be continued under redevelopment using taxpayer dollars. there was a very long term plan that this board adopted. the community strongly supported it. we were in negotiations with the master developer there. we did not have an agreement in place. the legislation was passed. there are a


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