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tv   [untitled]    April 14, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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i would like to know how you began to consider the impact of the niners pulling out after 2015 and what exactly will that mean for our city, specifically for our budget? >> thank you for the question. while there has been some short term. as we have these challenges. obviously we're going to have to and we will lead the city's help in -- when the lease expires in solving that challenge when the niners leave. they have been public that their new studio will be ready in 2014. should that happen that the department and the city would
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be made economically whole. that would have to be the point from which they start. those conversations has been proceeding with the niners understand that. probably the rec and park commission and this board would see some of those discussions and agreements ensuring that in the event the city is ready that the city be made whole. we would bring that back to you. relatively soon. >> you say the term the city will be made whole, do you have any idea of a range of the exact number we're talking about? what is the economic impact? >> for the department it is a little bit of a difficult
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question to answer. depending on how much time you have. the niners, the net gain to the department has been somewhere in the range of one to -- $1 million to $3 million a year. there is additional tax revenue and there is additional and tangible elements to the overall benefit that the niners bring. in these conversations that the mayor's office is leading, our focus has been on making sure that our department if it comes past that that will be for us. part of it depends on the expense side of the ledger, are we going to continue to operate the stadium or not? what happens to the staff? there are some factors that make the number difficult to quantify
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but we are working on it and close to having something that we would need to feel comfortable. that whole was going to be filled. >> when you plan to have as answered? >> the conversations have been going on, they have been good and productive. there are a few remaining pieces that we're still working through. i would imagine within the next couple of months. supervisor chu: thank you you talk about what the goal was for year one and year two. taking a look at your budget solutions, is it an additive solution? the mayor's budget office has a certain level of budget requests they're asking you to make and year to which is
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supposed to be additive. have you met that goal and how soft or solid is year two's numbers? >> it is additive. quex in terms of the solutions you put forth for the second year, are they solid solution spes? >> yes. things change. in year two they are added revenue, based on a relatively conservative of growth estimate of 2.5%. that one does not concern me. over time, we have revenue ideas and some pan out and some do not. that is life. when you see in this budget is
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some revenue corrections for things that have taken longer to implement or did not come to bear. we have been rather focused on avoiding additional cuts to programs or services. we're definitely heavy on the revenue side. we budget very conservatively. >> in terms the budget and your staff, there is no mention about changes to staffing levels. >> i did mention next in response to supervisor kim was a question that you will see a park patrol in cam and so we can have the type of support that allows people in the field to work with and manage the business unit, the person to manage this unit. supervisor kim: i like the approach in terms of preserving
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recreation for individuals. in particular because there are a lot of different programs out there and they have been awesome programs that rec and park is offering your staff has been creative in coming with -- up with. i think that is wonderful. and as we start to get there, certain programs are getting more expensive and it is the cost of role of providing services euille and for the department and megyn euille and us as whole as we can be very you have format for individuals depending on where their income levels are. is there any thought around and i am sure that your scholarship program is an oversubscribe to. is there any thought to how you might help folks who are down on their life now that it's just because some people who have
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cyclical situations where they might become on a flight or something that is not reflective necessarily of what they can demonstrate with their previous year's earnings. >> we're in the business of trying to provide healthy recreational opportunities and provide some happiness and joy and the kids easier for families to live. as a philosophy, my staff knows not to -- it is not a bureaucratic exercise. i did not qualify or just missed qualifying for the eastern city peridot -- subsidy. there is a little bit of humanity and subject to the in our approach wherever possible to willett -- live within our means.
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i do think our results beat for themselves-speak for themselves. we have dramatically increased the amount of free and subsidized programming we have offered in the last three years. we're not looking to curtail or calf that growth predicted where going to do it-cap that growth. we're going to do it if the member qualifies. supervisor avalos>> revenue is s last year. i know that was a challenging debate. that $260,000 of revenue that was generated is significant. we received it.
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it is-if attendance is trending upward. supervisor avalos: can i get a summary of that attendance and revenue for the past two years? that would be great. >> sure. supervisor avalos: leases in clubhouses, i would like to get a sense of revenue that is coming from the clubhouses as well. i am not sure if it is possible, of copy of the leases for the clubhouses. clubhouses in the city. how much we're leasing for times in our clubhouses. >> it is worth 40 at that our approach in working with partners in our clubhouse is because we have had-we are 150 -- we are 150 fte's fewer.
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supervisor avalos: i am not questioning [inaudible] i am trying to get assets. >> by way of background and context, our partners, almost all of whom are nonprofit, have been able to add an extra-the #is 70,000 hours -- add an extra 70,000 hours. we do not look at our partnerships as revenue generators. we charge a fair market value for has determined by the
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department of real estate. supervisor avalos: the question is -- >> we have staff. [inaudible] supervisor avalos: do we have an overarching policy about access to sites or under -- is that under the control of the lessee who has access? >> it is on a case by case basis. risqué particulate it in each individual lease and it depends on departure -- partner and the nature of this day we tried to offe-- the stakes. i and others that is less possible. either because of the nature of the program for the site.
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it is a bland. supervisor avalos: do we have any site where the clubhouse, there is adjacent tennis courts where the clubhouse has responsibility? ? the park and playground and tennis courts are always successful. -- accessible. they -- we have been in the child-care business for years. we have had preschools operating in our facilities for half a century. there are certain requirements that were squiredom all little bit of that acquitted outdoor space. -- that require a little bit of outdoor space. the playgrounds and force themselves are public. -- courts themselves are public periodc. supervisor avalos: that would be great to get.
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i would appreciate that. lastly, i walk through there and i am seeing a great more people who are walking. the stock folks and hikers. and it is a dangerous place. i am happy i have not heard of anyone getting hit but there is a lot of close calls and there has been talk about putting a crosswalk and i am wondering where things are at in the capital plan in terms of doing that. it is a real need. it could be an ada is to -- issue as well. >> we agree. just for access. the area has no sidewalks. this has been talked about and
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there are a couple of different approaches but we would appreciate your help bonds. obviously, there is a street on that past. paychex this is not in the street o. >> we have been invited to submit some thoughts lots of were the project -- worthy projects but that is one we have our focus on. also we're in an ongoing planning conversation. altman lee, the community will decide on the dollars -- ultimately, of that community will decide on the dollars that are allocated. we will work on -- with them where we have really urgent pedestrian safety issues and
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this may be one of them. we can collaborate to come up with a solution. supervisor avalos: that sounds great. if you want to contact our office, that is critical need. not to mention that that rate way is in terrible shape. it takes a lot of impact from glasses. -- bosses. -- buses. supervisor chu: there is an effort to come out in 2012 and i am wondering one of the issues we have heard a lot of fat is the maintenance of roads in golden gate park. a lot of pot holes when and
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perhaps injuries around -- along the routes. i am wondering, have you considered any allocation of resources to address some of this standard resurfacing issues? >> because there is such need and the size of the bond-it is spread pretty thin. we are contemplating a pot of money for destination parts which would include mcclaren, golden gate park, and the merced. how that money will be allocated is yet to evolve. i have with dpw, they have been
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supportive. even though the streets themselves were not called out kadima there may be some opportunities. to do some of the street work to which you refer through state grant money. we did repave in the last five years at jfk and atmel cable cards. at least three-quarters of the way through the part, they have been great-paved -- paved from east to west. the western branch of mlk's both of which desperately need attention. there may be away outside the want to defend. i would love to see and we have some great partners. they have been helping us bigger than have him it -- a figure that out.
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we are going to debut a dedicated right lane on jfk, the eastern side. which is the project with mta and the bike volition has been involved and demarcate the spot for paychex -- bikes and will allow pedestrians to use our pathways without any conflict. we are excited about that strip development. >> the roadways are problematic that we have heard about periods half-that we have heard about. as long as you are bringing local neighborhood issues, i
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wanted to come back to that tim -- the times and operational issues. when we have asked rec and park, we were told that it would be open no later than 81 and would close no earlier than that. -- age o'clock a.m t. >> are you talking about the restrooms for the park? >> this is about the operational hours closes no earlier than that. -- dusk. >> it is not a gate park. >> this issue came up because residents have been asking us. we followed up immediately.
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we were able to get lighting but the response we got was that the park was not set at -- up for nighttime use. we need to find a balance. when of the issues is when i get started early in the winter -- when it gets dark in the winter. for a reasonable hour. we would love to figure out what if we can make this consistent. >> the best way to keep our park safe is to activate them. to the extent there is healthy activity in our parks, that is a big thing. give>> good afternoon.
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our organization has 4000 supporters in san francisco. i want to leave and to my general theme by mentioning a prominent example which is that we remain strongly opposed to artificial turf and flood lamps being put into the area for soccer. the point here is that that is one example of placer we are aggressively rampant at -- ramping up plasticization. we saw from the presentation
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what is happening with our wildlife parks-hour public parks is the opposite of what happening periods. the only way tis to seek private
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donations. we need to tax the 1% periods and put that back into our parks. quex that afternoon. -- good afternoon. we are the independent partner for the park system citywide. phil mentioned some of the statistics for you to be mindful of. the cuts to the parks department will more than 26 percent and it makes up 2%. we believe the facts to that rec and parks department is a step in the wrong direction.
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if you find yourself in a whole, the first thing you need to do is stop thinking. department has a chronic operating deficit in the $30 million range periods we need to stop -- the $30 million range. we learned the voters find the park system extremely important. 91% from the park system to be extremely important. 80% of voters want to see the city put more financial support into our system. further cuts to the city's park budget is against the will of the voters who elected you. we urge you to not make those cuts. thank you. supervisor chu: thank you.
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>> years ago my mom and i have these metal detectors. we used to have a big list of parks stands -- and playgrounds. we found this, the given out in the 1920's harriet -- they gave them out in the 1920's. there it is anyway. the vote -- they gave those out. thyey must have had a bigger budget . ♪ bring back those park budget memories ♪
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♪ i don't mind oif the money get s wet ♪ ♪ won't you fix the park budget rain ♪ ♪ bring back those memories ♪ ♪ i don't even mind if the park money gets wet ♪ supervisor chu: thank you. >> many constituents of san
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francisco when it was homestead land -- so that future constituents of san francisco could enjoy it. i want to bring to the attention of the director that i would like him to restore the horse riding @ mccarren barrack and golden gate park. in the bayview we have pardon -- we have a park and i would like you to take a look there and see if you can in the playground and compete with the gophers. there is artificial turf.
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under the control of sum corp. -- some corporation. we need to be careful of how our open spaces are controlled idid. these are for our constituents and not for certain people who have a hidden agenda. they have people on this side of the aisle where you said that favre them periods -- that favor them. supervisor chu: are there other speakers?
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seeing none, public comment is closed. we will continue to the call of the chair. thank you for your presentation and we look forward to the additional information i requested. thank you. item two. >> an update on the plan in light of state actions involving -- including impactive that general fund, structure, and staffing. the status of low and moderate income housing funds and other redevelopment project for periods superviso-- work. supervisor chu: thank you. the intent is to hear an update with regard to the redevelopment agency. we had heard about it


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