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tv   [untitled]    May 19, 2012 3:00am-3:30am PDT

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>> if the item has been considered at this is not the time for general public comment. with everything else within the public jurisdiction of the board, including items that have not been considered by a board committee members that are being considered today. why don't we hear from our first, a bearded speaker. it is good to see you. >> [speaking foreign language] >> my name is -- i was very
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sick for the last two weeks. that is why i don't show up here. thank god, i have been through the hell, to the heaven. i find no place. i come back to continue to give you a hard time. as you know, my name -- for 28 years igive mi give my life toe who can't fight for themselves. i fight for myself. a senior, disabled. that our building manager is taking advantage, harrassment, and -- for the two weeks i tried to study how to stop him. look what i have here? that is my message.
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i told him to stop harrassing us. we are old. i survived a heart attack. to give me a place in the heaven or in the hell. he gives me a hard time, to let you wake up and if you oopen your eyes for -- open your eyes for people like that. two days ago, every one of us used to invite -- a happy day was mother's day. 55 years ago i lost my mother. i tell everyone with a mother happy mother's day. for all of you. i wish you'd understand. i tell you that from my heart. i am here, as you said, to continue to give you a hard time. don't take advantage of me.
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i just have big mouth and would like to give you a hard time. >> glad to have you back. next speaker. >> members of the board, ray hartz. i would like to announced the absence of someone who tries to bring to your attention the trends of the san francisco public library. i have gotten the documents from the library. number one, showing that they are representing to the public that they have given to the branch library improvement program, $8.80 million. only after nine months of withholding the documents that finally get something from the chief financial officer saying they cannot support, with any documentation, 5.1 $7 million of
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this gift. i also pointed out, when they were here before the commission to explain how they spend the $6 million they expended during the last fiscal year. they spend $750,000 on program support and were silent on the rest, leaving $5 million unexplained. i ask you if this was a misrepresentation or fraud. what is it when they present facts that are untrue? when they present items to a body with a responsibility to oversee a group like the friends of the library, and 42% of the money they had documentation to
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support, 58% of this, they have no documents to support this? did they just make this figure up? if so, they lied to the commission and the citizens of the city. >> the next speaker? >> how many of you solve the alex jones show on april 19? i see that everybody missed this. but this was a good program. he hat -- marked by some as a the best color in. when you listen, i am 3 hours and five minutes into his broadcast. this goes from 9:00 until noon, broadcast out of santa cruz. if you don't have a local station you can listen on
3:06 am it was the 17th anniversary of oklahoma city. i believe they put the bombs into the columns to murder 19 children and threatened the five officers who came forward who have been interviewed. that they would kill their wives and kids, if they did not stop the investigation. the bible says, there is a day of judgment coming. my text is in isaiah 30. he mentioned -- you don't need a radio anymore, you just need streaming internet. i could not help but think of this person that has to deal with judgment day. and there shall be upon every high mountains and high hill,
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rivers and streams of water is, like the internet, and the day of a great slaughter when the tower's fault. very interesting person. and a lot of the money should be as the light of the sun, and this should be sevenfold in the day the lord binds up the breech of his people. i don't have time. >> the next speaker? >> good afternoon. i am randall evans, and i am speaking on behalf of what is happening in the western addition of san francisco when it comes to the black community. i appreciate the names of these people who have been killed in the community. we are in a state of emergency. there are a lot of people
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representing the community. a lot of people are being victimized when you talk about the redevelopment. i am talking about the movement of people from the workforce development, when they are coming in with the revitalization and the money that has been taken from it. there is a serious problem with the money that was given out to the restaurants, over $4 million. no one is asking about how to get the money back. i asked for you to allow us to be involved in some communication that talks about what we need done in that community instead of bringing other people down here who have the money, and doing nothing but dividing the community. >> the next speaker?
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>> in the august chambers, some have come, from time to time to shed light. i would like to -- admire his tenacity for focusing on the friends of the library that have taken our constituents and the city for a ride. having said that, some of them have spoken and others -- we monitor very carefully the representatives. in this dire economic situation, in this great city of san francisco, today, a segment of the population that suffers the most, are serious.
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and again and again, your representatives have shunned this population. if you go outside, i hope some of you visited the stalls. you can get some information about the seniors. as i was walking around, they reminded me of their hard ship. if you are a senior, a senior who has served this country, the least you can expect from the representatives is that our representatives be fair to our seniors. as i see it, from every aspect,
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i not see our seniors getting sufficient help. >> thank you, sir. next speaker? >> it don't mean a thing if you don't have -- witisper something, bill ting. let our hearts take wing, and fly. let me your rocking city chair. rocket away from care. >> and i was thinking, if this was the 1960's comment. >> give me a city's head with hair. long beautiful hair. gleaming -- down to there. hair baby. tehiheir daddy hair mama.
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it's my commission chair. hair. hair. the way you love me all the time. say i'm afraid of the way i love you. you hang me on a city line. give me the city dime. i'm gonna miss you. maybe -- city i'm a man. doing the best he can. won't you help me sometime. i'm amazed at the way you -- help me sing my song. right the items when they're wrong. and them i'm afraid when the budgets all gone. i'm a man, and i'm gonna.
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and it seems like i don't even understand. oooh. city i'm amazed. >> thank you, mr. paulson. next speaker, please. >> i am eugene gordon jr.. 1776 constitution, to 2012 exposes the monopoly capitalism and the imperious -- imperialists usa nation and the constant manipulation as required to struggles and protests from the we the people, i need for trust that continue lifetimes to one's death, coming
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together is that gaming expression stimulation for resolution so brazen to nourish the social culture as if it did not exist. evidencing the class and rank, divide means of exchange for labor and production of basic needs. words that create revolutions, which overthrew the ratifications. not to discuss criminal intent of capital currency and rank divide for the basic needs, the social and cultural, criminal intent, the fine cooperative and community collective, public ownership of means of production, especially by an
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educated vote. >> thank-you, next speaker? >> good afternoon, supervisors. the united tax care workers. i am here to petition the workers were grievances, i have not had a petition signed by over 900 cabdrivers. asks the fda to cease and desist from the current plan to add -- more permanently, it calls for a ballot measure that would have two purposes. first of all, all taxi medallions would have to continue to be issued to the working cabdrivers as has been the case for the past 34 years. this is in the best tradition of
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the city's concern for the low- income workers. secondly, it would ensure that all tax revenues taken are used for tax purposes. they have taken $20 million out of the pockets of taxi drivers to use for their own purposes. i would like to highlight a few things that could have been done if this money had been used for taxi purposes. we could have a state of the arts safety system that would give cabdrivers the confidence they need in their personal security, to induce them to serve the underserved areas of the city. we can have an electronic tax the access instead of a proliferation of taxi applications so people never know which one to use or which
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cabs may be available. we have all taxes on the clipper card. this would be great for the public and for the drivers. we can explore the system where someone can call a taxi from a bus, with the outer neighborhood. >> the net speaker? >> may i submit this? >> yes, thank you. >> speaker, please. >> supervisors, good afternoon. my name is a meal lawrence and i have spoken before the sport many times. you have to stop believing in the taxi industry. we don't have the benefits that city hall has.
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20,000 workers with pensions and medical plans, dental plans, and we have zero. the mta gets $20 million of us on a yearly basis, with the highest taximeters in the nation. you have the power to stop that, just like you have the power to basically and the case going on with the city attorney and one of your colleagues, who was the sheriff. you have the same power to stop this, the bleeding of the taxi industry. there are rumors you want to sell or give up the 500 medallions. which one of your colleagues, with a band of cowboys, from city hall.
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he wants free medallions from the city. talking to major people at city hall. about supplying taxi companies with the free medallions to bypass the drivers. you should look into that now. we should get on to the old horse, were you issue one medallion for each taxi driver, on the old plan we have had for 50 years. instead of leading the industry on a monthly basis. i suggest you look into this seriously as well as the free contracts you are giving to senator feinstein's husband. >> the next speaker? >> a good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, members of the board
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of supervisors and members of the public. i would like to draw your attention to the fact that san francisco, for many years, close to hundred 65 years, has been heavily involved in equestrian activities. since september 2001, we have had no public or sporting in the city. consistent attempts by the public to rectify this situation have been thwarted by the city and county of san francisco's public employees. this is a rip-off. we were promised that this facility would be reopened in the most efficient manner possible in september 2001. social and ethnic turf wars,
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this is what we experience, lawlessness and anarchy. especially in district 1, known for their equestrian activities. and the public use those facilities. and for some reason, we are not able to use them, which is a sign that we are being ripped off. that this is political anarchy, sociopathic turf wars. and this is affecting the tourism of the city, and this is affecting the soul of the city, and this is affecting the karma of the city. when you have had horses work in the city for over 100 years and then you hear, no more sounds of cloves in the city, this is a disgrace. those sources worked very hard.
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>> the next speaker? >> good afternoon. i am margaret libby, of the financial center. i am here to talk about the resolution before you, introduced by supervisor -- introduced by supervisor campos, and co-sponsored by many of you. in a moment you will hear from a couple of the youth leaders who have worked hard on this issue. we are grateful that this group is taking on the issue. this is something we have cared deeply about for the last handful of years. we launched the first ever alternative payday loan product in 2008, which served as a blueprint for the program. the same year we decided to
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create an avenue for young people to have voices with community awareness across financial services access. we created the new economic rights for all, which is the youth advocacy group supported by the city to bring the voices of young people into this, to raise awareness about the french financial services, and the effect they have on communities and young people, as they live out their lives and make the transition into adulthood. we are grateful that you are taking this issue on. we created a set of recommendations that we will tell you more about. we are looking forward to continued partnerships to make other recommendations a reality. thank you, supervisor campos. >> next speaker, please?
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>> i am selena ramos. i am here with mission san francisco. i work with young people that we brought here today. they have learned about payday lenders and the limited actions that young people have to learn about financial services in general. a lot of young people are working in the city and they end up going to check catchers. they live with families without access to affordable financial services, which leads to the family is going to pay lenders. i have had the pleasure to work with young people who have researched pay lenders and what access there is in the community. we brought them here today to talk about their experience. we're very proud of them. thank you very much for your
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time. >> the next speaker, please? >> i am use leader from the mission san francisco financial center. this stands for new economic rights for all. we want to talk about the dangers of payday lenders, and we want you to have the same economic rights no matter what or where you live. we wish to see pay lending regulated so lower class people are not caught in debt. we're working to promote financial education. the leaders research pay lenders based on resources from the center for responsible lending and the reinvestment coalition.
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we created a recommendation based on the. keeping in mind the recommendations created last year. wheat traded the curriculum about pay lenders in the community. we have worked closely with the youth commissioner, who took special interest in their work, connecting them to supervisor campos. >> the next speaker? >> i am a youth leader for the community financial center. we believe the board of supervisors should vote to protect the financial well-being of san francisco residents. 56 of the pay lenders are in the mission district and the last are in the tenderloin and xl the majority of these
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neighborhoods are people of color, and the pay lenders know that the customers will not be able to pay back the money and they end up in a dead cycle. in order for people to prosper and become financially stable, pay lenders must be stopped. thank you for bringing this resolution to the board of supervisors. we hope to build a good relationship with the board members, working on all regulations. >> the next speaker? >> did afternoon. we are here in supporting -- in support of the resolution. i think the youth did a good job on this and use only here to thank you for your support,
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supervisor campos, chu, mar, and avalos. we have been working on this for 30 years, and this is certainly nationwide. it is gratifying to have the youth in this issue, and to get them involved. i cannot remember when i was doing when i was 16. it was not coming to city hall to talk about any issues. >> thank you, next speaker? >> good afternoon. i have lived in san francisco for 60 years. i would like to talk about who will take the blame for the 49ers leaving town. someone should take the blame and i nominate the last two mayors. the 49ers would have stayed, and
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they have to leave because of different reasons. one person was too involved in his career, and the other person, you cannot believe what he says because he will play either side of the fence. the fact still remains that the 49ers will be leaving, parks and recreation will lose a lot of money and the citizens will suffer. and as usual, no one is willing to blame the two people who should be taking the blame, because they were the people in charge. it is good to blame jamie dimon, but it is also important to blame the last two mayors. i want to thank the supervisors for sitting in their chairs and being attentive. one person is not here because he does not want to listen to me