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tv   [untitled]    March 3, 2013 12:00am-12:30am PST

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her on the chopping block with all of the great evaluations and a promising evaluation even from flinn is really shocking to us and that is why we are here. thank you very much. reskend her name and reelect her. good night. [ applause ] >> hi, there, my name is sandy coleman, i'm a parent of a child that graduated from flinn elementary school. my son michael was in mis coleman's class, so i am here to have her please reelected to be a teacher because she is a really excellent special education teacher. i think that a lot of things that people don't realize that when you have a child that has behavior issues it is hard to
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find a teacher that is a good fit and i moved my son in fourth grade to flinn elementary because his old school was not working out and he had a teacher that was abusive to the kids and i think that it is important that people realize that you have to find a teacher that is going to be nurturing, caring, pretty much like your child and keep your child in a safe space and we found that with miss coleman and i am just appalled as to why they would not want to have her come back to flinn because she was told that i did not make a connection with the students and i find that really untrue. because my child is a child who has trust issues and not to be able to connect the way that he did with her is hard for me to believe, because academically she was on point on the kids and i never had a problem with him having homework and she raised my sons test scores when he was moved there he was at the low basic, which was heart
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breaking for my husband and i to see that and for her to call me over the summer on her vacation to let me know that my son's scores were at proficient and advanced that speaks volumes because that is a true teacher. i just don't know what the school would do without her because those kids need someone who is nurturing and attentative and will keep the kids in a happy classroom, so i am asking you please not to let her go, because i really need a teacher that is focused and really is dedicated to her students. and i think that it would be a severe loss for that school to lose a teacher because i have had some good teachers and great teachers and very crapy teachers and for me, she is an excellent teacher. she may be young but she is really good with the kids. thank you. [ applause ] >> i'm a teacher at grant
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elementary and you will excuse me because i'm speaking for myself and this has been a really emotional time for me because the non-reelection is just a really, really unjust thing. i have not even been evaluated by the principal so he has no idea of my work. and just a piggy back off of what the previous parent was saying, working at special ed kids is very difficult and a kindergarten teacher and so i have two inclusion kids and i have been working really hard to support them and if i had known if my principal had informed me better what this meeting was about i would have brought them with me. they are going to write me letters of recommendation for this non-reelection goes through and have to apply at other places because we have been and we have gotten really
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close and i have supported them. so, i am working really hard to support those kids. and also, i'm a teacher of color like the person who spoke before me also. i'm philippine american and there is a small population of philippine teachers in the district and it does not make any sense because we are a growing community and we are actually out growing the chinese population in california and i think that it would be a shame to lose a roll model of color. and just to kind of sum up why i think that non-reelection is unjust is because principals are to teachers as i think, teachers are to students. so, non-reelection without cause which is what i got, is
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like expulsion without cause. so, it just does not make any sense. i think that there needs to be... thank you. i think that there needs to be a lot more principal accountability. [ applause ] >> and i just feel a really big loyalty to this district because both of my parents have been in this district kindergarten through 12th grade, and they went to schools that don't exist any more, accept hoover and lowell and everette and my two sisters before me and me and i am working at the school right now that i went to and so it feels
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extra painful to not come back to the school that i work at. this is me. sorry to hog all of your time but i have a visual. this is me in my kindergarten class and this is me over 20 years later in the same place and in the courtyard. now teaching my class and so i just would really like to return to the school that i started at. thank you. >> hi mr., my name is marty dulalis and i am alumni of the after school program and tina lolho was more than a teacher to me, she was like an aunt and it means pita and she was like a mother to, she knew how to teach and oh, boy does she know
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how to teach. i was one of the problem children during my time. so, she was really empowering and she also was... yeah, she was really empowering because i have come up to this stand since i was seven and i learned how to speak in public and i learned how to vouch for my philippine-american community because there is not a lot of us, and we almost had the bilingual program taken away more than ten years ago, about ten years ago and i would really like to say that if you are talking someone that can teach kids and have a clear one of her alumni students speak here and vouch for her, this is a really great teacher, why would you take her away? thank you, everyone and i would really like to thank the
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philippine-american community and everybody that really really thinks that she could stay because why would you take somebody that can create or i am power a student like me like the parents? like her students now? so i would really ask the board to rescind the non-reelection with no cause, thank you. >> for the next speaker i just wanted to do a quick question? how many minutes left? >> 7 minutes, there are a number of people waiting to speak, monitor your time. >> i will be brief. thank you for the opportunity to speak i am speaking in favor of tina and i have a third grader in the school that she helped to found and i have known her for three years that my son has been involved in the program and she is a truly inspiring individual and she has an amazing talent for inspiring parents and i think
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that to lose her would be a huge disservice for the school district and the school where she is serving now as well as a huge injustice to the community that is represented here tonight, so thank you. >> my is teresa and i'm actually marty's mom, and i have had several meetings and we found out information that are really disturbing and this is cause for investigation like a flawed practice. this actually leaves room for somebody to abuse a practice, abuse a system. you know, relearned that second-year teachers, you know, go through a flawed practice that is really unfair, in the case of tina or our teachers all of the rest of the teachers are on the chopping block right now. there is no equity, we want to make sure that there is nothing of a personal nature that the
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school principle or whoever have concocted and we feel this is a personal measure and we feel this as an attack on tina and also the philippine community and the teachers that we value here in the school district. there is a box, if someone gets non-reelected if she or he would like to apply to a job somewhere in the other school district, there is a box that says have you ever been non-reelected? that is a red flag if a teacher actually checks that box, it is like saying that i have been fired and rehired again. so, we know, we know tina's caliber and we know her for many years and it is not just in the community. she is an excellent teacher. we want to let the board know that this is not over and we will continue as at community to fight for tina and fellow
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philippine and teachers until this label is taken off and their name is cleared. you realize that what this district did is unfair, unjust and entirely effects the lives of tina and the rest of the teachers hence the quality of their lives and teacher and are affected. a single mother of two children who are going to college and taking care of her children, taking care of her dad. you know, you guys are barking on the wrong tree. we want tina's name cleared and rescinded now and we want to be sure that you give her back full benefit and salary back and all of the teachers on the chopping block right now. thank you. [ applause ] >> my name is amel degusman and i am the president of the heritage foundation and an educational and archive heritage in our community, i'm
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a graduate of george washington high school of 1965. and i have seen many things happen at that time. we were talking about a district that was predominantly white teachers. there were no philippine teachers and i was one of those tracked and i think that i was put in a lower track. and so, i went through a school where i was not encouraged to go on this college, and i did. a actually went on to city and uc berkeley. the reason that i say that is because it was pretty bad in those times. i was never mentored. there was no teachers that i could relate to. and so therefore, basically, i had to find my way and i found my way. and i looked back almost 50 years today and i see that someone like tina and someone who is really a treasure in our
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community who has spoken 15 years of working in the district, and i see that five months of evaluation says that she is a proficient satisfy torrey and i don't see anything that shows that she is a bad performer. so i raise questions about people in five months being able to determine that this person should be put on a probationary status which means black listing and one year without, you know, without being able to get employment. and now i know that people are trying to extend to her, but given what this parent says about her to me, refuse what those assistant superintendent and principal say about her, this is wrong. this is, this is immoral. and you know, for our community, who already has suffered, and there is no for the central office and some
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management position, we have a few principals and we made some progress and we need to make improvement and we are fighting about equity and 50 years has gone by and i have seen this i have fought with the ftc to expand the kindergarten-8 and we also have five classes at bawl and we have done a great job and we got to do more, but she has to be... this should be rescined and we should give her the tenured position, thank you. [ applause ] >> my name is charity and i work at the philippine center and i have been there nine years and i am here in support of reinstating tina, when i started i didn't know what i was going to do with my life and meeting people like her is really parent because she
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helped me be who i want to be. we need people like her, we need examplary role models for teachers who want to be bilingual if we don't have people like her, she takes out extra time for us to help us build the community and teach us everything that we know. please, please, keep people like her so we can pass on the knowledge and find wonderful teachers and pass on the legacy, keep her because we really need her. thank you. >> tony. robles and i'm with the foundation and also with the magazine. with all of what has happened in the city, the landscape has changed so much and what i want to say is, you know, tina
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should be retained as a teacher she is an excellent teacher and she is an excellent role model for the young kids. and something that i think is very important is that she is somebody that really cares about families, cares about not only philippine american families but the children that the families of all of the children. and our families are really under assault economically, housing, it is hard enough. teachers like miss alaho should be honored and they should be supported because they are the ones who are going to strengthen our community. >> you need to wrap up, sir. >> thank you. [ applause ] >> briefly. >> susan solomen executive vice
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president of united educators of san francisco the concerns that i have of the non-elections there are 33, that is about what it usually is a little bit higher, but among these 33 non-reelection, 14 of them are special education teachers. and 8 of them are from elementary schools. 7 from elementary and one from a k-8 school. it is a hard to staff position as we know there is additional money because it is hard to staff. my question would be are the teachers who are being hired into special education really getting the support that they need in order to be successful and more importantly for the students to be successful. thank you. >> thank you. so we will move on now to item g. the consent calendar. may i hear a motion, please? >> moved,. >> second. >> there are any items
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withdrawn or corrected by the superintendent? >> no. are there any items removed for first reading by the board? >> no. any items severed by the board or superintendent for discussion and vote this evening? >> no. >> all right. roll call vote will take place under section 0. we will now move on to item h. and this is 132-12 sp1. revision to board policy 5132.1, to conform with provisions of ab 1575 related to pupil fees moved and seconded on february 12th it was heard at the rules committee, may we have a brief report commissioner haney? >> so we recommended to the board with a positive recommendation. >> thank you. >> may we have a reading by the
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superintendent or mr. davis? >> thank you. president norton. what you have before you as you stated is superintendent's proposal 132-12 sp1. revision of board policy, 5132.1 students to conform with provisions of ab 1575, chapter 776, statutes of 2012 relating to pupil fees and the requested action is that the board of education adopt, revised policy board policy 5132.1 entitled fees to conform with the provisions of ab 1575 chapter 776, 2012. basically, this legislation added more specificity to the prohibition of charging the
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students fees on school activities and what it requires is that we have in place by march first, procedures within the uniform complaint policy to insure that those that feel that they have been unjustly charged with use the uniform complaint policy procedure to fight that and to request reimbursement. >> thank you. >> there are no public speakers, signed up for this item. are there any comments from the board or superintendent? >> seeing none, roll call please? >> ly. >> yes. >> wong. >> yes. >> fewer. >> yes. >> haney. >> yes. >> maufas in >> yes. >> murase. >> aye. >> wynns. >> aye. >> norton? >> aye >> seven 7 ayes. >> item i board member proposals there are none.
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j requests to speak regarding general matters, i have two speakers signed up, the first is steve zeltzer, the second is susan solomen. you may have two minutes. >> you can go ahead and he is back and we will have steve come up after you. two minutes mr. zeltzer. >> so, the fact of the matter is there is a lot of money in san francisco, but it is not for working class poor black and philippine community, the school district is actually hiring and giving money to pearson and other private
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companies to do psychological testing and laying off teachers in san francisco and also are covering up the criminal abuse at the martin luther king school the black school in san francisco and you replaced the assistance principal and covered up and gave him a job pushing common core i say take that money that you used to hire him and give it to rehire these teachers. now this funding is a reactionary thing, special ed has been pulled out of the prop 30 so it is no longer required in san francisco. so why are you getting rid of special education teachers here in san francisco who is going to replace them for the special ed students in san francisco? who is going to replace them? no answer, maybe teach for america and maybe you can get the private schools to come in to take care of these kids. this is a subsidy for the billionaires in san francisco who want charter schools. the mayor is giving money to
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san francisco while he says that he has no extra money for schools in san francisco. we are saying that there has to be accountability and transparency and the fact that you were discussing today, laying off teachers in the philippine community, a racist attack is another example of what this board represents, poor, working class, black and philippine are being attacked while the money is going to consultants in san francisco who the superintendent supports. finally there is a ctc investigation of the teacher in martin luther king over the criminal abuse in the school which the superintendent says does not exist. this will be exposed and these people will be held accountable including the superintendent. >> miss solomen? >> thank you. >> susan solomen, again. i'm up here this time to invite everybody to uesf spring conference which is this
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saturday, march second from 8:30 to 12:30, i know that it overlaps with the school side summit and there are only so many saturdays in the spring but hopefully everybody can come. our emphasize of what we are really focusing on this time is essential tools and strategies to insure your students get the education that they deserve, so the focus is on special education and within that, ininclusive practices. we really want to look at how we insure or assure that educators and parents in the district are working together to make sure that the students get what they need. so the details are, we start at 8:30 with breakfast and at 9:00 we have guest speakers and a panel at 9:30 and a lot of workshops and we also have lunch and everybody is going to be well-fed all day long and we have included with our guest speakers, the people from the support of families with children with disabilities. and i know that you all know, wonderful organization, and we are so, so excited to be working with them now.
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and it makes so much sense for educators and parents to be working together. we are also going to have workshops on the early education and on assessments. another guest speaker is dr. stacey begen who was a teacher herself and now an expert to help us all understood the myriad of laws and rules with special education so we know that the students can get what they need. so i hope that you can all come. thank you. >> where? >> i knew that i was leaving something out. >> it is at oconnel high school 8:30 to 12:30, saturday, march second. thanks very much. >> thank you. >> anything else? >> thank you, miss solomen. >> okay. we are moving on to item kadvisory committee reports
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appointment to the advisory committee by board members, are there any other pointments by the board members? >> i have one. i am appointing mr. chuck horn brooke to the peace pac. >> okay. item l. special order of business. we have several action items. i would like to hear a motion on the resolution to decrease the number of certificated employees due to the reduction in particular can kinds of services >> may i have a motion? >> moved. >> second? >> thank you. >> may i have a reading of the recommendation by the superintendent? or the designee mr. bush man? >> i would like you to read the i think that we are going to take them one at a time. we are going to deal with them one at a time.
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so the recommendation from the first certificated pks resolution. okay? is that not clear? >> we were going to read them all in a row. so is that okay? >> we need to take them one at a time. says our parliamentarian. the presentation is then as. >> so you are doing a presentation that is sort of the whole thing. >> and i understand. >> and so let's do the presentation. >> if i could i will do the presentation and then we will read them and take questions if that will work. >> that is okay. this was going to work. >> okay, so tonight, we will be discussing preliminary certificated and classified layoff consideration and before we get started i want to take just a moment to acknowledge that this is a sensitive and personal issue for each of our employees and students and families. my hope was that this year i
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would not sit here... well i'm not into any slides yet. so, my hope last year was that this year i would not sit before you and present these resolutions. however, as you will see our circumstances warrant taking these actions. do i have it? >> okay. okay, this is an overview of what the presentation consists of. our fiscal out look is much better than it was last year,
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the passage of prop 30 stopped the cuts to our budget. and we stand to get an increase in funding compared to the previous year if the governor's recent budget proposal is approved. however the proposal must be approved by the state legislature which is no guarantee. and even if the proposal is approved, it will take several years before we see significant differences in our funding. numerous funding are ending including the improvement district that provided the district $45 million is ending, another example of a program that sending is the nutrition, education project grant that provided the district $1.6 million last year. and finally and probably most importantly we are in the process of taking a critical look at how the program and services we offer our students are aligned to our district's vision and strategic plan and in order to realize our goals we know that some program