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tv   [untitled]    March 15, 2013 1:00am-1:30am PDT

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please update us on how it goes. >> thank you. commissioner [inaudible]. >> i want to echo my colleague's comments and thank the student delegates for bringing this forward and the student community and thank you for being individual . those are the people who are in positions to make decisions if /-r your benefit and you want them doing that and that's you telling us on a regular basis and speaking to us on a regular basis. i want to thank you for that and encourage ongoing -- make sure you are telling the generation of students behind you that this is something they need to stay up to date on and
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that they are reminding us continually to do the best we can possibly do for all of our students. so thank you very much. >> thank you. i just wanna thank you for my own part for the really incredible advocacy. you do an excellent job representing your students so i'm just really appreciative and happy to vote for this resolution. with that, roll call please. >> thank you. [inaudible]. it's five i's. >> thank you. and i want to apologize earlier as i misspoke. we're gone that quickly take 13226 sp 1 the adoption of the revised board
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policy 1000 series. this was already moved. we're gonna take that first. it's very quick i think. you don't think it's quick. all right. we'll keep going. please make it quick. so it was already moved and seconded on february 26. mr. davis, can you just read the requested action please? >> thank you president norton. what you have before you is, as you said, 132-26 sp 1 a [inaudible] community relations to replace current board policy. the requested action is that the board of education and the san francisco unified district adopts revised board policy 1000 series and include the revisions of p 120 article
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three relating to [inaudible] committees. /tkpwhr >> there are no public speakers. mr. wynn. >> members of the rules committee have had time to go over this so i just ask everybody to look at this. i don't know if you've done this that already. i didn't get this form until it's right here on the table. maybe i did get it sent to me, but i had gone over everything before. but this will give you a summary about what you're doing in the red column. i think the main thing is -- i think we've tried
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very hard to go over these and to not -- to make sure everything's included that should be included and that reflects our interactions with the school districts. so that's what i wanted to say is a lot of work's been done on this. thank you. >> any other comments. okay. roll call please. >> thank you. miss lee, miss wong, miss fewer, mr. haney, miss [inaudible], miss lee, thank you, miss mendoza, ms. norton. that's 6 is.
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>> okay. we are going to move back to item i and call for creating 121211 a 3 creating an equitable [inaudible] if i hear no objections from the board we will be hearing the substitute motion tonight that was also distributed to the public. you have a copy, a red line and the copy that the public has. seeing no objection we will be considering the substitute motion. commissioner mendoza, may we have a report from the buildings and grounds committee. >> we heard this item and put it forward with a positive recommendation and at that moment decided not to include some of the amendments that were been put forward because it
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was only information that the board members had at the time. so we put it forward with a positive recommendation in its original form. >> thank you. may we have a reading of the substitute motion by commissioner fewer or commissioner haney please. >> commissioner haney, if you would. >> therefore be it resolved, the board of education of the san francisco unified school district requested the superintendent and his staff to draft [inaudible] contract with san francisco based minority owned and women owned businesses and to hire local residents with the goals outlined below. this policy
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shall be developed with community, labor and contractor stake holder participation and shall address the following goals. /pwhreurbl minimum transportation levels for san francisco [inaudible] minority owned firms and women owned firms on school bond construction where mandating is not legally permitted the district will engage in extensive outreach to facilitate these groups to successfully bid on government projects. develop an outreach to engage in [inaudible] contractors on all projects sub contracting, explore direct contracting with qualified community contractors through design build or select school construction projects.
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encourage local minority and women owned contractors to participate with /staoeut certified apprenticeship programs at locations such as john o connel high school. also require responsible bidders that participate in state certified programs and provide healthcare to workers and their families. [inaudible] especially sfusd graduates equal to the average local participation level projects funded by the 2006 bond or equal to the overall local hire inging policy. require that -- require that at least 70 percent of the project work hours performed by the apprentices shall be performed by local residents, require
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that crack tors work for a [inaudible] ever 5 million dollars of construction cost if such graduates are available, establish an overall local participation target that will [inaudible] contractors [inaudible] such as a bonus payment. monitor local higher compliance on an on going basis and [inaudible] met and sustained concurrently develop processes and procedures for dealing with contractors who fail to meet their targets. this will be crafted [inaudible] on future projects. establish an oversight committee made up of community labor contractor and [inaudible] review compliance with these contracting and hiring requirements and make recommendations to ensure achievement of the district's policy goals as well as timely
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completion of construction projects. [inaudible] raise funding for the support of the san francisco unified school districts such as tech 21 recruiting potential contractors and [inaudible] and any other activities to develop a comprehensive local hiring framework in san francisco. implement this policy through a project labor agreement or
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basic facts agreement. further, the district will enter into a [inaudible] construction trade which to the degree and extent permitted by law contains mandatory local [inaudible] further this policy will be presented and approved by the board no later than april 23, 2013 and that no labor agreement is [inaudible]. >> nice work. we will now give the commissioner's voice a rest and call for public comment on this item. i have quite a number of public speakers so as i call your name please line up alongside the wall here. you will each have two minutes to speak. so we have stew [inaudible], craig [inaudible] and i apologize in advance if i
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mispronounce your name. darius [inaudible], i'm not sure. sorry. the painters allied trade council. mark [inaudible], randy [inaudible], mark gleeson, anthony [inaudible], michael [inaudible], tony rodriguez, ed reyes and dan prince. so please approach the mic, push the button to turn the line on. >> good evening commissioners. i'm not going to get into the eight digit of pi. when you get into these new calculators, i think they only go out to
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eight digits so it's hard to go out after that. i'm stew, construction division director with teamsters for the western part of the united states. and here tonight to speak briefly on this. teamsters local 8 looks forward to continued work with the community [inaudible] project labor agreement with the san francisco building trades council and all construction trades unions for all work performed in the execution of such school construction work. we stand in solidarity with the san francisco building trades council. thank you. >> good evening, may name is
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craig. i was appointed originally as a representative advocating for the disability community, and tonight i'm here because i'm on the committee. at the last couple meetings this has been discussed and our mandate is very simple on the committee, it's also quite narrow. it's to ensure that all funds expended from bonds are done so pursuant to the language that was approved by voters pursuant to prop 39. our concern -- i'll just personally -- this has the potential to increase the cost of projects and it will cost between 200 and 300 thousand dollars a year to administer this program. our concern is that any incremental costs be identified and assessed first before coming up with a policy. anything short of that would
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be of concern to the committee and i would just ask that the board make that consideration before reviewing the policy by staff and enacting this. and for the record, i support local hire. i hope that means more jobs for san francisco citizens and i want to do whatever i can as a citizen to make that happen and i look forward to hearing whatever that policy might be. thank you. >> my name is randy, i'm a representative with the elevator constructers union 8. any agreement you enter into should be done with all the construction trades. thank you. mark gleeson with
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teamsters. we also want to add our voice to the call for the project labor agreement entered into by the school board to include all the crafts that are under the san francisco billing and [inaudible] council. we greatly appreciate your [inaudible] as this agreement is executed. >> my name is mark [inaudible] local 16. as business agent, i'd like to tell you that all of our members are solidarity behind the san francisco building trades in this project. we also, out of our 119 apprentices, 55 percent of 'em are minority and we also have 7 [inaudible] members too and we advertise in san
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francisco for apprenticeship every three months and we have applications. >> [inaudible] san francisco building and construction trades council. i have -- since i took this office in 2005, had 15 project labor agreements signed off, most of which i helped negotiate myself. i might need to ensure you that we are assigned to every one of those project labor agreements and tomorrow morning i have called for caucus on local hire and negotiation for the [inaudible] and all trades are invited. for 14 years i made my living with these and i've supported a family of four and put my wife through cal so she can now teach science in your schools.
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i made it to foreman by straight dealing and producing quality work that commanded respect. that is my ethic. i think we will produce a quality agreement for you, a functional agreement for you and i think the advocates of local hire are afraid of that because they don't want to give us credit for anything. they want to be able to declare victory and they want bragging rights. that should not be the concern of this district. it should be what works for its students. thank you. >> good evening. i'm here for the same reason -- to formulate a pla that's best for san francisco. i think the disagreement or discussion is how we get there. i represent
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local 43, fire sprinkler unit. we long to the san francisco building trade and we feel that pla between san francisco unified school district can only come to fruition if that's done through the san francisco building trades because they represent all the building trades. and like the people before me, i just ask that you take that into account. thank you. >> good evening. my name's anthony [inaudible]. and we do also stand with the san francisco building and construction trades council. we are members of it and we fully support the pla for all the trades. thank you. >> my name is dan prince, i'm president of iron workers local 377 and i think our local union has a long record along with
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the san francisco building trades for decades really of having a passionate commitment to and in working closely with the community on solving the problem of chronic unemployment in the most economically depressed areas and our position is that we stand very closely with the san francisco building trades in the efforts to secure a project labor agreement and that's the path to the solution of this problem. >> i just wanna break it for just a second to remind everybody that you must fill out a card if you wish to speak on an attempt. if there are cards or speakers lined up, you may speak, but no more after this. so are there any outstanding cards or speakers in the audience. speak now or forever hold your peace, at least for this evening on this
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item. okay. all right. this is the last call for cards. that is it. okay on the cards. i do also wanna acknowledge or supervisor [inaudible]. he will have an opportunity to speak after public comment. i'm sorry for interrupting. go ahead. >> my name is ed reyes and i'm here to ask the board to please move forward this pla. i'm in strong solidarity with san francisco building trades council. we are a long time affiliate and we believe the best thing for the san francisco students is to move forward with this pla with the san francisco building trades council. thank you. >> evening commissioners [inaudible] local [inaudible]
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educating young people is considering a resolution that will create pathways for those young people, and not just for jobs, but to careers, keeping the money in the city. i appreciate that. i think it's totally appropriate that the school district should be considering a standard of local hire no lower than that [inaudible] in this resolution, include of [inaudible] wbe [inaudible] the state apprenticeship programs and john o connel high school make this a win win. i think the 75 percent apprenticeship is very aggressive. it's gonna be a challenge. i would ask that
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that be looked at closely maybe in view to making it on par with the city ordinance. so as i say, this is a win win, while there is work ahead of us to fine -- fine -- finalize a pla [inaudible]. >> i'm also a graduate or [inaudible] high school, 1984. when i graduated from high school i joined the smith mason junior back in 1984. next year you have 30 years of service and it was because of our building trades. i'm here in strong support of the san francisco bidding trades and we need your support as well. >> good evening, my name is
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james bryant. i sit on the mayor's committee, work force advisory. and i think the gentlemen mentioned that if you do anything less than what we've already set the standard for with the city and county you're failing this city. i think that clearly the voters of this city made it clear they want local hiring, they set standards for local hiring and we think that there should not be any different standards for the schools from the city and county of san francisco who the schools are obviously representing. i think that what you're doing today is a
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collective of opportunities that is positive, positive direction, what you're doing here, and i just wanna make sure that you understand that there's a community on the line here, many communities. and please move this motion forward, but just make sure that with the spirit of local hiring, you keep that as highly in your mind as possible. thank you very much. >> my name's willy radcliff [inaudible] i'm a general contractor and developer. and in a way i like the resolution, but there are some things that we need to iron out. i been a union member,down -- union
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officer so i've had no problems with the union as long as we are able to do the things that we need to do and we need to negotiate with the unions on the pla agreement because in my area, we have some problems out there that they need to know about and be able to agree to. some pla agreements are sent bad people to us. we wanna be able to peck our people in the union, send 'em out to us so those are the kinda things. and also in areas like [inaudible] and some of the areas we should have a higher goal than some of the other areas out there because of that's happened to us and where we are at. so we are looking at goals that should be up way higher than what the city has set and we hope you are looking at that direction too -- we
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need goals out there sometime as high as 50, 60 percent in each trade and we want the pl a to be able to go along with working with us because we are started down with young kids and the whole thing. so anyway, i do like what you've come up with and i'd love to be able to work with the unions that we can all work together to make this happen. thank you. >> good evening. my name is manual local 22, i represent the carpenter's union. we support local hiring. we're add -- adamant about that. got some good things in the resolution tonight. it's all about the students tieing in
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with the apprenticeship training. we just don't want to lose focus of that. that's what it's about. and all that resolution -- i was impressed of what i saw work together -- it's even stronger than it was. and at the end basic crafts, pla, building trades -- at the end we're all gonna come together, we're gonna make this work. but once again, we just cannot lose sight of the students because they're our future and i am have adamant about that and i busted my tail at john o connel and i'm gonna do that again and again because that's the key to make this very successful. thank you. >> good evening, ed [inaudible] echoing some of the excellent
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words already spoken. local hire presents a win win for a school district in terms of its workers, the families supported by local hire as well as the students that get to see the absolute incredible benefits that can come from it. good faith in of itself is inconsistent and it's god this resolution has managed to [inaudible] has the ability to set mandatory percentages as a minimum that actually are very specific and sets guidelines to that end and the key point is that the apprenticeship standard should be also set by the city's local hiring policy as well. it's good that at the end of the day that consistency is established by adhering to this resolution. second is to answer a


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