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tv   [untitled]    March 17, 2013 12:30pm-1:00pm PDT

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susie and i am also one of the 33 teachers who are up for non reelection. i teach [inaudible] elementary special education third, fourth and fifth for children with emotional and learning disabilities. i would like to read a letter that one of my parents wrote to both superintendent [inaudible] as well as miss norton. he wanted to be here in attendance tonight but his wife is having a baby so he couldn't be here and i made copies so -- to whom it may concern. i am the parent of a child who currently attends leonard [inaudible] elementary school. i have recently been informed that or
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beloved will not be returning to the school next year. i would like to express how concerned and saddened i am to learn this. i cannot express how devoted miss coalman has been with our child. our child has been diagnosed with adhd, a disorder that hinders his ability to benefit from the education he receives at school. this condition requires patience and understand inging from teachers that work with him. i can't tell you how frustrating the past few years have been in maintaining -- when miss coleman was introduced to our child at the beginning of this school year she -- sorry -- she has been a god send. miss coalman is one of the main
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reasons -- i'm sorry -- why brandon has progressed remarkably well this year in such a short time brandon has gone from his combative and antisocial habits to an interactive outgoing third grader willing to attend mainstream classes. brandon spends majority of his -- the remarkable improvement brandon has med this year has given us so much hope for his future. we strongly believe this improvement has been a direct result of the dedicated efforts of his special education teacher, miss coalman. it saddens me to receive news that such a young, energetic, impressionable teacher will no longer be a part of our school.
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i am just a parent who is troubled by the loss of such a dedicated teacher. brandon will not only be losing a teacher, but a friend and a mentor. her efforts with brandon this year have changed the way both i and his mother have viewed the public school system in general. we have been very disappointed with the public school system over the years. brandon shows enthusiasm when he talks about going to mainstream classes. i believe these improvements are because miss coalman takes a personal interest in brandon and all her students. she communicates with us in regards
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to his improvements in school. i have spoken with other parents who attend the school and have expressed similar concerns. i do not know how this will affect miss coalman's future career. if you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact us, peter and laura. thank you. >> hi, good evening. my name is sandy, was a student of miss coalmans and i'm here to speak on her behalf again and ask that you reconsider. she really deserves to keep her
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position. i made a little sign -- a picture of my son with her. he's a child who has severe trust issues and it's hard for him to get close and express his feelings. i'm here to read a letter from a parent who couldn't be here due to their work schedule. it's addressed to [inaudible] san francisco board of [inaudible] i am writing this letter because the principal at my foster son school is not reelecting miss coalman. she has put together tremendous efforts for her students. she has even tutored my child in her off time after school. with miss coalman's dedication
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to her job and students, my son has acquired the knowledge to read. please take my -- i couldn't express this myself. i ask you please -- this is a great /taoeper. being a special [inaudible] i've gone into volunteer, it's not a picnic, it's not a walk in the park, but for someone to want to be there and dedicate their free time to their kids -- it's extraordinary. if i could have another miss coalman, i would, but unfortunately, i can't. thank you. >> one second. may we have a time check please? we have four minutes, okay? so everybody just... >> hello commissioner. i'm here today -- my name is norene
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and i'm here on behalf of tina. i've also been impressed of her awareness of the home schooling. her ability to [inaudible] her previous principal, mr. greg john noted her excellence and evaluated her stating that she possessed a quote, unquote tenacity and palpable that all students can achieve high levels. i think it's unfair to deprive a teacher who has been evaluated successfully by her principal. it's unfair to deny her due process. i have heard there's a pattern of san francisco
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unified school district to deny teachers permanent status in their third year due to budget cuts. financial struggle should not be a reason to deny a successful teacher who has contributed to much to community -- her livelihood. i would ask the board to discourage this pattern and consider rescinding her non reelection. thank you. >> my name is [inaudible] foundation and miss [inaudible] is the symbol of the filipino community. i brought myself the statistics. the fourth fastest growing language in the united states [inaudible] and then the fourth is the filipino. the number one asian population in california are the fill /poe -- filipinos and
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the second fastest [inaudible] because we have a strong [inaudible] and bilingual education because we /tpaugtd for the philippine education center and [inaudible] now the question -- we love san francisco but the symbol of san francisco because i was with tina fighting for the education center is being eliminated in the presence of the district. how can the community stand for this if we are the fast growing language group and yet our beloved teacher is not even noted in this diss -- district. thank you. >> hi there, my name is marty and i would really like to say really quick from the facts and stuff, certificates -- whatever -- can't you see that we are evidence ourselves. she has had a sir -- certificate,
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right? can you really see -- can't you see that she has made a difference in peoples' lives? can't you see that we are evidence of her hardships, we are evidence of our community's hardships. and thank you. that is why i'm talking here. i want tina to get her job back. i wanna help all the teachers who have worked so hard to make a difference in all the childrens lives. >> my name is rudy corpus. i wanna say my hat's off to the teachers right here fighting for their jobs. they're underrated and underpaid. the most precious commodity on this planet is ininvestment in our kids so when you have teachers
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who dedicate their life to work 15 years with kids, it's important. hopefully you make a wise decision to reinstate tina and the rest of these teachers who is a lifestyle for them. so i wanna say this is about the kids, our future for our kids and i hope you guys make a wise decision and reenstate them because they have an investment in our future. >> my name's theresa [inaudible]. part of our petition that we've actually been going around but i'm taking this personally now because we found out that a certain commissioner is
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spreading word maligning tina's effort being a great teacher and that. but i'm taking it personally because i look up to you guys as commissioners, look up to you guys, handling and taking care of our children and our community and our teachers. teachers who take care of our children in and out, they go beyond their duties, they stay beyond, they do their homeworks with the kids, they feed them sometimes, so it's hard for me to understand for a school district like this, for a school principal to take it personally -- i'm taking it personally because i don't like the way what the school principal did so i would like that school principal and whoever that commissioner is to step inside her classroom and do the job and i wanna see them
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really teach. >> all right. public comment is now closed. we will move on to item k on the agenda which is [inaudible] appointments to advisory committees? are there any appointments. i would like to [inaudible] bilingual community council. all right. and moving on to item l, special order of business, i will now call the public hearing to the quality education investment act waivers to order. may i hear a motion and a second to the approval of the waivers? may i hear a second? thank you. may i have a reading of the recommendation from the superintendent or attendee. there you are. >> good evening. the requested actions that the board of
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education of the san francisco unified school district will hold a public hearing for the purpose of approving the submission of applications for labor release for complying with /sraeurbs various sections [inaudible] otherwise known as qeia. the board of education is being asked to [inaudible] 52055.740 al a through d [inaudible]. the detail of the waiver is requested are listed in the table below. shall i read the table? >> could we do a -- i appreciate all the information listed here. sorry, can i --
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thank you. did you explain the fiscal impact and what exactly we're doing? >> correct. so we have these four schools receive a little under 1.4 million dollars in total of qeia funding annually. in order to continue with the funding we need to meet all the qeia requirements because these schools have particularly low class sizes in some of the grades. we need to apply for the waivers because they're over those targets so we can continue with the funding /tp-rb next year. ing -- for next year. >> one other thing. on the back -- the last paragraph -- i think that should be unusually -- small class sizes in the base here and i just thought for the board and the public we should understand that. one of the reasons for that is because we have a choice system and so
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these are schools that were not performing well and also had low enrollment so the class sizes are kind of unsustainable and maybe not even educationally sound. they were just based on a snapshot in time where a lot of those schools had very small class sizes. >> any other questions or comments from board members? >> being none, roll call please. thank you. for informational items i would like to announce the [inaudible] and call the public hearing to the 2012,
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2013 initial proposal for a successor contract for service employees service employees international union. will you please read the recommendation. /stpwhr we >> we have two orders tonight. one is the sunshining proposal and then the second item for seiu is the public hearing for the district and local and i believe we have a speaker from local 10 to 1. so there's no recommendation to read in other words. >> no.
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>> all right. i do have one speaker signed up from the public. [inaudible]. >> good evening. my name is johnson miller, i'm the chapter president for the school district chapter and i been sick. you guys haven't seen me because i've been out for the last two months, but we have a new rep and i would like to introduce him to you. his name is [inaudible] and he will go ahead and talk about the sunshining. >> thank you president miller. good evening and to the public as well. my name is [inaudible], i'm the new assigned union representative from the [inaudible] and i'm here just to introduce myself
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and also to give a little bit presentation in terms of the intent of [inaudible] to bargain a contract for our 1100 classified employees in the district. [inaudible] submitted our sunshine letter and we are willing to negotiate in good faith and i am looking forward to work with mr. ruiz and his team and we are excited to enter into negotiation soon. and so in that regard i would hope that we would have a productive result and that the district will also recognize that local 1021 along with the other /kwraoupb -- unions will be entering into a contract and i am happy to be here. thank you for putting me in the agenda. >> thank you and welcome. with
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any -- is there any other comments from the board? no? i'm gonna close the public hearing and move on to item m, discussion of other educational issues. mr. superintendent. >> thank you president norton. i'd like to call christina wong and staff -- sorry, yes, yes. director kevin chavez and christina wong to do this next presentation. looks like this.
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good evening commissioners and superintendent. we have witness tonight elementary supervisor, angie [inaudible]. we also have our program administrator for world languages and dual language education michelle [inaudible]. we have with us the assistance
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-- jennifer [inaudible]. so our outcomes for tonight -- we'd like to introduce the shifts in the 2012 california english language development standards and why they're important. we'd like to share some new data and then present the process and timeline for the [inaudible] action plan revisions. so the purpose of the new california eld standards is to align with california's common course state standards for english language arts, history, social studies, science and technical subjects in common course state standards and also to highlight and amplify key language [inaudible] that are critical for el's to succeed in school
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while they are developing english. tonight you'll hear a little bit about our work to date. so the purpose is also to provide opportunities to en/hreurb learners to access and engage with -- in light of the next generation content standards. it's critical that this be a tool that is deeply understood and used by all teachers. we've been engaged in making this happen with our partners from humanities and math and sciences. so we're gonna talk just briefly about the key shifts in the 2012 california eld standard. so on
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the left is reflecting the old standards and the right side is really representing that shift in what the new standards are providing with in terms of opportunity for our english learns and how we work with them. and i'll just highlight a couple of each slides. the first one i'm gonna talk about is the use of simply fied text and activities /a*ufpb separate from content knowledge. and moving to ooo deeper understanding of the use of context test [inaudible]. this is really important for our english learners because oftentimes they get a watered down kinda text and we're working with them and they never get access to that academic language that is found in our content area textbooks. another one of the key shifts
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from the old standards to the new set of standards on the next slide is -- i'm gonna highlight the top one. en/hreurb has a sit of rules to understanding of a meaning making resource based on audience task and purpose. the key here is that it be meaningful and applicable to students' lives and learning in the classroom. now angie will share some things. >> so what you have on this hand out that was given to you is to highlight how language is at the center so keeping in mind that as kevin highlighted the eld standard is there intended to highlight and amplify the language that
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students need to express their thinking and understanding in all content areas. so this visual captures that. what i'd like to do now is share the work that our department multilingual that kevin referred to has been engaged with humanities. we have been at the table with them to collaborate and really think about -- even before the california eld standards were adopted in november, we were already thinking about what is the language that we need to highlight and amplify because we know this is what our teachers have to think about /-fpt . so this is what you see before you is the stages of our work for ela. and going to the next slide what we've captured is the work we know we need to do with our
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collaborative partners in humanities in particular to really do the work centrally so that leaders understand these shifts and what it means for eld standards to work in tandem with all content so we're doing this deep work with humanities and because the mass is also standards that have come up, we're at the table with mass as well to think about where do we call out the english language that students need for math as well? so this highlights a road map that we have aligned with our humanities partners. so [inaudible] will now highlight the english lerner achievement data. thank you. so we're gonna look at two different types. the first is looking at reclassification rates of /stoupbts moving from
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english lerner to fluent english proficient and the second will be english achievement. so on this graph you can see a four year period and the line graph at the top shows the number of el's that have been reclassified and there has been a steep increase. and these orange and black -- orange rep sen the school -- represent the school district, black represents the states. >> at least they're paying attention. >> you can see where the number
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increased so did the classification for the district. we worked with stanford in order to clean up our data to we would have the capacity to look at el data by pathway so this is a preliminary slide looking at classification and you can see here that reclassification begins in third grade and it -- we wait 'til students have taken the [inaudible] and then are classified during this time period. on the left here are chinese english learners and on the right is spanish. when we look


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