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tv   [untitled]    December 9, 2013 9:00am-9:31am PST

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>> this is the meeting of the commission on the environment today it tuesday december 3rd it is 5:15 p.m. please turn off our cell phones the first item is call to order and roll call >> sxhoigz. sxhoiven. sxhois. commissioner wan. next item is introduction by
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commission jim glover what and welcoming right arms this is a discussion item. thank you monica i know we're deprived be in the community. our department of environment our director melanie and all of us have about that role existed to learn about what's you don't know and a toub talk about our programmed. re really fortunate to have ton tonight agenda is some thoughts and welcoming remarks and inspiration from our local elected district supervisor she's from the community and working in the community. she's here tonight and going to share some welcome remarks. i'd like to destr
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i'd like to introduce sxhoilg p (clapping.) everything commissioners thank you for being here. have you ever seen such is a great turnout. to the neighbors i want to say hello and thank you for engaging and welcoming the christmas to our neighborhood. i want to acknowledge barbara for her work with the opera house thank you for hosting. oh, (clapping.) and oh, there she that is and commissioners excuse me for me having my back to you. i think it's very good we're here today addressing some of the environmental challenges that face the south east part of the community. i want to acknowledgees possible jackson who's been a leader for
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many decades so, please - (clapping) - she's been an environment it before people knew about that. director nuters thank you for your you outstanding work. i also want to acknowledge our community partners in the room at the time and some of our neighborhood a lineup and the hunter view and evidentially we've got a lot of work to do. so i wanted to publicly acknowledge those folks. when we begin to talk about the topics of environmental and health justice - woe thank you sfgovtv for you work how could i
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forget to acknowledge the sound tech and thanks for broadcasting today. but on is s a serious note specifically the bay community has been wrought with a lot of exchanges shutting adopt the procure planet or be putting solar panels on home. so, yes we've got a lot of environmental challenges because i'm excited by your virtual of being here today, we're carrying the momentum and movld. it's no secret many of the industries have made the southeast neighborhood it's home were toxic air pollutant they were having features and dust and not just odors so organizing
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the community has helped to up to the time shut down the power plant. thank you. and moving forward i think you'll hear public comment you you'll tun thirty to hear this where we've got a lot of people depending upon united states and without further ado i'd like to continue with the meeting but i wanted to take a mom 80 moment to say thank you and my hope this is not the last time i see the commission here >> no mr. president, and vice president. >> (clapping). >> thank you supervisor cowen.
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we are really looking forward tonight want to acknowledge mayor ed lee seminar policy advisory and roger. let see monica if you can read the next item >> the next item is the approval of minutes for the november 24th and commissioners our packet you, you have a copy of the action item. >> colleagues get a motion to approve the minutes. >> sec. >> all in favor, say i. minutes are approved can you read the next item. >> any public comment on this item? on this meeting minutes. >> they've been approved. members of the public may address the commission that are
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not on today's agenda >> we're on public comment. the chair made a jump to light speed we're so eager to hear the public from the rest of the community leadership in this room. this is public comments tells us what you're thinking and on your minds and do a card bring up a card just use this community we want to hear from the community it's great we're starting out with mr. jamming bryant >> yes. james bryant if from j.b. r participates. first of all, let me acknowledging the san francisco environment commission for coming out to the bayview area that is phenomenal.
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we'll tell you appreciate if a other commissioners come out. we want to make sure this commission is aware that you are dealing with the south east section of the san francisco. it the without a doubt the most toxic section of san francisco and the least dealt with as far as the conditions of how we live. i know you've known in the past we've had many surveys and health department has done studies we need the san francisco environment commission to take a lead-in making sure that we are addressing the concerns of this community that we are addressing the conditions
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that, you know, folks take for granted such what we live in her in the bayview. i can say i live here because i do. we want to stress to you, we want to welcome you but we want you to do our job. and this is a part of san francisco that you think you can have the most impact on outside of all the departments this department should be the leader to make sure that the conditions that the people who live here in the bayview are addressed. sew josh and angelo he's from here. we want to welcome you all and we hope others are going to speak. i want to make sure my supervisor over here is clear
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we're backing her up on where shooes coming from. so thank you. (clapping.) >> you know, if folks and colleagues can allow me to dispense with the rule typically, we're supposed go in the order of the cards we get. this is a community legend. she's often called the godmother of this point. so i'll call ms. possible jackson >> excuse me. he has another name for me as well, i'm his baby grandmother.
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i want to thank you all for coming the supervisors and all the family. i want to say thank you for coming here to visit. i work for the tribe and it's a lonely land. i'd like to say that most of us who live here have gone through a lot. i've decided to make copies and 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 4, 9, 10. i've got 10 of those. would you read that. you can see that we have had many a problems in this
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community with the shipyard and like it was mentioned about the penciling plant there's other toxins. the news was talking about treasure island most folks don't know that it was part of the shipyard many years ago. if you don't know the history of the community your lost. and a lot of people said here she go didn't but if you don't know the history you can't build the future you'll go over the same thing. i'd like to see happen is those poor babies in treasure islands i think about our babies here in hunters point. do you know when i heard they were going to start moving on
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the 11 findings of next month no one should be living over there at all it's no a safe area for anyone. they had green grass and they took it up and put down this other crap. you're all environmentalists you know about the toxins. i sent an e-mail to you today. i was at a meeting last time and i requested you all back at least two years ago about 5030 third street we wanted to make sure there was an outside environmentalists to test we
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can't trust the health department we were in connection with the i pa. i hope you all take notice. i want to say this and sit down. too weeks ago a friend called me he their uncle passed and i got another call 5 seniors in that one building that's too many deaths and when you hear the news the city does not have at the corners office people to tell you the background. my baby died in february i haven't got the results yet they don't know was it is. it's sad people are not getting the information from the health department. i want to say that people really
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don't know the seriousness of going to those areas and inhaling. it's sad people are dying and we don't know why they're dying at young ages people in their 40s. so i hope that i've looked at our agenda and i'm happy to see what's on there. i want to say thank you. i came to you all a long time ago and most people are not aware but ever supervisor and commissioner is supposed come to the community to address and find out what you and the community want. they don't come. and i'm hoping when they start planning for the fund from the sewage plant oould you'll get
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involved. don't think you'll get all the money. this community hadn't received any of the fund that should be received and i said that to the puc commission at the last meeting. i want to thank you all and i hope the supervisors meet and talk about all those people's from over there where they scomblu find out about the intoxication i think so treasure islands get all those people out of there. when hall was the director over there i mentioned to him and i know you remember hall it was a supervisor and back a director over there. i told him that treasure island it singing so many inches every year it's man made. and don't think the navy can
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clean it up. let's not think the navy going to clean up it they can't because it's into the bay. so thank you all very much and i'm sorry, i took up so much time but i want to make sure i know the issues in this community. we need to come together there's a lot of division and i was telling a young man earlier if you put in for a grant for this community and if you are not a supporter of the la in charge and shipyard you're not going to get a dime. the only people that get pope money are people that support the shipyard. thank you very much >> thank you doctor i'm going
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to read from the abusing it's interesting to know that typically with public comment it's up to 3 minutes but for dr. espanol jackson she's gets a lot of time. next speaker is ted >> president and commissioners. i'm executive director of asian week foundation. for the last couple of years we start the initiative for asian families. i've been following the developments on the commission and the department i think you guys are are going a good job i want to commend you for having the first meeting out in the
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neighborhoods. i came when you had your first go tell visions meeting. this is a right direction it's what we need to do. to make sure that all senior citizens of san francisco are served by the san francisco and we need to a reach our zero waste golds. i'm happy to report at this time not only the commission but the department is making an effort to be out in the neighborhood and the staff is coming out and meeting with the community groups to see what's going on in the neighborhood. that's definitely open the right track. the one thing you can do more you guys are on the right tackle but keep doing more on this track.
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today's newspaper mentioned more grants but there are more worthwhile projects we need to support more community projects. one of the projects that's being funded is the asian community garden out in you hunters point. the 60 community gardens in san francisco there's not one focused on the asian american community that has a significant participation under the asian community. we're going to make that happen in the bayview hunters point we're going to create a garden that's serving all the residents of the bayview neighborhood. those are things that we can do. we want to look at the diversity of san francisco to have the strength to do more
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methamphetamine dodges we can use bamboo this is something that's been done all over the world to reduce carbon but in the u.s. we haven't done this and where else to start but in san francisco. it's not enough for san francisco to be the greenest city the country but we have to have the most participation so, please continue to support the department to do neighborhood work thank you very much (clapping.) that's right next, we have much less testing i didn't esther >> can you hear me?
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good evening commissioner and president and supervisor and everyone. i'm the coordinator of the mother and fathers committee with the program. i'm glad you got here i want to talk about hurts point. as he knows right now their polluting our neighborhoods so bad on the hill those buildings here and the bus stop is here and we live across the street. there's only two water holes they've k340kd down two buildings. they augment to shut down things but now they've effected the
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neighborhoods because of the childhood center they closed down. you see what we facing. the ymca they just built this here and how can we as resident try to do some kind of service when their tearing things adopt. we came here to make a statement you've got john stourt up there polluting the area. we've got 5 resident die from cancer so we're asking you to come out here. i brought you a paper they're working to and we need you guys to come out there and help us. j.b. r partners ease jackie they come up there to support us. with anglo i need you to come
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help me and shut this mess down. if the city won't the residents will. thank you. (clapping.) >> all right. ms. jacqueline. >> thank you. good evening. my name is jackie flynn i'm the director of the office in san francisco. first of all, i want to say thank you for coming to the bayview and, you know, your actions speak 4r0ur7bd than words words that p. this is one of the first meetings i've seen i want to say i appreciate that. i want to let you know about our
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work we do community engagement with youth programs. we want to be your community partner to make sure we educate our resident around environmental services in the future. there's a lot of families up there and what we do is strengthen our first names 3w07bd by family ties and we're able to do that by not only sefrz the families but the youth or so we want to invite you guys down to see our offices. we currently recruiter for the services academy and have employment opportunity for young folks. whether every we can help we would like to offer that, too. so thank you (clapping.) next, we have a card from mr.
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oscar james >> i want to say good evening, commissioners i'm oscar james i'm a native resident of husht point. some of the issues i want to talk about first of all, i'm a member of h p unit that's an organization of young brothers my angel young. and sisters that was raised up in the community. i'm also a member of a randolph. the areas that's been polluted you signatures yosemite and across from the yosemite - it was a dump site when i was a little boy riding stick hours.
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they have telephony poles are toxins and a lot of dumps and pollution been put here during the years and on third street near the fire department there used to be pollutions there are. there's hazardous materials dumped there bruce b.a. before it was a dumb i guess down to halls it's polluted. it's been covered up. i know they built the post office used to be a dumb and covered up. i don't know if they're getting effects of toxins coming up from
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the ground but a lot of the pollution been coming on when i was 4 or 5 or 6 years old. but what i'm saying we have a lot of toxins here and on shall have take care and halls. they used to recycle for an street they'll bring the barrels and their intoxicating toxic. when we walked up the street some would leak up into the sewer. right up cross the street is the homes and there's a lot of toxic
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areas and some i can show you because i don't know the name of the streets but i know where they were and the intoxication i understand they need to be cleaned. i have a grand son who was born with a half a heart with the toxins in this community. my mother got cancer on hallow street she's still living that was in 1954 when that occurred from the intoxication i think so from the shipyard. a lot of people say the shipyard is not toxic but back of hall street all the way down where the rodeo used to be when they closed that down they filled that property up on the other
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side of the railroad tracks behind hall street. thank you. (clapping.) >> now we have a couple of for cards i'm not sure this is from a particular item. did dennis did you want to speak on the general public comment >> i'm a member of apr i community and a long time resident of the point. i worked in the shipyard i'm a certified wield and when we worked in the shipyard, you know, this is like a good employmentor


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