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tv   [untitled]    March 6, 2014 10:00pm-10:31pm PST

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>> >> colleagues, can we have a motion to forward this to the full board with recommendation? >> yes, so moved. >> okay. with no objection, motion passes. [gavel] >> madam clerk, can you please call item number 2? >> item number 2 is a hearing to consider appointing two members, term ending december 31, 2015, to the sro task force. there are two vacant seats and two applicants. >> okay. i will now call the applicants in the order listed on the agenda. is sam [speaker not understood] here? come on up. >> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is sam patel. i'm here to apply for seat number 2 on the s-r-o task force. i have 30 years of experience in operating a s-r-o hotel.
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currently my company manages several s-r-o buildings, including two not for profit. i've been serving on the task force since its inception, back in 1992, i believe, and i would like to continue doing so. thank you. >> okay. any questions? supervisor tang. >> great, thank you, mr. patel. just wanted to -- i mean, given your long experience with the task force, any particular plans that you have moving forward in your continued role? >> just, you know, continue helping educate the task force and the owners and the tenants. i'm trying to get better living conditions for the building. >> any other questions? thank you. >> thank you. >> next person is pratibha
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tekkey. sorry if i mispronounced your name. >> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is pratibha tekkey and i work as an organizing director at san francisco [speaker not understood] collaborative, [speaker not understood] clinic and i've been working with central city collaborative for the past four years and we solved the s-r-o tenants who live in [speaker not understood] south of market. and i have been part of s-r-o task force for the past two years and i think my experience and my exposure working with s-r-o tenants would help [speaker not understood] bring feedback from the tenants and also issues on the table that we can discuss. so, i'm actually requesting to be reappointed at the s-r-o task force. >> okay. any questions? supervisor tang. >> i'm just asking the same question of all canned deputy mayor atkinsv. so ~ candidates. so, in your continued role is there anything you would like
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to continue working on? >> currently we're work on safety issues. we're trying to figure out how we can make -- different ways [speaker not understood] provide safety for tenants who live in s-r-o hotels. we are currently starting to work on that. so, i hope i will be able to bring tenants [speaker not understood]. so, that's what i'm hoping to work on. >> okay. are there any public comments on this item? you have two minutes. good afternoon, board members. rosemary [speaker not understood], chief housing inspector and chair of the s-r-o task force. i am happy to report that the two candidates before you regularly attend and participate in and offer great expertise to the s-r-o task force and have regularly done so within their tenure on the task force. as pratibha did indicate, we've taken on the bed bug issue,
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large and many fast ted issue of safety in s-r-os, which right now we are in the rather general aspect of doing a tremendous amount of data, data gathering from various groups. in fact, at our next meeting we're going to be hearing more about the elevator situation with respect to seniors and people with disabilities and elevators and how -- inoperable elevators are affecting those individuals ~. so, this is a very broad topic, but the two individuals before you have lent very good expertise to this issue. >> thank you. any other public comments? seeing none, public comment is now closed. [gavel] >> first of all, i want to thank mr. patel and ms. tekkey for their willingness to continue serving on this committee. and the issue of the elevators is near and dear to me, so, i'm
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really glad you guys are going to be looking at this issue. it's a big issue for anybody. but for our seniors and disabled to not have a functioning elevator and they're living on a third floor or something, you're pretty much saying, stay in your room and be left out of the public presence. so, please, when you do work on this, i would love to hear your progress on that. so, is there a motion, colleague? motion to -- >> motion to recommend both mr. sam patel and pratibha tekkey to the s-r-o task force to the full board. >> thank you. mr. patel for seat 2 and ms. tekkey for seat 6. >> ms. tekkey, [speaker not understood]. >> correct. before we do that -- thank you -- we will need a motion to, to
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provide a residency waiver for ms. tekkey. >> so moved. >> okay. no objection, the waiver is passed, that motion. [gavel] >> taking supervisor tang's to move with positive recommendation, seat 2 mr. patel, seat 6 ms. tekkey, any objections? motion is passed. [gavel] >> thank you very much. okay. madam clerk, item 3? >> item number 3 is a hearing to consider appointing one member, term ending march 31, 2015, to the commission on the aging advisory council. there is one vacant seat and one applicant. >> okay. is margie ramirez here? >> good afternoon, my name is
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margie ramirez and i am the applicant for seat 11 on the aging advisory council. i live at bethany center with about 125 seniors. so, if i can be of help to any of them, it would be my pleasure. and i have appended for the last five months as a guest to this advisory council and i hope to be an asset to this council. >> okay. any questions? seeing none, thank you very much. >> you're welcome. >> any public comments on this item? seeing none, public comment for this item is now closed. [gavel] >> is there a recommendation? >> so, i'll move ms. ramirez for seat 11. >> for seat 11 to the commission on aging advisory council. >> any objection?
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most motion passes. [gavel] >> congratulations. item number 4, madam clerk? >> item number 4 is an ordinance amending the health code to prohibit the use of electronic cigarettes where smoking is other wii prohibited; requiring a tobacco permit for the sale of electronic cigarettes; prohibit the sale of electronic cigarettes where the sale of tobacco products is otherwise prohibited; and making environmental findings. >> okay, thank you very much. supervisor mar is the sponsor of this legislation. so, i would like to turn it over for supervisor mar to preside over this item. supervisor mar? >> thank you. i wanted to first acknowledge that we have a roomful of public health advocates and fighters for healthier communities from [inaudible] professor stanton [speaker not understood] who gives all of us 100-page documents to review of the most recent research really compiled in the most efficient way. we have grassroots activists from our san francisco tobacco
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free coalition that has been such a pleasure to work with to make sure san francisco remains the leader [speaker not understood] protecting the public from secondhand smoke and other impacts of smoking. also a new growing coalition from young people at the youth leadership institute and vietnamese development center and other youth-lead organizations that are fighting for a healthier, cleaner air and a better future for all of our youth. i'm going to do something that's totally legal right now in the city and county of san francisco, most other places, though i'm sure it's going to shock and horrify some of the health people here. yea! [cheering and applauding] >> the ordinance that we will be hearing today comes out of an introduction in december, and we've been building for many months now. this ordinance will amend our current health code in san
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francisco to prohibit the use of electronic cigarettes where smoking is otherwise prohibited. it will require a tobacco permit -- >> supervisor mar, stop blowing that in front of my face. >> for supervisor yee's health, i will stop and will be explaining the science behind why it's harmful, what i've just been doing. so, number two, it will require a tobacco permit for the sale of electronic cigarettes. and number three, prohibit the sale of electronic cigarettes where the sale of tobacco products is currently prohibited. in the past several months my office, and especially the hard work of victor lim from my staff and i have been working closely with the department of public health, the youth leadership institute, ucsf researchers, the tobacco free project, the vietnamese youth development center, the san francisco unified school district, and members of the community. i'd like to say we also have letters in support in our files from the american cancer
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society, the american lung association, the american heart association, and americans for nonsmoker rights as well. in a moment you'll hear a presentation from our great staff from their department of public health. not only our lead dr. thomas, but also derek smith and others who are here from school board president sandra lee furer, professors and medical researchers [speaker not understood], and pro he if he iser stanton [speaker not understood] from ucsf, and many others. ~ with the growing popularity of e-cigarettes and public usage by youth, it's time to [speaker not understood] in line with cigarette youth in order to protect businesses and individuals. the e-cigarette i was puffing on is a flavor called lime and coconut and it costs about 6 to $8, with about 400 puffs, i
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believe, and this device. there are many types of other flavors that are cotton candy and gumy bear and other flavors that clearly are to entice young people. my 13 year old daughter has told me how her friends purchase them online. currently there is a terrible marketing system right now and an ability for young people to buy online, but also in many different businesses throughout the city and you'll hear from youth leadership institute, youth who surveyed and did action-based research showing how they were able to purchase e-cigarettes very easily without being carded or questioned at all by many businesses. in the absence of food and drug administration or fda regulations, e-cigarettes kind of are pretty much a [speaker not understood] youth leadership has called it a new growing industry with celebrities, from leonardo dee
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capery owe to scarlet joe hanson have it with product placement in shows on tv more and more. it is a growing industry trying to hook a new generation of nicotine addicted young people and others. this ordinance with the support of the san francisco small business commission ~, unanimous support by the small business commission and the san francisco unified school district will give our city agencies, departments, our local businesses and individuals clear guidelines for enforcement to protect the public's health. while the primary purpose of the legislation is to protect bystanders from the secondhand exposure to nicotine and other chemicals like formaldehyde and various metals and other volatile organic compounds as well that come from e-cigarette aerosols, like i just blew in front of commissioner yee's face, it will also support enforcement of san francisco's current smoke-free law. because e-cigarettes often look
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almost exactly like regular cigarettes, allowing people to smoke them in restaurants, bars, schools, and workplaces would complicate and confuse potentially drive up the cost of enforcing existing laws. we're not the first. san francisco, i'm proud to say, has been in the lead of many efforts, but we want to reestablish ourselves as a strong lead among cities throughout this country. but we're joining the lead of other cities across the bay area and the country that are looking to restrict the use and sale of e-cigarettes. other cities like richmond, california, los angeles, new york, chicago, boston, seattle and others have already passed regulations and protection for the public's health. in addition, because there are so many regular cigarettes that are already banned in hospitals, on airplanes and most airports as well. at this moment i'd like to ask the amazing staff of the department of public health to come up and present.
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we have derek smith from the department of public health. >> thank you. good afternoon, supervisors. derek smith, department of public health. i'm a tenderloin resident proudly, but i'm here on behalf of the department today. i'd like to start in case you're not familiar with these products, with visioning, turning back the clock. i'd like for you to imagine walk ugg into one of our fine local public library branches with your child at your hand, maybe you're going to story hour or something. in seeing all the adults in the place doing what looks like smoking, they're all puffing out something, just as the supervisor just did, you kind of think to yourself as a 1953, you maybe remember loved ones who are held in the grip of nicotine addiction throughout your lifetime. think of the same scene at a stern growth concert, maybe at the san francisco zoo, at your kids school, or right here in the crowded board chambers. it's [speaker not understood] something in the past when cigarette use was rampant and
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unregulated and people didn't entirely understand the product or the harmful nature. these are nicotine addiction devices and can currently legally be used in elementary schools, muni buses is, parks and office buildings, grocery stores, on bart, at restaurants, movie theaters and shopping malls and even day care sites. essentially they can be used anywhere in san francisco. what is the impact of new generation of kids who see smoking as our generation did? well renormal eyes cigarettes in a way that reverses 40 years of health progress ~. let's talk about what they are. san diego bayer i is here to help me with visual wasv. we can pop the projector on. what they look like, how they operate, and what they contain. so, they have a battery which you see on one end which powers the thing. they have an atomizer which is something that takes a liquid and turns it into an aerosol that can be inhaled and exhaled. a car districtv contains a liquid repellent as well as
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nicotine as well as flavor. they have an indicator light. it began in the united states in late 2000s and now there are many sleek designs, really cool graphics and packaging and a lot of different functionses. we know of over 350 retailers in san francisco where there were none in 2009. so, just in five years there's been tremendous growth. most all these retail have a tobacco permit [speaker not understood]. thea are just a sampling if you want to take a some if you haven't seen them already. they have different strengths, varying amounts of nicotine. nicotine comes from the tobacco plant it so be 100% clear about that. they are nicotine products. they come in different shapes and colors as well as many flavors as the supervisor said. there's a lot of very egregious flavors. banana is one that come to my mind here. if you have a 30-year smoker, they're not likely to pick up a ba nan flavored e-cigarette or tootie-fruity.
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there is a skitles brand. it's aimed at young people. [speaker not understood]. state law prohibits the sale to minors, however there is no mechanism to checking if they are sold to minors. they are made to look like candy. [speaker not understood] canada, turkey, brazil, hong kong, singapore, argentina and jordan. and there are no state or local laws whatsoever about where these can be used. product can be used anywhere in san francisco. businesses and law enforcement are really struggling with this and they contacted the department of public health indicating they're not sure how to deal with complaints about use on transit this in their stores or offices. [speaker not understood] complicates enforcement of existing laws. in school reporting use by students in classrooms. it can legally be used on school grounds. [speaker not understood]. i'd like to conclude with five
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major points about thing that you'll hear about these cigarettes. one, some people believe that the information we hear about the cigarettes from those selling the product which isn't really the best source. there is a lot of reliable research on the harms of e-cigarettes particularly to young people and you're going to be hearing that today. [speaker not understood] selling the product are not a good representation and they are not a good replacement for health studies. the fine print which we have shown here is actually from one brand, enjoy, which clearly states that the fine print on the product itself, warning, these products are not smoking cessation devices. they have not been tested as such. nicotine is habit forming and is toxic for [speaker not understood]. there are warnings on every single product. second, some believe it is harmless [speaker not understood]. the industry created this concept that e-cigarettes and harmless water vapor which is simply not true.
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you'll be hearing from ucsf researchers about the harmful substances in the aerosol. they include nicotine as well as cancer causing substances and heavy metals. we currently live in a city that's really embraced a nonsmoking [speaker not understood] expectation for us and our kids, for our elders. e-cigarettes introduce a new pollutant indoors where people should be able to breathe clean air. third, some people believe it's a quitting device and is sometimes being marketed in that way. in a lawsuit the e-cigarette quotes these are not medical devices. beyond that studies are showing they're not effective for helping people to quit. and even so, you'll hear from people who are interested in this product and say it helped them quit, this ordinance allows individuals to continue using the product as they like as long as it doesn't expose parties to the aerosol. four, some people say if you disallow these cigarettes indoors, smokers will return to more harmful cigarettes. locals are already used to going out to the curb in san francisco. we had rules in san francisco
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for over 20 years and that's why we're so ahead of the curve for environment. the tobacco industry just to let you know also owns most of the e-cigarette companies. so, they're really working to maintain nicotine addiction through the e-cigarette or traditional camel or other products. this is really a cause for healthy skepticism. five, [speaker not understood]. it's just that straightforward. a review of the department of public health is that this proposal clarifies the status of e-cigarettes treating them similar to traditional cigarettes. they will not be banned simply prohibited in certain playstations and better regulated so there are no illegal sales to minors. thank you. >> thank you so much, mr. smith. the next speaker is dr. tomas aragon from our department of public health.
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>> good afternoon. [speaker not understood] i'm also the director of the division of the department of public health. i am your community public health doctor. my job is to protect and promote the health of everyone in san francisco, but especially our most vulnerable. i was born and raised in this city. i still live here with my wife and three children. my wife is a first grade teacher at betsy car michael elementary school in the south of market. and we are raising three children ages 13 ~, 16, and 17. we care deeply about the health of our communities and keeping san francisco safe and healthy for families with young children. we are acutely aware of how
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this legislation can directly protect the health of family and communities. one of the things that i do in my role as health officer is to go out and speak to communities. and recently i went out and spoke to a group of seventh graders and i want to explain to you how i explained it to them. which i found very useful. that is, think about the tobacco industry. they are really like zombies, okay. and they're outside of our house and they want to get back in our house. we have built legislative -- we have legislative laws that have kept us out and they're now trying to get back in. to show you that this idea is not original at all, i want to just show you this. this is from the american cancer society and the american cancer society also agrees that the tobacco industry is like zombies. what they're trying to do is
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they're trying to get -- they're trying to get to our children. as derek pointed out, some of the arguments you're going to be hearing from the other side is that smoking e. cigarettes is a safer alternative to smoking cigarettes. they may even call this a harm-reduction strategy. you will also hear about smoking being used to helping smokers to quit smoking. this is a smoking cessation argument. therefore, they will argue we should continue to allow anyone to smoke e cigarettes anywhere. why is this a disaster? it will reverse the social norms that we have already established around not smoking. it will basically be free advertisements in every space of san francisco. and it's going to promote nicotine addiction. from my perspective, what is the real issue here? the real issue is the promotion
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of nicotine addiction, plain and simple. and please excuse me for using, as you've heard, what they're doing with e-cigarettes, putting flavors that are attractive to children. for the rest of my presentation i will call it as i see it, my role as a public health officer, i want to ask the question, are we going to let the zombie industry promote nicotine addiction in our communities and to our children? yes, e-cigarettes may eventually evolve into a harm reduction approach for people who are addicted to tobacco smoking. but as derek already pointed out, they will continue to consume normal cigarettes are consumed. so, we know that they're back. they want to get cigarettes into the hands of our kids. toxic smoke -- we were able to get toxic smokes out of hospitals, offices, schools and restaurants and they're now back with a new product that they're pedaling to us. we know in the past we've had
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tremendous gains around preventing tobacco use. television, radio and other cigarette ads have not been legal since 1971, and yet if you turn on the radio now, you can currently hear we now have ads on the radio that i've listened to promoting e-cigarettes. why would we allow the zombie industry and the e-cigarette companies take control of our community and introduce a toxic new product in places where smoking isn't allow, where children and family eat and read books? san francisco has always been a leader in controlling this zombie industry. san francisco was an early adopter nationally of smoke-free workplaces, smoke-free bars and restaurants. san francisco has set a standard in protecting our families and children from the harms of secondhand smoke and advertising that promotes nicotine addiction. examples include in 194
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legislation banning smoking in workplaces, 1997, legislation banning vending machines, 2003 legislation requiring tobacco permits, and 2013, the ban of smoking in outdoor spaces. the result of these actions have been a major, major -- has had a major impact on the smoking rate decline in san francisco. we went from almost 20% in 1990 down to 12.5% today. taking the stand these products have saved many lives and millions of dollars in tobacco related medical treatments. the key benefit to smoke-free laws is to change the social norms around smoking and to make smoking and e-cigarette consumption less socially acceptable. e-cigarettes are contributing to a step backward with young people smoking and tvs, movies, and advertising throughout san francisco. again, the real issue is are we -- the real issue is the promotion of nicotine addiction, plain and simple. are we going to let the zombie
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industry promote nicotine in our communities and in our children? i will now repeat all the disease, disability, and death caused by the products that they pedal. that's why i call them zombies. and i'm going to go ahead, i'm not going to go into the detail of the [speaker not understood]. you've heard that. we're going to have ucsf researchers coming to give you more information about that. but i want this to make no mistake, these products are designed to build brand loyalty, and building brand loyalty is a euphemism for getting our children addicted. the real issue is the promotion of nicotine addiction. are he we going to let the zombie industry promote nicotine addiction in our communities and for our children? almost all current smokers began smoking as teens. 87% of adult smokers began smoking by the age of 18.