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tv   [untitled]    March 13, 2014 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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fund the money and george talked to everyone one person believed that's brenda wright (clapping.) thank you. well pastor walker said you remember what i said about big dollars and it's like being in church (laughter) who can tell the pastor no. so i'm just thrilled to be here this morning. this goes back a long way and the thing that makes me feel good about this day is dr. davis i think i met you guys 10 years ago and he had this vision sea shared it and i said okay. we worked together and funded the study around the bayview
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compassed but for me and wells fargo this is what it's about how do you show up and make a difference. i get even though prim of being here but i have team members that do fabulous workday in and out they're here this morning. i want to thank them for their support of vision of helping community skewed financial. we do a lot in san francisco last year, we gave over 20 million and one thing my chairman says you've never seen the thriving bank in a poor neighborhood a neighborhood that's not successful so it's our vision and goal to help the community like the bayview be successful so i want to thank
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the bayview hunters point and the staff this is a fabulous staff. you know when you go to meetings they feed you fried chicken but thank you kathy you plowed open and your encourage and the work of the folks of this center you've done a stellar job on behalf of wells fargo here thrilled to be part of the community and so thank you very much (clapping) >> okay. the woman that needs inform introduction except we love her and she's been here our congresswoman the leader of the democratic house of representatives nancy pelosi
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(clapping.) >> thank you. good morning everyone. this will be the time i would say i'm honored to be here with you will have you with the members of the official first name of san francisco. but that's not why i'm here today, this is personal. this is about george davis it's personal for so many of us here and, of course, i'm proud to be here with supervisor cowen and supervisor campos and our gishd mayor and senator leno so many her in spirit including supervisor max wells mother who's so much a part of this.
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we like what brenda had to say that was great. dr. walker hopes that i don't mind if i take a little religious liberty as i talk about george and linda richardson has been a force and your beautiful welcome and leadership and service linda. kathy knows how much george meant to me and for decades i'd come to the senior center we'd have your birthday parties and i w0r7b9d what am i going to leave here being assigned to do you all know. to his family that's visiting i see the resemble lance making
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the point he's not here today but he is he had to go up there to finish this off. this is american people incredible person. a map with a dream. a man with a vision. a man with an intelligent. to make a plan to get the job done. a man with a heart who knew that people needed not help cooperation, cooperation to have their ideas to have a better life and community. kathy knows that george was a teacher to many of us one of the things i loved that made him different all that he was doing and all the grandness of it he
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had this thing about people who had been in prison. it was easy to talk about seniors and children and this it was clear he took the gospel of matthew i was hunger when i was in prison you visited me. christ said that. elevating those people. as our responsibility. george davis taught us how to incorporate that in what we did as a value. and that if we skewed we were better for it. so, i mean i loved him much and i was proud to go to the floor
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of the house and talk about him as he and contacting had so much energy and never down. it was just keep on keeping on. and think about how it grew i'm thinking back over 25 years ago with balloons and all the rest and bigger and bigger and now here we are this great mrirnt. it's an honor to be here with you but more important it's personally it's a personal opportunity one that i wouldn't have missed because when george davis is honored we're doing gods work why do we always prayer for gods work he's already blessed that george davis did gods work and kathy
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did just that (clapping) just think just think of those people in this housing when it comes to be warmed comforted, housed, respected with great district because of the vision relentlessness the strategic thinking the concerning the passion and persistence and the love that kathy had for dr. george davis. thank you all for allowing that me to be part of this (clapping (clapping.) it's a great day for san francisco when mayor ed lee who linda refers to as a leader on human rights but really in every
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capacity he's certified in when he became mayor he brought together ideas and the know how to get the job done and indeed he's anonymous gotten the job bun but brought san francisco together in doing so the great mayor of san francisco mayor ed lee (clapping.) thank you very much >> thank you, everybody. thank you, thank you everyone i'll be short because i am (laughter) but anyone kathy you know i enjoy working with you and there's a couple of things i want to say. i think we're here also to fulfill promises that made long-range ago when i see
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sophie and others who talked about the promises and also mentioned a lot that was never fulfilled she reminds me and malia and our leaders at the board that are working at the board others in the private sector a lot of promises yet to be fulfilled so when we're here and know there's a great mile stop sign in the name of george davis and kathy we're also saying as tony mentioned the housing movement and the movement to build our neighborhood if we invest in them has been a movement that's calling out for a longs long time for people to join whether in their wells fargo or the next tech on that should be on your
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board we'll get that done yeah. it's about something that our convicts are trying to learn from us. how do you fulfill promises. how do we do that i only know of one way like leader pelosi as taught me and willie brown keeps teaching me that i have the fantastic opportunity to learn from to bring people dorothy together that's how us operational people get tension to the details. that's why mohammed got his folks her this morning. we know there's a lot of people depending upon us a lot of people in the past they're waiting for their goals to get fulfilled 20 years is awesome awesome patient. i'm in a hurry let's not forgot
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this moment we need more of you to come into the movement you're being called not only to celebrate dr. davis legacy but one hundred and 20 unit is a good start let's get to the rest of it. 90 of those units will go to folks in alice grifrth so they can have a place but the next phase is the neighborhood we have to build leader pelosi and i will be at hunters view last thing there's been a lot of steroids about those gold coins that weref. found somebody was visually that that would be lucky for us whenever i've come
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to bayview i've also found gold coins they're the people you're the gold coins that everybody is looking for (clapping) because when they find i and when we're found we are the richer for that as a whole city. this is how i see the bayview hunters point and the other areas let's make those areas rich bits both who we are as people and joining us u up and making more people involved this is what the city is about. the gold rush was an triathlons finding the people making lives changed and transforming them and making sure the people who wanted to be here will have the opportunity. this is what dr. davis was about
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and exactly what kathy it doing we've got senior housing 20 will be for homeless individuals we've made that promise and 3 thousand unit are fulfilling that and tony is making promises i'm there to make sure we getting get to those promises so sophie is saying i'm still waiting she'll be enjoying progress and milestones. getting another story for you kids so when you take over kids we're not giving us detect this is an enjoyable day but let's turn around and call other to this movement so we built this build more and more there's so much more to do and i'm calling
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you out to bring other. thank you very much i've enjoying being here today (clapping) i had the great pleasure i don't know, you know, so moved, commissioners, that motion passes sometimes when you're working as mayor of san francisco you get so concentrated open what you're doing those days we need help as leader pelosi has given us we need help with the state and senator leno has about that openhearted area opened ordinary he's helping me on one of the more important thing to keep people in their homes and not be victims of speculator real estate. i want to thank senator leno for
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the leadership and he's been at this calling a long time. senator leno >> (clapping) >> got my marshall orders from kathy to keep it short. >> distinguished gifts and supporters of dr. george davis shourdz and senior center we all loved dr. davis and remember him a gentle giant not only in physical statute but in his ability to dream big and to implement those big dreams. george had the heart of a at the same time the vision of a pro get and the determination of a
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woirs he wanted to make sure our father addressed great grandparent will live their life with district and faith those are the block we're breaking here today. everything i've said about dr. george davis can be said about kathy davis (clapping) as we all knows kathy is unstoppable and unflapable building you don't want to get between kathy davis and her vision. when she whacks the traffic at the capita the traffic parts as
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if missouri's was in the building (laughter) and she reminded me in putting the financing together one of the loose pieces was $20 million that redevelopment agencies in the past recollection is dollars we had to go to the difgdz those were owed and due and the governor was not going to use them to use for other purposes but to use on this project so contacting thank you for a carrying on the vision and keeping up the fight and doing it with a spirit and style of elegance i've never seen so from
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the state to you dr. georges memory (clapping.) >> okay. we want to get to groundbreaking and nancy pelosi has to get somewhere else. >> do you have time>> of course, i have time i want to recognize supervisor william kennedy's work. >> okay (clapping.) i can relax a little bit. while we thank supervisor dr. kennedy are in the house and she was our fourth president (clapping.) okay. all right. so i want to bring up unknown but before i do i want to announce there's great
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people in the house to thank. we do have let see commissioners from the oc ii the director of the public housing and c l and we have community partners such as a mr. walton and ed williams and dr. honey cut and dwayne jones and then we have department heads mohammed the man of the hour for me he made this happen and barbara smith the head of the housing authority and ann is here
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(clapping) so we're going to have supervisor cowen come up because - oh, another supervisor in front. we're so proud to have her in our district and she said he did i was her master of thesis and every time we need something she's right there like sophie we appreciate her and glad to have her with us >> good morning. i'm glad the speaker put the breaks open kathy that is what happened when our the baby on the stage and keep me to two minutes. it's going to be more than two
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minutes ate an amazing day to celebrate. you know, i really want to talk about what exactly we're here you've heard about the 20 years but what 20 years has brought us is one hundred and 20 units of senior housing that's right here where we are today. it's not only been a dream for 20 years but it's the exciting moment for the community. as i look at i see so many community leaders and people who have been with us at the beginning that is about respecting your seniors. thank you (clapping) and it's out of this place of respect that we stiefr to build
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a safe and beautiful place for them to stay in the community that we were raised in and raised their families and community they continue to see their children and great grandchildren to be strong healthy members of society. they'll get to see their grandchildren and great grandchildren more often they have their elderly to guide them a continuum of life in the bayview hunters point community we're about power and moving forward collectively as one community as our ancestries has down in the past this is the african-american community no longer will people have to seek outside of the community for housing in minded african-american community our history has been past down to us
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nor years and once we put the final screw in the building we'll help to preserve that tradition that dr. davis fought figuring out and william kennedy fought for us all the way until the day they went home. thank you for the opportunity not only have i inherited a great opportunity i'll carry this past the finish line we'll see this built. there are a couple of people we must give praise to. we got to recognize the executive director that has received one more kathy davis the president of the board of directors and my right hand and vice president ms. orly and
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treasury caesar hold your applause so my heart is heavy we've got to acknowledge staff and to recognize san francisco police captain o'sullivan this is an amazing day i want to give to kathy davis a small token from the board of supervisors think of it as an early house warming gift to adorn the wall next to what she received before you'll only need a small place it has a small frame i get it (laughter) >> but the sentiment is just
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as big congratulations of groundbreaking of the dr. george after 20 years of hard work you'll dream is finally finally final become a reality so the board of supervisors extend their huge thanks so it's done (clapping.) okay. so it's hot in here. >> yeah. >> you should have seen this yesterday wee it was freezing cold and raining down because we were in this tent and reverend told me not to worry about this.
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we are going to do the ceremony in a minute but i want to let you know we have some award to give to the people on stage and people out here that's been outstanding. in the interest of time i'm going to say our name and why you get it and we'll move on. this award we'll show the first one and all our distinguished guests don't you think she has go taste. doctor george it has a heart and this is an african symbol by gods embrace all will be well. (clapping.) so we have one for you congresswoman
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(clapping) thank you. okay. we have one important mayor ed lee the fix it mayor, i call him. you need something and he fixes that (clapping) oh, senator leno my hero (clapping) mal malia cowen our advocate at city hall and mr. tony salazar the man what the handshake (clapping) brenda wright who made this thing happen (clapping) okay. now the other one this one is for something at the
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front who doesn't think he is going to get an award he was the only sponsor besides wells fargo so we've got one for you coffey (clapping) okay. i role want him to speak today but this is the man who at dr. george's funnel said we've got to olsen lee. he's the one (clapping) and then we've got one forestall worth sport she goes to the mayor to get it fixed and that's ann
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(clapping) okay. so. those are all our award he's open the stage but there's 52 names on the back of the program and if your name is there your special and we have something for you. we have a table in the back and a groundbreaking award that says thank you for stand by us we wouldn't have made it without all of you standing by us there are 2 hundred and 50 more but we picked 50 to say thank you and show our appreciation and dr. davis said you thank people and feed people so don't worry about we've got 2 one hundred people


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