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tv   [untitled]    March 14, 2014 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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with the plants of the forte i'm having conversations about how to think about the plant list and the green connection plan and the city was inspired by the plan. thank you >> any public comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed commissioner antonini. >> yeah. i think this is a good project it is important with a few cautioned the plan you have for ca sad and it's hard to tell the medium looks route i didn't you have to ask the neighborhoods and make something that's attractive and easily maintained and not catching all the things that are blowing around go to john dale.
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i have a question about oakdale that lends itself to a lot of the things you want to do there was a talk about talk about - there will be still traffic there whatever has to dovetail with the plan at the hunters point shipyard >> it's going to be the main bus line and walking and biking into the city we're actually working to improve the pedestrian and bike caesar's access around the city. >> now, it's that your that's going to be coming into it i missed interpreted that or i think the rest of it is making sure i know you have suggestions on mrants but make sure people
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have the freedom to plant what we want to those front yard there don't look good but it has to be something that's attractive better than concrete, of course, but weeds or just marge better than the concrete and things not to do trees we love sunlight in san francisco so the trees have to be appropriate to allow enough sunlight to come into to the neighborhood. it's important to check out things ahead of time the medium on sunset didn't come out very well the medium has grass and it is really brown now and the
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neighbors are upset. you've got to be cafeteria but you've got all the right ideas >> thank you. >> commissioner borden. >> i'm impressed you've gone through and looked at the best plants chicago had the manual of every type of plants in the city and they really spent a lot of that times being thouftd full i think we spent time to provide the access to the information they can use that as a resources. this is on the planning website. >> it will be on the planning department webbed open the
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planning department and hoping to work with the urban effort council so they can update the list. >> yeah. i would like to suggest that the park alliance or people who are supportive its earrings to get people to a place where they are. where whether it's neighborhood groups to get that out there so people see it. so obviously the issue when it comes down to individual decision making is really to do about outgoing having enough information to know it's not impossible to maintain >> commissioner sugaya. >> excuse me. the last hearing in which you were talking about city owned plazas and city and whether or not
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they're on city properties and the right-of-way can you give us a map i see you have extensive mapping. do you know what kind of an overlap or cooperation motive took place between the programs the ecology program and the potential for those plaza areas the right-of-way areas that i don't know cooperated is the right word but it might placing play into that program as well is there any corporation >> not specifically around that program but we've worked with the agencies dpw and rec and park and mta to make sure that the design tool sit kit is something that works well, with
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their standard practices so anything that happens in want public right-of-way we're set up to maintain. as i gleaned from the last hearing the same as this project each street and individual treatment will be a case by case situation where we work with the community for the vision and how they want management in the elements to move forward >> its interesting you've developed plant materials and ecology things and stormwater run off and that kind of thing those kind of things should be take into account when someone proposed a plaza or do stewardship they'll have a built in pallet. >> i think the tool kit is implied that's a good point.
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>> commissioner moore. >> you have biweekly maps to bring up on your phone and what level even if competently ergs i hope you'll develop an app for people to find a walking trail. >> great idea things. >> director ram. >> i want to thank the staff it is innovative i want to thank the nonprofits involved it is going as far as being very, very specific how to implement it. it's incredibly hopefully to us as we moved kudos to the staff it's great >> commissioner sugaya. >> yeah. to follow up to mta has how's does this work into
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our budgeting so long as we're talking about implementing the program. >> for every street we develop there's a combination of bike and pedestrian improvements but some streets are calm streets all that is needed is greenery but certain there are many as kirston mentioned there are many streets that are part of the upcoming projects and there's a project coming up in the next couple of years the stormwater management so there are a number of projects 40 in the pipeline and incorporating projects into our budget for the next few years on our radar and something
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we hope to have a part in implementing. >> i have a followup question. how much of this overlaps with the pedestrian safeties but then how does this get reconciled when you're into the budget process >> as you know most of the streets identified are streets that high concentrations of injuries and a lot of those are downtown. the intent of green is to make it calmer. on one hand the improvement that we would apply is different. we think for a lot of the green connections it's los less about build outs whereas the
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pedestrian safety streets are about signal changing and signals to calm streets and make them slower so the intent for those streets are different but they have expediting proprietors in terms of funding so i'm helping to cooperate both of those projects with sfmta. >> thank you to the whole team. >> if nothing further we can move into item 8. the university of san francisco institutional master plan public hearing on the universities institutional master plan >> good afternoon. i'm mary woods of the common staff. the matter before you is the i mp for the university of san
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francisco. it contains information about the university and it's short-term and long-term future development plan. the i mp is at the document and any projects listed will be on its own environmental process and all the necessary commission actions. this hearing is for receipt of public comments only no action is required of the comedians and this is an informational item that concludes my presentation if you have any questions, i'll be happy to answer them. thank you >> thank you. project sponsor
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>> good afternoon, commissioners. and to the chairwoman of this distinguished group i thank you for the opportunity to talk to you about the university of san francisco. and my name is chicano smith i'm the voice chairman and the former executive and retired executive and the panic and a nevada bell for 40 years i've spent my time there and for the last seven years with the university of san francisco. this is an opportunity to talk about uscf and this great
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establishments one of the cities oldest institutions third after the presidio emission delores a private university rooted in the jesuit catholic tradition for almost one hundred 68 years the academics have defined the universities roll in san francisco. i would also share with you as one of the principle universities u sf has a significant economic impact and i implore are all you have you and to focus on we're the 15th largest employer in this great city and over half of the operating budget is spent on
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salaries. over 50 of the alumni live here. currently u sf presence in the city includes significant improvements. person named to the president's higher education with distinction for the past 6 consecutive years and over 2 hundred thousand hours of student community service work per year. and yes, sir. u sf contribute to the city intellectual scene hosting many public events and cultural events and athletic and other social events and faculty
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participants widely in panels and news coverages. this institutional master plan positions the university to continue it's introduction of academic rigor and service to the community well into the 21st century. the goals of master plan it places u sf into a dramatically changing landscape but higher education in america is undergoing significant changes the demographics of this nation is changing you know that well, and the technology imposed if the changes are all aspects of society and they're changing ann at an ever increasing pace
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education is no different. the institutional plan presented today is to respond to the external forces to also allow the university to go forward for the plan s will foster excellence in the jesuit tradition and attract students and meet the mission and manage enforcement growth on the hilltop and it will perpetuate we believe that the plan that proposes new housing and modern falls will impact and allow u sf
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to continue and i urge you will have you to appreciate that. thank you >> good afternoon, commissioners. thank you for the opportunity to speak with you today, i'm elizabeth i'm the master plan manager at the u sf. the u ta objected sighting many negatives. it was a settlement within u sf and included the process of cremations. it also asked that u ta develop a planning together and create the plan. that sentiment agreement asked us to meet with the neighborhood
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and, in fact, 2010 we've met with the neighbors and work with town halls and standing meeting that included that not only the university terrace but francisco high. the settlement agreement striptd an ongoing working relationship with our neighbors and the institutional master plan is a product of that process. you'll hear the university faces challenges and i want to emphasize it's to take the neighborhood impact into consideration. please know with u sf we are open and transparent with our neighbors. thank you
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>> good afternoon, commissioners chairwoman i'm jennifer i'm u sfs vice president. your goal in developing the master plan we're presenting to you today is for u sf to remain a anchor institution for the city of san francisco throughout the 21st century. and as our board vice chair chairman pointed out higher education is going through dramatic changes and costs and accessibility are key challenges. we've worked hard to make it accessibility for diverse students and students from low income families although we're tuition driven we've awarded financial aid to students and we are to produce of the students
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we graduate. higher education is an incredibly higher market. you're aware you don't just so u sf signs and san francisco state signs anywhere you see the university of the pennsylvania and he northwestern and drexel there's a need for hire education here we should be supporting san francisco's university rather than inviting outdoors here to grow. u sf has a high quality education where students and fulfilled and staff know each. we consider our neighbors and city a part of that community as elizabeth pointed out we're in constant dialog we require our
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students to serve the city of san francisco and to fleern the city. we focus on city problems and opportunity but we're challenged by our urban location and our fooment. in order to meet those challenges and remain financially viable we need to chief among them is to build student housing and to upgrade our delipidated facilities. we established a distributed canvas model with branch champions downtown and around the bay area. our under graduates remain on the hilltop and they need housing. we hope you'll agree it's a benefit for u sf to build the
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housing we have the land and by housing students on the campus we pull them out of the richard where short-term students driving up the market rate. they can walk to class and all the campus amenities it's consistent with the 0 cities approach. we need to make some could he improvements to the facilities on campus we need to build a residence hall and currently, we have one of the lowest percentages of students living on campus. we can only promise our students you housing in the first year you know how important housing is to attracting high quality students especially in san francisco.
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also, we have certain academic programs crammed into spaces. one is our architecture department and nursing. we would like to give the programs the space they need and that requires us to add academic space over time. we have some facilities that need to be modernized our old science building we want to develop a stronger visitor arrival experience. our dedication to this city is enumeration and we hope we'll have your responsibility as we work to be the best university of the best city ever. thank you very much for your time >> thank you. >> if i could have the power
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point. it projects of - >> i'm beth i'm the consultant working with the university on the i mc. u sf has 3 locates in san francisco primarily on the center of the city there's two other locations at the presidio and 101 howard the historic coffee building. in the fatal semester of 2013, the enforcement was 10 thousand students 85 hundred is it so on the hilltop and in 2012 over 1 thousand employees live in san francisco.
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the hilltop campus is 52 acres on two sites the upper campus known as alone mountain is to the north and parker to the west and the lower is masonic to the east and faculty ton to the west it is 150u7bd by neighborhoods. there are 28 neighborhood there's a mix of uses on the upper and lower campuses with recreational and student life. the i mp imposes a program it allows u sf the growth rate on the campus to less than one percent with an average over 10
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years there's 23 project identified in the program. this is a drawing of the canvassing campus with the existing buildings in white and the future ones in orange. it proposes two alternate sites it sits on tucker boulevard and this might be 75 thousand square feet and 3 stories tell you it will house the university arts programs and the additional site is lower on fulton. the plan proposes the resident hall it was spoken about and it will house 6 hundred and 35 beds and is perceived as a learning
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community with a parking garage underneath. there are athletic facilities in the plan. there are landscape and open space guidelines that are described in details in the plan. and including a reconfiguration of the derivative on alone mountains so it runs one way east to west and moving into the main arrival open parker from golden gate to parker avenue. and now my colleague will describe traffic >> the time of your presentation has run out so, please present quickly. >> thank you on the slide. >> i believe it will come on when you speak. >> once you refer to it sophisticating will move. >> i'll describe it in one
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quick slide the transportation components is 3 components the impact analysis the transportation demand plan and the traffic calming plan. it follows the future conditions with and without the project this is the i mp found no significant impacts. to reduce the existing future effects of parking open the community the transportation management plan will reduce parking to no demand due to the i mp no higher than the existing levels. the traffic calming plan will
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improve pedestrian safety and reduce cycling for parking in the neighborhood. the traffic plan was developed between u sf and the neighborhood and sfmta is currently reviewing this proposal. >> thank you. outlook opening it up for public comment i have a number of speaker cards please line up on the speaker side of the room (calling names) >> good morning, everyone. commissioners honorable commissioners serving the city welcome thank you very much. i come to you a as member i teach at the u sf i live there and i am the president otherwise
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known as the local 249. having reviewed the master plan and having looked at another plans i served on the board of supervisors and the land use committee and chaired it for 4 of the years this is a thorough documents and this document addresses the impacts to be considered and must be considered and certainly as a result of the u sf and this has been done her in a sufficient manner. i think some of the things you will hear in terms of neighborhoods again recognizing the u sf have the patience one is about one way and the other the other way those things