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tv   [untitled]    March 15, 2014 8:30am-9:01am PDT

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the state to you dr. georges memory (clapping.) >> okay. we want to get to groundbreaking and nancy pelosi has to get somewhere else. >> do you have time>> of course, i have time i want to recognize supervisor william kennedy's work. >> okay (clapping.) i can relax a little bit. while we thank supervisor dr. kennedy are in the house and she was our fourth president (clapping.) okay. all right. so i want to bring up unknown but before i do i want to announce there's great people in the house to thank.
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we do have let see commissioners from the oc ii the director of the public housing and c l and we have community partners such as a mr. walton and ed williams and dr. honey cut and dwayne jones and then we have department heads mohammed the man of the hour for me he made this happen and barbara smith the head of the housing authority and ann is here
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(clapping) so we're going to have supervisor cowen come up because - oh, another supervisor in front. we're so proud to have her in our district and she said he did i was her master of thesis and every time we need something she's right there like sophie we appreciate her and glad to have her with us >> good morning. i'm glad the speaker put the breaks open kathy that is what happened when our the baby on the stage and keep me to two minutes. it's going to be more than two minutes ate an amazing day to
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celebrate. you know, i really want to talk about what exactly we're here you've heard about the 20 years but what 20 years has brought us is one hundred and 20 units of senior housing that's right here where we are today. it's not only been a dream for 20 years but it's the exciting moment for the community. as i look at i see so many community leaders and people who have been with us at the beginning that is about respecting your seniors. thank you (clapping) and it's out of this place of respect that we stiefr to build
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a safe and beautiful place for them to stay in the community that we were raised in and raised their families and community they continue to see their children and great grandchildren to be strong healthy members of society. they'll get to see their grandchildren and great grandchildren more often they have their elderly to guide them a continuum of life in the bayview hunters point community we're about power and moving forward collectively as one community as our ancestries has down in the past this is the african-american community no longer will people have to seek outside of the community for housing in minded african-american community our history has been past down to us nor years and once we put the
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final screw in the building we'll help to preserve that tradition that dr. davis fought figuring out and william kennedy fought for us all the way until the day they went home. thank you for the opportunity not only have i inherited a great opportunity i'll carry this past the finish line we'll see this built. there are a couple of people we must give praise to. we got to recognize the executive director that has received one more kathy davis the president of the board of directors and my right hand and vice president ms. orly and
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treasury caesar hold your applause so my heart is heavy we've got to acknowledge staff and to recognize san francisco police captain o'sullivan this is an amazing day i want to give to kathy davis a small token from the board of supervisors think of it as an early house warming gift to adorn the wall next to what she received before you'll only need a small place it has a small frame i get it (laughter) >> but the sentiment is just
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as big congratulations of groundbreaking of the dr. george after 20 years of hard work you'll dream is finally finally final become a reality so the board of supervisors extend their huge thanks so it's done (clapping.) okay. so it's hot in here. >> yeah. >> you should have seen this yesterday wee it was freezing cold and raining down because we were in this tent and reverend told me not to worry about this.
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we are going to do the ceremony in a minute but i want to let you know we have some award to give to the people on stage and people out here that's been outstanding. in the interest of time i'm going to say our name and why you get it and we'll move on. this award we'll show the first one and all our distinguished guests don't you think she has go taste. doctor george it has a heart and this is an african symbol by gods embrace all will be well. (clapping.) so we have one for you congresswoman (clapping) thank you.
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okay. we have one important mayor ed lee the fix it mayor, i call him. you need something and he fixes that (clapping) oh, senator leno my hero (clapping) mal malia cowen our advocate at city hall and mr. tony salazar the man what the handshake (clapping) brenda wright who made this thing happen (clapping) okay. now the other one this one is for something at the
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front who doesn't think he is going to get an award he was the only sponsor besides wells fargo so we've got one for you coffey (clapping) okay. i role want him to speak today but this is the man who at dr. george's funnel said we've got to olsen lee. he's the one (clapping) and then we've got one forestall worth sport she goes to the mayor to get it fixed and that's ann
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(clapping) okay. so. those are all our award he's open the stage but there's 52 names on the back of the program and if your name is there your special and we have something for you. we have a table in the back and a groundbreaking award that says thank you for stand by us we wouldn't have made it without all of you standing by us there are 2 hundred and 50 more but we picked 50 to say thank you and show our appreciation and dr. davis said you thank people and feed people so don't worry about we've got 2 one hundred people more. i have to say i don't do all the
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things myself i have a fabulous staff that carries dr. davis legacy and help out so thank you very much >> hi, i'm corn field and welcome to doing building san francisco, we are doing a special series, called stay safe, how you can stay in your home safely and comfortable, and we know that an earthquake
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is coming and there are things that you can do to reduce the effects of the earthquake on your home. let's take a look at that. >> here at the spur urban center on mission street in san francisco talking about staying in your home after an earthquake. i have guests today, pat buscavich and his dog, harvey and david, and both structural engineers and we want to talk about things that you might do before an earthquake to your home to make it more likely that your home will be ha bitable after an earthquake, what should we do? both structural and maybe even important non-structural things. >> you hear about how to prepare an earthquake kit and brace your book shelves and water tank and that is important. what you have to be careful is make sure that you are not going the easy things to make yourself feel better. if you have a bad structure, a
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bad building, then you need to be looking at that and everything that you do to keep your collectables in place is small and compared. if you have taken care of your structure, then there is a lot of stuff that you can do in your house that is non-structural and your chimney and water tank. >> let's talk about what the structural things might be. >> and he is exactly right. you don't want to make the deck chairs safe on the titanic, it is going down, you are going down, you have to make sure that your house is safe. there are basic things that you need to do including bracing the water heater, not just because of fire hazard but because of the water source and the damage, but basic things are installing anchor bolts, and adding plywood and strapping your beams to column and posts to footings and foundations are really easy things to do and most contractors can do the building department is set up to approve this work, and these are things that every home owner should do, and it is a little harder because you have to get a
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building permit and hire a contractor. but you want to be able to after a big earthquake to climb in bed that night and pull the covers up and say i don't have to worry about going to a government shelter. >> that is the main focus that it is great to have an earthquake kit to be able to bug out for 72 hours. here is a better idea, stay in your own home and in order to do that you have to be make sure that your structure is okay. if you have a house, the easy things to do with the wood construction is feasible. if you have a renter or you live in a concrete building, you need to talk to the building own , and make sure they have done their due diligence and find out what the deficiencies are. >> when i have looked at damaged buildings,vy seen that a little bit of investment in time and money and structural work provides great dividends. >> especially if it is the wood frame, typical house that you can do the things that i was talking about, the anchor and
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the plywood in the first garage area, you know if you refinanced in the last three years, get some of that savings and it is a really good investment. and the other thing that i try to tell people, earthquake insurance is not the solution to the shelter in place, if there is a big earthquake and your building is damaged, you are not in your house, you may be somewhere else, if you work in the city, it is going to be really hard to commute from sonoma, you want to do what is necessary so that your house is retrofitted and a couple of years of earthquake premium could get you to a level that you could be in the house after a significant earthquake and it may have damage and there is still a shelter in place where you are at home and you are not worried for the government taking care of you and you are living in a place where you can go to work and you want to have your wood frame house is really easy to get to that level. on top of the wood frame house, i mean every wood frame house in the west half of the city have a water tank and the water tank fall over because they are
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gas fired and start fires. and that is something that you could do for yourself, and for your neighbors and for the whole city is make sure that your water tank is braced. >> if you look at the studies that are predicting on fires, we are going to have a lot of fires and for every water tank that is braced there is a potential of one less fire that the fire department is going to have to fight and we don't want to have any more fires than we need to. so bracing the water heater is the first thing that you want to do. >> and so easy, and you go on-line and you google, earthquake, water and heater and you google the sites where you can find the details and you can put them out there on the hardware store and you can hire a small contract tore do that for you. that is a couple of hundred bucks, the best investment. if you are in other types of building it is complicated. if you are in a high-rise building you just can't anchor your building down because there are no anchor bolts, but at that point, the tenant should be asking questions of the owner's and the managers
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about earthquake preparedness >> and don't take the easy answer, oh, our building is safe it was designed to code. that is not the right answer, ask the tough questions and see if you can get a report that has been given to you. >> what is the right question? will i be able to stay in my home after the expected earthquake? is that a good question to ask? >> yeah, you may be more specific if you talk to the owner, if it is not a recent building, if it is ten or 20 years old see if they had an inspection done and there you will have a written before that will tell you all about the structure. >> thanks, pat. >> thanks, harvey. and thanks david for joining us and thank you for joining us on
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(clapping) >> so thank you all for coming
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out this morning, i'm edward reiskin i'm the director of transportation here in san francisco. happy to see you all here we're going to need everybody's help here today. where i will start we're lucky san francisco is a great city and one of the most walkable city if not in the world it attracts people here. it's a great city to walk around and be in. however, we we have a problem and the problem is people are getting killed in our streets and that shouldn't be happening pr it's unacceptable people are getting killed my seriously injured it's traefblg not only for the families especially for the families to whom it happens
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but for our whole city but the good news is it's preventable every one of those dedicates and serious injuries is preventable. the good news behind that is that we have great leadership in the city as manifested by the strong and power showing of folks behind me that are focused and committed and dedicated to preventing those serious collisions and fatality collisions so we get the benefits of our beautiful walkable city without worrying about getting hurt or killed. at the top of that primer is our chief collective who has brought people together to solve problems. i think what we're going to talk about today is the epitomize any
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so it's my enclosure to welcome to the mike mayor ed lee. (clapping.) >> thank you, ed for that introduction. of course, i prefer being outside somebody said it might rain but i'd love to be drenched by rain it's good for our city i want to thank you all the board of supervisors who have been with the pedestrian safety strategic with me. not only myself and personal resident and residential leaders of different community each supervisor a has given me the personal accounts of the dangerous intersection of the people who were lost of severely injured it's personal. i want to say today rather than
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having years where all of us in office are saying we're sorry for something to happen we'll rather be saying thank you for you for yielding and not running the red lights and thank you for not speeding. that's also going to be better than saying i'm sorry. this is what groups have taught us advocates in they're right and well deserving they have a loud voice not city but we should have loud easier and hearing about more being thankful. it begins with what was yourness you've heard about the awareness program that muni and other agencies are proechlt through attorneys whether it's radio or television or 3ri7bd materials on our buses we'll get them on
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the taxi spaces to get people to make sure that they know they can make themselves safer and drivers need to be safer and everybody on the road safer. the awareness champion can't work on its own. a good part of that and i'm always tafl to our police department is an increase of 12 percent i want to thank. them i know there's other valuable time by they okay. this is important preventing deaths and injuries. i will say to you this i've asked the police department awhile i do an awareness champion that says be nice and look twice


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