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tv   [untitled]    March 17, 2014 10:30pm-11:01pm PDT

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(calling names) go ahead, sir >> i'm john i'm a thirty year plus resident of san francisco i'm a senior and a volunteer rights council. i've heard so many heartbreaking stories. i want to point out that the housing rights committee started the rent control and that was in 1979 we're back where we started from here we go again. i'd like to say that the evicting the most vulnerable part of our community is a mark of a civilization that's lost it's sense of cult. we needed to look at those formulas and look at the results of what we do and that's my
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major point look at the outcome. if we are trying to preserve those people then do it. it fact is a culpability should be based on the number of balconies the real estate people are aware of and understand the value and that's the comparability can it should be >> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon. my name is a kathy. first of all, weld like to thank ace for the empowerment who work with the tenants so thank supervisor campos and supervisor
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kim and supervisor mar and supervisor campos for claund this item. memoranda rent are around $3,400 a month and 2013 data collected by the anti eviction map project makes use of ellis increased 1 hundred and 76 percent in comparison with other years. everyone except the splarlts say they want people to stay in the city this will allow them to stay long-range we're in an emergency situation. form for a flipperer to have to face a payment of the subsidy for two years might give persons because of whether or not to engage in harmful general
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welfare of the city. the feature of our time is the widening gap between the rich and the rest of us. this rent attempts to push back against the tide of the greed we salute >> i'm rosemary a second-generation san franciscan. any family has been evicted and we have no more to go and my question is: i grew up in san francisco i was not allowed to speak spanish so i learned english and landlord the pledge of allegiance and other people a good american and this is how i get treated there where are is values. that is what hurts me not the
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money issue where am i supposed to go i don't drive my family is here. where do they want us to go change sometimes is go and i've lived many decades her in san francisco i've seen many changes. however, it wasn't to humiliate people and throw people out and make people feel like they're less of a person. this is my final thing which has it become a sin to be poor. thank you >> thank you. next speaker. >> hello, i'm sarah filling in for tom of the housing rights committee. first, i wanted to address the issue people bringing up mom and pop and the small landlord. we see almost no small landlord using the ellis act. the vast majority have brought
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buildings and flipped them in the first 5 years. they're not even landlords. they don't keep buildings and rent them out but resell the building as soon as they get out the tenants the majority are buying much u up buildings with elderly it's a huge percent of splarlts. they have folks taking advantage of the will that that lets them make a quick buck off our community. so see i feel like we need to separate that minor minor exception the small landlord and be careful i see jeremy michael's is the only building that the landlords own in san
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francisco they own lots of of buildings in south bay they immediately ellised that and this is true throughout the city. roadway relocation isn't enough and the money isn't enough but maybe in a few years the seniors can move into low income housing. we're subsidizing this greed when we have 80 put those people into affordable housing we pay for that we choose to make it so that folks had proper housing and instead we have housing for second larts >> supervisor kim. >> i was hoping someone will bring this up the majority ellis act evictions are happening under 10 companies.
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there's some comments about mom and pop but it's not mom and pop property owners but i was wondering if you have more of the numbers or anyone amongst you did >> the mapping project could come up with the data. >> okay. >> i know. >> maybe after public comment you could come back to us with the data i have concerned with the mom and pop but if 98 percent of the evictions are happening under the office of 10 large corporations there should be less concerns about who the legislation is impacting. >> between 70 and 80 percent for people who have had the buildings longer but it's a few
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landlords that are evicting if they moved in 10 years ago even that little percent that owns that for more than 5 years those are huge landlords like that. >> thank you. next speaker. >> i'm alicia thorton my landlord is a speculator you can see here billboards. >> my partner and i have until december 30th before being vooekd we can spring back i'm in my 40s she's in her 50s but i worry about the seniors i want to thank supervisor campos for bringing this to our attention $5,000 is not going to cut it
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thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> hello, i'm ms. gomez thank you for having this day. the court: thank you. supervisor campos and all of you for supporting this bill. i have been a renter of the same apartment since 1982. it's my that long time relationship (laughter) and san francisco is my great love. i have learned everything i know about life living in this city and i become an artist in this city mentored by artists. artists from the mission district two artists that are fighting eviction right now. the people who are sharing stories today are articulate and
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brave. i know a man, we were not close but known him for many years he was fatiguing the ellis act eviction and took his life. i've been watching this for a furious it's heartbreaking and painful. i see the character of this city not just changing but vanishing and the families gone and the worker families gone and artists begun. i've witnessed as an obviouslyer. a couple weeks ago any landlord was in the building making repairs he is a good guy but i heard him tell his worker i want to see how much i can get for this place i know my number is up i don't want to leave the
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city but yet my problems are nothing to what we've heard thank you, thank you next speaker. >> good afternoon. i'm daniel whitaker and i was born in san francisco. i was raised in stockton but moved in 1982. i lived in any current residence in the inner sunset and in the past years i've worked in many jobs in a law enforcement for 20 years and numerous bombs and since then i've worked as a contract web developer. i unfortunately have the all two familiar horrible greedy cheap
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lousy landlords people that shouldn't own properties. i've had to call on them last summer they were motivated by high rent decided to evict me they are then harry's me trying to get me out they served me with an ellis act. it was - i get the highest amount. this amount didn't begin to cover the flrtd expenses. i never once imagined moving from san francisco my business associates and families is here it's ground zero for any job.
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i'm asking you to vote against this and to keep 4r0er789 residents folks who love san francisco and decided many years ago this will be the home for them effort and being forced to move >> thank you. next speaker. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> good afternoon. i am the receptionist and everyday i see tenants come in with ellis act cases swiss what they can do and their rights
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>> (speaking foreign language.) >> so after they come in facing those ellis act evictions they're facing an incredible amount of harassment so tenants move from building to building trying to escape the harassment but we see that in every rental their coming up against the ellis act because those evictions are an epidemic.
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speeding i support in legislation i urge you all to as well it's going to help descend intents the speculation in our city and assure that tenants don't have to face the abuse they're facing now >> thank you very much. before we get to the final two speakers you'll call the next batch of speakers (calling names) those are all the cards i have. and again, there are yellow cards right in the front if you
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have not filled that out. go ahead >> good afternoon supervisors i'm charles i'm a resident of san francisco for about thirty years. a member of the senior and disability action and the california alliance for retired americans. for all seniors and ellis being affected on the poor and worker class we're going to have a demonstration to present the series of the egregious splarlts today, the gold rush folks are trying to get people out of the building that's the difference between the two gold rushes. capital only moral is profit they could care less they make a
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profit they survivor. and this government federal government has allowed the bankers who are the main people behind this industry to not only make a profit but which we're in reported i've seen to 50 percent reported in a quarter by the same firms that were battled out by the taxpayers and not a one had to pay a dime back to us that they stole but the trillions they stole they hadn't paid back now they're making more money off of us. and this system supports it one hundred percent. thank you >> thank you. next speaker. >> my name is a mark i've lived
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here since 1971. for the last 28 years thank you for taking testimony in increase payments to tenants that may not conflicted i use this term compensatory it's not a way to treat the owners to prevent people from making profits it's a way to slow down the radical change in the face of san francisco to slow down the evictions. and in 1985, 29 years ago there was no interject bubble because there was not intreblt that was no highly specific active picking market. the problem was not contemplated
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by the legislators because the problem didn't exist all this legislation does is place a buffer zone between the tenants that are likely to be evicted and where their cooperations are small librarians large numbers they could choose the greed the correct appraisal where 12 people live in 6 united. we were told by the city of san francisco it's $800,000 and the banks to $1.4 million but the asking price for this building today, it's 2.1 who would pay more the top price estimated by the banks and moth companies who will pay more speculators.
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we're seeing buffer it for us who will be thrown out of the city >> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon. i'm here to speak for all of us in north beach in saying this particular legislation will give us a chance my goal a change to have time and money to try to find another place ♪ our neighborhood hopefully so we can say in our community. i see this as a band-aid but the best band-aid we've got we need it now not yesterday. so that my son and i can remain in our community of 31 years so my neighbors i'm going to name them janet and martha and don
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and elaine and jeff and jennifer and maria and james, mark, jerry, heeding, tina. mary rose. lisa and mrs. lee and her son and others those are being talented with the ellis act or ellis act had already been received we still could benefit if having help and relocating in our neighborhood so our community cocoon to north beach can continue being a kevin and vibrant diverse place. thank you >> thank you. next speaker. >> hello. thank you for having us her. i'm sarah i was raised up in san
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francisco and in supervisor wiener's district i won of the many people being held activity along with in my neighborhood are we're licensing at the beginning of april. and we are among the many people who are facing that. i'm here today, i had to take time off from my classroom because i see how this this impacting my students they're not represented in the ellis act numbers they don't have the political capital to understand what they can do or fight it. it takes stress and will to fight it to look for housing and they're in that situation to try to be able to do that. i see that happen in any
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classroom and taking days off and not completing their homework and my colleagues who no longer live in san francisco. and i look at my paycheck and we won't be able to stay here. i'm here i'm hoping we can take a look at this. i'm here because i'm not sure i totally understand about the mom and pop situation it seems like my neighborhood who's been in the building urban green are splarlts they bought it for cash under 3 million and are going to sell it separately and been under two years. my neighborhood has lived there and they economy when a they were getting into. >> if i may i wanted to - thank
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you for sharing. what is your 98 years old neighborhood planning to do >> we're going to stay there until we're faced to leave to take a 98-year-old and ask her to leave 50 years of her husband's memories she knows what they are abruptly is and to take her out of that situation and pit her anywhere for any amount of money is a death sentence for her in my opinion. >> thank you. thank you in essence speaker >> executive director of the aids housing alliances in san francisco. thank you very much for this hearing. 24 point percent of people who have hiv and aids were
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dismralsz. that doesn't include the latest run off and when we passed mind legislation to help curve some of the evictions san francisco we throw everything we could and couldn't impact the hiv and infection rates we had studies from harvard and columbia that showed the comparison between- half a and the housing displacement. it's when we were able to do something about hiv and the data after package of my legislation showed that the infection rates went down for the first time. back when we were talking about the condo conversion rates i
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plead with this body not to give away the rates so, now the evictions are up and the hiv is up. also for me personally you know when i was on pearl street i was with a documentary film crew that is playing at the film festive one hundred people from my block were displaced so everything is now gone that i grew up with. i've received relocation when i was evicted that money last day me from seven hundred a month to 11 hundred had a month i had to give up any housing it's not just me >> bryan a quick question were
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you at 67 pearl. >> yes. >> i was looking at the should not the anti displaying map you gave to us and said a everyone on pearl street is listed as homeowners is 3 units in that building. so is that what - >> i don't have a place to live right now. >> okay. >> at the listed those units for 4. million each and she'll e she's a serial eviction our and they've listed the conversion for several millions each. >> next speaker. >> good afternoon. my name is a alison wright. i've been a resident and citizen
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for 25 years i'm heartbroken. i have a victorian splarlt landlord who eyes not making repairs and allowing people to have the services they've agreed upon to she used these things as ways to gutting get you to leave. she disrupts the building and tenants making them fight amongst each other i've lost my partner over money maternity. i want to say i'm really outdone and outraged that you are looking at numbers and thinking about numbers when you're not looking at a human problem. it's a human right to have food
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and shelter if you live somewhere you shouldn't lose your shelter and right now i can't get to va low. i can't get there. you have to looked at the numbers of the voters the people that put you in office right now will be begun and the new people don't care they're gone 18 hours a with day and looking at at living in san francisco. it was my home i'm an artist and good building i should be evicted for this stuff (clapping.) before we get to the last speaker you'll call the last number of cards. i'm sorry, i can't pronounce the
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last name and a card with no name on that. again there are yellow cards if i've not called your name thank you. go ahead >> i'm laura i've lived in san francisco for 39 years. thank you supervisor campos for sponsoring this and supervisor cowen and supervisor mar for co-sponsoring. this is only one issue in the bucket we need additional legislation to help people stay in their homes. it is not if you have to the perspective and will not low evictions it's better to keep people in their homes. personalities on speculators should defer evictions and those proposed eviction amaze are not likely to help. no amount of peenlt will


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