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tv   [untitled]    March 18, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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street without feeling threatened by the multiple construction sites and they spring up everyday there's a new site and it's difficult to know how to get around the city and avoid those alcoholic and dangerous construction sites they're taking over our streets so i ask as people citizens of san francisco as well to be on the look act out when it's mremd our path call it in like i do >> thank you. any other members of the public wish to speak. >> yes. i'm larry edmond i want you to see this hat. this is the loose is it showing this is the loss i've found on my block on the 21st stop we had
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been up to its a white string in my room it was turned to a i found out it was not a navy news a white man told me it was a army no, sir. so a thing like the library this is like a thing from 12 years of slavery with those women, of course, you all know about this one is it really true it tells us about the yerba buena practices and this man said he said i have lived my life so i can look at any map and tell him to go to hell george that was a
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intended commission in the hotel there. what we found out was really conclude i have only god and the cadillac hotel and 3 black people wanted for in house you can learn something from them this is the book we should be reading about the black man the new black man must not be consistently be led out we have to make a hundred thousand dollars that's not something you have to do we nominated the bridge after mr. brown so thank you. >> thank you. any other members of the publ of the public wish to comment.
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>> items thirty through 31 can be voted on. >> colleagues roll call vote on the adaptation calendar. >> supervisor breed. supervisor campos. commissioner chiu. supervisor cowen. supervisor farrell. supervisor kim. supervisor mar. supervisor tang. supervisor wiener. supervisor yee. supervisor avalos. there are 11 i's. those items are approved madam clerk read the memoriams. today's meeting will be adjourned on behalf of supervisor yee and supervisor campos for the late mr. dennis garden on behalf of the supervisor mar so far the late
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mr. co- miami and on behalf of the entire board of supervisors for the late mr. joseph flanagan and on behalf of the supervisor cowen and supervisor wiener and supervisor chiu and supervisor campos for the late ron smith >> i want to take a moment to thank the staffer for reporting today's meeting. with that madam clerk, is there any other business for the board >> thank you, mr. chairman that includes our meeting booze bus for today. >> thank you with that, we're for today. >> thank you with that, we're today. >> thank you with that, we're
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terms of cost fee, times and affordability. if the -- and it was discussed that if the police commission chose not to proceed, then the entertainment commission would go to the board of supervisors, the impact study we're working with supervisor wiener on, it'll be much like the night life study. i know jocelyn's been working with the controller's office in the very early stages to engage promotors of these events so
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that study can begin. that's very early stages. we had talked about lead training, we talk about it all the time. and it had come up with one of the applicants whose staff mostly spoke spanish, but lead training in english. so we drafted a letter to the abc to offer this in supervisor to get it also conducted in chinese -- either mandarin or cantonese. i'm not sure. maybe both. we think it's only fair that if this free training is available to abc then it should be offered in all languages. i'll pass this out to you /tkpwao*eus. guys. >> great. >> and finally, the summit is coming up april 7, and this is our gathering of all the night life industry to come together and discuss issues facing
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issues, learn about new best practices and programs. it's going to be at the auditorium, san francisco public library, on april 17, between 1:00 and 4:00. so far we've confirmed that chief greg sir will be there, as well as the director from the abc. we'll also educate the venue and owners about establishment lights so make sure you put that on your calendar. now i'll turn it over to inspector burke. >> so for the 10b follow up, it sounds like you want us to have a discussion about draft in a letter. i guess from my assumption from that meeting i thought it would be a quick phone call or email to the police commission saying we heard this -- >> i think it's best probably in a letter and just to give
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them some direction on what you're looking for because, you know, right now they have no idea. >> got it. and would that come from me or director kane or how would that work? >> i think it would be from the entertainment -- from you and the commission. >> got it. i don't mind drafting something that i can maybe send out via our staff to the commission and then if you guys have any comments, track changes or just let us know -- let me know and i think we can finalize that within the next week. would that work for you all? , commissioners? >> yep. >> okay, thank you. and then -- oh, for the summit on the 7th, is there a formal role that you want commissioners to play or -- i know in the past we've sort of just showed up informally. some commissioners have spoken, but i don't know -- >> i think it would be great if any of you wanted to play a formal roll. role. i know there's always a need for moderating the panel and that sort of thing. if you wanted to give a welcome, something, i think
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that'd be great. i'll talk with jocelyn, we can work that out. >> sounds good. commissioner perez. >> if there's more than three it'll be a formal -- >> not as long as you don't talk about commission matters, it'll be fine. >> i would like to follow up with the leads, since, you know, you and i have been talking about that. i was wondering if we couldn't even get a little more pressure on lead from the mayor 's office or the other supervisors because i do really feel that it's very bad for these other languages to not be able to take advantage of this program. i would hope we could go
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forward and find other people who would help support this and maybe give it more weight to get some spanish and chinese lead trainings available. >> i'm happy to work on that with you. >> thank you. >> all right, any other -- inspector burke. >> thank you, good evening commissioners. big saint patrick's day weekend this past weekend. i focused mainly on the larger block party style events. on march 13, what's known as the block party at 582 washington right next door to a place of the name avanteen. very under control, as were all the events that i visited this weekend. the irish bank and /o riley's both had blocks shut down. security was very present, very responsive, crowds were under
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control and it didn't appear to me that there were any kind of overcrowding or overserving issues. on the 17th irish blank and o rileys were open again with street closures and we added in the royal exchange last night as well. and so a lot of that roaming around and checking with sfpd and security people at each event. nothing really to report other than that the i irish bank yesterday, i reminded them to post no smoking signs and instructions about water and things like that. we've got a recuring complaint going on with city nights nightclub. there's a resident at 88 perry street, who is experiencing some low end resonance in his
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dwelling. i was able to confirm this last weekend and we are working with city nights to try to address the issues. that's under control. a couple of complaints over the last couple of weeks, combination of sound systems that are a little out of control and also people outside of businesses that are disturbing neighbors. most of the people i've been in contact with have been very responsive, handing out a lot of good neighbor policies reminding people to keep their /tkpaors closed, reminding staff to police the front of the clubs. i can give you a rundown of the complaints, but as you can see on the list, i think there's seven or eight there. clearly i'm on poke, pink 18 is a private event space, soma, i think the polk generally speaking seems like it's just
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getting to a -- every weekend we're -- the traffic is increasing so i'm working with security teams at each venue and working with sfpd to get some bigger picture ideas going. we have a new event on a sunday, another friendly reminder to keep their doors closed during performances so i'm going around reminding people to follow the good neighbor policy and conditions put on the permit. one notice of violation for a karaoke place called the comma on geary that was visited during some rounds i made with richmond district sfpd. i did a ride along this last saturday during the saint
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patrick's day revelry. we did a notice of violation for operating without a permit. couple of general inspections, 50 mason social club at 50 mason street. they have yet to complete the permit process. brainwash 1122 fo lsom, handed them a good neighbor policy there. brand new interesting situation, there's a place called impact hub at the bottom level of the chronicle building. this particular event was in a space occupied by the san francisco school digital film making and while doing inspections at mezzanine and monarch, i noticed some open containers out on the street and i'm right now trying to get in touch with people that lease
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that space to those folks and see about permits and see about hiring event security as opposed to just building security. they did have some facility security there, but no one keeping on eye and no one was trained in security so very surprising little scene there on mission street. all in all, big holiday weekend and i think from what i saw, things were under control and i think that wraps it up for me. questions? >> i have -- 620 jones, this neighborhood come /phraeupbts -- complaint -- do you know what time roughly? >> i've had a lot of contact with this particular neighbor. i think things started around 9:00 and usually go 'til about 11:00. this is not a sound system complaint, this is more of a neighbor entering exiting the
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building. >> did they have security outside to deal with keeping people moving or keeping them quiet. >> they do. and i think from what we witnessed, they're doing a decent job. she lives quite far away from the building. they're towards the /pwot bottom of the block and she's toward the top of the block. i think as people are leaving there's some chatter. i didn't notice some loitering to speak of. i think it's a very busy street, and i think she has some issues with not just jones, but the neighborhood in general. >> okay. >> any other questions or comments from commissioners? no? >> thank you. >> thank you. >> we can go ahead and take public comment on the executive director report. any public comment?
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all right, public comment closed. we will move on to the next agenda item, which is police department comments and questions. so please come up and share with us the news.
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as far as things in the central, we had several large parties, everything from o rileys with street closures to royal exchange to the irish -- well, the -- what's that? yeah, the irish bank and they went pretty well. they had sfpd staffed and all those things were permitted and a lot of those happen every single year so it's not a surprise to us that we work with the businesses and the communities and so it really goes over without any issues. as far as issues with the clubs, we've done -- the last couple weeks we've had to do a lot of work with a couple different clubs, one in particular was atmosphere, 447 broadway. i'm not going to go into a huge, huge detail, but if you get a chance, i forwarded the copies of the reports that have happened these last couple
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weeks. i really urge the commission to take a look at them. i, along with lieutenant santos, have been working with bennett from atmosphere and we've been going back and forth with emails and did an inspection this last saturday night where another fight happened. but as far as the incident, and as i said, if you get a chance just take a look at the reports, but the last commission hearing, i apprised you of a disturbance out there where they were blocking the sidewalk, there was a fight that was called pretty quickly, but the issue with the sidewalk. i talked to bennett, he has a different idea of how big the fight was. right now we're trying to get compliance to make the club. and so we just got -- my lieutenant approached me from central about a week-and-a-half ago and talked about more
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problems at atmosphere. for that one, there was a fight that erupted inside the club, so my lieutenant was standing outside. the police responded and attempted to separate the groups. the aggressors announced they'd fight anyone including the police. they took out of their shirts and wrapped their fists. the police tried to take them into custody. as one police officer was arresting one of the individuals, one of the aggressors, his brother jumped in and so now we have a situation, not just trying to get away, but, you know, another person jumping in. and so that really took a bad turn where much bigger use of force had to be used to quell both individuals and so these are the situations where things -- you know, it's 2:30 in the morning where broadway, it just -- you know, mayhem out in the
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streets. you know, it might be a bit of an examination, but i think if you read the reports, you get kind of a feel for exactly what's going on and what police have to do to responds to this. both of those people were arrested. one was arrested for lynching. he was arrested for that and resisting and the other was arrested for two counts of resisting arrest. both were over intoxicated so we're dealing with overserving issues. we have over serving where we have people intoxicated. it's possible that had they not had that kind of alcohol in them this would not have happened. on last saturday, lieutenant santos and i went in to see the owner at atmosphere to go over the safety plain to see what we could do to make it safer. as we're there a fight breaks out
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at the entrance. hijack fight breaks out. probably about 20 officers that responded to it. as security was taking one of the combatants into custody, he fell down and sustained a head injuries so a ambulance had to be called for him. the other friend tried to fight as well. he was taken into custody. and then their other friend -- they had come on a party bus for a bachelor party and in the dealings with talking with the one that resisted arrest, he said he hadn't had anything to drink on the bus, but when he got there he was having jaeger bombs and other things, and he was so intoxicated that he defecated in his pants. that was during the altercation. you know, we have another situation of over serving. so right now we're dealing with this, we're trying to, you know, do some retraining,
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really go into talking with the management on how we can make it safer, talk about sidewalks being clear, not over serving, dealing with the party buses. that's a no stopping zone. the buses, he has been notifying central station, but it's under the thing that we get specific times and somebody goes on the bus to see what the group looks like as far as are they intoxicated, unruly, that sort of thing. we need that to be stepped up. and if it can't be, then we're just not going to be able to have the party buses stop there. if it creates this much of a problem for the buses not being on time, so we have a group of 20, 30 people waiting for the bus. they might be intoxicated and impatient and you have that bewitching hour where you want to get the people out of there as soon as possible because the longer they're there, the more chance that something could happen. as i said, this is a work in
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progress that we're dealing with. next one is bethel and we've gotten -- i got complaints -- it was about maybe nine months ago and we brought in the manager from vessel. the major complaints are coming from the hotel across the alleyway and they were talking about money they've had to refunds to guests so we had the management come in and with the entertainment commission, spoke with them, went through what the problems were and then we didn't hear any issues from that point so we thought it was kind of taken care of. and now i've just been contacted again by the general manager of the hotel and this was one of the emails. this guest complained of the noise on the 21st of february. we had to waive off her entire stay.
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you can see loss of goodwill and bad pub licity that we'll get. this is the email that the guest wrote to management. thank you for your response. can you imagine that having my room changed at 1:00 am would have been comfortable? if the nightclub noise was unexpected, i would not feel the hotel was responsible, but in light of your previous knowledge, it was to acknowledge a lack of concern for your guest's comfort. i was unable to sleep on the night of the 21st and it was a foreseen circumstance that the hotel chose not to apprise me of. i have every intention of pursuing this matter further and will forward our correspondence to my travel agent, to trip advisor. and then there was a brief email from another person, "i enjoyed
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very much my stay. you have an excellent hotel and fantastic location. i'm not sure if you're aware, but due to the requested to change rooms and then they gave the information as far as they were. we're also dealing with those things. you know, that's a very nice hotel and those are the emails and conversations that i'm getting with the general manager so that's another thing we're working on. >> so are those complaints of just people yelling in the streets or is there music actually coming out the doors, you know, kinda what's the issue. >> it just sounds like it's at -- not so much the noise coming out from music, but just the people coming out, yelling and creaming. screaming. and it is in an allieway so it's possible the noise carries up, but it's enough to wake up the people and wanting them to change rooms at 1 o'clock in the morning. they've got some pretty unhappy
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guests at the hotel. the hotel's taking the hit. this is not the first time they've told me about having to refund money. the last one i think they had to -- they send the person sit down with them and find out what's going to work for the area. this last email from the general manager, we had one guest -- i called up -- i contacted her on monday because i wanted to see -- i ran the location to see if there were any calls for service. there were about nine calls for service in that area, but none had any to do with nightclub
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activity. it was maybe noise at 7 o'clock in the morning, but nothing that's club related so i asked her if there were any issues. she said one guest come brained we changed the guest room in the night. it was an annoyance to the guest. we sent her a bottle of wine the next day. cost was about $50. let's see. second to last -- we have nightclub issues, but then we also have the day club issues as far as broadway with the clubs opening up at 6:00 am and just two i want to talk about. one was monroe and this happened at 9:30 in the morning and the security staff acted proper, had extremely drunk person to try to come in, they didn't allow the person to come in. person started causing problems so they called police. they just were not quite used
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to seeing people at 9:30 in the morning sloshed in fright of a night have shrub. the other one was at cosmo bar on march 8 at 6:55 am. our officers saw two people leave the bar, go into a car and they ended up making a cocaine arrest. the person had cocaine and a scale in their car. one of the people, his id was with another patron inside of cosmo. part of the problem that we see -- this is not the first drug arrest that's been made on broadway in the morning. it seems that, you know, not everybody is going to be under the influence, but for some people to be able to stay up and drink the entire night, they're not going to be able to do it unless they have other substances so that's a new thing we're dealing with. think you can remember a few months -- probably nine months ago where they had somebody that was completely drugged out
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that fought security at monroe, fought security and then fought the police and then he ended up breaking the nurse's nose down at the emergency room. that person was completely drugged up so we don't -- at the nighttime we deal with more issues as far as intoxication, you know, of depressants such as alcohol, not as much as the stimulants and other things people are using to get by to be able to party into the miles an houring. ing morning.


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