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tv   [untitled]    March 19, 2014 12:00am-12:31am PDT

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money is in the ta. and funding for the mission zero. thank you >> thank you very much. let's hear from our next speaker ms. jackson. >> i'm going to go as fast say, i, you all know i'm dr. espanola jackson. in 1960 the that believes was past and i'd like to see which one of you will have an audit done on the mayor's office of housing and workforce, hope those are the programs that we in the community brought into the city but not getting the funds i'd like to knows who and which those funds were transferred from the housing authority to the mayor's office. he done left i can't compliment
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him. the corruption that is going on and i knew i wasn't going to get the support i needed when i wanted to talk about the shipyard because of the people that are receiving monies from lanar but lanar will die auto and i'm getting tired of being 81 years of age and watching racism in the city and how you black folks are helping to make sure that a heartache continues. and make sure an audit is done. one of you men i know you can call for an audit >> next speaker. >> good evening supervisors aim leslie i want to talk about wifi technology. by reading from a letter from martha russ johnson herbert from
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hart medical scott taylor school i'm the the facility full-time and on staff at the massachusetts school i'm a board certified person in in your developmental disorders i have a certificate between the radio frequency radiation i set out to write a paper and found more litter than i anticipated to refugee edited a single package review with over 50 certifications. there are other things as our ability to measure impacts
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become more impacted by eir and r f r children are more vulnerable and children with chronic sdablsz are more vulnerable. current technologies were designed and project gated without take into account the biological impacts other than the theory mall impacts >> you have 29 seconds left and if i could read from the press release a major telecommunication company filed a patent to reduce the pollution and it acknowledged the cancer risk inform wireless rootd radiation 8 years before the research. >> thank you. >> next speaker.
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>> i'd like to put this up and expand it and excuse me, sir if you could speak into the microphone. >> i'd like to put-put this up large-print. >> there it is. >> good they can read that. i'm mark i've got 2 brothers and sisters got saved and preached to them conflict came and jesus warned us when a jew becomes saved they've get a mock fortune and their disinherited when a muslim gets saved a lot of times his father will kill him heels have to flee but jesus has warned us this world hates us. now folks there really is an attack against the bible and christians and families.
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as you promote homosexuality i know things have changed this is not the old testament and the king tore people's houses down. the bible said to stone the homosexuals and others adulters and repairs and in the new testament it's still wrong in the new testament it's really wrong and let me prove that jesus said if i completed adultery on my wife she could forgive me or say i'm going to find a real man, i wouldn't be able as a christian to get married again, you, never get married again, i'm not
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advocating we kill homosexuals but it's wickedness and your promoting it and affidavit your smirking i pray for your, i.e., really do if i join the avenue bachelorette church and became a real christian where they try to live for jesus >> thank you very much. next speaker. >> i'll daily representative the tenderloin walking tours project. i heard you talk about the displacement of districts and people because of the tech revolution we're here in the tenderloin and mid-market we're not getting the benefits but it is in your district and particularly the mission. those are the places that are getting the displacement so we need to make sure those
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nonprofits are not getting the citywide benefits. there's a lot of tech people in this room. you know, between the board of supervisors and the san francisco chronicle we're doing a lot of bashing the tech people the attorneys have left that's at that discrepancyy. we get all high-handed because we've got all those tech companies we had a multiple national company with thousands and thousands of employees we walked out the door and left this is bank of america. don't think we can't lose them the sport team gutting got up and left alabama calling everyday to twitter. so keep in mind you know, we freed need to treat the people
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differently. i want to talk about the 311 system you can get 90 days by calling 311 it is working well, i tried it myself i called 311 and got on the list in 13 days i had a bedded. as you all know those 90 day shelter beds you go into a shelter and so we need to advertise to the board because no one knows - >> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon. i'm here to talk about the ridership stuff that's happening in the city. you guys know it's growing and there's a lot more ridership cars given the services and you know like now you know the safety issues there are, you
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know, like you don't know if they know how to drive the cable cars or ride with the bieflts on the street us taxicabs have to make sure we drive responsibility and those other guys into have to do this year you know that leads way to the gypsy you ridership companies that are drivers i know bart close you know that aren't liquifies and sidecars by people who look like i'm doing ride share so hope if in. i'm a young dude, i, drive a taxicab but there are drivers that could help with the lack of
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cabs for the handicapped or get more medallions and fill like the emptiness 4 for the taxicabs that is for people that need cabs. i get honks like people i think they're waiting for me but it's a lift or ride share you i think i you can get for medallions or something that could help i don't know maybe like more drivers i don't know someone else but i'm kind of fte that. yeah, that's probably >> thank you very much. next speaker. >> board of supervisors i'm john and i want to make some brief comments about this last thing in front of my face. this black thing inside my hand
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is all inside my head the idea of them stems from some old cult which you put gov. close to our mouth and it's clean. this is my car sometimes, we call it different things it's burnt wood from which we draw emergency source in most of africa. i want to talk about an issue about 2010 there was a proposition to raise an issue on sir, and it made up in november for the legislation around that time i was taking
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the bar examination and finding out found out my results i gave him expired to find out more about where medicine and law come together, of course, open a bed in a mattress but sometimes, it's in a club an 2701 bay street in berkley you can pay 5 bucks to enjoy user in the eagle that's why i went in 2012 so i went in there, i.e., building this was my birthday on the 18 we spent not more than 10 hours and came back home >> thank you very much.
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thank you very much >> good afternoon. i'm here today to speak about the march 9 san francisco chronicle. the koranal ran two photos of homeless women using the public room at the public library. now i've been in touch with the district attorney but the effort violated state penal code 647 j one. that law prohibits the taking of pictures in public rooms yet here we have a four cooperate
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send a public photographer into the room. the district attorney has sent me confusion via i e-mail i followed up asking in the district attorney has spoken with the women when i believe are victims of privacy. i want to know federal and state if the district attorney has found those homeless women to give prescription changing cloths inside a public room. i wanted to wring it to the attention or altercation of the police department so there was no police commission meeting last week it's getting difficult to use did you law enforcement
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agencies rewarding the clear vision of state law. there's a matter that the city larger than has said there was no permission to take those pictures and it violated state law code >> thank you. next speaker. >> thank you, mr. president and commissioners, i live on the street light deficit street. i rise to continue offering some personal biennium that incorporates my philosophy in the middle 60s it offered philosophical and stimulation i was in the middle of my own saga at complaining high school. the chemicals were simple the
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hormones of publicity. it is my philosophical and political narrative. while i was in high school any father was serving in the united states army core and was the senior listed. my father was the one who operated equipment and while he was overseas when a memorial candle stick park was good morning. i was also president of the young california democratic's club for those of you who remember the historical democratic's were the next best thing to the communist sz.
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two many of the members were from military clubs and some of the soldiers being called killers were our fathers and brothers we knew although they were kim people they were not killers >> thank you. next speaker and. >> i'm james and supervisor breed was talking about polished presentations and stiff i'm not polished but my company i can hire and have 5 hundred unskilled workers hired by the end of a year but i can't present that in a polished way
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i'm not a business person major. it doesn't it goes without saying i can hire those people and get it going but can't get anyone behind me because you've got good legislator aids when i tell them i can hire someone at the 20 to $25 an how are they look at me like i'm crazy instead of how can i do it. ; right? i haven't got that from anyone so i'm trying to be polished to present my company to the city. >> good evening. i'm charles i'd like to request the boards altercation to what i consider a
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sharplyly declining quality of life here 90 in san francisco due to travel and related problems around the construction sites here. before i felth i want to xhepd norm wong and james lee with dpw to helping me their communicated with me and they're trying to help with what is fruitless for me and i imagine the public for you on the way home i have to navigate around the construction i have trouble coming down market street just to get to my appointments downtown. i'm inclined to take my trade elsewhere outside of san francisco to trade with merchant when i would have previously
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come down market street or union square or trade in san francisco but it's good difficult now because of the traffic. one comment that came up norman wong said may i misunderstands he has one section for every 3 thousand special permits that's a key to understanding the problem as i see it i can't anymore walk safely down market street without feeling threatened by the multiple construction sites and they spring up everyday there's a new site and it's difficult to know how to get around the city and avoid those alcoholic and dangerous construction sites they're taking over our streets so i ask as people citizens of san francisco as well to be on
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the look act out when it's mremd our path call it in like i do >> thank you. any other members of the public wish to speak. >> yes. i'm larry edmond i want you to see this hat. this is the loose is it showing this is the loss i've found on my block on the 21st stop we had been up to its a white string in my room it was turned to a i found out it was not a navy news a white man told me it was a army no, sir. so a thing like the library this
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is like a thing from 12 years of slavery with those women, of course, you all know about this one is it really true it tells us about the yerba buena practices and this man said he said i have lived my life so i can look at any map and tell him to go to hell george that was a intended commission in the hotel there. what we found out was really conclude i have only god and the cadillac hotel and 3 black people wanted for in house you can learn something from them this is the book we should be reading about the black man the new black man must not be
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consistently be led out we have to make a hundred thousand dollars that's not something you have to do we nominated the bridge after mr. brown so thank you. >> thank you. any other members of the publ of the public wish to comment. >> items thirty through 31 can be voted on. >> colleagues roll call vote on the adaptation calendar. >> supervisor breed. supervisor campos. commissioner chiu. supervisor cowen. supervisor farrell. supervisor kim.
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supervisor mar. supervisor tang. supervisor wiener. supervisor yee. supervisor avalos. there are 11 i's. those items are approved madam clerk read the memoriams. today's meeting will be adjourned on behalf of supervisor yee and supervisor campos for the late mr. dennis garden on behalf of the supervisor mar so far the late mr. co- miami and on behalf of the entire board of supervisors for the late mr. joseph flanagan and on behalf of the supervisor cowen and supervisor wiener and supervisor chiu and supervisor campos for the late ron smith >> i want to take a moment to thank the staffer for reporting today's meeting.
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with that madam clerk, is there any other business for the board >> thank you, mr. chairman that includes our meeting booze bus for today. >> thank you with that, we're for today. >> thank you with that, we're today. >> thank you with that, we're >> good afternoon. today is march 3rd, 2014. welcome to the local agency formation commission otherwise known as lafco. and joining meeting with the san francisco public utilities commission. my name is john avalos, the chair of lafco, and we are joined by our public utilities commission members and the
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vice-chair is also here. she will be sharing the podium with me and we will be chairing together. on the lafco side, madam clerk, could you read the role, please? >> yes, commissioner avalos? >> present. >> commissioner avalos present. commissioner campos? commissioner campos abseptember. absent. commissioner breed? commissioner pimentel absent. commissioner mar. here. >> we have a quorum. >> our clerk is melissa miller and we are broadcast by sfgov-tv staff john ross and jonathan [speaker not understood]. and the public utilities commission clerk is donna hood. so, with that i welcome everyone to our joint meeting. this meeting is to get an update. okay, let's do that first. >> vice president caen? >> here. >> commissioner vietor? >> here. >> commissioner moran? >> here. >> president courtney and
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commissioner torres are excused from today's meeting and we have a quorum. >> very good. we have a quorum for both. so, colleagues, we welcome you to our meeting today. really our meeting is a chance to have a long awaited joint commission meet tog hear about issues that are relative to both lafco and our work around cca and keeping that program going as well as issues within the puc of the power enterprise department. i know there has been a lot of discussion about where power enterprise is and is in need of some greater attention from the public utilities commission. and our, our goal with lafco is to make sure whatever resource he we might be able to help to understand with the power enterprise and also help with the decision making with the power enterprise we are available to provide that input. we will also hear a report today about the latest request
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for proposal that was issued earlier this month or now its was last month because it's march, and then we'll go on to general public comment. chair. >> i, too, greet everybody today. it's very nice that we have this meeting together. [speaker not understood] difficulty getting all the bodies in one place, so, i'm glad we do have a quorum and that we could move forward on it. as you know or perhaps you've heard, there are some very pressing issues facing the power enterprise. as part of our budgeting, we learned that our staff when they were going through things -- sorry? can you hear me now? now we have a complete picture of the current and projected financial demands on the agency . and the power enterprise is facing some especially
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significant issues that we need to address. we have found that we have some unanticipated costs ~. we have additional charges from pg&e for transmission and distribution. we now have the mountain tunnel repairs, about $500 million, and we have some various regulatory problems that we will have to address. we're working very hard on developing these needs. i sit in the financial seat on the commission and i've done so now for 17 years. i want to emphasize the urgency of what the power enterprise is currently facing with regards to its financial health. i'm glad that today we will have the opportunity to discuss these issues. so, let's move forward.
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>> very good. thank you, chair caen. so, madam clerk, if you can call -- we just did item number 3, our opening remarks. and i'm not sure we probably need to have public comment on item 3, opening remarks. madam clerk? >> mr. chair, i need to call item number 31st. item number 3 is opening remarks and discussion of expectations for the joint meeting. >> yeah, i think we just did that. so, why don't we have -- well, we've called the item, we've already done it. let's go on to public comment and opening remarks. ~ >> commissioner caen alerted us to that there are big financial issues at the s.f.puc. that is precisely what makes cleanpowersf so important. when we use cleanpowersf to build renewable city-wide infrastructure that will pay itself off in probably 7 to 15 years, after that it will be a massive revenue generator for the


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