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tv   [untitled]    March 26, 2014 5:00am-5:31am PDT

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they find the work to the meaningful and important and it gives them a sense of purpose in their life and the process that they know they are enabling folks to live such a great quality of life. those folks are not able to do this because there are venues that are hard to find and hard to use. it's our hope this will start in san francisco and it will be an excellent resource that will continue to make san francisco one of the most progressive cities when it comes to the disability community and the aging population and i welcome any questions you might have. >> are there any comments or questions from councilmembers? i would like to make one. this is great. it's just amazing. it's such a better way for people to choose care workers than over the phone and it gives a lot of information
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before you ever to have ask a question directly to the person and it narrows down the time you have to we've through people get the personal care that you have to do. i really appreciate this. >> thank you. we are very excited about this. it's something that is very much within our wheel house and something we have very strong competency in. all of our providers know what they are doing and they are expensed and have passed or graduated from a training program and you nailed it on the head, being able to access that information before hand means that you are able to make that decision so much faster baunsd we are not an agency it means the providers get to charge a lower rate which is much easier to afford for the
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community and at the same time the provider gets to charge all of the money in charge of process of it. we can imagine a better win win scenario for it. it's something that we are really excited about. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> if i can make a comment to the chair? >> yes. >> mr. o'connel, thank you so much for your presentation. i wonder if you can explain for the council why is that specifically targeting people in private pay and what that really means and since you are also taking comments on your beta page, i would say that the contracts, the color contrast on your website is not very good. the green, for people with low vision, the green and yellow characters, the contrast could be improved. >> thankfully, the marine
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center for independent living has already taken that into account. if you pull it up on the screen once more, they have a high contrast option in the accessibility section. >> i have another question for you. i noticed that a lot of your providers are based out of outside of san francisco. what does that really mean? is that private exchange open to people in other cities or is it just a san francisco thing? >> so i would tell you if somebody, all of the providers all they have to do is say that they are willing to work in san francisco and commit to work in san francisco. that doesn't limit them to working into other areas. we place no exclusivity on their time in the process. we only ask that when they list an availability on our website that they keep it available and in fact we do check ins with them to make sure that that availability
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remains accurate so nobody goes onto the website and asks to see john or sue and say do you have tuesday afternoons free. john or sue goes, i'm terribly sorry, but i just filled that up of the availability. we do have hopes to expanding to the bay area. i don't know how many of you know it but google has put out a grant for non-profits and we are in partnership with all of the independent living centers in ninety counties of the bay area to expand services across the area. we know that the disability community does not end in the san francisco border. the fact that i live in berkeley is an --
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indication of that. and the resources are not on borders. it online and because of our beta we want to make sure we have a strong product to begin with and that's why we are focusing on san francisco to begin with and we definitely want to expand. >> councilmember harriet wong has a comment? >> thank you mr. o'connel. joanna answered my question. can you state the website url. >> sure. it is >> okay. thank you mr.
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o'connel. >> thank you so much. >> do we have anymore public comment? >> roland. we have a councilmember that wants to speak first and then you can go next. >> it's just one simple question. can we get your phone number. >> certainly. my phone number is on our contact page. let me get it. now you made it challenging for me. the phone number for me is 659-5329. that's my personal number and i would be happy to speak to you personally. it's 415. >> thank you. >> no problem. >> okay. terrific. now public comment. thank you for being patient.
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>> larry juicy. when i seen private paid. i thought isn't this a public thing? why is it private? i get it now. because one thing we need to know there is a lot of the prisons are private. today prisons are educating people with math and science degrees. you can transfer it to san francisco state. and i often look at this between private and public because this martin luther king jr. holiday there were 80,000 people. today there is 800 percent increase. so today as people are serving time they are going to come by with education and jobs. they are already training people now in the prisons to do jobs. as we know the greatest person who has the greatest income from prison, he's to say the
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price is right. he supplies all of the clothing for people to be in bob parker. his name is on it. i like at this as a private assistance. although i had a chinese worker who helped me. when they were building the train and subway, the mice were coming in and we had to put up the refrigerators. i don't have it no more. it was a good learning experience between private and public because i know ihss is a public entity. it's nice to see that private, you can use private service that does go together. it is a
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project of the ihss. thank you. >> any other public comment? thank you again mr. o'connel. we'll move on to item no. 11. report from the disability disaster preparedness committee given by councilmember denise senhaux. >> thank you. the committee met and had a large turnout. many community based organizations were in attendance. the committee heard a report from the committee members working in the bayview project to assist people with disabilities and seniors to shelter in place after a disaster. they are currently mapping out the district to see where these people are living and what these needs maybe. there is
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also discussion on the upcoming tsunami exercise on march 26, 27, 28, this is around transportation, sheltering and communication and other needs with people with disabilities in the event of a sun -- tsunami in san francisco. group members presented a standard operation procedure in san francisco and this is not to be used by the american red cross but by emergency operation center or referred to eoc. it includes a process of evaluating and preparing a site for use as a shelter with a long list of considerations ranging from accessibility and transportation to sanitation and electricity. the dpc heard from various city and county sources from san francisco to
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seeing the people with the needs with disabilities and with the lawsuit of the new york after during and post super storm sandy in 2012. in effect plans to assist and support people with disabilities are woven throughout the city in the counties disaster preparedness plan in thorough manner. two areas in need of more work are at the sf mta and the wider distribution of evacuation chairs in the high rise buildings. this concludes the dpc report today. we invite you to attend our next meeting of the disaster preparedness committee may 2, 2014 in room 421 city hall from 130 p.m. to 330 p.m.. thank you. >> next item is public comment for items not on today's
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agenda but within the jurisdiction of the mdc. any further public comment? >> yes. larry j edmond. i'm author -- here to speak about a person with disabilities and about african american people who are not able to live in public housing. there is a flyer going out and i did see a cochair on your board, idell wilson, she said she didn't know too much about it. she and i went to city college and market and guera was at the mission campus and she's often telling me to come to your meetings here. i'm very concerned with what is going on in public housing especially for african
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americans who have disabilities and i do go to church. there is something going on with the freedom west concrete. people with disabilities they encourage us to get out to these church meetings to find out what's going on. you said some is on may 2, on tsunami disability thing. this is coming up may 2nd. tsunami. yes. may 2nd. 2014. i problem is i really want to know what is going to happen to people who are disabled as they take away those homes that i understand under the new housing what they call it the housing public housing authority reform and reshaping. good
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question for us people with disabilities and thank you. mdc. >> all right. next item is correspondence. heather do we have correspondence today? >> we have two new items of correspondence today for the councilmembers. the first one is a letter from the community living campaign for cochair chip supanich. the second item is a personal correspondence from a member of the public to idell wilson. that's all the correspondence that we have. thank you. >> thank you so much. >> okay. next councilmember comments and announcements.
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anything? no? okay then. we are done. this meeting is adjourned. >> [ meeting is adjourned ] thank you. >> thank you councilmembers. >> >> commissioner low.
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commissioner mondejar. commissioner antonini. second item on the agenda it is the approval of the minutes >> can you hear a motion to approve the minutes. >> it's been moved and seconded
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all in favor. the item 3 the director's report >> good afternoon, commissioners i wanted to note some sad news we lost ron smith he passed away last night we got on e-mail this afternoon and i'm sure you're aware of ron has been really helped us lead our respite center helped us through the process i wanted to honor him then on saturday a march 22 there will be a convention of lgbt suicide risk and prevention at the student center from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and the
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researchers and practitioners will present research and best practices to guide program and suicide prevention for care for lgbt youth. we did on incredible job with working with community advocates in looking at how to approve our healthy stores and the press event focused on the young adult surveys and 6 zip codes tenderloin and the marine a it has the prescription at protect incomes and the agencies and coalitions youth advocates and policymakers and staff and city agencies have been working to promote community health and addressing tobacco and drink industries while working with
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small industries in strengthening the communities. and this month san francisco health commission celebrated the 25th slshgs o celebrations it on the lgbt program and the community supporters who have demonstrated an advocate success are. they've helped with the lgbt especially seeking health care health care and safety community and in 1st 94 they led a grassroots efforts for the transgender folks to get health care. i want to congratulate tom with the work in our community. a sad note after 33 years with the health care elizabeth johnson is retiring and during
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her 10 years she dedicated herself and as you know holly hammer will be taking her place we look forward to haley's directorship. i'll leave it there for commissioners questions >> commissioners any questions. >> through the chair did you mention it was in the report the fact it d h had a perfect score in mitigation. >> i mentioned it her but there was a are you surveyor from the california public health department that came here to tube the mitigation program and on the exit he reported no deficiency in the error reduction plan.
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this was the first medication error plan that we know of were there were no finding congratulations to san francisco general >> i think that's a significant note rewarding regarding how the fact of medication has paragraphed who've be spent time looking at units it was define at the ramming random and established by the program we wanted to acknowledge that and i'm glad the director brought this up. >> item 4 is public comment i've not received any requests. >> any public comment. >> the text is a report back from the committee. >> we had two reports today in the community of public health
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community the first was a gentleman with the transgender program of public health it's excited there's a new program that kicks off on april 9th and it actually will be the first, if you will, education and preparation program. there are resources for that and the program will basically focus on 4 major items education and preparation for surgery and what to equip for recovery and what will you do to have a successful outcome and assessment. that's very important, and, secondly, regarding the transgender surgery there is new criteria in line with the san francisco health plan and san francisco leads the country.
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the second report came from the vision zero task force and the public health department has been playing an important role around pedestrian safety and reducing the number of people who were killed and injured. just a couple of notes that are important one hundred people that are severely injured are killed every year in san francisco and 64 percent of motorists are at of all the evidence. $15 million annually is spent at san francisco general for treatment. and the pedestrian safety task force formerly the pedestrian safety task force is the zero task force the goal by 20024 no more traffic dedicates in san francisco. there is a collaborative effort so other departments working with the department of public
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health and they will have the task force perpetrate to the full commission my invite other agencies in the collaborative efforts >> commissioners any other questions. >> yes. i'm particularly pleased are the transgender reports. i wanted to ask in terms of the pedestrian safety in violation zero i know that ann rightly we have great emphasis on is traffic the other third relate to what i've been noticing although as i read there needs no be a great deal of education of the public who were or are walking often they don't cross at the crosswalks and their darting out it's not good for
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their safety i'm sure you're aware of your driving and you suddenly see something in your way. at night it's difficult to see people many of our crosswalks and street crossing are dark and people wear dark clothes. bicyclist now have learned to sort of highlight themselves for the people that are involved you see a lot more floor rent clothes but i've noticed that, you know, even personally this becomes a problem we're seeing people in dark clothes driving. worse is the people that are inauspicious tentative on their mobile phones the ipod i've seen more people holding their phones it's almost like driving and the
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issue i shouldn't be walking people ignore you. so i think this have should be a greater sthifls not simply on motorists but i don't know if that came out to actually give the feedback i think it's important that pedestrians don't seem to realize the despair and they needed to be alert to feel >> that was part of the decision it's a comprehensive program that will take place and director garcia. >> i was in attendance of the zero meeting and at that they're to have a comprehensive caption there will be media and other ways to educate people in riding bikes and so forth.
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>> we've had in the department a pedestrian safety initiative for awhile. >> 10 years. >> i'm wondering are we going to get further feedback and a presentation to get further results. >> absolutely and you can ask as many questions as you like with when the other agencies come with our staff to discuss the citywide initiative they'll be happy to have your questions and we'll have that as quickly as possible. >> i am very worried about pedestrians and don't think they really know. >> yes. commissioners and through the chair i think that's an excellent prevention i know
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311 has been a great access point for city response but the things that flare-up in different parts of the city i know a lot of sense the mission in particular they walk very early and you have young families and the dog-walkerers and there's no way you're going to get across the light and everybody has to sort of run in order to safely cross. i mean so there are certainly target areas that flare-up because of construction or what have you that can be posted people saying can you please obvious this for a that while because of the go prevention mode. the report was clept excellent and we're going to refocus and
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do the educational training >> thank you. any public comment? >> i've not received any questions. >> item 6 is the consent calendar and we have no items on that so item 7. >> item 7. >> the officer election. >> the election of officer is open and i'd like to start with the president. do i hear a motion or a nomination >> madam chair at this point i'd be honored to nominate for consideration of president dr. awarding cho knowing we have two colleagues not here july 4th e judicating and edward they've been in full sport of our names i want to set that for the record so we have a declaration
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of uniformity i nominates edward cho. >> i'd like to second the nomination. >> all right. >> i move the nomination be closed madam chair hallway are there any other nominations due to close therefore let's move all in favor, say i. >> i. >> against? okay. the i's have it the next nomination is for vice president >> madam president i'd like to nominate you for vice president of the commission. >> did i hear a second and so second. >> are there any other nominations? okay hearing no one all in favor, say i. i >> against.


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