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tv   [untitled]    March 27, 2014 12:30am-1:01am PDT

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commissioner mike was really one of the initiateors of creating the group and lead the orientation ever the formation this effort and then also richard from the port of oakland who i've known for a number of years but i saw him in a different light he brought the group together and arranged an critical day and chris who was not able to be there but certainly sent his wishes we've referenced this but the california port authority passed a resolution with respect to the california lesbian, gay,
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bisexual, and transgenders group and to make sure we read the entire resolution so all the ports recreation center recognize and all our employees see how important this issue say we embrace all our employees in the diversity of our workforce so where the cappa is comprised of the seaports and dedicated to maintaining the vigorous work in colonel and the port authority has been promoting the interest of the ports and leading the way of the cutting-edge of the operation whereas the california port authorities having is directed by the seaports to service the citizen's advisory committee and are committed to diversity in their respective
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administration and whereas california ports include all people regardless of race and national origin and sex and gender expression and gender, identity, or sex call orientation it's for the opportunity of men and women and the folks to advance the community whereas the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgenders contribute to the port system for elected officials and from marketing and releasing and hospitality arenas whereas it
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understands the value roll in fascinating the productive dialysis and constructive working relationships among the cool ports whereas on the tenth day the capping a advisory committee and president and ceo voted unanimously to recognize the lgbt port community as the cappa group therefore, be it resolved that the california port authorities officially recognizes the 4rg9 different group as a group within the california division of port authority. we have a formal resolution come
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ratings that day everyone involved particularly observer team from san francisco and our team sister port if across the bay oakland to thank you. a little bit out of order i recognize richard to hear from the port of oakland. welcome across the bay >> welcome and thank you very much for the warm welcome. good afternoon commissioner president katz be vice president adams and commissioners, i guess someone is missing and executive director mirror. port of oakland port of san francisco staff and members of the public. thank you very much for the warm welcome i'm the director of the ports division of environmental ports and planning. i'm also here, of course, on
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behalf of chris literally he will and from the president of our board and all the port staff both at our seaport and the real estate area and the labor and trade to thank the port of san francisco for our commitment and engagement and leadership on the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgenders diversity group. san francisco host the first meeting in june it was informal but we got a great view of the port of san francisco it's maritime activities we have a fantastic tour of the northern waterfronts and one of the key thing is for port folks to learn about our businesses and the
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exit of our businesses the exit of our staff and to build new bridges and perhaps that have not been explored because there are certainty groups that have been able to fully fully participant we're not only to increase the visibility but to also advance the mission of all off our public ports that play such an important economic roll in california. the second meeting i want to recognize the efforts of the port of san diego the leadership of director wayne and the staff in san diego including the president of their board bob nelson who hosted the second meeting were what we crafted a mission for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgenders diversity group and also
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identified key issues which have been covered by again, it bears repeating that in addition to oovrm barriers which we recognize we see this is a major opportunity to advance businesses opportunity and build stronger port. another aspect is leadership we were that the group itself is demonstrating leadership and the key focus is to continue it cult elevate leadership so removing barriers is a way of identifying people throughout our organizations as pile drivers or crane operators or money in offices to identify those leaders and make sure we're doing everything so encourage the leadership within our industry.
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thank you very much for mentioning the day that we hosted for you we're delighted to show you the airport oakland international airport which i'm sure you're aware of competing the bart connecter for many people say i'm here in san francisco but oakland international is closer than our sister peninsula. we went to the new air traffic control tower and held a meeting we have a intrepid group visit our group at the terminal they were able to see the plug in technology we've completed at the port of oakland you've done the same person at the crews terminal to make sure that the
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ocean going vessels and crews vessels are not emt the soot we show you how we do that in oakland with designed technology we've implemented in oakland and we had the crane tour i salute director mirror for going up. it was actually, one of our old are cranes commissioner president katz i think you went to the very top that was a fantastic day there's not like i say this all the time there's nothing like getting out into the fold to see the conditions but demonstrated a lot of encourage on behalf of all of us. i guess to conclude i want to reiterate that we're focused on action. we've identified a set of altercations we intend to pursue
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so kudos for reading the resolution that's very important not only to say there's a resolution but actually to read it so the public can hear the commitment and the full engagement of the port commission we did that as well. our executive director chris when we visited everyone to come to oakland he said in his letter by all measures this is a significant step to full inclusion for all members of our cappa community we are focused on the issues that prolapses are specific to the 4rb9 little bit community in our industry but the issues of diversity and inclusion are much, much
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boarder. we hope the potential of the lgbt group will expand its per view to all members of the port community can feel fully realized and included. thank you for the time and it's role wonderful to meet everyone here at the port of san francisco to know you closer and look forward to further collaboration >> thank you for joining us today. that conclude any report. commissioner adams >> thank you commissioner president katz. i'd like to took a few minutes to talk about my recent trip to china. i want to dedicate my report to the asiana we landed on shanghai the 8 the of march that's the same day the flight was missing.
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among our group was peter daily and the manager of the port we went to a ball conference we were both the open the ground there to build up and make contacts and talk to customers to bring more cargo to the port of san francisco we had great meeting our first was the with the china chamber of commerce and we got insight we might join that group. we met with governor jerry brown's office and china has a developments they've got more billionaires than in the united states. what appeals to them is a taking
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crews to hawaii and san francisco we want to market our new terminal for coming online we talk about the big development in the port of san francisco but sometimes, the developments are like helicopters authors a lot of parrots but in september we pitched to the people in china was that the biggest operator is going to come to our opening day in san francisco to see your new best crews terminal the and we want to do a hook up we know go via satellite we're going to do everything to promote. we think we'll help san
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francisco. we went to the biggest that ball terminal in the world myself and peter we had jim who's the president of the metro ports we went collectively together you had the iowu so when what we talked about to the electro customers we spoke as one voice and able to market the port of san francisco. i really want to thank jim and peter for the meetings it engaged us to put the port of san francisco and we were able to put a working group together with the port of san francisco and i o w and role want to develop pier 92 and 96 because those are jobs. unfortunately in this world we will in we've got to compete but
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we have a very, very good port we have basketball stadiums and restaurants and a crews term maybe a baseball thing i don't know but i'll be leaving next week and go to washington, d.c. and was promote the port of san francisco i thought our trip was really, really good i'm going to save a few minutes for jim and pete we had dinner with the port of san francisco but if china they don't like to do conventions calls you have to have a personal relationship but they've made it clear sometimes you have to meet with people 15
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or 16 times. we had a really nights dinner with the port of shanghai. they've will want to come over and open up a port. shanghai is the largest port in the world one the things i like about china i've said it here in the states we do a lot of talking in china they get it done. and pete and jim has fantastically pictures of projects they've finished we learn now they spend more money in 70 santa in would month then we do in a year i thought it was a great opportunity for the port
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we had great meetings and i think hopefully, we'll really, really build on maritime at the port of san francisco we're all in and dedicated we've got all the partners and be stables so i want to have jim and peter come up. clearly there's a commitment thank you. >> next commissioner porter with the port as commissioner adams said we've had a long but good trip in shanghai we covered the spectrum of the political world china sf has promoted by a shrink and in san francisco the new office and the state covered and on the last day we met that the commerce division and saw
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the new ambassador. every port and shipping company in the world was there we visited with wayne the ceo felt port of san diego and they were out marketing their - they didn't talk too much but the next slide is the largest external in the world to idea of consolidation of two years is really outstanding the tour of the control room is the next slide and the discussion of how they operate was facilitating and the next picture is the cranes we wish we had. we met with the port of shanghai i can't say how much that relationship is important they take us serious we had a
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wonderful luncheon with the ceo they had to ship it to the bridge we've had interpretation like that before it couldn't have been notorious. we had a gift exchange and a meeting with the chinese-american chamber of commerce and the other entities. the last butch of borrowing pictures of motivating but going going back to the next one i didn't see the terminal that commissioner adams mentioned the port of shanghai is interested in building their international terminal outside of town that's about the size of sf 0. i took a couple of quick shots one for planning is diane here.
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that egg building is their actual term but next slide is the beautiful park an 0 open space if they can make it happen in shanghai the only difference is the fence is electrical (laughter) >> so with that, i'll i'm going to turn it over to talk about this. >> this last slide is a picture of two folks who's the head of the hunters point project. on the right side is chris he's the president of lenore company out of miami and to the left of him as we're looking and the chief operating officer and jenny second from the right the
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executive director of the recreational center they helped to put together which they think so investor there's a vies program in exchange for a certain amount of investment i think it's $500,000 for projects that creates at least 10 jobs the investor has giving us a green card they have given us investment and the investors wore celebrating in shanghai i was fortunate to join we were there for the which they think so conventions a lot of good meetings and an opportunity to uncover potential opportunity as
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commissioner adams mentioned develop and rekindle a lot of relationships that are very important in this business especially in asia but throughout the world. i also wanted to highlight i had an opportunity separate from commissioner adams and i think peter went off to visit the crews terminal i had an opportunity to have a field trip out the the california china trade offs that opened in the bay area counsels office the new china center is a linkage or a way to connect california businesses with china roll in both directions i talked to the new marketing director to hear about their violation and an opportunity for us to collaborate with them to find
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linoleums with our ports and china and the state including ideas for new includes x courageous and opportunity for foreign trade that was very interesting the ribbon cutting will be in may and the governor will have a delegation going over. one other meeting we had a few meetings in by a inventions we met with the cost could group we reridden the the relationship with the largest chinese shipping company and b.a. shrink has about great we met with other relationships happen to be there on the same day with the
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new ambassador am came but we do one additional meeting with the group with the china fro zone trade per diem program he give us an explanation of how it works and specifically the shanghai trade program that's going to be interesting. forbid china as a whole. with that, peter. what we are going to do it could be in 90 days with the port commission and put the plan together for the next 5 years
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and we want you to impasse - embrace it we want to make it happen. they were out but you've got to be all in and putting the brainpower together so testified what is impressive in the transportation center in china we jumped on the transportation center their subway system it was in chinese and mandrin but it's amazing how people move in the city their ahead effort transportation i was impressed with their fast trains and stuff
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like that they've got the bullet train from shanghai to b.a. shrink and i'm hoping we get that >> commissioner adams. >> i really have nothing to report no honors to report. >> i'm sure that will be recommended. >> i want to commend commissioner president katz for the lgbt port diversity group that's a huge effort and i need to be connected it's much needed. i want to commend commissioner adams for travel to china he has a lot of great contacts he helped peter and the staff to a looking for great opportunity nor the port of san francisco.
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i'm truly supportive of this maritime efforts to try to get more business in san francisco. >> commissioner adams for representing the port so well. >> i just want to say thank you madam president for your work and also to ambassador adams great job and thanks to peter and gym for the great work. >> i just also wanted to thank peter and jim the results are tremendous and the opportunity for the port so thank you very much for doing that spending so much time away from everything else. >> any public comment seeing none. item on consent calendar
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requests the item 10 to extend in coastal impact fund from the u.s. finish and wildlife service with the california agency for peering or pierce 31 >> so moved. >> second. >> all in favor, say i. i. >> any opposed. public comment? seeing none. all in favor, say i. >> i. opposed? content item >> item 11 a requests the approval of the preliminary statement relating inform the bond and 30 years it's relationship to the revenue bonds. >> good afternoon. commissioner president katz elaine support staff we're near
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the final leg of revenue bond issuance for 2014. before i start, i want to say a special thanks to the executive director to monique and john our fiscal officer while i had to be away and they both jumped into my shoes and filled them well, i must say and john spent a lot of evenings and weekends so thank you, john. also here is the rest of the finance team who all collaborated on this and the bond team shawn from hawkins our disclosure council and bob and christen from t s m our financial advisors
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>> thank you and week. i mentioned the team just to make the port commission feel secure we have a complete team reviewing our financial statement from our disclosure and bond council and co- bond council ship and harden the sdpoofz and our underwriters and steve serving as co- underwriter. so the commissioners are familiar with the plan for 2014 port revenue issuance in may of last year you saw and approved our financing plan that gave us access inform the plan and december of last year on the 12th you


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