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tv   [untitled]    April 6, 2014 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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equally grateful here in san francisco that tom am yann oh created the local law of health care city ordinance because in fact that many of the best aspects of the affordable care act are modeled after local law that created universal health coverage for our residents. san francisco has been paving the way for the rest of country. we are grateful because we have this in order and affordable care act has more chances to be more successful in san francisco than anywhere else in the country. that is despite the fact that we are living in one of the most expensive if not the most expensive city in the country. the legislation that i'm introducing today and i want to thank supervisor
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avalos, supervisor mar and kim for their cosponsorship is legislation that is essentially at it's core maximizes the benefits of how the the affordable care act and housing security ordinance interact so we maximize the number of san franciscans that are actually insured. since the mayor release temperature final report from the universal health council that met over the course of 4 months from september to december of last year, we have been working with health care experts to figure out how do we live up to the objectives, the maybe objective outlined by the council to maximize people's access to health care and insurance. there are a number of people who have helped us in crafting this legislation and i want to begin by thank aun lewis,
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koom ar work-cited san francisco council and jacobs from the labor center. ken, aun and paul have worked continue less hours to help us craft the amendments that we were introducing. i also want to thank the incredible work from sherrie, kaiser from the san francisco city attorneys office who has done an incredible job in drafting this legislation. and this team has put together a piece of legislation that truly tries to maximize access to health care for all of san franciscans. but we recognize that the affordable care act has gone a long way in making health insurance affordable for many people in this country. the federal subsidies that are a part of the aca are the same for individuals whether they live in san francisco, one of the most
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expensive cities or whether they live somewhere else. the reality is that what a subsidy means in iowa is not the same of what it means here in san francisco. for example, someone purchasing insurance through an exchange in cincinnati ohio where the average rental rate is $593 gets the same exact amount of money as someone who has to live and work in san francisco where the average rent is more than $3,000. what that means in high cost living cities like san francisco, many san franciscans as much they want to buy health insurance will simply not be able to afford it. in fact, we have spoken with several covered california enrollment counselors who have told us countless stories of people
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who have met with the counselors to try to buy insurance and once they find out the cost, they simply walk away without signing up for conversation because they simply cannot afford to buy it. in fact, there is a study and it's one of the most studies on the subject that projects that without access to the financial resources that are made available by our local law that in san francisco 40 percent or more of uninsured san franciscans who are eligible for subsidies under the affordable care act would not take it up by 2019. again, 40 percent of san franciscans who would be otherwise eligible to receive insurance under the affordable care act would not sign up because of the issue of cost. my legislation is designed to make health insurance more
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affordable for san francisco workers and residents. there are three main components that i want to talk about. first that we must finally closes the loophole that has allowed a limit minority of san francisco business to use stand-alone housing reimbursement cost about the vast majority of spending bylaw. whenever the affordable care act outlaw hra's and a new mechanism called the accepted benefit hra that will allow these employers to continue clawing back the money in these worker accounts. arguably as this is what's prompting in many respect is to closing this loophole, the affected hra is more harmful than a stand-alone hra because
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workers are prohibited from using this money in their accounts to pay their shares for premium and duct -- deductibles to pay for health care. they will not be able to use the money in these accounts to actually meet that mandate. that does not make sense. without access to these funds for the purposes. paying cost related to the purchases of subsidized coverage, many low in the matter of and middle in come san franciscans will not only go without san franciscans, but much of the cost will go to other cost systems and safety providers and san francisco taxpayers. as a result it is critical now more than ever that we eliminate this perverse
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incentive for employers and businesses to use accepted benefit hra's in the hopes of e evading their spending obligations by requiring that only irrevocable expenditures count towards meeting san francisco employee health care requirement. the second aspect of this law is we must bolster this san francisco ordinance to get as many workers insured as possible. my legislation has introduced a new program called covered san francisco. when an employer chooses a city option to meet it's spending requirements under the law, the department of public health will enter the worker into one of three programs. for those eligible for insurance through covered california they willen roll the worker in covered san
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francisco to allow a worker to purchase a more comprehensive plan. incidentally covered san francisco is not a new idea, the state of vermont and state of new york new york and massachusetts have created a local subsidy program to make insurance offered through the changed more affordable for their residents. for those workers who are in eligible for the benefits of the affordable care act and san francisco residents will enroll that worker in san francisco and finally the workers that do not fit in any of the two previously described categories including medi-cal workers and other means, the department of public health will establish a health access account for the individual. the third piece
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of legislation includes the following which is that while the combination of federal subsidies under the aca and ployee requirements under the housing security ordinance have the potential to making health insurance affordable to most san franciscans coverage will continue for a significant number of individuals beyond the group of undocumented illegal immigrants and those will not be able to afford insurance. therefore i'm introducing the department of public health to help san franciscans to any san francisco resident who is exempt due to economic hardship or any san franciscans who does not have
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an affordable health care insurance. we need health and security ordinance 2.0. because we are operating under a completely new health care system. we need to adjust our law accordingly. after months of work i am confident that the legislation i'm introducing today sets up a framework that maximizes the best aspects of the health and security ordinance and affordable care act and i look forward to the legislative process while i will have the opportunity to explain this concept in more detail. i respectfully ask my colleagues to indulge me and ask for your support and once again i want to thank tom am yann oh for his vision. because of his vision we are in san francisco able to make sure that we continue to lead the way for health coverage throughout
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the way. the rest i submit. >> thank you surprise campos. supervisor farrell. i'm glad you submitted the rest. mr. campos. 11:00 p.m.. colleagues, two quick items. i submitted our last request for the budget season and we'll start to have departmental hearings starting next week into next month and we look forward to working with all of you for the productive season. and i look forward to working with you and i want to thank supervisor campos for his lengthy introduction and for the topic of it and i like forward to working together and i know your staff spent an amount of time and hopefully make it something that we can all support and do what's
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right by our employees in san francisco. the rest i submit too. >> thank you. supervisor farrell. mr. president, that concludes supervisor business. >> thank you. we hope to adjourn in memory of dina fisher. let's go to public comment. >> public comment is open now to the public. public comment is not allowed on items already discussed. peopling using translation will be given an extra amount of time. first speaker. >> hi, my name is merlin. i drive a taxi in san francisco. i have been here for 7 years. i'm trying to bring remind
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you about the ride shares and you know, i don't know if you see it as a big deal or big issue, but a lot of people i work with and a lot of people around the city do. as a rookie driver, i feel it's unfair that a lot of the veterans have been waiting for medallion. but yet now people can come and download software and become driver's on the streets of san francisco. the people i work with have been waiting for 20 years to be able to own a car and be and go out and be a taxi and not have to pay a company, be their own boss. but these software companies, there is three big ones that create software where anybody can become a driver and drive anywhere on the streets. i think it's unfair and maybe
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there can be some regulations or you could maybe ask sf mta to give some medallions away. they give us medallions that go out to a number of shifts. i don't know how long uber or lift drivers if they can drive more. i don't know. maybe you know. i don't think it's fair that people who have been donating their time to this city like years of their life to be a taxi driver still waiting to get medallions. as a rookie, i know 20 years from now in san francisco i hope that you would see that maybe it's time you can hook me up with a medallion. thanks for all your help. >> thank you, next speaker.
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>> back again. cynthia with the league of pissed off voters. thank you for your time and energy this evening. it has been a long night. i heard a lot of really exciting debate tonight and what i think that what we are talking about now is a ballot measure for a tax on the tech commuter shuttles. not speaking about the hearing just happening, what i'm talking about is going forward. i see a real opportunity for the mta to change this program for the community to have input and for all of you to use your expertise in finding a solutions that works for all of san francisco. excuse me because i actually ran down the hall to get here. i'm still painting a little bit. i think this is really important. i know from a number of you that i spoke
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with when i did the rounds around city hall and this works for everyone and i will be certain to make sure that i visit all of your offices again and i hope to work with all of you. and the league is at the table to work on this process. thank you. >> next speaker? >> oh mall, speaking on behalf of the san francisco bridge. i'm here to speak on the san francisco politics in the first 20th century. when james entered city hall in 1912 he brought back to the mayor's office a characteristic of the 1890s and appreciation of ethnic diversity for a brief
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time from 1912-1916 and came to the city government at appointed experts drawing plans to the center for the water system. expansion of street cars and water services. what this means is that the first broad view of san francisco as a potentially great city came with mayor suit truax in the 1890s. unfortunately suit truax became ill. and this water front teamster strike in 1901 and didn't know how to handle the labor issue properly. mayor recall came on years later and was very
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sympathetic to the labor and sympathetic to racial minority such as blacks, chinese and japanese. latinos were not considered a minority in those days. they were more or less considered to be equal with the latin ins and the immigrants in general special the latin quarter in north beach, it was the latin quarter. >> next speaker? >> hello, i'm larry edmond. i have this. you can get it at safe way. i got it last night at safe way. this shows two
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little girls going down the street. one patient has 61 of the people riding the bus. i was born on that day, 61, i'm going to get water on them for going to school. and then i'm going to tell you to get this book at safe way page 90. alexander talk about the color blindness of the age. i think that's what we are dealing with today. i want to read this letter. this is the day after jason collins. "hello, i received an incident report regarding the conversation between you and the other tenant. i will follow up with the building manager an social worker and union and including looking at the video from the date of the incident. i strongly encourage you to follow up with the mayor to complete a form on that" that's may 10. after my
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birthday. check this out. juicy they confirm that you are a tenant that causes a lot of problems and there are many cases of bullying. i hope to see everyone out here with the trash can. in front of city hall with naacp on friday at 12:30. be here and wcp talks about housing and kids education fund. we will stand up like with the trash can man for housing and education in the city. >> thank you very much. your
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time is up. any other members wish to speak on general public comment. is there any additional public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. >> madam clerk. >> item 26. basic materials needed for the homeless children act. >> colleagues, [roll call vote taken] >> chiu, aye, cohn, aye, farrell, aye, supervisor kim, supervisor tang, aye, wiener, aye, supervisor yee, supervisor avalos aye, supervisor breed, supervisor campos? aye. there are 10 ayes. >> the resolution is adopted. can you read our in
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memoriams. >> yes today's reading on behalf of mr. yee, mr. paul and ms. diane -- dina fisher. >> i want to thank sf gov. tv. san francisco television. >> anymore business before the board. >> that concludes our business for today. >> thank you. happy april fools day. this meeting is adjourned. your [ meeting is adjourned ] >> >> >> >> >> good afternoon.
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>> good afternoon. >> i'm naomi kelly the administer for the city and county of san francisco and i'm joined here today with me board supervisor president chiu and many members in the filipino community here in san francisco. and today, we have a huge amazement that represents san francisco value. for the fit since our ordinance was enacted we're adding a new language to the shared list of languages that makes our city safer and better able to serve our residents this is language access for limited folks t is mandated and our city enacted
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the ordinance in 2001 in that 2009 the organized was required to over our ordinance to determine which los angeles's meets the threshold and that's 10 thousand san franciscans that speak a limited language and this must be made by the immigrant affairs to all the departments and the city rights commission. it is now my honor to introduce mayor edwin lee telephones the administrator in 2003 when the amendment happened and continues to xoond opportunity as mayor to build bridges between our cultures. >> mayor edwin lee. >> and thank you to the center
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for welcoming us today. i practiced saying this word on a recent trip and consul general thank you for being here and all the volunteers and staff that have been working with the city for many, many years to make sure with we equal access to all the cities services and president chiu reminded me it didn't used to be called this but the continental access to all the serviced. i'm a firm believer but we're an international city and a city of immigrants the u.s. consensus bureau said we speak many different languages and we're you'll san franciscans. we have an obligation we've strongly felt was a good purpose
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of government and i joined board president chiu and supervisor kim and councilmember avalos will be here they have a late night meeting debating important issues i know each of the that have a very strong filipino and other asian the minority and latin populations in their district and certainly right here in this district a extremely strong presence and with the city comes to the clear obligation we must be able to make sure our vital services are ones that reach all our citizens when they have a language barrier by many who don't have english as the first rang indicate to the american survey under the under the
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circumstances keens bureau over 10 thousands of them reach the point they're not having english as they're first language we have to among services accessible to them. that means was we down for chinesespectro and spanish speaking residents we work with all our safety departments to make sure very have accurate information that's trailed and kaebltd on site when people need that service and our human services whether health or other important things are translated when that's right written materials or big meetings we provide translators and electronically or physically or make sure that every outreach program is culturely competent. when you reach f that mask 10
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thousand person level that's important to know that treld that we as a city will then make sure we give the serviced to be transmitted properly and people what make did access. gone are the days i used to translate for my mom and dad whether a hospital or benefits. i know virtual everyone standing with me today at sometime did the same things you were nerve because they didn't have the transmission and you were nerve whether a medical term was accurate or access public safety whether effectively or not to you the filipino-americans her
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90 in san francisco that went throw things i'm not that david chiu and the chinese community to help our families and county and society to get the information and services they need. now hopefully, we won't rely on you so much but the government services will reflect what we need for accessibility without barriers. i will thank all the different groups that have been recognizes so far language seas and and list the community partners they're pushing us to make sure we doing the right things chinese for affirmative action and the air resource and organizing center and the burden heights center and the filipino
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center right her and the environmental economic rights they've been the heart of making sure our language access is clear and now we'll go about doing the several times. >>. your officer of community engagement and immigrant affairs will work with the departments sexual relation our city administer for the next 18 months to assess all the needs of each department and working with them working with the public safety and health to make sure their staffed and have all the support we've hired a to going translators you he's started i know this is important and supervisor kim walked in that's important to all the communities citywide. i know that supervisor avalos is coming in now. he