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tv   [untitled]    July 14, 2014 1:30pm-2:01pm PDT

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>> good afternoon and welcome to the san francisco board of supervisors land use commission i'm scott wiener the chairman of the committee to my right is supervisor kim and to my left is supervisor malia cohen a member of the committee we're joined by supervisor mark farrell. madam clerk excuse me. our clerk is andrea i want to thank sfgovtv for 0 broadcasting this jonathan and jennifer lowe. madam clerk, any announcements? >> jennifer lowe yes speaker
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cards should be submitted to the clerk and items acted on today will be on the next meeting agenda. >> madam clerk a call item one. >> is an ordinance african-american the code for the private garages of residential building. >> supervisor farrell. >> thank you, supervisor wiener we're updating a housing condition that came last year on a new friendly technology platform called san francisco co- .com and back in january, i heard from jerry his friend was having with a landlord in town the landlord was giving her grief about storing things in
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her garage and gary stated he thought it was discriminationy in which the city was trying to encourage transportation i agreed by enacting this law it shall say it public and private garages is for storing cars it is nor than that and i have baby streerlz and bound i didn't houses i was working with the department of building inspectors i've been introducing technical all the times that updates the garage for the storage of cars and scooter and others personal items for all tenants using their garage and amending the housing code to
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make the same upgrades and it is for a dwelling garage where tenants have the right to use their garage and dbi is supportive. in terms of driving the engagement we're using the i'll talk about this more but we continue to use fight inside city hall to be more responsive to our constituent feedback this is an example of constituent feedback that was left on line a lot outdated to seek to change someone's life we've seen hundreds of constituents e-mail about the laws optional our book and this san is about assessing our data and things on line is a in the right
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direction 83 and this is a positive step so colleagues please join me in supporting those extensions moving forward and certainly open to my questions >> thank you supervisor farrell. if there are no questions or comments and i'll nuts and bolts we're joined by supervisor campos. we will open up item one for. is there any public comment on item one you don't have to raise your hand just walk forward >> as a man in making the social changes everyday structural wise it may not be an immediate change and the festival and for the historical section that's also for standing money not obeying being a concern and once working for the
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capacities and the wisdom is for individualized things nothing is changed expect a new date of prosperity and peace. >> is there any additional public comment on item number one seeing none, public comment is closed. okay. so supervisor farrell i want to thank you for bringing this forward this is one of those laws that's been on the books for many years and not particularly followed. i actually beyond that aspect of it i think this is a good step in the right direction run around more flexible use of garage space i know that garages can be very, very good candidates to create in-law
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units that are part of the future of this city for providing housing choices that are anywhere affordable in the envelope of the building simply to the extent we've look at things up in the use of garages and just because this is a space in the building doesn't mean it has to be used for cars there are many good used for garages whether it's storing a bike or a living unit or for a family member that can't get up the stairs i'll be supportive supervisor kim >> i want to ditto supervisor wiener's comments liam i'm glad the public has come forward with the aspects i want to make sure i understand the ditches between a private and public shorten
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than a public house i think i know what private and public can someone clarify that in the code we're allowing only storage of automobiles be allowed in those types of spaces. >> i don't have yeah, we can certainly dig into that over the course of this hamburger i don't have an answer off the top of my head. >> i am happy to moping move this and make the recommendation i want to understand the difference within the dwelling and apartment housing between a storage garage in those areas only the storage of automobiles and make sure there's no consequences from that. >> john gibner, deputy city attorney i'd be happy to get back to you tomorrow when we vote on the definition of the
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housing code. >> supervisor kim my understanding did public code is city garages and things like that for public use and private are for personal use we'll have an understanding people vetted this out and we flowed to get the answer. >> i'll amend this as a committee report. >> to move number one to the full board as a positive recommendation. so supervisor farrell has offered amendments can we can we take that without objection? oaks amendments are adapted and supervisor kim has made a motion to move this to the full board can we take that without objection? that will be the order. thank you supervisor farrell >> madam clerk call item 2. >> item 2 is an ordinance having the information for
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project sponsor for the anti discriminations practices and supervisor campos is here. >> i want to thank you and the other kroger's of this legislation supervisor kim and supervisor farrell and supervisor avalos and supervisor mar pr i'm very excited about this item and i want to thank the land use commission for hearing this piece of legislation this is really i think a first ever it's kind piece of legislation that aims to address the very real issue we still have in this country notwithstanding the discrimination against members of the lgbtq when it comes to housing. and we in san francisco as we're seeing to many of residents being pushed out of the san
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francisco we have a relocate and the reality is as members of lgbtq are pursued out of san francisco they face a housing market that unfortunately did not have to play by the same realize we have in san francisco. the fact is that the national fair housing act still doesn't include protection for the lufbt community it comes to discrimination and the vast majority of states still allow for discrimination for the lgbtq only 28 of the states prevents discrimination based on sex all discrimination and it is based on gender identity we in san francisco we benefit from strong
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fair housing policies but the reality is that the rest of the state and the country are not as lucas we are here in san francisco. what my legislation does it basically constitutes a minor change to make a subsequential impacts on it requires companies that are going to build 10 unit or more in san francisco to indicate whether they have a policy prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation and identity and in all the jurisdictions in which they operate if they have one policy they'll be asked to provide a copy of the policy to the city as part of the application we're not requiring them to have a policy but rather
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in the business here of collecting information. and once that information is provided the human rights commission will compile the information and present the information to the san francisco board of supervisors in this case information is power because what it does it simply provide information to the city and to residents of san francisco and to the entire public about what those companies that are trying to do business in san francisco are doing in other parts the country. and as we've seen when the city first took on the issue of domestic partner benefits there was something to be said for that information being made available many people will be surprised to here that some of the entities we're talking about in 2014, in fact, have not put in place anti discrimination policies to protect the members
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of lgbtq community. this is an opportunity for the city and county of san francisco within the confines of what is legally permissible that we care about what happens in other parts the country and the on-the-job training only way to change is let the people know what the companies are doing as marriage equality spreads across the country we have to think outside the box and implement policies that ask those reasonable questions and provide reasonable information to the public. and the last few months my office and i have been working with the members of the community and working with the planning department to figure out how we make this legislation as legally sound as possible at the same time effective in pushing the kind of changes.
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an opportunity to thank the planning director ram in his support in the provision and to his staff emily rogers for the countless hours and the supportive of the city attorney's office and to john mary had a little lamb met for working with my office i want to highlight all the hours and font by one of my administration aids we've b.c. been working hard to make the best piece of legislation. the version of the legislation before you whags was developed with all the partners and it does a number of things it codifies the ordinance within the administrative code of the city and clarifies that the ordinance will be implemented once planning new online
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tracking system it is operational and should the project sponsor change the first certificate of occupancy that the new project sponsor will submit the data to the planning department that is a piece of legislation that came out of the community there's organization that came to my office to talk about the possibility of doing this piece of legislation i want to thank those are organizations that have offered their support their guidance and this is throughout the process including the national rights the national lot projects and the aide referral central and the panel for lgbt center and many of the leaders in the communities are here to speak about this my hope
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beyond san francisco pushing this that this is something that will lead other injured to follow suit because the more jurisdictions pay attention the more likely that change will occur. again that only 21 states protect the lgbt community and another 50 protect the members of the lgbt community is not okay. i want to thank the planning department and co-sponsors and members of the community who have worked on this >> thank you supervisor campos unless there's additional public comment we'll move on is the planning department going to be making a statement. >> yes. they're here. >> sorry so come up on and on up. >> i'm dennis herrera santa's
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on july 10th we heard the proposal to change the application intact procedures for the planning department they voted unanimously 5 zero in support of the ordinance it was well received so that that concludes my presentation. >> thank you very much. okay. at this point, we'll open up item for. i don't think we have myocarditis oh, we have one, if you want to fill out a card or state your name we'll do this in a orderly manner and mr. herb come up up >> digestion i'm bill the director of the aids referral panel we provide legal services for people living with hiv and aids i can tell you that housing
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is the biggest single issue that includes housing sdrimths if you were to survey the providers by far the most unmet need is run around housing it's a huge issue it's wuch to see the leadership of the supervisor campos in helping san francisco once again to be a leader in housing discrimination protection we saw it before in the domestic partnership ordinance and have seen it in san francisco response to the hiv. >> in terms of employment we need more jobs and hate ashbury young people youngest soldiers of angels that's why i intend
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intend to help the young for them for them what happened to them i think we have to engage in a more open alternatives to make this a job opening for everyone in time and in plays in the occasions everywhere everywhere everywhere. >> thank you. next speaker. good afternoon, supervisors bryan with the aids housing alliances i'm here to ask you to support this it was born out of a deep concern about the displace of employment in san francisco and we currently live in a system where oneself within these wealthy and access to income concerns ones housing in san francisco and those hower
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not having the opportunities get disunderstated they've built the passage of human rights we enjoy those pioneers are being put in areas they don't enjoy the same civil privileges our denominations that policymakers have voted for in someways impacts people's ability to little in san francisco whether voting for the ellis act or other policy measures so i building firmly this will move civil rights for lgbt people regardless of their socioeconomic status they enjoy the same protection just like the equal ordinance benefits