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tv   [untitled]    July 22, 2014 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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i'm unable to afford the medicine my doctor prescribed me. [speaker not understood] the disparity in this town and the middle class, it is shim mil you're up or you're not up. the people that are down in this pain are in physical pain, psychological pain and hurting without this medicine are suffering. [speaker not understood] really hurting out here. we really ask for your help in this. thank you. >> next speaker. hello, good evening, supervisors. my name is mary lou benitas and i'm here for the compassionate care. i'm an ovarian cancer survivor. right now i'm on ssip which my income right now is $445 a month. that's 50% of what i paid --
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you know, the s-r-o i'm staying. so, there is nowhere i can afford like to buy, you know, marijuana [speaker not understood]. for a good medical marijuana it will cost me like $60 [speaker not understood] and i had to use that for making tea. right now i am, what do you call that? i'm not suffering any more cancer. that's why i keep using marijuana -- the medical marijuana [speaker not understood]. unfortunately my sister has breast cancer, the third of july this month. and i had to, you know, doesn't believe in the family doesn't believe in using medical marijuana. i think it would have saved her life if she did use it.
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the doctors have described it to her. [speaker not understood], i'm stronger than her that i'm free of cancer right now. and also thank you very much the 5% compassionate care. thank you. >> thank you very much. next speaker. hello, i'm mark trout. i travel up here to preach on the street and also to come up here to talk to you every once in a while. you know, i'm really torn between doing a speech on the 7 trumpets of joshua and the end of the world. in john chapter 7, john chapter 7, okay. i mentioned last week that our borders are not sealed and pelosi goes down there and says give us your rapers, your robbers, your criminals. we have no borders, you know. then she made a snide comment
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as if she was concerned with these children and he's really not or she'd take some home with her. ~ she's really not i got to thing about how it says in ephesians 1:11 god worked everything after the counsel of his own will and his will is very mysterious, very, very, very mysterious. but we only read about 7 trumpets in joshua and in the book of revelation. in joshua the 7 trumpets are associated with the ark of the covenant. there was a space between the ark of about 2000 cube ithxes. we christians believe it's going to be about 2000 years before christ returns. the 7 trumpet ~ sounds and the walls fall to the ground. and it's strange because the democrats basically run us, they really do. they've treasoned us, moev of us, they don't want any borders. we don't have any walls. they're coming in. so, this is god's will because it's happening. god could stop it and he's not.
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but revelation, the 7 trumpets blow, once again, the ark is seen up in heaven. the sixth trumpet has blown. actually all 7 trumpets have blown. the seventh had to have blown 3,000 days after 9/11. i've told you many times, /11 was the sixth trumpet. i called two radio stations before it happened, i knew about it a month in advance. ~ 9/11 [speaker not understood] i guess the indians were chasing us when they let the white man stay. but i'm here about the nonbinding compassion issue with medical cannabis. this is st. francis city. i'm not a religious person, i'm a spiritual entity experiencing a human experience.
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people visualize the state of the city or the community and it reflects on how the visitors and citizens see compassion dispensed by the people. and you are the representative of the people. i help dispense wellness to mostly veteran patients and some of them can't be here today because they suffer for such extreme cases of ptsd which includes insomnia, depression, anxiety and panic attacks. regular meds given to them by their -- the federal government or the state government rarely works or it is so strong that they can't function, and which points to its toxicity.
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a couple veterans tell mel the only way they get sleep is from cannabis. no matter how strong the drugs they're given other than cannabis, none of them seem to work. anyway, i hope you can see yourself to express grace in your decision about 5% compassion in our community because one out of six people living in this city are disabled and a lot more of them need and/or are using marijuana than come to these thing. anyway, thank you for listening and [inaudible]. >> thank you very much. next speaker. dr. espinola jackson. you know, i passed out some materials and i want you all to go on the internet. every time i come here, i bring you information but you don't read it or you really just don't care about the people in san francisco.
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i would like to say that i put together and i made sure that you all, the board of supervisors is number one because you are the legislators, you know, for the city and county of san francisco. and then you talked about a lot of different things here today and you talked about pdr. i came before you before and told you what it meant. it meant gentrification. it still mean gentrification. it's not going to change. and what you are doing here -- and i ask that an audit be done. did you do the audit? because i want to come and find out what are they going to say, [speaker not understood] san francisco hope, the mayor's office of housing, the jail fund. money has been coming into this city, into general funds since the '90s and the money was for
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the community and for programs that were set up by the community. millions of dollars. and in the end of the fiscal year, the mayor come up, we found so many millions. you ain't found nothing. the money is still coming here. you know, there is going to be a big [speaker not understood] come through this area and a lot of people are going to jail because a lot of you need to be audited because it is wrong what you're doing. and i know you give me two minutes so you can't hear the truth, but i tell you what. i would like for you to do something, mr. chair, and this is to you. there's a lot of us -- i want you to listen to me very clearly. a lot of us worked with vera hale back in the [speaker not understood]. vera hale worked for the catholic churches with self-help for the elderly in chinatown. i worked with the city -- >> thank you very much.
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self-help for the aging. so, what i would like for you to do is to make sure that not just you [inaudible]. >> thank you very much. thank you very much. thank you. (applause) >> next speaker. [speaker not understood], thank you very much and everybody, jane kim, you did a fine job. [speaker not understood]. we need more help in district 6 as far as police officers and [speaker not understood]. the area i live in in the
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tenderloin, it's really -- observing it's bad over there because the drug selling over there, especially at nighttime. we don't want [speaker not understood] to turn out to be a blood bath like church street did [speaker not understood]. that's what we're worried about. so, we need more patrolling and more protection [speaker not understood]. now at leavenworth and golden gate and [speaker not understood] also by the corner store which is 200 block, we're trying to get some, you know, for the, for the -- more like
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-- you know, neighborhood watch, trying to get that also. so, we need some help getting the neighborhood watch thing going. [speaker not understood] protect our neighborhoods. you know, we need more protection, like i said. and it's really bad over there and we need some help [speaker not understood]. we appreciate it very much. >> thank you very much. next speaker. hi, my name is larry jucey edmonds. we talk about inequality, housing, violence, we talk about how violence in the city, we need to get in touch with commune enacted [speaker not understood]. they have some great messages to help you deal with violence. the problem with violence in
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america, people [speaker not understood]. [speaker not understood] can teach us a lot more about violence, how they taught me about living in the tl and the s-r-o [speaker not understood] violence, lgbt [speaker not understood] today, we often go through double standards from [speaker not understood] living on this side of van ness. and it's very important that we honor the lady from 10 21 because she definitely stand up for people of color in this city [speaker not understood]. we also should support dr. espinola jackson, black human rights leadership council. this weekend is the 35th anniversary of the aids walk. 18 years ago we had medical marijuana presented to the state. 10 years before that i would say [speaker not understood]. it seems like this board
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doesn't know the important things that we will not be able to cure aids today had it not been for medical marijuana the last 18 years helping me with hiv and age. i know a lot of people who wish they could [speaker not understood]. there's quite a difference in behavior around people who do not get medical marijuana and those who use other thing. it is crucial and it is worth it [speaker not understood] to have more peace and no violence and better types of money income if we get behind medical marijuana [inaudible]. >> thank you. next speaker. hi, mr. president. my name is arlo did you every. i'm a neighbor of the two previous speakers. ~ duffy for sometime there is a fair amount of crime problem in our
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neighborhood and for several months, up to a year or more now, there's been a focus in particular on a unit block of turk street and it's been fairly successful, large masses of people there. and, in fact, initially they then swelled out more towards eddy street which created a problem for just one street over. it's more of a displacement. but there's actually been a large amount of resource he put into it. police have been making lots of arrests. it actually has been somewhat successful. you know, i would like to bring good news to this board on a less good note. it occurred to me that if there is some success in one neighborhood that the repercussions of that could actually wind up in a different district. you know, i'm aware of that. and the other thing i would say is if our goal is for a majority of our freshmen high school students to graduate high school, that's a pretty low standard. i think the pretty obvious that
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the economy of the future needs college graduates. we're coming up quite short, quite short. i don't know how to get there, but i guess everything is tied up together. it's not like homicide versus automobile [speaker not understood]. the two actually kind of dovetail. if you roll with one maybe you can roll with the other two. maybe we can find ways to do that. >> any other members who wish to speak in general public comment? seeing none, general public comment is now closed. [gavel] >> madam clerk, could you read our adoption calendar? >> item 62 through 69 are being considered for immediate adoption without committee reference. a single roll call vote may enact these item. if a member objects a matter may be removed and asker separately. >> colleagues, would anyone like to sever any item? supervisor campos. >> 62, please a. supervisor mar. >> 66. >> and on the balance, madam clerk? >> supervisor farrell? farrell aye. supervisor kim?
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~ kim aye. supervisor mar? mar aye. supervisor tang? tang aye. supervisor wiener? wiener aye. supervisor yee? yee aye. supervisor avalos? avalos aye. supervisor breed? breed aye. supervisor campos? campos aye. supervisor chiu? chiu aye. supervisor cohen? cohen aye. there are 11 ayes. >> those resolutions are a doddthv. [gavel] >> item 62. >> item 62 is a resolution urging the city and county of san francisco to commit resources towards addressing the need of the rising number of unaccompanied minorses fleeing from central america to migrate the mounting international humanitarian crisis. -- to mitigate the international humanitarian crisis. >> supervisor campos. >> thank you very much, mr. president. thank you, madam clerk. colleagues, i'll be very, very brief. this is a very important resolution for me on a personal
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level. but beyond that, i think that there is a long history, long tradition at this board of calling out and speaking out against injustices that we see in different parts of the world. and it is, i think, especially important when injustice is happening at home that we in san francisco speak out against this injustice. and this resolution deals with the very real and very grave injustice that involves tens of thousands of children that have fled central america escaping not only political turmoil, but violence and along the way risking their lives. and these are not adults fleeing, but these are kids, children. we had a rally today, another rally, assemblyman ammiano
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spoke about an 18 year old boy found dead on his way to this country. the only thing they found with him was the phone number of a relative in the u.s. it is really tragic what's happening right now, and it is really tragic to see the way in which our country has mishandled the entire situation. and some of the comments that we heard from one of the speakers during public comment, you know, people who have the nerve to talk about religion, christianity and god, and in the same breath talk about how we need to protect our borders. not very christian to ignore the plight of these children. and this country, a country of immigrants has not always been consistent in terms of opening its doors to people. during world war ii, there were
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boats carrying refugees escaping germany, members of the jewish community who were sent back to where they came from. and there have been times in our history when we have repeatedly closed our doors, and this is yet an example of what we're going to do as a country. are we going to turn our backs to these kids? and i want to quote something that was said by the amazing nelson mandela who said, there can be no keener revelation of a society's soul than the way in which it treats its children. i think that how we handle this situation says a lot about who we are as a country, and by that measure i don't think that we should feel very good about where we are right now. and, so, i ask you, i plead with you that you support this resolution and that san francisco be the first city that's on record saying that what's happening is wrong and not only is it wrong, but that we need to be a part of the
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solution. thank you. >> colleagues, can we take this item same house same call? without objection this item is adopted. [gavel] >> item 66 >> aye item 66 is resolution declaring july 18, 2014 as nancy lim yee day in the city and county of san francisco on the occasion of her retirement after 39 years of dedicated service in the department of public health at the chinatown child development center. >> supervisor mar. >> [speaker not understood] and i urge support for this resolution. thank you. >> colleagues, supervisor mar ha offered a motion to amend. is there a second to that? second by supervisor farrell. without objection, the amendment will be made. and if we can take the item same house same call as amended? that resolution is passed. [gavel] >> madam clerk, is there any more business? can you read the in memoriams. >> yes. today's meeting will be adjourned in honor of the
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following beloved individual for the late commissioner vera hale delanberg. >> [speaker not understood]. with that, madam clerk, is there any business in front of the board? >> that concludes our business today, mr. president. >> ladies and gentlemen, we are adjourned. (applause) [gavel]much.
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>> good afternoon. i'm supervisor yee representing district that. i want to thank you all for being here today, we're here today unified for children and families yes (clapping) we are honored to have not only mayor ed lee but assembly member tom who is on his way to join us today. thank you. (clapping.) this is a special day for san francisco children we'll be introducing the final version
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off our legislation the children and families first initiative today at the board of supervisors meeting the final result was much, much input. from mire colleagues and from mayor lee's office the reward for working together is a strong, strong piece of legislation supported by not only by me but all 11 members of the board of supervisors and mayor ed lee. (clapping.) san francisco's population totaled children population is approximately one hundred and 9 thousand children. 56 thousands of those attend our publics schools there's about 35 thousand children between the age of zero and 5. this is why we're asking voters
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to support the children and families initiative which brings amendments to our city chart of four elements number one reorientation of our children and family fund passed in 1991 and 2001. two the reauthorization the fund for the enrichment passed in 2004 one of those dates. number 3 modification of the rainy day reserves to become two see reserves and we will have baegs that that number 4 asking for the creation of the family council shared by mayor ed lee and superintendant. we have several goals to consider. strengthening the existing
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children's fund and the public education enrichment fund and flrsdz resources and allow for more flexibility toe meet additional children and you and increased efficiency and provided better oversight. and highlights of the children and families initiative includes many things the creation of the children and families land that puts children first in providing city services and infrastructure including housing and number 2 the creation of the community advisory committee for the office of early chair and education and 3 the creation of the oversight and advisory committee for the department of children youth and their families and number 4 allow for original free school for all
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children serving children zoo to 5 with priority on the four years old and expanding the definition of transitsal age youth. number of increasing the set aside for children's services by 33.3 percent over a four-year period. number 7 increasing the amount of fund to our public schools by at least 6 million and 8 rainy day rules that provides san francisco school district to allow the district to have oethd for this allocation. the children between zero and 18 in san francisco is only 18.4 percent of our population making it the lowest in the united states. the city must do better for your
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children and families this legislation will get us closer to doing a better job. first, i want to bring up mayor ed lee to kickoff today's program i'd like to visit him up and thank you for being here today to support this crucial measure mayor ed lee >> thank you supervisor yee. hello even e everybody happy summer in san francisco. this is to introduce something that the board has been working on and soberly supervisor yee and city leaders a lot of family and neighborhood advocates people that have been working on this for a very, very long time and you tell result is we say a united front in the city it's children and families first in the november ballot and thanks
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to the entire board amazing voting their work is reflected in the hard work our offices do together to have a shared policy agenda for the entire city focused on our children, our youth and families. you know, we have one of the best public schools systems in the nation thanks to this incredible school board and the staff we have and we've been making record nichlts north e never letting the episodes that the state or national government effect us two negatively but we've attempted to recover that's why we have one of the best schools not only in the classroom what happens before and after that's with the families and in our neighborhood. and that's both of these incredible sources has come
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together to support but the backdrop of a school that's improving and, in fact, not only do we enjoy record niechlts from the city but the private investments for the foundations that are putting their money together like the benny harassing foundation with their contributions to the middle school initiative but it climates all the foundations that are working with us they believe that early education and sustained support at the school system will help all the families improve and give the skills we need for the 21st century. this children and families first initiative brings together the children's fund and the public enrichment fund those are incredible fund and need to be
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renewed but we have not only renewed them in this initiative we've adding for conflict of interests and creating accountability we've heard parents throughout the city they've never heard a lot of our programs they don't know where to enroll we want them to be provided with all the contributions that our city has been given but all the great programs and want to make sure that all the families that deserve our support get it in a way in which to in fact, and here heard from parent to have a more efficient system and let's not have me find out when my kids are in the teens there are so many great programs we've got to get